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  • Niall Horan

    Niall Horan is a singer and guitarist from Ireland who is best known as a member of the boy band One Direction. He had a passion for music since he was a child and frequently played the guitar. His aunt saw his potential and suggested that Niall Horan pursue a career in music. He auditioned for the popular television reality show 'The X Factor' when he was in his teens. Niall Horan's vocal talents didn't satisfy the judges, but that wasn't the end of the road for him. He quickly formed a band named One Direction with a couple of his other participants, which quickly became a worldwide sensation. Niall Horan has made significant contributions to the songs on the band's different albums, usually as a co-writer. In 2016, he released the track "This Town," which earned widespread acclaim and went on to become a chart-topper.

    Niall Horan

  • Playboi Carti

    Jordan Terrell Carter, better known by his stage name Playboi Carti, is a hip hop musician, rapper, and model from the United States. Carti had to struggle a lot as a child growing up in a financially challenged family. Even now, his early life challenges are mirrored in his music and way of living. Sir Cartier was Carti's stage name when he first began his career. He changed his musical approach in 2012 and removed practically all of his earlier stuff off the internet. In addition, he changed his stage name to Playboi Carti. He began his career with the underground Atlanta label 'Awful Records,' before switching to ASAP Rocky's AWGE label. Carti, who is currently signed to the major record label Interscope, an imprint of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, released his mixtape Playboi Carti in 2017, which reached number 12 on the US Billboard 200.

    Playboi Carti

  • Lili Reinhart

    Lili Pauline Reinhart is an American film and television actress best known for her portrayal as Betty Cooper on the CW's teen drama Riverdale. She was born and reared in Ohio, and she has always been interested in the performing arts. She studied dance for ten years and performed in the community musical theater on a regular basis. She began acting at a young age and made her debut appearance in the short film "For Today." At the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She starred in films such as Lilith, Kings of Summer, Miss Stevens, The Good Neighbors, and The First Hope, as well as television shows such as Law And Order: Special Victims Unit and Surviving Jack. She battled depression at one time in her career and was on the verge of giving up performing. Following that, she landed the part of'sweet Betty Cooper' in the hit TV show 'Riverdale,' which earned her numerous honors and acclaim. She discusses depression frequently and emphasizes the significance of mental wellness.

    Lili Reinhart

  • Tyler Perry

    A versatile persona, Tyler Perry is famous as an actor, screenwriter, playwright, director, producer, author and songwriter. With the highly successful ˜Tyler Perry's House of Payne', a TV series, he became one of the highest earning people in the entertainment business for the year 2011. His plays, films and sitcoms, based on the themes of typical African-American households, are very popular for their dramatization and satirical tones. His main character ˜Madea', a grandmother, played by Perry himself, has garnered him immense fame. ˜Madea' is a wise and brave woman, who is always protecting and taking care of family and friends, at all costs. Inspired by the personality of his mother, Perry created this character and gave her the best appeal ever. About this character, Oprah Winfrey once made a comment I think that's what Madea really is: a compilation of all those strong black women that I know and maybe you do too? And so the reason it works is because people see themselves." She also believes in the fact that, since Perry was raised by a strong, black women, he was very much inspired to create a character which not only celebrates her, but also immortalizes her. Therefore, his subjects and themes which reflect the strength, weaknesses, achievements, failures and problems of the African-Americans, center on this character.

    Tyler Perry

  • Corey Scherer

    Dancer, choreographer, and Vine sensation who is a co-founder of the Super Sega Brothers and a member of Fierce Dance Studio. In the gang, he is known as Sonic, and his sidekick is Knuckles.

    Corey Scherer

  • Yeonjun

    Pop singer and dancer who is a member of TXT, BTS's first brother group from BigHit Entertainment. He was the first person to introduce himself.


  • Robbie Kay

    Fugitive Pieces (2007) and Pinocchio (2008) are two of his film and television credits. He appeared in 11 episodes of Once Upon a Time as Peter Pan. In the NBC series Heroes Reborn, he played Tommy Clark.

    Robbie Kay

  • Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl became a prominent author penning amazing and humorous stories for children, after his flourishing career in the Royal Air Force ended due to head injuries recurred in a plane crash. He is often considered as one of the greatest children's storytellers of the 20th century, with his short stories being ranked among the world's best-selling fiction books. Such is the recognition and glory of his much-acclaimed best-selling titles that they have been published in over 50 languages across the world. While his children's stories were fast-moving, his adult fiction, on the other hand, gained recognition for its sudden twists and unexpected storylines. Where imaginative plots were the highlights of adult stories, children's fiction usually consisted of word coinages, neologism and puns, like ˜Oompa Loompa', ˜Mugglewump', ˜Fleshlump eater', and Vermicious Knids'. He dedicated two of his best-loved novels “ ˜The BFG' and ˜James and the Giant Peach' to his eldest daughter, Olivia. Numerous of his publications have been made into successful films, while two of his stories ˜Matilda' and ˜Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' were adapted into musical stage plays. Even after his death, his works continue to inspire several budding authors and entertain children and adults alike around the globe.

    Roald Dahl

  • Matt Petitto

    Content creator who became a celebrity after launching his @mattpetitto TikTok account. He's picked up more than 2.9 million fans on the app thanks to his addicting combination of comedy and music clips.

    Matt Petitto

  • Ben Savage

    actor most well-known for his portrayal of Cory Matthews on the Boy Meets World television program, which lasted from 1993 to 2000. For the 2014 season of Girl Meets World, which aired through 2017, he resumed the role.

    Ben Savage

  • 5ddie

    TikTok star who rose to fame with his videos set to popular songs and sounds on the platform. His account, 5ddie, has earned 1.2 million followers. 


  • Layton Williams

    Billy Elliot the Musical was a British stage and screen actor who starred in the London West End play. During the 2008 and 2009 seasons of the BBC series Beautiful People, he portrayed the part of Kylie.

    Layton Williams