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  • Maddie Ziegler

    Very few people are blessed with multiple talents at a very young age. Being good in multiple things enables them to achieve stardom at an early age. Once such talented personality who became a childhood star is Maddie Ziegler. She started her career as a dancer. She started dancing at a young age and participated in the local and regional dance competitions. She even won some awards in these competitions. Getting noticed for her talent in dance, she started to get offers in some television programs. In the year 2010, she was cast in a television series ˜Live to Dance' created by Paula Abdul. In the year 2011, Maddie Ziegler and her mother starred in a television dance program called Lifetime's ˜Dance Moms.' The program brought Maddie Ziegler as lot of fame when she stood out as the top performer in that Lifetime reality series. It was a reality television show about young and talented kids and their troublesome mothers who often quarreled. She also got chances to appear as a guest star in certain television programs like Abby's ˜Ultimate Dance Competition.' By the time she reached the age of eight, she started to get offers in other kinds of television programs as well.

    Maddie Ziegler

  • Mackenzie Ziegler

    Dancer who gained wide recognition during her time on Lifetime's Dance Moms. She was the youngest dancer in the group and specialized in jazz dance and acrobatics. In 2018, she began starring as Cassie on the Brat web series Total Eclipse. She was a singer and was on Dance Moms for 6 seasons.

    Mackenzie Ziegler

  • Jordyn Jones

    In an age where several aspiring artistes who have posted a few videos on social media are cited as talented, it is very difficult to find an artiste who is genuinely talented in many areas at once. One such gifted artiste is Jordyn Jones who started her career as a young dancer. Looking at her talent, her parents encouraged her to learn dancing at an early age. She soon became a good dancer by focusing on the Hip Hop dance style. She also started to practice singing once she made her name in dancing. She has even participated in a number of local dancing competitions. However, her fame started to grow quickly when she started to post her music videos on social media networks like YouTube and Vevo where she got a wide following.

    Jordyn Jones

  • Chloe Lukasiak

    Chloe Lukasiak is a dancer, reality TV star, model and actress. Taking dancing lessons since the age of two, Chloe, along with her mother Christi, later took part in the very famous dance reality show ˜Dance Moms' as one of the original cast members. She appeared on the show for four seasons during 2011-14. After the fourth season, she left the show due to altercation with her dance trainer Abby Lee Miller, in whose team she was performing. Since then she has appeared on a number of TV shows and music videos, both as herself and a performer. She has been nominated ˜Choice Dancer' in Teen Choice Awards twice in 2015 and 2016, winning the award in 2015. She is also into modeling and took part in an anti-bullying campaign for the American dancewear company, Just For Kix. She already has a few movies to her credit. She was cast in the Lifetime TV movie ˜Center Stage: On Pointe', she landed a role in the Indie film ˜Loophole' and is a part of the upcoming feature film ˜Cowgirl's Story'. She has recently launched online subscription-based dance tutorials, ˜Dance Classes With Chloe'.

    Chloe Lukasiak

  • Kendall Vertes

    Kendall Vertes is one of the most popular dancers of the Lifetime reality show ˜Dance Moms.' Besides being a competitive dancer, Kendall is also a singer and a model. Along with her mother <a title='Jill' href='/famous/jill-vertes.htm'>Jill</a> Vertes, she entered the dance reality show in the first episode of the second season. She switched between Abby Lee Dance Company and Candy Apple's Dance Center till she got a permanent spot in Abby Lee Miller's team. During her stint at CADC, Kendall was offered a special performance at a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition. On 21st April 2015, she released her debut single Wear ˜Em Out." It was later followed by a music video which premiered on ˜Dance Moms' on June 9, 2015. She also released a cover version of the song "Winter Wonderland." She has performed on several music videos of her co-stars on ˜Dance Moms.' She has been featured in songs like "Summer Love Song," "It's A Girl Party," "Freaks Like Me," and "Boomerang." She has been featured on the cover of ˜Girl's Life' magazine.

    Kendall Vertes

  • Kalani Hilliker

    Known for her appearances on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms beginning in season 4. She has also been featured on Shake It Up and the ABC Family original series Bunheads. In 2018, she began starring on the web series Dirt.

    Kalani Hilliker

  • Nia Sioux

    Child dancer who gained reality fame as a regular on Dance Moms. She released her first single "Star In Your Own Life" in 2015. She stars as Emma Barber on the TV series The Bold and the Beautiful. 

