Famous Born in netherlands
  • Twan Kuyper

    Don't follow your dreams, chase them are the prudent words of 21 year old Twan Kuyper. This athletic ˜drop dead' gorgeous Vine star and model has a message of perseverance and ambition for those admiring his success. With a net worth of 200,000 dollars, Twan Kuyper has been all over social media and is happily sailing through the television industry as well. Forbes has named him ˜The Future of Influencer and Brand Collaboration.' Possessing the typical traits of his zodiac sign Pisces, Twan is creative, passionate and generous. Setting an example of humanitarianism, he supports the ˜Charlotte and Gwyneth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease' and ˜ChangUr'. He has acted in several television commercials and has featured in three films. He has proceeded on to endorse multiple brands working in collaboration with huge names. Yet he promotes only those brands that he truly likes. Twan builds an emotional connection in all his endeavors, he professes that it is his way of climbing the success ladder. With over two million followers he's already stomping through success.

    Twan Kuyper

  • Jelle Van Vucht

    Jelle Van Vucht became famous after uploading gaming videos on his YouTube channel called JellyYT which are sometimes very comical. He also promotes content creatorstrying to establish themselves in the world of gaming with the help of his second channel named GTA5Videos.He also owns a clothing line for which he has acquired quite a name by selling various items to his fans. He met Kodi Brown and Kwebbelkop while making videos and became close friends with the latter. He has more than 5.8 million followers on his YouTube channels. He is a member of a small group named ˜Robust' who play games like Scrap Mechanic, Gmod and GTA and upload videos on various gaming issues on their respective YouTube channels. He has more than 78K followers on Twitter and more than 266K followers on Instagram.

    Jelle Van Vucht

  • Nikkie De Jager

    It would be an understatement to say that Nikkie De Jager is just a professional hair and makeup artist known for her YouTube beauty channel "NikkieTutorials." There is no end to beauty tips on YouTube; yet this young Dutch beauty has managed to gain over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, charming her audience with her bubbly personality, lively humor and contagious enthusiasm. As her fame grew, she started to appear on magazines, TV shows and ads. In 2012, she collaborated with Volkswagen to raise awareness about the dangers of applying make-up while driving. In 2013, she became head-makeup artist for RTL5's ˜I Can Make You a Supermodel' with Paul Fisher. The next year, she received the honor of being the cover girl for the Fashionista magazine for its June edition. In late 2014, a very excited Nikkie shared on all her social media platforms that the picture of her lips from her review of "MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2" set was selected by the famous singer to be her Twitter header. Nikkie's ultimate goal is to create her own unique feminine but edgy makeup style which will be known around the world by her name.

    Nikkie De Jager

  • Cindy Kimberly

    Cindy Kimberly is a Dutch Instagram star and model. She posts elegant and stylish photos of herself on her social media platforms. She is a model with flair and personality. She has a unique look and fashion sense. Her photographs feature a variety of settings, lighting, and techniques. She models for a variety of brands, and is also interested in makeup techniques. Cindy Kimberly often collaborates with other models on her work. She stays in touch with her fans very regularly, posting warm and friendly messages on social media. She often posts videos of herself lip-synching to popular songs. She has created a social persona that is distinctive.

    Cindy Kimberly

  • Jordi van den Bussche

    Jordi is a YouTube sensation, who owns two channels with over 6 million subscribers on his main channel ˜Kwebbelkop.' He has around 900 videos on his second channel called ˜Kwebbelcop' where he regularly posts vlogs and has over a million subscribers there as well. So what does Jordi exactly post that has earned him so many subscribers? Well, he is majorly recognized for his gaming videos. He climbed to fame with his ˜Call of Duty: Black Ops' and ˜Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' gaming videos. In the introduction to his channel, he calls his supporters ˜Kops' and that has stayed on even today. He also has a huge fan base on other social sites. With over 700K followers on Instagram and a decent 264K followers on Twitter, he has succeeded in drawing enough attention to his channels on YouTube.

    Jordi van den Bussche

  • Markie Werox

    Video creation phenomenon on the platform TikTok with a range of content that has attracted 3.2 million fans. He posts lip-sync, comedy, dance and other types of videos. He's also one-half of Mark and Cas TikTok account.

