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  • Muhammad Ali

    Nicknamed ˜The Greatest', Muhammad Ali was one of the legends in the sport of professional boxing. At 6 feet 3 inches, he was an imposing figure in the ring, known for his swift footwork, and powerful jab. What distinguish him from his contemporaries are the values that he has been upholding all through his life. An arch believer of religious freedom and racial justice, Ali had converted to Islam and with that even changed his name from the former identity, Cassius Marcellus Clay. One of the most recognized sports figures of the past 100 years, he created ripples in the arena of professional boxing at the tender age of 22, by knocking out the then heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. From then, there was no looking back for this powerful fighter who knocked off each of his opponents to bag the titles. Throughout his career, Ali recorded 56 wins of which 37 came in knockout and 5 losses. The most historic matches were against Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman. He became the first and only three-time lineal World Heavyweight Champion. Interestingly, apart from being powerful and dominating, Ali was extremely vocal as well and started the ritual of throwing remarks at his opponent much before the brawl. To know some more interesting facts about his life, scroll further.

    Muhammad Ali

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr is an American boxing champion who is regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of his generation. A sport that runs in his blood, Mayweather has given everything to it, his blood, his sweat, his hard work and his life. His career graph is an illustrious one, studded with cent percent victories in his 49 outings, of which 26 came by knockout. He has major world titles in his belt including WBC super featherweight champion, WBC lightweight champion, WBC super lightweight champion, IBF welterweight champion, WBC welterweight champion, WBC light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) welterweight champion and WBO welterweight champion. Nearly every time in the ring, Mayweather has managed to give a flawless performance that has been the result of his blazing speed, punishing power and unbelievable ring generalship. His fights are a fistic masterpiece of brilliance that very few can claim to possess. Despite his age, Mayweather is a nightmare for opponents in the ring even today. What is even more surprising to note is that even at 40, he looks as hale and hearty and fit as the day he first entered the ring!

    Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Mike Tyson

    Standing tall at 5ft 10 inches, weighing 200 pounds and more is a heavy muscled prodigious puncher Mike Tyson. Christened as Michael Gerard ˜Mike' Tyson, ever since his early days, Tyson showed signs of moving in to the world of boxing. His violent streak as a child, uncanny behaviour and a resolve for violence to have his way through situations and people laid the strong foundation for him to opt for boxing, not to forget his ginormous weight of 200 pounds at 13 years of age. Popularly known for his terrorising power and intimidating temperament, Tyson quickly climbed up the ladder of success under the strong guidance of Cus D'Amato and Rooney to earn the nicknames ˜Iron Mike' and ˜the baddest man on planet'. He was popular for defeating his opponents with a single blow. Tyson dominant performance at the sports saw him reach the pinnacle of success, by becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. But just as quickly did Tyson climb the ladder of success, he went into the pitfall with the same speed, courtesy his tarnished childhood, poverty-stricken upbringing, poor judgement and criminal behaviour. As such, when he was enjoying raving success and was at the peak of his power, Tyson suffered from serious blows due to his bizarre behaviour, rape conviction, financial loss, bankruptcy and imprisonment. His biting off the ear of opponent <a title='Evander Holyfield' href='/famous/evander-holyfield.htm'>Evander Holyfield</a> was the zenith as the world wrote him off as a damaged animal incapable of existing outside the ring. Though Tyson has tried to make amendments thereafter, his image has been destroyed for good, making him one of the most tragic figures of the American sports history.

    Mike Tyson

  • Anthony Joshua

    Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua is a British professional boxer and a unified world heavyweight champion. He has successfully represented Britain at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and several other international sporting events. Initially a footballer and athlete, Joshua entered the boxing bandwagon only in his late teens. He slowly transformed from a troubled teenager to a heavyweight professional. His physical prowess ensured that he had an exemplary record and went undefeated during his amateur career. His bagged the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. His astonishing move up from the amateur ranks to world championships has earned him the status of a powerful puncher and a top-class opponent. Among the six heavyweight belts in the world, Joshua has successfully conquered four to his name and was the contender for the BBC sports personality of the year. He holds a reputation to fight in high-profiles matches with expensive stakes and drawing record breaking views and audiences.

