Famous with careers are popsinger
  • Mark Tavassol

    German musician, composer, and songwriter who is best known for being the bass player of Wir Sind Helden and for being the guitarist and co-founder of the band Gloria. He is also known for his collaborations with different artists such as Olli Schulz and Ingo Pohlmann. 

    Mark Tavassol

  • Shruti Pathak

    Playback singer who became an in-demand voice in the Hindi film industry, lending her talents to such films as Dev.D (2009), Players (2011) and Chor Bani Thangaat Kare (2017). She has performed at several major Indian festivals, including Culrav, Flare and Protsahan 13. 

    Shruti Pathak

  • Vlad Sokolovsky

    Russian singer, songwriter and dancer who is known for having been a vocalist in the group X-Mission and the pop duo BiS. 

    Vlad Sokolovsky

  • Tania Tarannam

    Singer who became a child sensation in India with her debut album Local Piriti (2004), released when she was just 12 years old. Some of her most popular songs include "Hur Hur Dhumuha," "Ore Piya" and "Anok Nukua." 

    Tania Tarannam

  • Ken Hung

    Cantopop singer who is known for his hit songs "Love. Gutless", "Taste of Love", and "All Around Us". He is also known for his work as an actor and has appeared in several films and series' including The Mobfathers in 2016 and Nightfall in 2012. 

    Ken Hung

  • David Civera

    Singer who came to prominence in Spain by performing an a number of popular television shows, including El Sur de Jerez, Canciones de Nuestra Vida and Eurocanción. His breakthrough album, Dile Que la Quiero (2001), was certified triple platinum. 

    David Civera

  • Natalia Shturm

    Russian singer and writer who's best known for her songs "School Romance" and "Komsomolsk-on-Amur". She has published several books such as All the Shades of Pain and Love is the Color of Blood.

    Natalia Shturm

  • Terri Ryn

    Nigerian pop singer who is known for having earned representation from the Wizkid Starboy record label. s known for having released the songs "Shuu" and "Soco" and also shares modeling and music related content through his Instagram for his over 190,000 followers. 

    Terri Ryn

  • Guilherme Arantes

    Singer and pianist who became a big name in Brazilian pop and rock with solo tracks like "Meu Mundo e Nada Mais" and "Cuide-se Bem." Prior to his solo career, he was a member of the bands Os Polissonantes and Moto Perpétuo.

    Guilherme Arantes

  • Guilherme De Sa

    Pop singer, composer, and producer known for his work with the Catholic rock band Rose of Sharon. He is also known for his solo work and for the single "Agora" which was released in February of 2017. 

    Guilherme De Sa

  • Kasia Kowalska

    Polish pop rock singer who is known for her solo work as well as her collaborations with the bands Human, Fatum, and Taking Pictures. She is best recognized for her hit albums Gemini and Koncert Inaczej which both went double platinum. 

    Kasia Kowalska

  • Kirill Andreev

    Russian pop singer who is known for putting out songs such as "Zolotye Oblaka" and "Beznadega tochka ru". He has also appeared in the film Election Day. 

    Kirill Andreev

  • Mitya Fomin

    Russian singer, dancer and music producer who first found fame after joining the pop group Hi-Fi in 1998. He went on to have a successful solo career thanks to hits like "Vse Budet Khorosho" and "Perezimuem."

    Mitya Fomin

  • Ehsan Khajeamiri

    Iranian pop singer who has put out albums such as Baraye Avalin Bar and Salame Akhar. He has released tracks like "Ehsase Aramesh" and "Bavar Nemikonam". 

    Ehsan Khajeamiri

  • Lori Loreta Kacka

    Albanian pop singer who is known for her hit singles "America" and "Magic Song 2007". She is also known for performing throughout Albania at different music festivals including Polifest and Musical Key 1 Fest. 

    Lori Loreta Kacka

  • Sherman Chung

    Hong Kong Cantopop singer who is known for having won the EEG Singing Contest and for having signed to the Emperor Entertainment Group. She is also known for having released the popular albums One Mission in 2010, A Letter to Myself in 2009, and Everlasting in 2013. 

    Sherman Chung

  • Stephanie Pricilla

    Indoensian pop singer who is a member of idol group JKT48 Academy's Class A.

    Stephanie Pricilla

  • Eric Kwok

    Singer who originally came to fame as a member of the pop group Swing. As a solo artist, he is known for albums like On Fire (2001) and Eric Kwok (2007). 

    Eric Kwok

  • Kim Jin-Kwon

    Sub-vocalist and leader of the six-piece K-pop group New Kidd who was part of the original New Kidd line-up. He has been a part of both sub-units Lemme Spoil U and New Kidd 02.

    Kim Jin-Kwon

  • Lim Seul-ong

    Known mononymously as Seulong, he is a K-pop singer and actor who was part of the group 2AM. He debuted as an actor in the 2010 drama Personal Taste.

    Lim Seul-ong

  • Victor Willis

    American singer and actor who became a cultural icon as the frontman and founding member of the disco group the Village People. The band is known for such smash hits as "In the Navy," "Macho Man" and "Y.M.C.A."

    Victor Willis

  • Bae Seul-ki

    Pop star, actress and host who originally came to fame as a member of the K-pop group The Red. She has gone on to release solo albums like Flying (2007) and served as the host of music shows like POP and MBC's Music Show.

    Bae Seul-ki

  • Jam Hsiao

    Taiwanese singer and actor who first became known in 2007 when he took part in the reality competition show One Million Star. He was signed to Warner Music Taiwan the following year. 

    Jam Hsiao

  • Camila Silva

    Chilean pop singer and dancer known for tracks like "Al Fin Te Encontre", "Sigo Contigo" and "Cuando Seas Grande". She released her self-titled album in 2011. 

    Camila Silva