    Markie Werox

  • Martin Garrix

    Martijn Gerard Garritsen is a Dutch musician, record producer, and DJ whose music is typically categorised in ˜progressive house', ˜electro house', big room house', and ˜future bass' genres. Professionally known as Martin Garrix (stylized version Mar+in Garri×) and also as GRX, Garritsen began playing guitar at the early age of eight. Deeply influenced by the fellow Dutch DJ Tiësto and his performance at the opening ceremony of 2004 Athens Olympics, Garritsen downloaded ˜digital audio workstation' and ˜FL Studio', and taught himself how to compose tracks. Discovered by Tiësto a few years later, he has also collaborated with the likes of AfroJack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Dillion Francis, Usher, Julian Jordan and Troye Sivan. His career was launched with Spinnin' Records. In 2016 he created his own label ˜STMPD RCRDS' and signed with Sony Music. He is set to appear for a summer residency at Hï Ibiza' club in 2017. He was ranked at the No. 1 spot on the DJ Mag's list of top 100 DJs of the world in 2016.

    Martin Garrix

  • Vincent van Gogh

    Vincent van Gogh was a legendary Dutch artist whose works are known for their charismatic beauty, enthralling emotion and vibrant colors. Considered to be the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt, he is seen as one of the most recognizable painters in history. However, unluckily for van Gogh, much of the appreciation and glory came posthumously as he spent a life ridden by poverty, unstable mental health and poor physical state. Van Gogh had a modest start in his life as he struggled for direction. He spent much of his adult life on an unrelenting pilgrimage tour, painting, sketching and preaching the word of God. It was in Paris that he resumed to his old love and passion of art by studying the works of new impressionist painters, and later imitating their works. However, he later developed his own unconventional style that was bold and unflinching. Over his life, he completed more than 2,100 works, consisting of 860 oil paintings and more than 1,300 watercolors, drawings and sketches. Today, several of his paintings rank among the most expensive in the world.

    Vincent van Gogh

  • Enzo Knol

    Enzo Knol is a Dutch YouTuber who is known for publishing vlogs and gameplay videos on his self-titled channel EnzoKnol. He initially rose to prominence for his Minecraft videos and then went on to create general vlogs. He is really passionate about video filming and loves shooting his day-to-day activities and sharing them with the outside world. He is also an avid fan of video games and keeps on trying new gaming tricks every now and then. Knol also has a secondary channel that's dedicated to just video games. With over 2 million followers on his main channel and more than 522k on the other, the Dutch YouTuber has undoubtedly achieved much on the social media platform. Hailing from Rolde, Netherlands, Enzo Knol grew up alongside his brother Milan, who is also a popular YouTuber. Talking about his personality, Enzo is an extremely cool, straightforward, and funny man. He is always up to something mischievous and naughty!

    Enzo Knol

  • IndigoJael

    Making his biggest impact on the internet as a musical.ly star, with over 2 million fans, he is an actor and social media influencer who is also known as DreamChaser. 


  • Nina Houston

    Nina Houston is a Dutch YouTuber known for posting a combination of her personal vlogs and makeup and fashion videos on her self-titled channel. With over 250 videos (as of April 2018), her channel has earned more than 409k subscribers and about a 100 million views till date. Houston, who is liked by her audience for her charming personality, unique attitude, good sense of humor and wonderful fashion taste, has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram as well. Her makeup tutorials and fashion tips are extremely helpful to girls, especially teens. Her videos help fashion-conscious youngsters choose trendy outfits and apply complementary makeup easily. On a personal note, the YouTube fashionista is a lovely girl with a sweet and charming personality. While she hasn't revealed much about her personal life, it is evident from her videos that she loves her siblings and friends to the core.

    Nina Houston

  • Romee Strijd

    Romee Strijd is a Dutch model, also known as a 'Victoria's Secret Angel.' Blessed with natural beauty, Romee began her career at the age of 14. Since then, she has modeled for almost every top-notch luxury fashion house and designer. She was featured in the debut issue of 'Dutch Vogue.' The Dutch beauty has also worked with some big names in the fashion industry in her first modeling season. Romee often posts her photos on her 'Instagram' profile, which has captivated millions of followers on the platform. She also has a 'YouTube' channel that features her blogs.

    Romee Strijd