Famous with careers are artist
  • Sergey Piskunov

    Ukrainian artist notable for his hyper-realistic paintings. He has been a part of numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout various galleries in Kiev, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Singapore, London and other locations.

    Sergey Piskunov

  • Adnan Ansari

    Makeup artist who was the focus of a Style Magazine article called Pakistani Actresses With Their Makeup Artist Adnan Ansari in August 2016.

    Adnan Ansari

  • Larry Carlson

    Visual artist who uses multiple mediums to create mind-bending art in the form of psychedelic prints, contemporary collage art and "trippy" movies.

    Larry Carlson

  • Anderson Ferreira Lemes

    Painter and artist who is known for his unique graffiti and collage style of painting. He has been featured in several group and solo shows throughout Spain, Brazil, Italy, and France. He is also known for his diverse range of awards such as the Receipt of Vows of Praise from the Campineira Organization of the Arts in April of 2015. 

    Anderson Ferreira Lemes

  • Noel'le Longhaul

    Professional tattoo artist who is known for her intricately detailed nature scenes and for working as an artist through Bright Hollow. She is also a singer and songwriter who records a diverse range of music through the pseudonym Loone. She shares her tattoo work along with other lifestyle content through her Instagram for her over 60,000 followers. 

    Noel'le Longhaul

  • Guille Pachelo

    Painter, artist, and muralist who is known for his signature cartoon portraits of vague faces with hats that feature witty phrases. He is a part of the Buenos Aires street art and wheat paste crew BA Paste Up and shares his unique artworks through Instagram for his over 70,000 followers. 

    Guille Pachelo

  • Benjamin Lacombe

    French illustrator who is known for having wrote and illustrated the 2006 children's book Cerise Griotte. The book would go on to be listed as one of Time Magazine's Top 10 Children's Books in 2007.

    Benjamin Lacombe

  • John Lafarge

    American painter and stained glass window maker who served as president of the National Society of Mural Painters from 1899 until 1904. He was one of the first seven artists chosen for membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1904.

    John Lafarge

  • Ruben Ireland

    Dutch illustrator and artist who is known for specializing in silhouettes and black and white figure drawings. Often portraits of women and other powerful figures, he shares his works through his Instagram for his over 40,000 followers. 

    Ruben Ireland

  • Sanford Greene

    Comic book artist who has contributed to Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics. He has illustrated for Marvel's Power Man and Iron Fist series, and DC's Justice League Unlimited. 

    Sanford Greene

  • Omar Dogan

    Illustrator who rose to fame for his work for Capcom and UDON Entertainment often in video games. He has also seen his work featured for Marvel, Konami, and Namco. 

    Omar Dogan

  • Alessandro Barbucci

    Italian illustrator and comic book artist who is best recognized for his work on the series' Dolls Factory and Monster Allergy. He is known for his conventional sketches and character design work and shares additional drawings through his Instagram for his over 40,000 followers. 

    Alessandro Barbucci

  • Marko Stout

    Contemporary artist who made a name for himself with his cutting-edge, industrial pop style that focuses on New York City and urban living. He creates a variety of art pieces including prints, paintings, sculptures, films and videos.

    Marko Stout

  • Mikael Takacs

    Illustrator, artist, and marbler who is known for his abstract portraits and images. Often painting in acrylic through straws and pipettes, he is known for his unique technique and shares his works through Instagram for his over 50,000 followers. 

    Mikael Takacs

  • Futarinokizuna

    Illustrator and cartoonist also known as Mimi N who shares her vibrant anime creations with 230,000 followers on her Instagram account, futarinokizuna_. She is also known for her work on the online comic strip Sunny Day Studio. 


  • Andrezza Minotto

    Beauty addict, Instagram influencer and makeup artist who runs her own Andrezza Minotto Makeup Studio. 

    Andrezza Minotto

  • Margaux Kindhauser

    Comic book artist who is known for her written and illustrated works. She created her own comic book called Clues and also teaches character design and comic strip lessons at the Canvas School in Lausanne. She shares photos of her work through Instagram for her over 50,000 followers. 

    Margaux Kindhauser

  • Gullsah Karaca

    Biologist and tattoo artist who uses multiple techniques, and the variant colors and forms of nature, for her artwork. Her gullsahkaraca Instagram account has 50,000 followers.

    Gullsah Karaca

  • Agatha De Faveri

    Painter who is known for her lettering and sign painting. She is also known for her calligraphy sketches and shares photos of her works through Instagram for her over 60,000 followers. 

    Agatha De Faveri

  • Cesare Catania

    Italian artist whose prolific career in painting and sculpting has earned him the nickname of "the modern <a title='Leonardo da Vinci' href='/famous/leonardo-da-vinci.htm'>Leonardo da Vinci</a>." He rose to worldwide renown for his The Heart of the Earth A and B versions created in 2012 and 2018, respectively, and shown at the Royal Opera Arcade in London. 

    Cesare Catania

  • Jean-Michel Folon

    Remembered for his illustrations, watercolor paintings, etchings, posters, and sculptures, this Belgian-born visual artist displayed his work at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art; Paris' Musee des Arts Decoratifs; London's Institute of Contemporary Arts; and numerous other world-class galleries.

    Jean-Michel Folon

  • Stefan Pabst

    3D painter who creates incredibly realistic portraits using an oil dry-brush technique on special paper. He has completed orders for companies, singers, actors, football players and politicians.

    Stefan Pabst

  • Adi Granov

    Comic book artist who has worked for Marvel Comics. He illustrated Iron Man: Extremis and did keyframe artwork for the 2008 film Iron Man. He has more than 70,000 followers on his adigranov Instagram account.

    Adi Granov

  • Sergey Shanko

    Color portrait tattoo artist who makes realistic depictions of people and characters. His work is seen on the Instagram account sergey_shanko which has 140,000 followers.

    Sergey Shanko