Famous drummer, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Josh Dun

    One half of the musical duo Twenty One Pilots who performs alongside lead vocalist <a title='Tyler Joseph' href='/famous/tyler-joseph.htm'>Tyler Joseph</a>. He was part of the independently released album Regional at Best. 

    Josh Dun

  • Ashton Irwin

    Ashton Fletcher Irwin is an Australian drummer who rose to fame as a member of the pop rock band '5 Seconds of Summer'. He was passionate about music from his childhood and learned to play the drum at the age of eight. Ashton, who is also a singer, started his music career in 2011. He released his debut single in collaboration with other musicians in 2012. As part of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, Ashton has released a number of albums, many of which have topped the charts in different countries. With the release of their album 'Youngblood' in 2018, the band continues to reign as one of the most popular Australian pop rock bands in the contemporary era. Ashton added a new feather in his cap by directing the band's music video for 'Valentine.'

    Ashton Irwin

  • Tristan Evans

    Tristan Evans is an English vocalist and musician best known as a member of the British pop rock band ˜The Vamps'. He contributes as the drummer and backing vocalist of the band and also acts as its producer, especially with its covers. He began playing the drums as a kid and became part of two school bands. He is winner of the Young Drummer of the Year award. His musical career took a big leap when he chanced upon meeting Brad Simpson and <a title='James McVey' href='/famous/james-mcvey.htm'>James McVey</a> through Facebook and eventually the three met <a title='Connor Ball' href='/famous/connor-ball.htm'>Connor Ball</a> through a mutual friend leading the four to form ˜The Vamps'. Evans rose to fame with the eventual success of the band that has so far spawned several hit and chart busting singles like ˜Can We Dance', ˜Wild Heart', ˜Last Night' and ˜Somebody to You' and the hit album ˜Meet the Vamps' among others.

    Tristan Evans

  • Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr is a famous English musician, songwriter and singer, best-known as the drummer of the famous band, ˜The Beatles'. Though he suffered from illnesses for most part of his childhood, his poor medical condition inspired him to create a mark in the world of ˜rock and roll'. When ˜The Beatles' was formed, he was a member of another band called ˜Rory Storm and the Hurricanes'. After receiving moderate acclaim with that group, he joined ˜The Beatles', replacing Pete Best “ it was a move that changed his life for good! With his inclusion in the group, the band peaked with their albums on most international music charts and although his contribution to music with the band was not lauded as expected, he at least became a well-recognized figure on his own. Apart from music, this famous personality has been featured in a number of documentaries, television shows and has also hosted the television series, ˜Thomas & Friends'. He is also the founder of a supergroup called ˜Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band'.

    Ringo Starr

  • Travis Barker

    Not everyone with the drum sticks in the hands can boast of playing the instrument like Travis Barker! Recognized as ˜Punk's first superstar drummer' by Rolling Stone magazine, he is the immaculate drumming star of the era, who reaffirmed the status of the music of the drums. A prodigious child, Barker's association with the drums has been since he was four-years-old. As time passed, he only mastered the art and polished his skills to become at par with the world's best drummers. Barker's first outing as a drummer was for Feeble, a school band. The split of Feeble led him to explore more options. Eventually he found a place with The Aquabats. His career took a major turn when a chance inclusion as filler for Rayne in the band, Blink-182 proved to be the momentous occasion as he was soon roped in by the band. Record after record, the band gained much popularity as their songs became hit chartbusters. Apart from his association with the band, Barker has been a frequent performer and collaborator with hip-hop artists, the alternative rock band ˜+44', the rap rock group ˜The Transplants', and the alternative rock band ˜Box Car Racer'. In 2011, he even came out with a solo venture titled, ˜Give the Drummer Some'. In addition to the drumming he also owns a clothing company and a records label.

