Famous Born in spain
  • Millie Bobby Brown

    Eight-year-old Millie Bobby Brown had just moved to Orlando, Florida, with her family in 2012, and enrolled at an acting workshop to tide by the lazy weekends. She instantly stood out and a top Hollywood talent scout noticed her. "She has instincts you cannot teach, he said to Millie's parents and urged them to support her acting talents. Her parents promptly packed the family up and moved to Los Angeles, where Millie started meeting with Hollywood's top children's talent agencies. Talented as she is, she landed the role of Madison O'Donnell in BBC America's show, ˜Intruders' just off a home-shot audition tape in November 2013. The producers didn't even need a face-to-face meeting as they normally insist on! The uber-talented child actor has outshone even veteran actors by her controlled yet intense performance as Eleven in Netflix's sci-fi drama series ˜Stranger Things.' ˜Variety Magazine' commended Millie for ˜the kind of presence some actors take a lifetime to acquire. She is about to be cast in a lot of projects.' From chic fashion statements to music videos, she is proving to be a major source of inspiration to children and grownups alike. She has garnered over 2 million followers on Instagram, and 423K on twitter.

    Millie Bobby Brown

  • Emilio Martinez

    Emilio Martinez is an Instagram star who has achieved fame and a remarkable follower base on Instagram within quite a short span of time, simply by posting his selfie-filled feeds. He is also popular as the half of Martinez Twins, along with his twin brother Ivan Martinez, who is also an Instagram star. Ivan made his first post on Instagram in 2015 and that was the beginning of his online popularity. Later on, Emilio along with his brother Ivan, has launched their YouTube channel by the name of Martinez Twins which has turned out to be a successful endeavor and many of his YouTube videos have gone viral. The duo is also popular on Musical.ly as blondtwins and is considered as the rising Musers. The number of followers on his Twitter account is also substantial. Emilio Martinez has a Spanish ancestry. This teenage internet star has truly taken the online social media by storm with his good looks and blue eyes which are much raved by his fans.

    Emilio Martinez

  • Ivan Martinez

    Ivan Martinez, Instagram star and the twin brother of Emilio Martinez, rose to fame in 2016 as a teenage internet personality with a huge follower base on multiple social media platforms. Ivan started his internet career as an Instagrammer but quickly took it to other platforms as well, which has subsequently added to his popularity. Currently, Ivan, runs a YouTube channel by the name Martinez Twins along with his brother, Emilio and has already become a noted YouTube personality. Ivan also enjoys a rising popularity on the lip-synching app, Musical.ly, where he frequently posts videos of himself along with his brother Emilio. Ivan has has achieved online fame very quickly, which has given a whole new dimension to his life and career. In January 2017, he, along with his brother, joined hands with Team10, a group known as "a squad of young like-minded individuals who teamed up together to take over Hollywood". So, we can expect that the online career is going to serve only as the preliminary platform for the twin brothers who are actually planning to take Hollywood by storm.

    Ivan Martinez

  • Jorge Garay

    Video creator on the app TikTok who has over 1.1 million fans on his jeyjeygardi account. He is often seen in close-up making facial expressions that are choreographed to the music of his selection. He made comedy content as well. 

    Jorge Garay

  • Manu Rios

    You may have seen him in ˜Tú sí que vales' displaying his dancing talent or in the musical TV show ˜Cántame cómo pasó' or even portraying the child role of Gavroche in ˜Les Miseables'- Manu Rios is definitely ruling the world of television with his talent, skill and creativity. An indomitable force, Rios is strong, determined and ambitious. He dreams of becoming the biggest superstar ever known and is committed to working hard each day as it comes, to achieve his ambition. Despite the huge fame, social fan following and success as an actor, Rios hasn't let any of it to get into his head. He is grounded and yearns for more, as he is not satisfied with what he has achieved. Rios is funny, sensitive and responsive. Acting apart, he loves to dance, sing, and surf the internet. When not in front of the camera, you may find him goofing up with his pets, going out with his friends, spending quality time with his family or listening to his favourite music stars, Rihanna y Adele, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and 1D.

    Manu Rios

  • Enrique Iglesias

    Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, more popularly known as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor, and one of the best-selling Latin recording artists in the world. His father is a popular Spanish singer but Enrique entered the music industry with the false surname of Martinez as he did not want to use his famous father's name to advance his own career. He began writing songs at the age of 15 but had to be secretive as his parents did not approve of it. He dropped out of university after the first year to concentrate on music. This turned out to be a masterstroke as his first album itself sold a half a million copies in its first week and he became a star overnight. He maintains a very fine balance between his Spanish and English songs, a task his contemporaries could not quite succeed at. Till date he has sold over 137 million records worldwide and has more than 70 No. 1 rankings on the various Billboard charts. Billboard has called him 'The King of Latin Pop' and 'The King of Dance'. He is also known for his charitable activities as he constantly donates and organises concerts in order to financially help the victims of natural disasters

    Enrique Iglesias

  • Kane

    Glenn Thomas Jacobs became known to WWE audiences for his iconic black and red mask while playing <a title='The Undertaker' href='/famous/mark-callaway.htm'>The Undertaker</a>'s half-brother, Kane.


  • Cruz Beckham

    Youngest son of <a title='David Beckham' href='/famous/david-beckham.htm'>David Beckham</a> and <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a>. He grew up with three siblings: <a title='Brooklyn' href='/famous/brooklyn-beckham.htm'>Brooklyn</a>, <a title='Romeo' href='/famous/romeo-beckham.htm'>Romeo</a>, and <a title='Harper' href='/famous/harper-beckham.htm'>Harper</a>. In December 2016, he released his debut single "If Everyday Was Christmas." He has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. 

    Cruz Beckham

  • Ruben Gundersen

    Earning the title of Spain's most subscribed YouTuber, ElRubius is a YouTube gamer and comedian with more than 30 million subscribers.

    Ruben Gundersen

  • Queen Isabella

    Queen of Castile and Leon who helped to reorganize the governmental system and brought the crime rate to the lowest it had been in years. She supported and financed Christopher Columbus' voyages to the Americas. 

    Queen Isabella

  • Sergio Ramos

    Sergio Ramos is an ace Spanish footballer, who is also the captain of Spain's national football team and the Spanish club ˜Real Madrid.' He is one of the strongest defenders in present-day football, although he also plays as a right back, from time to time. Born and raised in Andalusia, Spain, Sergio started his career as a player for a local club, ˜Sevilla FC,' as a defender at the age of 14. He proved his mettle and was eventually promoted to the main squad of his club. His brilliant performances had him acquired by ˜Real Madrid' in 2005. For the first few years after the transfer, he struggled to make a strong impression and his performances were mostly average. His performance peaked from 2009. Since he was a defender, his goal tally was not too high, but due to his defending skills, he became one of the four captains of ˜Real Madrid' in the 2009“2010 season. In July 2011, his contract was extended till 2017, and in 2015, it was further extended till 2020.

    Sergio Ramos

  • Rebeca Martínez

    Older sister of twin Instagram sensations <a title='Ivan' href='/famous/ivan-martinez.htm'>Ivan</a> and <a title='Emilio Martinez' href='/famous/emilio-martinez-instagramstar.htm'>Emilio Martinez</a>. She has earned more than 340,000 followers to her rbcamartinez Instagram account. 

    Rebeca Martínez