    Anthony Joshua

  • Amir Khan

    Amir Khan is a British professional boxer and a former unified light-welterweight world champion who held the Commonwealth lightweight title for two years, the WBA title for four years, the WBC Silver welterweight title for three years and the IBF title once. He gained attention during his amateur career for winning a silver medal in the lightweight division at the 2004 Olympics, which made him the youngest British boxing Olympic medalist at the age of 17. Following his WBA title win at the age of 22, he also became one of the youngest British professional world champions. He also unsuccessfully challenged once for a middleweight world title. Among other sports, he is interested in mixed martial arts, cricket, basketball, and football. He appeared on the Channel 4 TV show 'Amir Khan's Angry Young Men' which sought to refocus lives of troubled angry men. He also competed in the seventeenth series of the survival reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!', in which he finished in the fifth place.

    Amir Khan

  • Tyson Fury

    British and Irish Heavyweight Champion boxer who competed for Ireland in the Olympic games. He has won WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles, along with being named Fighter of the Year in 2015 by The Ring.

    Tyson Fury

  • Manny Pacquiao

    Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, more popularly known as Pac-Man, is a Filipino boxer, media celebrity, and politician. He is the first and the only eight-division boxing champion in the world. Pacquiao has won 10 world titles in total and is also the first boxer who won lineal championships in four separate categories. His rise from poverty to world-wide fame is a remarkable story. Pacquiao is immensely popular in the Philippines and stars in movies, advertisements, TV shows and even has his image on a postage stamp. The ˜Ring' magazine has named him the ˜Fighter of the Year' three times. Some of the biggest sporting news and boxing websites like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting Life, Yahoo! Sports, BoxRec have rated him as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Pacquiao is also the head coach of the basketball team ˜Mahindra Enforcers'. He landed in the 11th position in the first round of the 2014 PBA draft, thus being the oldest rookie to be drafted in the Philippine Basketball Association. He represented the province of Sarangani in the 15th and the 16th Congress of the Philippines and was elected to the House of Representatives both times. Manny Pacquiao is now the second highest paid athlete in the world.

    Manny Pacquiao

  • Saul Alvarez

    Dominant Mexican welterweight who went undefeated in his first 42 professional bouts. He held WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine Light Middleweight titles.

    Saul Alvarez

  • Floyd Mayweather Sr.

    Floyd Mayweather Sr. is an American retired professional boxer and an outstanding trainer. As a boxer, he competed from 1974 to 1990, and after retirement, he worked as a boxing trainer. Fighting at welterweight, he was acclaimed for his defensive strategies and his in-depth knowledge of boxing tactics. Due to his respiratory issues, he retired from boxing and became a trainer. He is the father of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., whom he once trained. His son learnedthe defensive skills from him.Floyd Sr. has also done some acting and appeared in ˜MayweatherExperience Documentary' in 2013. He had also previously made appearances in ˜HBO Boxing' (1973) and the TV program ˜Sky Sports World Championship Boxing' (1989). One unique feature about him is that he recites poetry about his opponent/his fighter's opponent before every match. Due to this, he is often referred to as the "poet laureate of boxing.

    Floyd Mayweather Sr.

  • Laila Ali

    Laila Amaria Ali is an American professional boxer who was active in the ring during 1998-2007. She holds the super middleweight titles in women's category across WIBA, WBC, IWBF and IBA championships. Laila Ali also holds the light heavyweight title in the women's category in IWBF championships. She started-off with boxing at the age of 18 with inspiration from a Christy Martin and Deirdre Gogarty fight on television. Laila made her ring debut in 1999 at the age of 21 knocking out opponent April Fowler within 31 seconds into the first round. She fought her last match in 2007 against Gwendolyn O'Neil knocking out the opponent in the first round. Apart from professional boxing, Ali has gained popularity as a multi-media personality with her television appearances, modeling and book writing ventures. In 2002, she appeared as a boxer in a music video by ˜Default', the hard rock band from Canada, which gained immense popularity on music channels. Her most popular television appearance was in 2007, when she appeared on ˜Dancing with the Stars' as a participant partnering with professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. She continues to work as a health and fitness expert and television show host.

