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  • Brooke Barry

    Muser who became famous thanks to the Musical.ly app. She has more than 800,000 followers on the network and has expanded to Instagram and YouTube, where she has more than 10,000 followers and 20,000 subscribers, respectively.

    Brooke Barry

  • Celine Dion

    Celine Dion is a Canadian singer counted among the highest earning singers in history. Highly popular not just in her native Canada, but all over the world for her soulful and melodious voice, she is best known for singing ˜My Heart Will Go On', the main theme song of the 1997 blockbuster film ˜Titanic'. The song peaked at No. 1 in several countries across the continents including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia and made her one of the most sought after singers in the world. This was the kind of fame and success even Dion herself would not have envisioned decades ago when as a little girl she was growing up in a large, poverty-stricken family. Talented and ambitious from a young age, she always dreamed of becoming a singer one day. As a child she began performing at the small club her parents operated and composed her first song in collaboration with her mother and brother at the age of 12. This song grabbed the attention of music manager Rene Angelil who was so touched by her voice that he mortgaged his home to finance her first record. His intuition proved to be right, and soon Celine became a major star in Canada. Gradually her popularity spread to other parts of the world and today she figures among the best-known international singers.

    Celine Dion

  • NF

    Rapper who started earning buzz in the world of Christian hip-hop with his independently-released 2010 album Moments. The album attracted the attention of Capitol CMG and Sparrow Records, who released his official, self-titled debut in 2014.


  • Thomas Rhett

    Thomas Rhett (Thomas Rhett Akins Jr.) is an American country singer and songwriter. Several of his singles have topped the ˜Country Airplay Charts.' Some of his popular numbers are ˜It Goes Like This,' ˜Make me Wanna,' and ˜Die A Happy Man,' among others. He is son of the award-winning country singer Rhett Akins. He started his career as a songwriter and has co-written singles for artists like LoCash, Florida Georgia Line, Lee Brice, Jason Aldean and Michael Rey. He signed with Big Machine Records' division, ˜Valory Music Group,' for whom he has released 3 studio albums. His third album debuted at number 1 across all genres of music and received several nominations. He has earned a number of nominations and awards, including the ˜Male Vocalist of the Year' at the ˜2017 Academy of Country Music Awards.' His music reflects an interesting combination of country, rock, and hip-hop. Rhett is married to Lauren (Gregory) Akin and they have two daughters.

    Thomas Rhett

  • Isaac Lupien

    Isaac Lupien is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, and actor best known for his role as Eldon in the mockumentary teen-drama TV series ˜The Next Step'. He began his career quite early on. When he was only 11 months old, he was included in a dance performance. He started actively taking dance lessons at his parents' studio at two years of age, albeit without complete devotion! He started getting serious at the age of 13, developing passion for more technical forms, such as jazz, ballet, and contemporary. As he grew older, his interests branched out towards tap, hip-hop, and tumbling as well. He received the bronze medal at the ˜2008 IDO World Championships' in Riesa, Germany, and was the runner-up teen male dancer at ˜The 2011 Dance Awards' in New York City. He won the senior VIP at the ˜Jump Dance Convention' in 2012. Now he is a teacher and choreographer at the ˜Canadian Dance Company', the studio ran by his parents, and one of most successful ones in Canada. He is also a faculty member at fellow dancer Trevor Tordjman's ˜Raw Motion Dance'. Beside the show ˜The Next Step', Lupien's acting credits include the film ˜Flash of Genius', which also starred Greg Kinnear.

    Isaac Lupien

  • Vincent van Gogh

    Vincent van Gogh was a legendary Dutch artist whose works are known for their charismatic beauty, enthralling emotion and vibrant colors. Considered to be the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt, he is seen as one of the most recognizable painters in history. However, unluckily for van Gogh, much of the appreciation and glory came posthumously as he spent a life ridden by poverty, unstable mental health and poor physical state. Van Gogh had a modest start in his life as he struggled for direction. He spent much of his adult life on an unrelenting pilgrimage tour, painting, sketching and preaching the word of God. It was in Paris that he resumed to his old love and passion of art by studying the works of new impressionist painters, and later imitating their works. However, he later developed his own unconventional style that was bold and unflinching. Over his life, he completed more than 2,100 works, consisting of 860 oil paintings and more than 1,300 watercolors, drawings and sketches. Today, several of his paintings rank among the most expensive in the world.

