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  • PewDiePie

    If you spend a lot of time watching YouTube, the name PewDiePie would have popped up on your screen very often. And if you love video games, there is no way that you could have missed this name. Well, let us inform you that the YouTube celebrity with the most number of subscribers is not Justin Bieber or Rihanna. Sorry to disappoint you, this title goes to ˜PewDiePie '. Justin Bieber might have 24 million subscribers and Rihanna 22 million subscribers, but this guy here has actually over 103 million subscribers for his YouTube channel. Interestingly, the only thing that he does is post videos of himself playing video games. For all guys who love playing video games and get lectured about this, remember you can make a fortune out of this. For any kind of doubts regarding the same, we suggest that you approach PewDiePie


  • Zara Larsson

    Swedish pop singer who won the country's singing competition Talang 2008 at age eleven.

    Zara Larsson

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Star Swedish striker who played for Paris Saint-Germain FC from 2012 until 2016, when he joined Manchester United. In 2018, he joined the LA Galaxy. He previously played for FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and Inter Milan.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Bill Skarsgard

    Bill SkarsgÃ¥rd is a Swedish actor best known for his roles in the dystopian romantic thriller film ˜The Divergent Series: Allegiant' and in the horror film ˜It'. Born in Vallingby, Sweden, he is the son of the well-known Swedish actor Stellan Skargard. Hailing from a family with a rich background in the entertainment world, he was exposed to the show business from a tender age. With the help of his actor father, he first appeared as a child actor in the Swedish thriller film ˜White Water Fury'. Later, he appeared in movies such as ˜Arn”The Kingdom at Road's End' and ˜Simple Simon'. His performance in the latter earned him a nomination for the Guldbagge Award. He gained international popularity for his role in the dystopian romantic thriller ˜The Divergent Series: Allegiant'. Though the film was met with negative reviews, it did well commercially. He also earned much fame for playing the villain Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the horror film, ˜It'. The film was a humongous success, commercially as well as critically. His role earned him multiple award nominations. SkarsgÃ¥rd played a main role in the Netflix series ˜Hemlock Grove' as well.

    Bill Skarsgard

  • Markus Persson

    He is often referred to as the first superstar computer games developer. He broke the monotony in the video game industry by producing a creative adventurous sandbox video game, allowing players to create, craft and mine. His passion for developing and producing a virtual Lego game, with endless building possibilities, kept him engaged with programming to such an extent that he dropped out from high school. Markus Persson had been bitten by the computer bug since his childhood, which culminated into developing one of the most popularly played and enjoyed games across the globe, Minecraft. Referred to as ˜Notch' by his teenage fans in the industry, he has crafted a number of games for die-hard game players. His exceptional and innovative video game releases have won him appreciation and prestigious awards from various organizations. Besides, he has also participated in numerous competitions as a platform to display his excellence in game creation. Such is his extraordinary talent that he has even won 48-hour game creating contests. He became the newest and one of the youngest billionaires of the world in 2014 when Microsoft purchased Mojang and he bought a posh glass palace perched atop Beverly Hills.

    Markus Persson

  • Joel Berghult

    Joel Berghult, also known as Roomie, is a Swedish YouTuber, singer and songwriter. He runs a YouTube channel called 'RoomieOfficial' on which he shares his covers, original songs, and other music-related videos. Till date, his channel has earned 3.4 million subscribers and about 313 million views. The singer cum songwriter is also popular on Instagram and Twitter. He has impressed his audience with his mesmerizing voice and charming personality. Berghult writes lyrics with the aim of penning down songs that are meaningful and unique. What's amazing about his music is that it is appropriate for the youth, adults, and elderly alike. Berghult believes that music is a medium of connecting people. It's a way of expressing the emotions that can't be expressed otherwise. On a personal note, the Swedish star is a young, smart, and charming guy. With his singing and song-writing talents, he is sure to earn more name and fame in the coming future.

    Joel Berghult

  • Iza Cryssanthander

    Iza Cryssanthander is a Swedish star who is best known for the 'izaandelle' account on which she posts videos along with her twin sister <a title='Elle' href='/famous/elle-cryssanthander.htm'>Elle</a>. The two sisters made a new record of having the largest number of girls dancing in one video after they organized a dance routine with their friends and fans in a football field on June 20, 2017. The video features 114 girls in total and instantly became popular on the internet. The event was co-hosted by IFK Stocksund, the local football club where Iza and <a title='Elle' href='/famous/elle-cryssanthander.htm'>Elle</a> play. She and her sister have also collaborated with friends and star Nina and Isa of the Isanina pair on a video. One of their videos, inspired by Stien Edlund, was part of the #MultiplePhoneChallenge. Following their success on, they have expanded into other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. They also have a Snapchat profile and often collect fan question from there for the Q&A videos on YouTube.