    Travis Barker

  • Nia Lovelis

    Nia Lovelis is an American professional drummer. She is the drummer of the pop rock band 'Hey Violet'. The band started out as 'Cherri Bomb' in 2008 and later changed their name in 2015 and also altered their musical style from hard rock and alt rock to pop, pop punk, pop rock and electro pop. The band has released two studio albums, 'This Is the End of Control' (2012) and 'From the Outside' (2017), apart from three EPs. She is also a host on the music network Revolt.tv. As part of her band, she has opened for bands like 'Chelsea Girls', 'Camp Freddie', and 'Filter at the Roxy', and has toured with 'Smashing Pumpkins'. In 2011, they went on their second European tour, where they played at some of the largest festivals, like 'Reading and Leeds', 'Oxegen', 'T in the Park', 'Highfield and Lowlands', 'Rock en Seine', and 'Sonisphere'. There, she got the opportunity to open for one of her favorite bands, the 'Foo Fighters', in Cologne, Germany. 'Hey Violet' is signed to 'Hi or Hey Records', founded by '5 Seconds of Summer', whom they supported on two tours: 'Rock Out with Your Socks Out' and 'Sounds Live Feels Live'.

    Nia Lovelis

  • Christian Coma

    Christian Coma is a famous American musician and actor. He joined the ˜Black Veil Brides' in 2010 as the band's lead drummer and has rendered many chart busting albums such as ˜Set the World on Fire', ˜Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones' and a self-titled album ˜Black Veil Brides'. As a child he always possessed an inclination towards learning music and soon found a medium through drums. He is a skilled and trained Jazz musician but listens to various genres of music that provides freshness and diversity to his music. He is equally famous on social media with a large fan following of over 430,000 on ˜Instagram' and around 497,000 followers on ˜Twitter'. He is known for sporting all-black attire with long hair and black body paint on and off stage. He has won several prestigious awards ever since his collaboration with the music group.

    Christian Coma

  • Andy Hurley

    Andy Hurley is an American musician popular as the star drummer of Chicago based band ˜Fall Out Boy'. In the past, Andy has been associated with several other bands and produced music to critical and commercial acclaim. However, no other association would give him as much exposure as Fall Out Boy. Andy played full time for the band until its hiatus in the year 2009. Some of the hardcore punk rock bands that Andy has been associated with in the past are Race traitor, Kill the slave master, Project Rocket and The Kill Pill. Fall out Boy's Pete Wentz has been a great friend of Andy and their musical association go back to their teenager days. They both have been part of four different rock bands together. After the Fall Out Boy stopped playing in 2009, Andy joined ˜The Damned Thing' and also played briefly for another band ˜Enabler' and became a part of several other big and small bands, releasing many albums and singles. Fall Out Boy came back into the musical scene together in 2013 with the release of their album ˜Save Rock and Roll' and the band went for a tour and achieved some great success with their subsequent albums and ever since, it is going strong.

    Andy Hurley

  • Mike Fuentes

    Mike Fuentes, also known as MIkeyWhiskeyHands, is a founding member of the American rock band called ˜Pierce the Veil'. His brother, Vic Fuentes, is the lead singer and guitarist, while Mike plays the drums and does some solo rapping. Both boys were influenced by their father, an American-Mexican jazz musician and painter by profession. His first album called ˜Celebration of an Ending' was released with the band ˜Before Today', after which it changed its name to ˜Pierce the Veil'. Today, the band is one of the top rock bands in the US and has four albums to its credit. It had also won a number of awards, including their latest ˜iHeartRadio Music Award' in 2017. Mike is active on social media and has a large following on Instagram and Facebook. He has appeared in various music festivals and has undertaken a world tour that has been made into a documentary video to popularise his music.

    Mike Fuentes

  • Ellington Ratliff

    Ellington Lee Ratliff is an American drummer and actor. He made his acting debut in 2001 as Robbie Crenshaw in the flick ˜All You Need'. Since then, he has done a number of acting projects, both on the small and the big screen. Ratliff is famous for appearing in guest roles in TV shows like 'Victorious', 'General Hospital', 'Raising Hope' and 'Criminal Minds.' Also a musician, he currently serves as the drummer in the pop rock band, R5. He is the only member in the band who is not a part of the Lynch family. The other members of the group are siblings <a title='Ross' href='/famous/ross-lynch.htm'>Ross</a>, <a title='Riker' href='/famous/riker-lynch.htm'>Riker</a>, <a title='Rocky' href='/famous/rocky-lynch.htm'>Rocky</a>, Rydel and <a title='Ryland' href='/famous/ryland-lynch.htm'>Ryland</a> Lynch. , The artiste is extremely talented and is known for using dw drums, Paiste cymbals, and Tama drums in his performances. His musical talent and acting skills combined with his good looks have made him a much sought-after entertainer in the film and TV industry. Owing to his charming personality, he has numerous female fans all over the world.