    Vincent van Gogh

  • Anitta

    Larissa de Macedo Machado, more famous as Anitta, is a Brazilian recording artist, songwriter, actor, dancer, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she began singing in a church choir at a young age. She borrowed her stage name, ˜Anitta,' from the central character in a popular TV miniseries, ˜Presença de Anita.' When she was 17, her YouTube video was appreciated by a producer at ˜Furacão 2000' and she was offered a recording contract. After a few singles and her hit song, ˜Meiga e Abusada,' she signed with ˜Warner Music Group.' Her debut single for this label, ˜Show das Poderosas,' became Brazil's most watched video with over 130 million views on YouTube. Her three studio albums, ˜Anitta,' ˜Reitmo Pefeito' and ˜Bang,' were released in three successive years, two of which achieved platinum certification and made her one of Brazil's biggest stars. Anitta received the honor of performing at ˜Latin Grammy Awards' (2014) and at the opening ceremony of ˜2016Summer Olympics.' She has earned a number of prestigious awards, including the ˜MTV Europe Music Awards.' She was named by ˜Billboard' as 15th most influential artist in world in social networks. She is married to businessman Thiago Magalhães.


  • Sergio Ramos

    Sergio Ramos is an ace Spanish footballer, who is also the captain of Spain's national football team and the Spanish club ˜Real Madrid.' He is one of the strongest defenders in present-day football, although he also plays as a right back, from time to time. Born and raised in Andalusia, Spain, Sergio started his career as a player for a local club, ˜Sevilla FC,' as a defender at the age of 14. He proved his mettle and was eventually promoted to the main squad of his club. His brilliant performances had him acquired by ˜Real Madrid' in 2005. For the first few years after the transfer, he struggled to make a strong impression and his performances were mostly average. His performance peaked from 2009. Since he was a defender, his goal tally was not too high, but due to his defending skills, he became one of the four captains of ˜Real Madrid' in the 2009“2010 season. In July 2011, his contract was extended till 2017, and in 2015, it was further extended till 2020.

    Sergio Ramos

  • Brooke Bush

    Her self-titled YouTube channel has made her a well-known YouTube figure. Her numbered vlogging chapters capturing her ordinary personal life have won her recognition there.

    Brooke Bush

  • Kalel

    YouTuber, beauty vlogger, and animal rights activist who posts videos to her self-titled channel, which has accumulated more than 1.9 million subscribers.


  • Lindsay Fox

    Lindsay Fox is an Instagram and YouTube star. She is the older sister of professional stunt scooter rider, <a title='Tanner Fox' href='/famous/tanner-fox.htm'>Tanner Fox</a>. Tanner too, has a strong social media presence and has appeared in some of his sister's YouTube videos. Apart from YouTube Lindsay is active on other platforms, including Instagram. Currently, her YouTube channel has more than 350K subscribers, while her Instagram page has over 300K followers. Lindsay also maintains an online store that sells clothing and merchandise.

    Lindsay Fox

  • Richard Sherman

    Richard Kevin Sherman is an American football player, who plays as cornerback for the ˜San Francisco 49ers' of the NFL (National Football League). Earlier, he played for the ˜Seattle Seahawks' and was a part of the ˜Seahawk' team that won the ˜Super Bowl XLVIII.' Born and raised in Compton, California, he played football for his high school team and earned an athletic scholarship to attend the ˜Stanford University.' He played for 4 years for the ˜Stanford Cardinals' and was thereafter drafted by the ˜Seattle Seahawks' in the 5th round of the ˜2011 NFL Draft.' He was a part of ˜Seahawks' for 7 seasons, in which he was selected 3 times to ˜First team All-Pro' and 4 times to ˜All-Pro'; he has also been named 4 times to the ˜Pro-Bowl.' He was the NFL interception leader in 2013. Sherman has scored the most number of interceptions and passes deflections in the League. He was part of the ˜Legion of Boom,' the defense unit of the ˜Seattle Seahawks' that helped the team win ˜Super Bowl XLVIII.' Sherman is married to Ashley Moss and the couple has two children.

    Richard Sherman

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