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  • Michael Clifford

    Michael Clifford is one of the most defining stars of the current generation. He is not only the face and voice of ˜5SOS' (5 Seasons of Summer), but also the pop-rock band's lead guitarist. The band came into limelight when they began uploading music videos and cover songs to YouTube. Together with other band members “ <a title='Luke Hemmings' href='/famous/luke-hemmings.htm'>Luke Hemmings</a>, <a title='Calum Hood' href='/famous/calum-hood.htm'>Calum Hood</a> and <a title='Ashton Irwin' href='/famous/ashton-irwin.htm'>Ashton Irwin</a> - Michael has transformed his career by breaking barriers using only the means of social media to become globally recognized. He is a huge sensation on social platforms, with fans from all over the world rooting for this Australian musician. He has 7.67 million followers on his ˜Twitter' account, and 4.7 million fans on ˜Instagram'. The band has a YouTube channel, where they upload music videos, on their collaborative account they have 3.6 million subscribers with over 600 million views.

    Michael Clifford

  • Adam Jones

    Guitarist and singer who rose to fame as a member of the family pop rock outfit SM6. He has amassed more than 350,000 followers on his personal Instagram account.

    Adam Jones

  • Kevin Jonas

    Lead guitarist of the Jonas Brothers who appeared on an episode of Hannah Montana that broke cable records with 10.7 million viewers. 

    Kevin Jonas

  • James McVey

    James McVey is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist of the British pop rock band ˜The Vamps'. The other members of the band are: Brad Simpson, <a title='Connor Ball' href='/famous/connor-ball.htm'>Connor Ball</a> and <a title='Tristan Evans' href='/famous/tristan-evans.htm'>Tristan Evans</a>. Before forming the band, McVey released a solo EP album on iTunes, titled ˜Who I Am'. It was in 2011 that he first met <a title='Bradley Simpson' href='/famous/bradley-simpson.htm'>Bradley Simpson</a> through YouTube. Not even a year later, <a title='Tristan Evans' href='/famous/tristan-evans.htm'>Tristan Evans</a> and <a title='Connor Ball' href='/famous/connor-ball.htm'>Connor Ball</a> too collaborated with McVey and thus led to the formation of the band ˜The Vamps'. McVey has spunk in him that is widely prevalent in his music compositions and vocals. He took his inspiration from Owl City. As talented as he is on stage, he has looks to kill. With six pack abs and a wide grinning smile, he is every girl's fantasy. McVey is highly ambitious as a person. When he was working solo, he aspired to form a British pop rock band and once that was achieved with the formation of The Vamps, he went further and decided to own a record label, which he eventually did and is called Steady Records'. Aiming to go further, McVey surely seems to be one of the most promising musicians on the scene.

    James McVey

  • Ryan Ross

    George Ryan Ross III, popularly known as Ryan Ross, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, who is best known for his work with the band ˜Panic! at the Disco'. The band, which also had his friends Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, and Brendon Urie as members, has released a total of five studio albums till date. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, Ross aspired to be a great singer from his childhood. He started practicing music at the age of 12 after he received a guitar as a Christmas present. His career began officially in 2004 after he formed the band ˜Panic! at the Disco' along with his best friend Spencer Smith. After having worked on two studio albums with the band, he later joined the band ˜The Young Veins'. The band's debut studio album ˜Take a Vacation!' was released in 2010. After he left ˜The Young Veins', he decided to start a new chapter in his life by beginning a solo career. Since then he has released a few songs through his official SoundCloud page.

    Ryan Ross

  • Frank Iero

    Rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist of the alternative rock band 'My Chemical Romance', Frank Iero began playing with local bands in his hometown, New Jersey at the age of eleven. He is also the vocalist of 'Leathermouth', a post-hardcore band and of the electronic-hardcore act ˜Death Spells'. After his parents spilt-up, he was raised by his mother, who encouraged his musical talents by lending out her basement for band practice. Before he became a part of 'My Chemical Romance', Iero played with many other bands, including ˜I Am A Graveyard', ˜Pencey Prep', ˜Hybrid', ˜Sector 12' and ˜Give Up the Ghost'. He had earned a scholarship to Rutgers University but dropped out of the same to pursue a career in music. Apart from his musical endeavors, Iero is also known for his keen business acumen. He ran the company 'Skeleton Crew', a record label, clothing line and publishing business. Some of his well- known 'My Chemical Romance' albums include, 'The Black Parade', ˜Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys' and 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'.

