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  • Ayleo Bowles

    Everybody loves to watch a cool and groovy dance performance while they tap their own foot to the rhythm of the music. Add to that some dose of funk quotient with out-of-the box looks and awe-inspiring dance steps; you have a successful combination that is sure to grab the attention of viewers over the web. That's exactly what Ayleo Bowles has managed to do. Together with his brother Mateo, he has a YouTube channel that features Ayleo a.k.a. Ayo pulling of crazy dance moves to upbeat music. The channel has over a million views while his other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter has thousands of followers. Ayo's content is serious dancing with generous mix of hip-hop, lockin and poppin and freestyling that is really mesmerizing to watch. He keeps his viewers entertained by uploading regular videos on his channel and keeping things interesting by introducing as well as taking up various dance challenges that is currently doing the rounds of various social media circuits.

    Ayleo Bowles

  • Ivanka Trump

    Ivanka Trump is a businesswoman, television personality, fashion designer, and author from the United States. She is more popularly known as President Donald Trump's first daughter and is an official senior advisor to the president. She is a former executive vice-president of the Trump Organization. She was primarily recognized for her fashion and cosmetics business, which promoted the Trump company, before entering politics. She formally stood aside from her employment at the Trump Organization when her father was elected President of the United States and served as an unofficial counselor to the President. She was formally designated Advisor to the President two months later. She is now seen attending significant meetings across the world with her father, where Ivanka mostly advocates on policy improvements affecting women and women's entrepreneurship. Ivanka Trump has accompanied Donald Trump on several formal visits to places throughout the world since he became office. She is interested in charity and supports a variety of causes in addition to politics. She's also the author of a few self-help books. She presently resides in Washington, D.C., with her family.

    Ivanka Trump

  • Janel Parrish

    Janel Parrish is an American actress, singer, and dancer who is best known for the role of ˜Mona Vanderwaal' in the Freeform series ˜Pretty Little Liars'. She has also acted in the movie ˜Bratz: The Movie,' and has taken part in the 19th season of ˜Dancing with the Stars'. Popular online, she has over 1.4 million followers on Twitter and is also regular on other social media platforms. This brown-eyed beauty is also a singer, songwriter and plays the piano too. Janel Parrish has been winning hearts across the world with her multiple talents and stunning looks! Janel is a winner of multiple Teen Choice Awards, and has won the Choice TV: Villain award thrice. Her fictional character Mona in ˜Pretty Little Liars' is often referred to as the ˜beloved character' by the producer of the show, Marlene King.

    Janel Parrish

  • Sydnie Avery

    Sydnie Avery is an American blogger and Instagram star. She is best known as elder sister of the rising pop singer and songwriter <a title='Jack Avery' href='/famous/jack-avery.htm'>Jack Avery</a>, famous as a key member of the five piece American pop man band ˜Why Don't We'. Apart from garnering attention due to her brother's popularity, Avery has also thrived in carving her own entity with her own blog and a clothing store called ˜Sweet Girl'. She also started making her presence felt in social media where she posted several of her pictures on Instagram. With time her popularity in different social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and Twitter bolstered garnering her thousands of followers. On the personal front, this gorgeous damsel has started dating pop artist and Instagram, Vine and YouTube star Devin Hayes. The two often post their pictures together online.

    Sydnie Avery

  • Devin Booker

    Devin Booker is a professional American basketball player who currently plays for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Melvin Booker, a well-known basketball player, was his father. He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his half-Mexican, half-Puerto Rican mother, while his father played professional basketball across the world. Devin only saw his father on his summer vacations because his parents never married. When they had the opportunity, the father"son combination practiced basketball together. Devin developed a strong interest in the game as a result of this. He entered the University of Kentucky and played with them for a year after excelling for his high school squad. He was picked as the 13th overall selection by the Phoenix Suns in 2015, and he made his NBA debut with them during the 2015-2016 season. He finished fourth in the race for the 'Rookie of the Year' title during his first season with the 'Phoenix Suns.' In addition, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Devin became the youngest player in NBA history to score 70 points in a single game in March 2017. He continued to contribute to his team's success, cementing his position as one of the squad's most important players.

    Devin Booker

  • Edge

    He was born Adam Copeland and is a former Canadian-American WWE wrestler known as Edge. During his career, he won over thirty-one titles.