    Nia Sioux

  • Brooke Hyland

    Brooke Hyland is an American singer and dancer who first made waves at a young age through the reality show ˜Dance Moms'. At the age of 9, Brooke Hyland took her first dancing lessons and soon she became a part of the ˜Abby Lee Miller Dance Company'. Since then, there has been no looking back for Brooke Hyland, who is now an inspiration to many people. During the period 2012-13, she released a single titled ˜Summer Love Song', as well as the album ˜Brooke Hyland'. More than a year ago, she started her YouTube channel, ˜Brooke Hyland'. She has posted quite a few videos on this channel, such as ˜A Peek-A-Boo Christmas', ˜Chicago Adventures', ˜Creek Falls Cliff Jumping' and ˜Brooke Hyland Question And Answer'. She is also being followed by a lot of people on the popular image sharing site ˜Instagram'. Brooke Hyland is quite popular on other social networking sites as well, such as ˜Facebook' and ˜Twitter'.

    Brooke Hyland

  • Brynn Rumfallo

    Brynn Rumfallo is a dancer and model who got recognition in 2013 as part of the dance team "Fresh Faces" which competed in season 8 of the hit show ˜America's Got Talent'. Brynn and her team reached the quarter finals of the competition. She also made a guest appearance on the next season of the show. In 2015, Brynn appeared on three episodes of Lifetime's dance reality show ˜Dance Moms' as a guest. Next year, she became a cast member of the show in its sixth season. Right after her inclusion into the show, she has been compared to one of the most successful participants of the show, Maddie Ziegler. She has been touted as the "next Maddie" and is supposed to replace Maddie after her departure from the show. In 2015, she also performed on the show ˜Dancing With the Stars' with Maddie Ziegler and Jaycee Wilkins. In 2016, she performed on ˜The Ellen DeGeneres Show' as part of the Dancer Palooza team. She has also been featured in music videos by Todrick Hall and MattyB. Brynn has modeled for Miss Fit by Miss Behave Girls.

    Brynn Rumfallo

  • Paige Hyland

    Jazz and musical theatre dancer who became known for her appearance on Lifetime's Dance Moms. She placed 1st on season 2, episode 7.

    Paige Hyland

  • Asia Ray

    Call her ˜Triple Threat' or ˜Wonder girl', Asia Monet Ray is a true champion and winner. At 11, the girl has everything rolling for her, from dance shows, music videos, on-screen appearances, runway walks and red-carpet glitzy. Born to impress and express, Ray started off on her journey towards stardom and glamour when she was only two. With her dancing shoes on, she first excelled at gymnastics but soon found her real calling in dance. Further honing her skills, she went on to become the youngest winner at StarPower National Championships at the age of five. This marked the start of a legacy. Having shown her mettle as a dancer, Ray championed her talent for singing by coming up with her hit debut venture, ˜Ãsia Monet'. In the field of acting too, Ray got eyeballs rolling with impressive performance in several television series and film appearances. Her charismatic personality, undeniable talent, unputdownable spirit and attractive looks have won her a lot of fans from world over. Her social media accounts bare it all “ about 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 350,000 likes on Facebook page and over 180,000 followers on her Twitter handle. She is truly a star performer who is sure to take it to the next level of stardom!

    Asia Ray

  • Olivia Haschak

    What comes to your mind when you think of the Haschak sisters? They are grace personified. Period. They are awesome dancers and entertainers, each having a USP that is different from the rest. Though Madison, Gracie, Sierra and Olivia are all inherently blessed, it is Olivia that we are talking about. At 11, the girl has everything going for her. She seems to be on a roll with cover videos, stage performances and shows. Trained at the Temecula Dance Company, Olivia Haschak has mastered tap, hip hop, jazz and ballet. Much like her sisters, she is a regular contributor to the Haschak YouTube channel. Her popularity is visible from her social media accounts “ her Instagram fan followers have already reached the 300K mark! The Haschak sisters have more than 2 million subscribers for their YouTube channel and 510K for their Instagram account. Quite impressive must say!

    Olivia Haschak

  • Gracie Haschak

    Gracie Haschak is a talented young American dancer who has carved a niche for herself in the social media through her talent. Introduced to the world of dance at a very young age, Haschak found it irresistible to separate herself from it and got more and more immersed into it eventually. She first found fame when she danced for <a title='MattyB' href='/famous/matthew-morris.htm'>MattyB</a>'s music video ˜Daddy Says No' and has since thence been a dancer for various music videos and cover songs. Interestingly, much like her, her sisters too found their interest in dancing and soon followed her. The Haschak sisters started their YouTube channel, namely, ˜Haschak Sisters', which has more than 2.8 million subscribers as of May 2017. On the channel, they share their music videos and cover songs. Though Gracie Haschak hasn't made it to television until date, her presence in social media is overpowering. She has earned millions of fans through her performances.

