Famous with careers are painter
  • Sergey Piskunov

    Ukrainian artist notable for his hyper-realistic paintings. He has been a part of numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout various galleries in Kiev, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Singapore, London and other locations.

    Sergey Piskunov

  • Anderson Ferreira Lemes

    Painter and artist who is known for his unique graffiti and collage style of painting. He has been featured in several group and solo shows throughout Spain, Brazil, Italy, and France. He is also known for his diverse range of awards such as the Receipt of Vows of Praise from the Campineira Organization of the Arts in April of 2015. 

    Anderson Ferreira Lemes

  • Guille Pachelo

    Painter, artist, and muralist who is known for his signature cartoon portraits of vague faces with hats that feature witty phrases. He is a part of the Buenos Aires street art and wheat paste crew BA Paste Up and shares his unique artworks through Instagram for his over 70,000 followers. 

    Guille Pachelo

  • John Lafarge

    American painter and stained glass window maker who served as president of the National Society of Mural Painters from 1899 until 1904. He was one of the first seven artists chosen for membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1904.

    John Lafarge

  • Agatha De Faveri

    Painter who is known for her lettering and sign painting. She is also known for her calligraphy sketches and shares photos of her works through Instagram for her over 60,000 followers. 

    Agatha De Faveri

  • Cesare Catania

    Italian artist whose prolific career in painting and sculpting has earned him the nickname of "the modern <a title='Leonardo da Vinci' href='/famous/leonardo-da-vinci.htm'>Leonardo da Vinci</a>." He rose to worldwide renown for his The Heart of the Earth A and B versions created in 2012 and 2018, respectively, and shown at the Royal Opera Arcade in London. 

    Cesare Catania

  • Stefan Pabst

    3D painter who creates incredibly realistic portraits using an oil dry-brush technique on special paper. He has completed orders for companies, singers, actors, football players and politicians.

    Stefan Pabst

  • Leonid Pasternak

    Post-Impressionist painter who was best known as the father of "Dr. Zhivago" author <a title='Boris Pasternak' href='/famous/boris-pasternak.htm'>Boris Pasternak</a>.

    Leonid Pasternak

  • Ahmet Gunestekin

    Visual artist, painter, and sculptor who has displayed his work in several of the world's most well known galleries including the London based Marlborough Gallery. His creations generally found their roots in various legends and mythology.

    Ahmet Gunestekin

  • Andreea Ionela Berindei

    Painter and artist who is known for her landscape and portrait paintings which often feature oceans, water, and other natural elements and colors. She shares photos of her process as well as her art with her over 70,000 Instagram followers. 

    Andreea Ionela Berindei

  • Oz Almog

    Israeli artist who became known for his confrontational and provocative paintings. Some of his most influential works include Birth of a Myth and Blood Addict - Bloody scenes of Murder.

    Oz Almog

  • Henri Goetz

    Prolific Surrealist painter and engraver known especially for inventing the carborundum printmaking process.

    Henri Goetz

  • Joseph Karl Stieler

    German painter who is known for creating Neoclassical portraits and was the royal court painter of the Bavarian kings from 1820 until 1855.

    Joseph Karl Stieler

  • Jessi Raulet

    Painter, visual artist and social media influencer, known for her bright, hand-painted designs, who created the brand EttaVee. Her clients have included major companies such as LinkedIn, Yahoo and Domino's Pizza.

    Jessi Raulet

  • Martin Ron

    Argentine painter and artist who is best recognized for his large scale urban murals throughout Buenos Aires and internationally as well. He is the co-founder of the Urban Beautification program and shares his paintings through Instagram for his over 30,000 followers. 

    Martin Ron

  • Clet Abraham

    Painter and visual artist who is best known for his work on street signs which feature creative and unique twists on otherwise plain signs. 

    Clet Abraham

  • Cinta Tort Cartró

    Painter who has turned stretchmarks and period stains into artwork. She has over 70,000 followers on her zinteta Instagram account. 

    Cinta Tort Cartró

  • Sam Yong

    Painter and artist known for his hyperrealistic portraits of animals and other nature oriented subjects. His photos feature a darker thematic element and he shares artwork ranging from minimalistic detail to full scale murals to his Instagram and over 60,000 followers. 

    Sam Yong

  • Jillian Evelyn

    Painter and illustrator notable for her portrayals of women who seem to be "over it, kind of annoyed and moody." Her colorful work is visible on her jillian_evelyn Instagram account.

    Jillian Evelyn

  • Fabiano Millani

    Painter and artist who is known for his hyperrealism portraits and paintings of different celebrities, animals, and still-life's. He is known for sharing time lapse videos of his painting process through YouTube for his over 50,000 subscribers. 

    Fabiano Millani

  • Jon Rafman

    Painter, artist, and occasional filmmaker who is best known for his work depicting the social and existential impact of technology on modern life. He has garnered over 90,000 followers on his eponymous Instagram account.

    Jon Rafman

  • Antony Micallef

    Contemporary artist and painter known for his mix of political imagery fused with expressionism. His work has been labelled 'critical pop' as it explores the negatives of consumerism and branding. He first garnered national attention when he won second place in the BP Portrait Award in 2000. 

    Antony Micallef

  • Louise Catherine Breslau

    Remembered for such late nineteenth-century works as At Home (alternate title: Intimacy) and Portrait of Henry Davison, this Swiss portrait artist trained at Paris' renowned Académie Julian and displayed her work at the famed Paris Salon.

    Louise Catherine Breslau

  • Pierre Joseph Redoute

    Botanist and painter who was best known for his watercolor paintings of flowers such as roses and lilies. He was given the nickname The Raphael of Flowers.

    Pierre Joseph Redoute