  • Diego Maradona

    Diego Mardona rose quickly through the ranks to become the best football player of all time thanks to his excellent dribbling movement, strong assists, accurate passes, and amazing footwork. This incredibly gifted young guy, Argentina's national idol and pride, was born to play the sport. As a result, despite hailing from a poor family with little financial resources, he began playing football at the age of 10 and made his professional debut at the age of sixteen. His athleticism and physical power offered him an advantage over other players, allowing him to reach the peak of achievement. He progressed from an inexperienced club player to the most wanted soccer player over the course of a 21-year career. In 91 international appearances, he scored 34 goals. He was named FIFA Player of the Century for his outstanding performance on the field. He is the first player in World Cup history to captain a side sixteen times, which is a World Cup record. Continue reading to learn more about his life, playing career, and chronology.

    Diego Maradona

  • Hardstop Lucas

    Hardstop Lucas is a comedian and "Viner" from the United States. He's also become well-known as a "Instagrammer" and musician. Before the program was shut down, Hardstop had posted multiple comedic video on 'Vine,' for which he had amassed millions of admirers. His humorous material and great acting abilities have helped him achieve tremendous social media stardom. In his comedic videos, Hardstop frequently portrays many personalities. He currently has a YouTube account where he uploads his funny videos. The channel, on the other hand, does not have a large number of subscribers. Hardstop has a limited-edition footwear collection that may be purchased online.

    Hardstop Lucas

  • John Adams

    John Adams was the second president of the United States of America and one of the country's founding fathers. He was the first vice president of the United States under President George Washington before becoming president. He was a serious and well-educated man who was well-known for his political ideas. He was a strong proponent of American independence from Britain, and he was instrumental in persuading Congress to proclaim independence, as well as assisting Thomas Jefferson in the crafting of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He was an abolitionist and Enlightenment political thinker who was a staunch opponent of slavery. Adams climbed from humble origins as the son of a farmer and cobbler to acquire an education from a top institution and become a competent lawyer. He became interested in the patriot cause and led the American struggle for independence from Great Britain from an early age, believing in the goal of freedom for everyone. He also became involved in politics, serving as President Washington's first vice president in 1789 before replacing him as President of the United States in 1797. His accomplishments as president, while mostly unnoticed at the time, have earned wider attention in recent years.

    John Adams

  • Rebecca Holly

    Fitness celebrity, model and personal trainer with more than 400,000 followers to her rebecca_holly_ Instagram account.

    Rebecca Holly

  • Jake Brennan

    Jake Brennan is an American actor who has starred in the musicals Mulan, Seussical Jr., Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Lion King. He is well known for his part as Richie Rich in the Netflix series "Richie Rich," as well as a supporting role in Disney's "Super Buddies." Despite his youth, he is admired for his commitment and maturity. His flawless acting abilities have won him millions of followers throughout the world. Many new artists in the business look up to him as an example of how to achieve their dreams of becoming famous one day. The actor is also leading the social media arena, with a large number of subscribers on his YouTube page. People enjoy viewing his films on his self-titled YouTube channel. Brennan is also quite popular on Instagram and Twitter. He adores his followers and engages with them on a regular basis through his social media platforms. On a personal level, the young American singer is a rambunctious and upbeat individual. He refers to himself as his sister's full-time irritating brother and is constantly up to mischief.

    Jake Brennan

  • Ashley Graham

    Ashley Graham is a popular American plus-size model. Born and raised in Nebraska, Ashley has had a difficult past. From being confused about her sexual urges to being bullied in school due to her weight, she has suffered a lot. She started modeling in her teens, when she was offered a contract by ˜Wilhelmina Models,' a popular modeling agency in her home state. She made her way to the covers of a number of popular fashion magazines, such as ˜Vogue' and ˜YM.' She gained popularity for representing full-figured women. In 2009, she appeared in a ˜Glamour' editorial titled ˜These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size.' By the end of 2012, she was awarded with the ˜Full Figured Fashion Week's Model of the Year' award. In 2013, she designed a lingerie line for ˜Addition Elle.' She also happens to be the official judge of the talent-hunt show ˜America's Next Top Model.' In 2016, she became the first-ever plus-size model to appear on the cover of the ˜Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.'

    Ashley Graham

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