Famous with careers are rapper
  • Barbara Bivolt

    Brazilian singer and rapper who is known for her hit singles "Pao Com Ovo" and "Olha Pra Mim". In addition to sharing video clips from her live performances, she is also a model who shares her photos through Instagram for her over 70,000 followers. 

    Barbara Bivolt

  • Vincenzo Anfossi

    Rapper who released L'ora D'aria in 2008 and was featured on two singles by Sgarra that same year. He has over 40,000 followers on her enzbenz Instagram account.

    Vincenzo Anfossi

  • Santaflow

    Spanish recording artist, producer, and rapper who is known for having been a member of the Desterrados group. He is also known for his solo career and is recognized for his popular singles "Sin Tregua" and "Violencia". 


  • Tiago Mac

    Brazilian rapper who has risen to notoriety thanks to his tracks such as "Capircorn," "Cold," "Basquiat," "Rings, Earrings & Thirds," and more.

    Tiago Mac

  • Willie Peyote

    Rapper who has won fans in Italy for his cynical and ironic lyrics, as heard on solo tracks like "Ottima Scusa" and "C'era una Vodka." He is also widely known for his work with the hip-hop group Funk Shui Project. 

    Willie Peyote

  • Vieze Fur

    Dutch rapper who is a member of the rap group The Youth Nowdays. They found fame in 2005 with their hit song "Watskeburt". They have since released several albums and won multiple awards, including MTV awards, the Golden Harp, and an Edison Award. In 2014 he competed on the reality show Expedition Robinson. 

    Vieze Fur

  • Akira Presidente

    Rapper who released his first EP Que que qué? in 2008, the album Meu Acume, Meu Flow in 2010, and Rei do Yeyeye and President of Yoyoyo in 2012.

    Akira Presidente

  • B4bonah

    Ghanan rapper known for songs like "My Girl", "Devil Is A Liar" and "Higher". He released his first album, Prono St, in 2018. 


  • Ville-Petteri Galle

    Hip-hop artist and rapper who rose to fame under the professional alias VilleGalle. As VilleGalle he is recognized for making up one half of the Finnish duo Jare & VilleGalle or JVG.

    Ville-Petteri Galle

  • Vladimir 518

    Rapper who performs solo and with Penevers Uncle Homeboy also known as PSH. He is also known as the leader of BiggBoss label.

    Vladimir 518

  • McKlopedia

    Venezuelan rapper who is known for songs like "The Crazy Ones", "What You Want to Be" and "Jamming Without Borders". He formed the rap group Septima Raza in 2003. He is particularly known for his participation in national and international Battle of the Roosters. 


  • Yung6ix

    Hip-hop star who began finding mainstream success with the release of his single "Oh My Gosh" in 2011. He capitalized on the song's popularity by releasing his first full-length album, Green Light Green, later that year. 


  • Ali Ssamid

    Gangsta rapper who embarked on a solo career in 2015 after spending four years as part of a group called DL with childhood friend LOCOLGHADAB and several other rappers of his city. A couple of his top tracks include "Khab Danni" and "DEM3A LBARDA."

    Ali Ssamid

  • Cyrus Smith

    American hip-hop artist, also known as Cy-Fi, who had a breakout 2018 after the release of his hits "Bagz" and "Makin Moves (Real Life Famous)." His 2019 album Kid vs the Forces of Evil brought him even more success.

    Cyrus Smith

  • Rincon Sapiencia

    Rapper who released his breakout single "Elegância" in 2009. It was not until 2017 that he released his debut album, Galanga Livre, which spawned the singles "Meu Bloco" and "Ostentação à Pobreza." 

    Rincon Sapiencia

  • DaForce Dawg

    Born Dominic Laforce and known to his fans as DaForce Dawg, this Canadian hip-hop artist and music producer released a number of recordings, including L.A.H. (Loving a Hustler), Big League, Go Go Go, and NBTT (Nothing Better Than This).

    DaForce Dawg

  • KennyMan

    Rapper who reached international fame in 2018 when he remixed his own song "Not Gucci Not Prada" with <a title='Sebastian Yatra' href='/famous/sebastian-yatra.htm'>Sebastian Yatra</a>. 


  • Mike Dai

    Hip hop artist named Michael Sazani who is notable for bilingual tracks such as "123" and his single "Hustle Thangs." He produces unorthodox rhythm/punchlines as heard on his mixtape series titled Lifted.

    Mike Dai

  • Sara Hebe

    Rapper who composed the soundtrack to <a title='Juan Minujin' href='/famous/juan-minujin.htm'>Juan Minujin</a>'s 2016 series El Marginal. She has more than 40,000 followers on her sara_hebe Instagram account.

    Sara Hebe

  • Emanero

    Argentinian rapper who is known for albums such as Tres Mil Millones de Años Luz and Soundamerica. He has released songs like "Segun Pasan los Años" and "Secreto Paraíso". 


  • Yunmin

    One of the original members of the k-pop group New Kidd who performs as a rapper and lead dancer. As an original member, he has been part of both sub-units Lemme Spoil U and New Kidd 02.


  • Bahram Nouraei

    Hip hop artist and record producer who reached fame with his 2007 political hit "Letter To The President". In 2012 he was listed by Huffington Post as one of the 50 people shaping culture in the Middle East. 

    Bahram Nouraei

  • Danimal Lector

    Quadruple threat of media know-how and performance who covers all the bases from writing to producing to engineering. He runs his operation out of Lector's Lab Recording Studio.

    Danimal Lector

  • Khujo

    Member of the hip hop group Goodie Mob who has also been known by the name Khujo Goodie. He was also one-half of a hip hop duo called The Lumberjacks. He released a debut solo album called The Man Not the Dawg in 2002.