    Frank Iero

  • Brian May

    Brian May is an English musician, songwriter, astrophysicist and famous guitarist of ˜Queen'. With his iconic haircut that defies the image of a scientist, he went on to become a legend in the genre of ˜rock' music, selling more albums than ˜The Beatles'. May picked up the guitar when he was just 7 years old forming his first band in school. It was astonishing for his family and friends at the time who realized his passion for music and science, which worked very well as a combination for him. He then pursued PhD in Astrophysics at Imperial College, London, quitting in between, cashing on the fame garnered by his famous rock band, ˜Queen'. As a part of the band, he composed several tunes and even wrote some very popular songs. With several guitar solos, covers and collaborations with legendary artists, May's music albums have topped the music charts in the UK and USA. After 30 years, he went back to college to complete his PhD and has also continued to perform live around the world.

    Brian May

  • Tony Perry

    Tony Perry is an American guitarist, and musician. He is the leading guitarist of the rock band, ˜Pierce the Veil.' Born to Mexican parents, Perry was interested in music right from his childhood days. His grandfather was his first music teacher and taught him to play guitar. When Vic Fuentes and Mike Fuentes formed the rock band, ˜Pierce the Veil,' Perry joined them, as their lead guitarist. After Perry joined the band, they released their first album which was titled, ˜A Flair for the Dramatic.' It was received well by the music lovers in the United States. This was followed by several other albums, such as ˜Selfish Machines,' and ˜Misadventures.' Perry has conducted his music tours across continents such as Australia, Asia, and Europe. He has performed at several music festivals, including ˜Soundwave Festival,' and Slam Dunk Festival.'

    Tony Perry

  • Jinxx

    Jeremy Miles Ferguson, or Jinxx, as he is more popularly known, is an American musician, songwriter, and composer presently associated with the rock band ˜Black Veil Brides'. For this Los-Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, music came calling early. He was taught to play guitar by his half-brother Travis when he was two years old, and gave his first on-stage performance alongside his father when he was eight. He joined ˜Black Veil Brides' in 2009 after serving as a member in the groups ˜The Drastics', ˜Amen', and ˜The Dreaming'. BVB released their first studio album, ˜We Stitch These Wounds', on July 20, 2010. It reached #1 spot on the ˜Billboard Independent Albums' chart. In 2011, Jinxx and his group released their first and only EP till date, ˜Rebels'. He and fellow band member Jake Pitts won the ˜Revolver's Golden Gods Awards' for best guitarists in 2012. He starred in the 2012 feature ˜Legion of the Black', the film adaptation of the group's third studio album ˜Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones'.


  • Slash

    Rose to fame as the lead guitarist of the Los Angeles-based hard rock band Guns N' Roses. His guitar prowess is best exemplified on such tracks as "Sweet Child o' Mine," "Paradise City" and "November Rain."


  • Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix is considered as one of the greatest electric guitarists that the music world has ever witnessed. He composed music combining different genres of hard rock, jazz and blues into soulful unforgettable renditions. His style of music has been a source of inspiration for many budding musicians. He started his musical career by forming his first band The Jimmy Hendrix Experience where he played the guitar and also sang as the lead vocalist. His first single Hey, Joe took the world by storm. He made headlines after his iconic performance in 1969 in the Woodstock Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival in the 1970s. His second album was Axis: Bold as Love released in 1968 and his final album Electric Ladyland was also released in the same year. It featured the hit All Along the Watchtower. Soon after, the band split in 1969. His style of music was strongly influenced by blues artists like B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Albert King, Elmore James and rhythm and blues guitarists Curtis Mayfield and Steve Cropper. His music was also inspired by the jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. This lead guitarist expired at the age of 27 on 18th September, 1970.

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Jack Barakat

    Jack Barakat is a popular Lebanese-American guitarist who gained popularity following his guitar performance within his well acclaimed band All Time Low. Founded back in 2003 as NeverReck, the band was started by two music enthusiastic school friends - Jack Barakat and Marc Shilling. Barakt soon roped in a drummer, Yanni Giannaros, and another school friend (now lead vocalist at All Time Low) <a title='Alex Gaskarth' href='/famous/alex-gaskarth.htm'>Alex Gaskarth</a> into the group. The band started out by visiting songs by pop punk bands such as Blink-182 as well as, writing and composing their own songs. The Maryland quartet that started off as a nerdy school band, transformed into an official band named All Time Low in 2004. The all-boys band got their first successful break after the release of their very first studio album The Party Scene in 2005. Thereafter the group went on to enjoy the success & stardom with several songs that grabbed the #1 spot on the US charts.