    Iza Cryssanthander

  • Theo Haraldsson

    Theodor Haraldsson is a Swedish star. Famous for his dance moves and lip-syncing covers on the app, Theodor has gained a massive fan following on social media. Despite his young age, Theodor Haraldsson has shown great talent lip-syncing and choreographing to some of the chart toppers like ˜DJ Khaled - I'm The One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper ...' and Bruno Mars' ˜That's What I Like'. His popularity even got him nominated for Sweden's rising star award at the ˜Big Buzz Awards'. Theo's favorite muser is Jacob Sartorius and he considers the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul to be one his idols. His musical inspiration ranges from Ed Sheeran to Justin Bieber and that can be clearly seen in his debut single ˜Het'. Like many other musers, Theo has also faced criticism from time to time from many who think that musers are banking on the creativity of actual singers and lip-syncing is not a talent. Ignoring the hatred, the young star has taken his performance to a new level by performing live and has since become a popular muser.

    Theo Haraldsson

  • Tove Lo

    Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, renowned by her stage name Tove Lo, is a Swedish songwriter and singer. Her stage and nickname was suggested by her grandmother for her love for lynxes signifying ˜Tove' for lynx in Swedish and ˜Lo' an indication for singular. She began her musical journey as a member of a short-lived band ˜Tremblebee' writing songs and performing live onstage at different venues. The Math rock-band released some songs independently before getting disbanded. Tove decided to pursue a solo career and concentrated on pop-music. She started to work on her debut record writing, producing and developing it while living in her shed which she turned into her studio. During that time she did session singing assignments to make some money. Her demo was appreciated by A&R and next she earned a publishing deal with Warner/Chappel music and an opportunity to work with producers and song writers Max Martin, Xenomania, Shellback and Alexander Kronlund and started to release her compositions independently online amassing notable following. Due to her fan following and powerful content, Tove was signed to Island and Polydor label and released her first EP Truth Serum and breakthrough album Queen of the Clouds.

    Tove Lo

  • FaZe Teeqo

    FaZe Teeqo is a Swedish YouTuber and social media personality. He runs a YouTube channel titled 'Faze Teeqo Jakob' on which he shares interesting content like challenges, pranks, gaming videos, cooking videos, and other vlogs. His amazing, fun, and crazy videos have managed to earn more than 1.8 million subscribers and about 212 million views till date. Teeqo also has a huge fan base on Instagram and Twitter, with over 1.1 million and over 1.2 million followers respectively on these social media platforms. His sense of humor, crazy attitude, and fun-loving personality has got him attention from so many people. The Swedish artiste is a charming and dashing guy on the personal front. He loves his life to the core and enjoys every bit of it. He likes to spend quality time with his family and friends. Some of Teeqo's best buddies often get featured on his YouTube videos.

    FaZe Teeqo

  • Amanda Edmundsson

    Amanda Edmundsson is a vivacious and promising Swedish teenage sensation who continues to make her mark as a singer, dancer, lip-syncing artist. She is a renowned muser with more than 1.8 million fans on her account. Amanda is a native of Linkoping, a city located in Southern Sweden. She completed her primary and secondary education from the local school administered by the Linkoping municipality. She was good in sports right from her childhood and excelled in horseback riding and soccer. She also demonstrated an early talent for singing and dancing while still in primary school. She makes the most of her leisure time by riding, dancing, and uploading her lip-synced videos on She has admitted that her uploads on are checked out consistently by her followers. At the same time, she has admitted that she felt privileged and honored to encourage her numerous acolytes on different social media platforms, most of whom are young.

    Amanda Edmundsson

  • Agnetha Faltskog

    Although she has made a name for herself as a solo artist in Sweden, Agnetha Fältskog will always be best known as a member of ˜ABBA', one of the most commercially successful and internationally adored pop bands of all time. Leaving school at 15 to pursue a career in music, she soon found herself singing with Bernt Enghardt's band and attracted a fan following. Through Enghardt, she secured a record deal and soon topped the charts in Sweden with her first release. She became engaged and later got married to Björn Ulvaeus and became a member of ˜ABBA'. For the next eight years, ˜ABBA' would be one of the most successful pop acts in the world, earning numerous gold and platinum awards all across the globe. Post-ABBA, she released three albums “˜Wrap Your Arms Around Me', ˜Eyes of a Woman' and ˜I Stand Alone', all of which garnered great success in Sweden and gained popularity throughout Europe as well but never quite made a mark in the U.S. As the '80s wound to a close, she went into an unofficial retirement. ABBA's music was the subject of a jukebox musical called ˜Mamma Mia!'. She came out of retirement to record ˜My Coloring Book' that peaked at 11 on the U.K. charts. Her latest Album, ˜A', has also been well-received.

    Agnetha Faltskog