    Laila Ali

  • Gennady Golovkin

    Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, also referred to as GGG, God of War and Golden Boy, is a Kazakhstani professional boxer. Starting as an amateur, he bagged a gold medal at the 2003 ˜World Amateur Boxing Championships' in the middleweight division and went on to win a silver medal in the category representing Kazakhstan at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He became a pro in 2006 and his first major world championship win came in 2010 when he beat Milton Núñez to win the WBA interim middleweight title. Later that year, he got elevated to WBA (Regular) champion and the following year he defeated Lajuan Simon to win the vacant IBO middleweight title. He achieved the present status of WBA (Super) champion in 2014 and succeeded in retaining the title as well as the vacant IBO middleweight title against Daniel Geale. His winning spree continued that saw him beating Marco Antonio Rubio in 2014 and David Lemieux in 2015 to bag the WBC interim middleweight title and the IBF middleweight title respectively. He was elevated to full champion after the WBC middleweight title was vacated by Canelo Álvarez in 2016. He is reputed for his discreet and tactful moves, powerful punches and high ring IQ, and holds the unified IBO middleweight, WBC, WBA (Super) and IBF titles. His knockout percentage (89.8) is the highest in the history of middleweight championship. As of March 2017, the ˜Transnational Boxing Rankings Board' (TBRB) and ˜The Ring' magazine have ranked him second best middleweight boxer of the world while boxrec.com ranks him numero uno. Again for pound for pound, he attained top ranking from ˜ESPN' while boxrec.com and ˜The Ring' puts him in the third place and TBRB in the sixth place.

    Gennady Golovkin

  • Rocky Marciano

    Professional boxer and world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano from US was the only champion who retired undefeated. Born in a poor family, Rocky understood the value of money and spent his entire life ensuring that he could give all the comforts to his family, especially his mother. Growing up like a typical American kid, Rocky played football and baseball in his youth and dreamt of making a career in one of these games. He was part of the school baseball team which he quit because he flouted a rule. Eventually, he discontinued school after the tenth grade. Rocky had his first tryst with boxing much later when he joined the Army. There were many who ruled out the option of Marciano succeeding as a professional boxer but he proved them wrong. He was sluggish compared to other boxers, but was known for his famous punch and endurance. Marciano improved his boxing skills and remained undefeated knocking most of his opponents. It was trainer Charlie Goldman who trained Marciano in his trademark move. He was never counted in the list of top 5 champions of the world, but he had a lot of hometown supporters who followed him everywhere. They would shout ˜Timmmmmberr' whenever Rocky was ready to knockout his opponent. Read on to more about his life and works.

    Rocky Marciano

  • Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Bianchettin

    Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Jr. (born Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Bianchettin, on July 8, 1998 in Trelew, Chubut, Argentina) is an Argentine boxer, Internet celebrity and influencer. In 2012, he rose to fame with his viral video "Papá Tengo Calzoncillos Nuevos," achieving millions of views on YouTube in a short period of time after being posted on the platform. The video became a viral phenomenon and managed to enter the list of the most viral videos in Argentina.

    Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Bianchettin

  • infamous Isaac Ford

    Terry Isaac Ford, better known by Infamous Isaac Ford is a Semi-professional Boxing Athlete and Personality and also the Founder of Hollywood Talent Agency GvngMgmt (Gvng Management). Infamous Isaac Ford has been Incarcerated for most of his youth and adolescence however being apart of Hollywood legend Steve Erhardt, celebrity stylist, Kai Destiny, Hollywood’s up and coming Executive producer and television stars Nyell Segura and VH1’s Nikko London. Infamous Isaac Ford founded Gvng Management in order to prevent as many artist as possible from contributing to the negative statistics of the industry and turn dreams into streams, and careers out of aspirations. The world is yours. GvngMgmt(Gvng Management) was Founded just last year in June, 2018 by Sponsored boxing Athlete & future Entertainment Business Mogul Infamous Isaac Ford in order to help his peers who were struggling or new to the music and film industry gain exposure and opportunities that he had been given access too due to his involvement in the Entertainment Industry.

    infamous Isaac Ford

  • Ezequiel Matthysse

    Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Bianchettin (born on July 8, 1998 in Trelew, Chubut, Argentina) popularly known as Walter Matthysse Jr. or Ezequiel Matthysse is an Argentine boxer, internet celebrity and influencer. In 2012, he rose to fame with his viral video "Papá Tengo Calzoncillos Nuevos", a video that has millions of views on YouTube. In 2018 he became world champion amateur of the World Boxing Council (WBC) at middleweight (75 kg) and in 2021 he became a professional boxer winning by knockout in the first round.