    Jack Barakat

  • George Harrison

    Popularly known as the Quiet Beatle, George Harrison is a name to reckon with even today. A powerful contributor in the field of music, Harrison in his lifetime held the profile of a musician, songwriter, singer and guitarist. From an early age, he was inspired by the beauty of music and worked hard all through to uplift the level of harmony. What is interesting to note is that Harrison used the power of music to raise awareness in the world about life of the spirit and the true calling. He was deeply and profoundly inspired by Hinduism and was an ardent admirer of Indian culture and mysticism. The same was reflected in most of his work which intently reflected his preference for Eastern music and instruments. While Harrison was surrounded by McCartney and Lennon who were geniuses in their own right, it did not overshadow his talent and skilfulness at music and he attained much popularity and critical acclaim. While he did excellently well during his association with Beatles post break-up, he easily stepped out of the shadows of his band mates to reveal himself a powerfully spiritual songwriter with an expansive sense of melody. Till date, he is remembered for bringing the entire 1960s generation to Eastern religion and musical influence.

    George Harrison

  • Jake Pitts

    Jake Pitts is an American musician most popular as the lead glam metal guitarist of the rock band ˜Black Veil Brides.' He has also formed a band called ˜Aelonia' with his wife. He first became passionate about music at the age of 13, when he began listening to the American heavy metal band Metallica. He then put in a lot of efforts to learn rock music and guitar. He would sit for hours listening to the records of his favorite bands like Metallica, and tried to learn all the techniques of playing a guitar. When he was 19, he started getting into shred guitar, and wanted to learn how to become a better player. He was so passionate that he actually played guitar for six hours a day! Paul Gilbert is his favorite guitar player, and he tried to take a lot his techniques and incorporate them in his own style. His favorite classical composer is his mother, who taught him everything about harmony and theory. He gives her all the credit for making his base strong. Today, he likes metal because it is complicated and technical, which challenges him. He has been playing Schecter guitars for the last 13 years. Jake has now stopped listening to other bands because he doesn't want to follow them anymore.

    Jake Pitts

  • Ray Toro

    Ray Toro, born as Raymond Toro and known by the nicknames Princess Fro Fro and High Sauce Wizard, is an American musician. He is famous as the lead guitarist of the former rock band ˜My Chemical Romance' that is best known for releasing the song ˜I'm Not Okay' as well as several hit albums like ˜The Black Parade', ˜Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys' and ˜I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love'. Toro has also worked for other bands including Reggie and the Full Effect and The Rodneys. Besides working as a band member, the talented musician has also worked as a solo performer. His solo career includes several hit songs and compositions. The popular songs Toro has released independently are ˜Isn't That Something', ˜Hope for the World' and ˜For the Lost and Brave', to name a few. All these contributions of the American musician to the music industry have not only earned him name and wealth, but also the love of millions of fans.

    Ray Toro

  • Joe Trohman

    Joe Trohman, born as Joseph Mark Trohman, is an American musician and record producer. He is famous as the lead guitarist as well as the backing vocalist of the rock band named ˜Fall Out Boy'. He is also known for being the lead guitarist of the heavy metal supergroup ˜The Damned Things'. The singer, along with Fall Out Boy, has worked on many super hit albums, such as ˜From Under the Cork Tree', ˜Take This to Your Grave', ˜Folie à Deux' and ˜Infinity on High', to name a few. With the Damned Things, the American musician released the album ˜Ironiclast'. Trohman has also worked with bassist Josh Newton and has released the EP ˜Schadenfreude' for the band ˜With Knives'. Coming to his career as a songwriter, Trohman has written/co-written many songs including ˜Alone Together', ˜Centuries', ˜Irresistible', ˜Uma Thurman' and ˜The Phoenix'. The multitalented personality has even designed a guitar named ˜Joe Trohman Washburn Idol' for Washburn Guitars.

    Joe Trohman

  • Miranda Miller

    Miranda Miller is an American musician, more famous as the former band member of Los Angeles based rock band ˜Hey Violet.' She was associated with the band as rhythm guitarist, keyboard player, and the backing vocalist. She left the band in 2017 due to the demanding touring schedule, which eventually impacted her academics. Apart from her association with the band, Miranda has been a part of a couple of solo projects as well. She hails from a theatre background and once gave piano lessons to kids.

    Miranda Miller

  • Ricky Horror

    Ricky ˜Horror' Olson is the member of the American metal band, ˜Motionless in White'. He joined the band as a guitarist and backup vocalist in 2009. He became the permanent member of the band after Frank Polumbo's exit. He decided to switch from bass to rhythm guitar once T.J. Bell left the group in 2011. The band released its debut album ˜Creatures' in 2010. Since this first album, they've made a huge impact in the music scene and captured the attention of metal fans. Ricky started touring with his band along with other big names such as Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, and A Skylit Drive. The band has since released three other albums, all of which were commercially successful and critically praised. He continues to tour along with the band. He also has a debut short story collection titled ˜Gloom' that was published by North Lake Press. He also writes articles and blog posts frequently, which are published in different websites. He is currently based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and divides his time between living with his girlfriend and touring around the world for his band.