    Gracie Haschak

  • Sierra Haschak

    Sierra Haschak is a young and talented American dancer, who is known for appearing in <a title='MattyBRaps' href='/famous/matthew-morris.htm'>MattyBRaps</a>' cover video of <a title='Kanye West' href='/famous/kanye-west.htm'>Kanye West</a>'s ˜Clique' alongside her three sisters, Madison, Gracie and Olivia. Along with her sisters, she owns a joint channel ˜Haschak Sisters' on YouTube. On this channel, the girls upload their music videos, cover videos, vlogs and other content. Sierra, who has been passionate about dancing since her childhood, has also trained as a dancer at the Temecula Dance Company in forms such as tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop. Besides being a dancer, the dancing superstar is also a singer and has sung several songs in videos such as ˜Girls Rule the World', ˜Daddy Says No' and ˜Gold Digger', to name a few. Although Sierra Haschak is too young to start a full-fledged career, she is extremely talented and is sure to rule the dance and music world in the coming future. Coming to her popularity, she has an incredible number of fans on the social media. As of now, the teenage American singer and dancer holds 205k followers on her personal Instagram account along with 2.8 million subscribers on the sisters' collective YouTube channel. She was also on Dance Moms with her mother.

    Sierra Haschak

  • Nadia Turner

    Nadia Turner is an American model, dancer, and aspiring actress. She and her younger sister, Ruby, rose to fame because of their dance skills and appearances on commercials for various multinational brands. Dance became a quintessential part of her life when she was very young. She joined highly esteemed dance schools such as Rage and West Coast Dance Theatre and received training in a wide range of genres, from jazz to ballet to hip-hop. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Nadia did not find the initial fame online but gained prominence as a young model for Target, Sketchers, and Staples. She was also featured alongside supermodel <a title='Heidi Klum' href='/famous/heidi-klum.htm'>Heidi Klum</a> in a commercial for Jordache. Since then, she has performed on live concerts for Disney, TweenTV, and Dancerpalooza and was part of the cast of the Brat web series ˜Total Eclipse'. Nadia has also accumulated a significant following on various social media platforms.

    Nadia Turner

  • Madison Haschak

    Madison Haschak is definitely one of the most talented dancers out there! YouTube fans must be knowing what I am talking about considering the fact that she is also one of the most popular dancing stars on the site. Having won numerous awards and competitions after beating put thousands, Madison is well on the path to glory. Even though she loved dancing from the time she could walk, she had never thought that she would grow up to be such a big star. The moment her parents realized her potential and talent, they encouraged her to follow her dreams and do what she was born to do. Dancing from the age of two, she is only going from strength to strength and shows no signs of stopping.

    Madison Haschak

  • Kaycee Rice

    Kaycee Rice is a young American dancer and social media personality. She gained fame as a member of the dance crews immaBEAST and lilBEASTS and went on to compete in the second season of the show ˜World of Dance.' She has also been a guest dancer in season 5 of the reality dance competition show, ˜Dance Moms.' As a social media personality, Rice is a popular YouTuber who has been sharing her dance moves on Kaycee Rice **Official Channel**. Passionate about dancing since childhood, she is extremely talented when it comes to the art. She knows numerous dance forms and can easily perform them anytime and anywhere even without rehearsing. Rice, who is a multitalented girl, is also trained in Tae Kwon Do. Despite her frequent dance rehearsals, she makes it a priority to invest enough time in her studies. She is family oriented and enjoys spending her leisure time with her siblings and parents.

    Kaycee Rice

  • Corey Scherer

    Known by the nickname ˜Sonic,' Corey Scherer is an American dancer and social media star. Best known for his dance choreography and 'Vine' videos, Corey has earned an impressive fan following across the internet. He is one of the dance duo ˜Super Sega Brothers.' Before he became a vlogger on 'YouTube,' he had amassed a huge fan following on the video-sharing application ˜Vine.' After the application was shut down, Corey focused on YouTube and emerged as a popular face among the site. He owns two channels - a personal and a collaborative channel. Corey has built a massive fan base on other social media platforms too. Corey owns a merchandise line, which he sells on ˜Redbubble.'

