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  • Logic

    He was born Robert Bryson Hall II, and he is a hip-hop musician and producer who was a member of the Rattpack and a client of Def Jam Recordings.


  • Yousef Erakat

    Palestinian-American YouTube prankster famous for his wildly successful fouseyTUBE channel, which has over 10 million followers. Fight of the Living Dead, a YouTube Red series, featuring him. He has acted in the films Boo! A Madea Halloween and Boo 2!, both released in 2017. Halloween with a Madea twist.

    Yousef Erakat

  • Ricky Garcia

    Ricky Garcia, along with Emery Kelly and Liam Attridge, is a singer and actor who is a member of the boy band "Forever in Your Mind." He is also a frequent cast member of Disney's sci-fi sitcom Best Friends Whenever, in which he portrays Naldo. The pop band performs the show's theme tune, "Whenever." He auditioned for the third season of The X Factor and eventually joined the band with two other contestants. Forever Boys, a new comedy program from Disney, stars the three members of the band as three brothers who have been transformed into vampires. During their DigiTour in 2015, the band shared the stage with Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Jesse McCartney, and Bea Miller. They also appeared on ABC's Good Morning America in July 2016, where they performed. He appeared as a guest on several TV series, including Girl Meets World and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In 2014, he also starred in the film Mantervention.

    Ricky Garcia

  • Silento

    Singer and dancer who rose to prominence when his tune "Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)," which went viral on Vine and YouTube, became a hit. The song reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.


  • Enya Umanzor

    Enya Umanzor is a YouTuber from the United States. She is well known for her YouTube account enjajaja, where she posts videos on cosmetics, fashion, and beauty. She also occasionally posts personal vlogs. Umanzor, a former Viner, did not consider joining YouTube until 2014. She's been active on the site since then, providing beautiful beauty and fashion videos on a regular basis. Umanzor is a vivacious young woman from Miami, Florida. The teenage model, who is presently pursuing a YouTube career, enjoys connecting with people all around the world. She believes in social media's influence and capability to change people's lives. She is a family-oriented young lady who values her relationships with her parents and siblings. She enjoys traveling and shopping, as well as spending time with her loved ones.

    Enya Umanzor

  • Guy Fieri

    Guy Ramsay Ferry, better known as Guy Fieri, is a restaurateur, author, game show presenter, and television personality with a wide range of skills. He began his career in American hospitality by collaborating with others to develop a network of restaurants in several California towns. He now owns three restaurants in California and licenses his name to two others, one in Las Vegas and the other in Baltimore, under the name Guy Fieri's Kitchen and Bar. He sought to make his mark on the small screen area of the entertainment business after gaining notoriety as a restaurant. He was chosen as a participant in the second season of the reality cooking show Next Food Network Star based on a film he supplied to the organizers of the show, which he eventually won. Following that, he presented Guy's Big Bite, a self-titled culinary show that is still broadcast on the Food Network. He also presents the famous culinary show 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,' in which he highlights America's small eateries. Fieri has published a recipe book on his own as well as co-authored a couple others.

    Guy Fieri

  • Richard Camacho

    Richard Camacho is a Dominican-American singer, songwriter, and dancer who rose to prominence after auditioning for a spot in CNCO's five-member band. CNCO's quintet was chosen after a round of grueling auditions as part of the Latin American reality show 'La Banda.' CNCO was founded by the top five candidates from La Banda. Camacho, a member of this Latin-pop band, was introduced to music at a young age, at the age of three, to be exact. Thanks to performer parents, one of whom excelled as a musician and the other was a champion danseuse, the need to sing and compose songs as well as dance came naturally and quickly became second nature. Tan Fcil, the CNCO's first hit, reached number one on Billboard's Latin Airplay list and was also the top-charting single on iTunes' Latin singles chart. 'Primera Cita,' the group's first studio album, which was supported by Sony Music, also snagged the top spot on practically every top Latin albums chart. Camacho said he's excited to work with Usher and Chris Brown in the near future.

    Richard Camacho

  • Shiloh Nelson

    Actress, TikTok video star and social media sensation with credits in A Fairy's Game and Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat. She booked smaller parts in bigger films such as Tomorrowland and Annabelle.

    Shiloh Nelson

  • Ava Monpere

    Trending dance and lip-sync content creator known for sharing performances on her self-titled account. She has more than 120,000 dedicated fans on the platform. 

    Ava Monpere

  • Aidan Baz

    TikTok star known for posting lip sync content using popular songs that are altered or remixed. In some of his videos, he features his mother, father, and younger brother. His notaidanbaz TikTok has over 240,000 followers.

    Aidan Baz

  • Steve Perry

    Steve Perry realized quite early in life that music was his sole purpose of existence, and made great efforts in his early teens to carry out musical endeavors. He soon joined the much-famed rock band ˜Journey' as their lead vocalist. The band achieved huge commercial success during his membership. He added a clean sound to the band and refined it by adding traditional pop elements to it, making it fresh. Although his musical career was apparently fluctuating due to some unfortunate events, he nonetheless proved that he had the moral fiber to overcome them all. Steve is known to possess one of the finest voices that music of all times ever had, His friend Jon Bon Jovi had coined a moniker ˜The Voice' for him which best described his capacity to bring alive the music elements, entwining harmony and rhythm. Overriding all the hindrances, he ˜breathed' music all his life. In the later phase of his career, he released many solo albums, which were a part of his musical pursuits before signing up with ˜Journey'. At present, he lives in Del Mar, California.

    Steve Perry

  • Jrizzy Jeremy

    Jrizzy Jeremy is an English YouTube celebrity best known for his Jrizzy Jeremy channel. His pranks, daring challenges, and reaction films have earned him a following there.

    Jrizzy Jeremy

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