    Ricky Horror

  • Casey Moreta

    Casey Moreta is an American guitarist and vocalist. He is currently affiliated with the pop rock band, Hey Violet. A native of California, Moreta always harboured musical aspirations. He started singing and playing the guitar quite early in his life. In 2012, he met the rest of the members of Hey Violet at Fusion Music Festival. He joined the band as a temporary guitarist after the departure of Julia Pierce from what was then a hard rock band named Cherri Bomb. Moreta was brought in as the group was undergoing the rebranding process. Soon after, in March 2013, he was made a permanent member of the group. In 2017, the band released a new album, ˜From the Outside', under the new name. Moreta is quite popular on various social media platforms. He has over 241 thousand followers on Instagram and 214 thousand followers on Twitter.

    Casey Moreta

  • Eddie Van Halen

    Musician, songwriter, and producer who co-founded the rock band Van Halen. He was joined in the band by <a title='Alex Van Halen' href='/famous/alexis-vanhalen.htm'>Alex Van Halen</a>, <a title='Wolfgang Van Halen' href='/famous/wolfgang-vanhalen.htm'>Wolfgang Van Halen</a>, <a title='David Lee Roth' href='/famous/david-lee-roth.htm'>David Lee Roth</a> and <a title='Michael Anthony' href='/famous/michael-anthony.htm'>Michael Anthony</a>.

    Eddie Van Halen

  • Jack Met

    Jack Met is an American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, best known for being a part of an indie pop band named ˜AJR.' The band consists of three brothers, and Jack is the youngest. Jack and his brothers Adam and Ryan started their musical career by writing and producing their own music in their living room in Chelsea, Manhattan. After busking on the streets of New York City, the trio came up with their hit single ˜Weak,' which turned out to be a massive success, and got a lot of fame to Jack and his brothers. They went on to perform the opening act for singers like Demi Lovato and managed to sell out their band's U.S. headline tour. Apart from being the lead vocalist of ˜AJR,' Jack Met also plays multiple instruments like guitar, drums, keyboard, trumpet, and ukulele among other instruments.

    Jack Met

  • Drew Dirksen

    Drew Dirksen is an American vocalist and guitarist affiliated with the four-piece boy band ˜The Tide' alongside lead vocalist Austin Corini, bass guitarist Levi Jones and drummer Nate Parker. Signed to The Vamps' EMI Universal label, the band is known for releasing the studio album ˜Young Love' as well as the EP ˜Click My Fingers.' Dirksen has emerged as a moderately popular musician in the recent years. In addition to being a part of a musical group, he has managed to earn a name for himself as a solo artiste as well. He and Jones, who also perform as the pop duo O.D.L, have toured across UK and have garnered a worldwide fan following. The two also use social media to attract a wider audience. They currently run a YouTube channel called ˜Drew and Levi' on which they share their music projects as well as their daily life vlogs. Behind the curtains, Dirksen is a simple guy with a good sense of humor. He often encourages his fans to work hard and follow their dreams.

    Drew Dirksen

  • Ben Bruce

    Ben Bruce is an English musician and actor, best known as the lead guitarist and songwriter of the band ˜Asking Alexandria.' The band was founded by him in Dubai and was disbanded when he relocated to England. However, he took the initiative to form the band again, with the same name but with different bandmates, and became popular with the release of five albums through the American record label ˜Sumerian Records.' Their third album, titled ˜From Death to Destiny,' peaked at number one on the ˜Top Hard Rock Albums' chart, making it their third album in a row to feature among the top 10 of the US music charts. He wanted to be associated with every aspect of music and went on to establish ˜KBB Records.' He also appeared in the American thriller movie ˜American Satan,' in which he portrayed the role of ˜Leo Donovan.' He was listed among ˜Guitar World's ˜Top 12 Hot Male Guitar Players for 2012' and was chosen as the ˜Hottest Male' at the ˜Kerrang! Awards' twice. He is currently married to Ciara Bertjens, with whom he has a daughter named Fae and a son named Fynn. Lately, he has uploaded his experiences of fatherhood, on his ˜You Tube' series, ˜Daddy Diaries.' The series has been widely viewed by his fans.

    Ben Bruce

  • Noel Gallagher

    Lead guitarist, songwriter, and the driving force behind Oasis, the alternative group known for songs like "Wonderwall."

    Noel Gallagher