    Corey Scherer

  • Lilia Buckingham

    Lilia Buckingham is an American competitive dancer who is currently affiliated with MNR Dance Factory. A native Californian, Lilia became interested in the performing arts very early in her life. She garnered fame under unique circumstances and it is quite safe to say that she did not go looking for it. Through her mother, she became acquainted with several performers from the reality show ˜Dance Moms,' and they, in turn, posted pictures with Lilia on their social media accounts. Soon enough, she became a topic of conversation on the internet, with thousands wondering if she was a new contestant on the show. It did not matter that the girl, her family and even the performers themselves denied her involvement in the show. People continued to speculate until Lilia stopped posting on Instagram. During this period, Lilia was even stalked by another girl of her age. Since then, owing to her new-found online fame, she has appeared on shows such as ˜Good Morning America' and ˜Modern Family'. She has 12 thousand and 861 thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively and 23 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

    Lilia Buckingham

  • Sean Lew

    Sean Lew is a multi-talented and versatile little kid who is a dancer, choreographer and cook. Dancing since the ripe old age of four, he is one of the most shining and promising young dancers out there. Anybody who has seen his dance videos can attest to the fact that he can give really stiff competition to a lot of grown-up and professional dancers out there. He became an overnight sensation when a video of him dancing a Miguel Zarate combination to Lady Gaga's ˜Applause'went viral. Although very young, Lew has a huge fan following and has attained a lot of glory. He has many YouTube videos posted, which also went viral and became popular just because of his dancing style! He has been a choreographer in them too. Apart from dancing and choreographing, he is a very talented cook too. His cooking talent and abilities have found their way to a lot of websites on the Internet such as in the Beast Network where he has a segment called ˜Cooking with Sean Lew.'Also, his most popular recipes are of Monkey Bread and Deep Fried Burgers!

    Sean Lew

  • Connor Finnerty

    Connor Finnerty is an American dancer, actor, and model. He has been part of many premier dance studios. He became a professional dancer after competing on <a title='Matt Steffanina' href='/famous/matt-steffanina.htm'>Matt Steffanina</a>'s show 'Dance-Off Juniors.' Connor then appeared in several commercials and music videos. As a model and an actor, he had the opportunity to work with several Hollywood celebrities. Connor is now considered to be one of the most promising dancers in the industry. He is also a social-media personality and owns a 'YouTube' channel where he posts his choreography routines and daily vlogs.

    Connor Finnerty

  • Coco Quinn

    Coco Quinn is a young American dancer known for appearing in a mini elite competition team called Molly's Monsters at Dance Precisions, which is led by the renowned choreographer Molly Long. She is also recognized for featuring in the popular web series ˜Mani.' She is the sister of dancers Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn. Passionate about dance since childhood, Quinn had started learning rhythmic gymnastics at the age of two. She then went on to train at Dance Precisions before joining Molly's Monsters. Till date, the young dancer has given several brilliant dance performances. She is trained in various dance forms, such as contemporary, jazz, tumble, tap, hip hop, and ballet, to name a few. On a personal note, Quinn is a very charming, innocent, and hardworking girl. Besides dancing, she is good at gymnastics as well. She has three siblings, two of who are also dancers. She loves to practice her dance steps with her sisters and the three of them often perform together.

    Coco Quinn

  • Sophia Lucia

    Sophia Lucia is a child prodigy. She started to dance at the age of just two when she saw music videos on the television; she participated in her first dance competition at the age of just three. Looking at her talent and interest in dancing, her parents enrolled her in the San Diego Dance Centre in Poway, California. Having the assistance of some of the best dance teachers in America, Sophia started to master dance very quickly. Even before she reached the age of ten years, she had started to train for 35-40 hours a week. Rather than focusing on a single dance format, Sophia Lucia started focusing on multiple dance formats like Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. This was excruciating for a young girl who also had to attend school to complete her formal education. With the kind of progress she started showing at such a young age, many observers now reckon that she is one of the best dancing talents in the making. Despite the attention she got as a young and talented dancer, Sophia Lucia's fortunes stardom started to rise only when she started to appear on some of the popular television shows and social media channels like YouTube.

    Sophia Lucia

  • Elliana Walmsley

    Graceful and nimble, Elliana made a name for herself when she won the title of ˜Miss Petite Dance America.' Following the title, she even appeared as a contestant on the popular reality dance show ˜Dance Moms' in season 6. At the age of nine, Elliana has been called one of America's most flexible and talented dancers. She has received plenty of support from her parents and her friends. She works diligently and is presently part of the ˜Adrenaline Crew.' Her moves on ˜Dance Moms' impressed us all, making her one of the best dancers on the show. She has been an inspiration to many children her age and hopes to get better and dance with bigger stars when she grows up. She is also popular on social media, with over 200K followers on Instagram, where her mother uploads pictures of Elliana with her fellow crew members or during her training sessions.

    Elliana Walmsley