    Ezequiel Matthysse

  • Danny Garcia

    Professional boxer who's held the WBC welterweight title as well as the WBA and WBC light welterweight titles at various points in his careers. He won his first 32 fights as a pro.

    Danny Garcia

  • Deontay Wilder

    Deontay Wilder is an American professional boxer who has held the ˜World Boxing Council' (WBC) heavyweight title since 2015. Wilder is known as the one of the longest-reigning world heavyweight champions. He is currently ranked as the world's second-best active heavyweight boxer. As an amateur, Wilder won the bronze medal at the 2008 ˜Summer Olympics.' This earned him the nickname The Bronze Bomber. By the time Wilder entered the boxing arena, he was already married and had a kid. Wilder's initial dreams were of becoming a professional footballer or basketball player. However, the birth of a daughter with a congenital disease forced him to concentrate on his boxing career as a lucrative option. In less than three years, Wilder became a successful boxer. He is known to have finished most of his matches inside the distance. Wilder has a knockout-to-win ratio of 98%. He earned his first title in professional boxing when he defeated Kelvin Price in a match in Los Angeles. Price was an undefeated player till then, and Wilder rose to fame with the win. He has won the ˜Premier Boxing Champions Knockout of the Year' award for two consecutive years.

    Deontay Wilder

  • Carl Frampton

    Orthodox super-bantamweight who became the Commonwealth Super-Bantamweight champion in September 2011, defeating Mark Quon by TKO in round four.

    Carl Frampton

  • George Foreman

    George Edward Foreman is the former World Heavy weight Champion who started his life from street fights and poverty but trained himself to be a world renowned boxer. He is known for his epic fights with ace boxers like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, etc. His is a very interesting life story of epic victories, devastating defeats, retirements and larger than life comebacks. His was not a consistent boxing career as after every defeat he retreated into a safe haven away from the world of boxing. After his well-known defeat at the hands of Muhammad Ali, Foreman became a born-again Christian and devoted his life to god, charity and his family. But just when the world thought that he has succumbed to oblivion, he made a massive comeback at the age of 40, proving to the world that age is just a number. His fame and unorthodox boxing career earned him a lot of respect and money and he turned into a successful entrepreneur. He has been rated as one of the 25 greatest fighters of the past 80 years by The Ring magazine. The magazine also ranked him as the 9th greatest puncher of the century. He is also an author of multiple cookbooks and children's books.

    George Foreman

  • Katie Taylor

    Irish lightweight boxer who won gold at the 2012 London Olympics. She is credited with making women's boxing more popular in Ireland.

    Katie Taylor

  • Sugar Ray Leonard

    Sugar Ray Leonard, the name which inspired a whole generation of boxers, is one of the most charming and popular boxers of our time. His parents named him after singer Ray Charles, with the hope that he would become like him one day. But fate had something else in store for him. He was drawn to boxing and soon decided to take it up as his profession. He was just sixteen when he began boxing following some rudimentary training from his elder brother, Roger Leonard. Soon, Sugar was winning all major championships and was seen as a rising star in the sport. When asked about what inspired him to wrestle professionally, the boxer replied, So that I could pay my father's hospital bills. Apparently, it was the only profession where he thought he could make a quick buck and foot his father's medical bills. Hardly did he know that a brilliant career awaited him. Today, he is one of the most revered boxers and has set great examples for decades to come. As far as his personality is concerned, he is a natural charmer with a pleasant smile on his face. The public simply loved him for his agreeable persona and his sweet looking face which is miraculously unscarred.

    Sugar Ray Leonard

  • Chris Eubank

    Retired English boxer who was a World Boxing Organization champion at both middleweight and super middleweight. He compiled a career record of 45-5-2.

    Chris Eubank

  • Marvin Hagler

    American boxer who reigned as undisputed middleweight champion from 1980 to 1987. He compiled a remarkable 62-3-2 record across his historic career and Boxing Illustrated named him as the Fighter of the Decade for the 1980s.

    Marvin Hagler

  • Evander Holyfield

    Legendary boxer who became The Ring, WBC, WBA and IBF Heavyweight Champion after defeating <a title='Buster Douglas' href='/famous/buster-douglas.htm'>Buster Douglas</a> via third round knockout on October 25, 1990. He compiled 44 wins, 29 by way of knockout, in his 57-fight career.

    Evander Holyfield