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  • Whitney Houston

    The American singer, actress, model, and producer, Whitney Houston is one of the world's most successful female entertainers of all time. Having been exposed to a family with a musical background, the naturally talented beauty became inspired to sing and play the piano at an early age. She entered the entertainment industry by touring nightclubs with her mother, while singing and modeling, until eventually signing her own recording contract and coming out with her debut album. This musical introduction would not only become her best-selling studio album to-date, but would earn her a Grammy, thrusting her into super-pop-stardom, followed by a string of Hollywood film features and production efforts. Throughout her career, she released seven studio albums and three movie soundtrack albums, winning her various awards. Her powerful voice, spirit, and beauty redefined the image of a soul artist. As much as the renowned singer was an international icon and inspiration to females, emerging recording artists, and the community, she also faced some personal challenges that would impair her influential status. From drug addictions to a troubled relationship with husband Bobby Brown, Houston's reputation was painted with a series of eventful ups and downs before she ultimately succumbed to her tragic death

    Whitney Houston

  • Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick is a popular American Oscar nominated actress, who is known for her roles in several hit movies, including a supporting role in ˜Twilight'. Born in Portland, Maine, she began her acting career as a child in ˜High Society', a popular Broadway musical. After earning a Theatre World Award for her performance, she then played a supporting role in a New York City opera production of ˜A Little Night Music', a musical by Stephen Sondheim. Eventually she ventured into movies and gained prominence as a film actress after her role in the romantic fantasy movie ˜Twilight', where she played the best friend of the main character. She reprised her role in the ˜The Twilight Saga: New Moon'. She has also appeared a few times on television, in episodes of shows such as ˜Fear Itself!', and ˜Comedy Bang! Bang!' Also a singer, she sang a cover of the popular song ˜Cups' for the soundtrack of the film ˜Pitch Perfect,' appearing in its music video as well. The song was a huge hit, peaking at No 6 in the US Billboard 100, and at No 2 in the US Adult Top 40.

    Anna Kendrick

  • Bill Skarsgard

    Bill SkarsgÃ¥rd is a Swedish actor best known for his roles in the dystopian romantic thriller film ˜The Divergent Series: Allegiant' and in the horror film ˜It'. Born in Vallingby, Sweden, he is the son of the well-known Swedish actor Stellan Skargard. Hailing from a family with a rich background in the entertainment world, he was exposed to the show business from a tender age. With the help of his actor father, he first appeared as a child actor in the Swedish thriller film ˜White Water Fury'. Later, he appeared in movies such as ˜Arn”The Kingdom at Road's End' and ˜Simple Simon'. His performance in the latter earned him a nomination for the Guldbagge Award. He gained international popularity for his role in the dystopian romantic thriller ˜The Divergent Series: Allegiant'. Though the film was met with negative reviews, it did well commercially. He also earned much fame for playing the villain Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the horror film, ˜It'. The film was a humongous success, commercially as well as critically. His role earned him multiple award nominations. SkarsgÃ¥rd played a main role in the Netflix series ˜Hemlock Grove' as well.

    Bill Skarsgard

  • Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar Jibawi is an American YouTuber, Viner, and Instagram sensation. With more than 1.1m YouTube subscribers, 3.3m Instagram followers and 142K followers on Twitter, he has a massive fan following on social media. Posting hilarious situational and racial comic vines, he had earned more than 3.7 million fans with only 227 vines on the video hosting site, Vine, where users could share six-second-long looping video clips. He creates quality videos that have youngsters hooked to them all over the globe. Anwar loves all the attention he is receiving and he states that it has come with hard work. He regularly uploads pictures with other Viners on Instagram. Starting his social media career in 2013, he has become a huge social media star. He was one of the top 100 most followed Viners in 2015.