    Ellington Ratliff

  • Roger Meddows Taylor

    Drummer with the British rock band Queen who composed songs like "Radio Ga Ga" and "Breakthru."

    Roger Meddows Taylor

  • Tommy Lee

    Glam metal band Motley Crue's long-term drummer who played in Suite 19 in the late 1970s.

    Tommy Lee

  • Nate Parker

    Member of the four-piece band The Tide, who signed with The Vamps' Steady Records label. The Tide released their debut EP, Click My Fingers, in 2016.  

    Nate Parker

  • Rian Dawson

    Pop rock artist best known as the long-time drummer for All Time Low. The band released their debut album The Party Scene in 2005 and their third album Nothing Personal reached 4th on the US Billboard chart in 2009. 

    Rian Dawson

  • Emerson Barrett

    Member of the Fashion Art Rock band Palaye Royale who became the champion of MTV's Musical March Madness with the group in 2014. Palaye Royale's YouTube channel has earned over 80,000 subscribers and more than 27 million views.

    Emerson Barrett

  • Tre Cool

    Frank Edwin Wright III, famously known as Tré Cool, is an American drummer for the famous punk band ˜Green Day'. He does not only play drums for the band but he is also into playing guitar, piano and giving background vocals. Cool got into music from a very young age and being ˜The Lookouts'' lead singer Larry Livermore's neighbor only helped him in achieving his musical aspirations. He started playing drums for ˜The Lookouts' when he was only 12 years old but as he grew up and gained some popularity for his talent, he was offered to become ˜Green Day's' drummer as their original drummer had left. Before he joined the ˜Green day', Cool was more into playing freestyle, happier beats but to adjust with the philosophy of ˜Green Day' he had to adopt a more collective approach”not just playing the instrument but playing the actual song. Cool has been honored by the ˜Drummers! Magazine' as ˜one of the best drum players of the existing times'.

    Tre Cool

  • Alex Wolff

    From 2007 to 2009, he appeared in the television show The Naked Brothers Band as a drummer. Hereditary, Dude, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle are among his cinematic roles.

    Alex Wolff

  • Spencer Smith

    Co-founder and former drummer of the rock band Panic! at the Disco, the group that released hits like "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." 

    Spencer Smith

  • George Daniel

    Member of the indie rock band The 1975 whose self-titled debut album peaked atop the UK Albums Chart in September of 2013. 

    George Daniel

  • Otto Wood

    Back up vocalist and drummer for the band Waterparks. The group released an EP called Black Light in 2014.

    Otto Wood

  • James Owen Sullivan

    Known by the nickname The Rev, he was a drummer and songwriter who performed with the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.

    James Owen Sullivan

  • Gabe Barham

    Post-hardcore percussionist who took over as the drummer for Sleeping with Sirens in 2009. 

    Gabe Barham

  • Maxx Danziger

    Member of pop punk/symphonic rock group Set It Off who replaced Benji Panico in 2010. The group found Danziger through the band's first drummer, Blake Howell.

    Maxx Danziger

  • Lars Ulrich

    Lars Ulrich is an American-Danish musician and one of the founding members of the famous heavy metal band ˜Metallica'. Although Ulrich belonged to a well bred family of sports players and his father was a professional tennis player, but he chose the life of a musician even though he was encouraged from his father to take up tennis seriously since he was a young boy. His love for metal music and drumming formed for the first time at the age of 10 when his father took him to his first concert to watch the live performance of ˜Deep Purple'. Ulrich was so moved by the music that he got his first drumset shortly afterwards and started pursuing music. It was when he moved to Los Angeles with his family that he was able to jam with other heavy mental musicians, in the course of which he met James Hetfield and formed the world famous heavy metal band ˜Metallica'. He has been since playing drums for the band for over two decades now and manages his own record label ˜Music Company' side by side. Ulrich is the first Danish musician ever to be induced in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Lars Ulrich