    Anwar Jibawi

  • Rydel Lynch

    Rydel Lynch is an American singer, dancer and actress, best known as part of the pop rock band 'R5'. She is a founder member of the band which also includes her brothers, <a title='Riker' href='/famous/riker-lynch.htm'>Riker</a>, <a title='Rocky' href='/famous/rocky-lynch.htm'>Rocky</a> and <a title='Ross' href='/famous/ross-lynch.htm'>Ross</a> Lynch, and her longtime boyfriend, <a title='Ellington Ratliff' href='/famous/ellington-ratliff.htm'>Ellington Ratliff</a>. She plays the keyboard and also lends her voice to many of the songs. She is the only girl among her siblings and in the band as well. She is known for her trademark smile, and claims to be girly and a tomboy at the same time. She learned to sing and dance at an early age, and was influenced by popular rock bands like 'All Time Low', 'Neon Trees' and 'The Script'. She is also an accomplished dancer who has appeared in many commercials, TV movies and short films as a dancer. As part of the band, she has embarked on five concert tours, including two worldwide tours across five continents, and two promotional tours. R5 has so far released two studio albums, 'Louder' and 'Sometime Last Night'. She is currently working on the band's third studio album.

    Rydel Lynch

  • Alexa Bliss

    Wrestler for WWE who made history by being the first woman to win the SmackDown Women's Championship twice. In April 2017, she switched to the Raw brand and became the Raw Women's Champion, making her the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women's championships.

    Alexa Bliss

  • Diego Navarrette

    Social media personality with a following on YouTube, YouNow, Instagram, and other platforms who goes by the online handle diegosaurs. He now has more than 10,000 Instagram fans. Additionally, he is well-known for his YouTube videos regarding games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and others.

    Diego Navarrette

  • Grian

    Minecraft fan and YouTuber who specializes in creating game-related material. "5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Minecraft House" and "50 Small Building Tricks in Minecraft" are two of his most popular video titles.


  • Elizabeth Hamilton

    She was well-known for being Alexander Hamilton's wife, and she vehemently upheld her husband's honor. One of the wealthiest and most influential families in New York politics was her family, the Rensselaers.

    Elizabeth Hamilton

  • Adelaide Kane

    Adelaide Kane is an Australian actress known for her roles in TV shows, such as ˜Neighbours' and ˜Teen Wolf.' Her role in the film ˜The Purge' was also much appreciated. She was born in Claremont, Perth, Australia. She started acting, dancing, and performing right at the age of three. She began appearing in some print advertisements at the age of six and soon went on to act in various children's TV shows. As a young girl, she also starred in plays, such as ˜The Wizard of Oz' and ˜Oliver'. When she was a teenager, she gained fame for her portrayal of Lolly Allen in the famed Australian TV series ˜Neighbours'. In her career so far, she has also appeared in a number of other small and big screen projects, including the TV series ˜Power Rangers RPM' and ˜Teen Wolf' as well as the TV film ˜Secrets of the Mountain'. While she is more popular as a TV actress, she is working hard to make a name for herself in the film industry as well. She played one of the main roles in the dystopian horror film ˜The Purge', which was directed by James DeMonaco. The film was a commercial success while the critical reception was mostly mixed. She was also seen in the horror film ˜The Devil's Hand'.

    Adelaide Kane

  • Hunter In The Gym

    Hunter competes against professional gymnasts at the age of 10. With the help of her family, she is supple and can do practically every gymnastics feat. She has her own YouTube channel where she uploads gymnastics routines and teaches techniques. Most of her films also feature challenges with her brother, Sky, who is quite athletic and accepts all of his sister's tasks, many of which he cannot complete. These videos have thousands of views and are tremendous hits. Hunter has more than 87K YouTube followers. She's become well-known on other social media platforms as well, with over 8.7K Instagram followers and 361 Twitter followers.

    Hunter In The Gym

  • Michael Kors

    Michael Kors is a well-known American fashion designer who specializes in women's clothing and sportswear. Kors rose to prominence after acting as a judge on the hit television show "Project Runway." Michael Kors Holdings Limited is his worldwide corporation. He is also the company's chief creative officer. Clothing and fashion accessories, such as watches, footwear, and jewelry, are sold by the company. Kors has always been fascinated by fashion and glitz since he was a child. His mother was a model, therefore he was well-versed in the fashion sector. Kors designed the wedding gown for his mother's second marriage when he was five years old. Kors worked as a designer for the French fashion label Celine in the beginning of his career. Kors was instrumental in resurrecting the brand. He went on to start his own fashion label, Michael Kors, which became a worldwide hit. The brand has its own stores all around the world. Kors' dresses have been praised by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, and Michelle Obama. After gay marriage became legal in New York, he married his lifelong companion, Lance La Pere.

    Michael Kors