Famous tv producer, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Tyler Perry

    A versatile persona, Tyler Perry is famous as an actor, screenwriter, playwright, director, producer, author and songwriter. With the highly successful ˜Tyler Perry's House of Payne', a TV series, he became one of the highest earning people in the entertainment business for the year 2011. His plays, films and sitcoms, based on the themes of typical African-American households, are very popular for their dramatization and satirical tones. His main character ˜Madea', a grandmother, played by Perry himself, has garnered him immense fame. ˜Madea' is a wise and brave woman, who is always protecting and taking care of family and friends, at all costs. Inspired by the personality of his mother, Perry created this character and gave her the best appeal ever. About this character, Oprah Winfrey once made a comment I think that's what Madea really is: a compilation of all those strong black women that I know and maybe you do too? And so the reason it works is because people see themselves." She also believes in the fact that, since Perry was raised by a strong, black women, he was very much inspired to create a character which not only celebrates her, but also immortalizes her. Therefore, his subjects and themes which reflect the strength, weaknesses, achievements, failures and problems of the African-Americans, center on this character.

    Tyler Perry

  • Dan Schneider

    Dan Schneider is an American actor, television and film writer, and producer who is best known for creating many of the popular children's television shows on Nickelodeon. He started his career as a supporting actor in films like 'Making the Grade', 'Better Off Dead', 'The Big Picture', 'Happy Together' and 'Hot Resort', and went on to appear as the wry and sarcastic computer whiz Dennis Blunden on the ABC sitcom 'Head of the Class' for five seasons. He then began working behind-the-scenes as a writer and producer on television shows such as 'All That', 'Kenan & Kel', 'The Amanda Show', 'Drake & Josh', 'Zoey 101', 'iCarly', 'Victorious', 'Sam & Cat', 'Henry Danger' and 'Game Shakers'. He has worked on the films 'Good Burger' and 'Big Fat Liar'. He often makes cameo appearances on the shows and movies he works on. He is the founder and co-president of the television production company Schneider's Bakery. He has been hailed as the "Norman Lear of children's television" by an article on the 'New York Times' and was the recipient of the first-ever 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at the 'Kids' Choice Awards'.

    Dan Schneider

  • Nev Schulman

    ˜Nev' (pronounced ˜neeev') Schulman, born Yaniv Schulman, is an American TV host, producer, photographer and actor. He rose to fame with his documentary film ˜Catfish.' He was born and raised in New York, US. He joined the ˜Sarah Lawrence College' to study dance and photography, but was expelled after a controversial incident. His photographs have appeared in several well-known magazines. He founded a film and photography production company along with his filmmaker-actor brother and another friend. His brother and partner filmed Schulman's involvement in an online relationship and subsequently, it became a reality thriller film, ˜Catfish.' This documentary received wide critical acclaim and led to the MTV series ˜Catfish: The TV Show.' Schulman is the executive producer and co-host of this show, wherein he acts as a moderator, uniting online couples who haven't met in person. He has written a book, ˜In Real Life: Love, Lies and Identity in the Digital World,' which speaks about the risks of social media. He is also the co-founder and an active member of ˜Leave Out Violence.'

    Nev Schulman

  • Shaunie O'Neal

    Gained fame after marrying NBA center <a title='Shaquille O Neal' href='/famous/shaquille-oneal.htm'>Shaquille O'Neal</a>, and became the executive producer of Basketball Wives. She and Shaq divorced in 2010. 

    Shaunie O'Neal

  • Trey Parker

    Trey Parker, born as Randolph Severn Parker III, is a highly talented multifaceted individual”he is an actor, screenwriter, voice artist and producer all rolled into one. He is best known to his fans as the co-creator of the adult animated series ˜South Park' which he created with his best friend and business collaborator, <a title='Matt Stone' href='/famous/matt-stone.htm'>Matt Stone</a>. The series characterized by its use of slapstick humour, violence, and sexual innuendos meant for a mature adult audience caused quite a stir at the time of its telecast and soon became the highest rated cable program. Parker's creative streak and cheekiness were evident from his childhood; he wrote and performed in a sketch called ˜The Dentist' complete with lots of fake blood in a school talent show”an incident which freaked out many of the students. The self-proclaimed film geek and music buff developed a love for musical theatre as a teenager and performed with a community theatre. While still in the university, he made his first animated short film ˜Jesus vs. Frosty' with fellow student <a title='Matt Stone' href='/famous/matt-stone.htm'>Matt Stone</a>. The duo then proceeded to Hollywood to try out their luck. They found big success with the adult animated series ˜South Park' which won them numerous awards and accolades.

    Trey Parker

  • Chris Kratt

    Wildlife enthusiast and the creator, writer and producer of Zoboomafoo, Kratts' Creatures, and other popular educational shows.

    Chris Kratt

  • Martin Kratt

    Nature show writer and producer who created the children's series Zoboomafoo and Kratts' Creatures with his brother <a title='Chris Kratt' href='/famous/chris-kratt.htm'>Chris Kratt</a>.

    Martin Kratt

  • Dick Wolf

    American producer who specialized in crime dramas such as Miami Vice and the Law & Order franchise.

    Dick Wolf

  • Ross Duffer

    Writer, director and creator of the Netflix original series Stranger Things who works alongside his twin brother <a title='Matt Duffer' href='/famous/matt-duffer.htm'>Matt Duffer</a>. They are known professionally as the Duffer Brothers.

    Ross Duffer

  • Fred Quimby

    Academy Award-winning producer of the popular Tom and Jerry animated shorts.

    Fred Quimby

  • Pepper Jay

    Actress, producer, teacher, author, volunteer, and founding member of the Actors Podcast Network, which consisted of Actors Reporter, Actors Entertainment, and Actors Radio.

    Pepper Jay

  • JG Quintel

    Award-winning animator, writer and actor best known as the creator of Cartoon Network's Regular Show, an animated slacker comedy.

    JG Quintel

  • Matt Duffer

    Writer, director and creator of the Netflix original series Stranger Things who works alongside his twin brother <a title='Ross Duffer' href='/famous/ross-duffer.htm'>Ross Duffer</a>. They are known professionally as the Duffer Brothers.

    Matt Duffer

  • Larry David

    Larry David is an American stand-up comedian, actor and television producer. He came into the limelight as the writer and executive producer of a successful television program, ˜Seinfeld'. His experiences during childhood had a vital role in forming comic sense within him. He started his career in show business as a stand-up comedian and used to perform at night clubs of New York. His work in ˜Friday' was a turning point in his career in entertainment business. He was also the writer of ˜Saturday Night Live' for a brief period. His production of ˜Seinfeld', a television sitcom, is considered to be an important milestone in his career. After acting in several films under the direction of Woody Allen, he remained busy in writing scripts for films. He even directed ˜Sour Grapes' which did not receive commercial success. He has also received lots of recognition for the HBO series 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', in which David stars as a semi-fictionalized version of himself. This show won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy series in 2003. Besides being a famous comedian, he actively campaigned for Barack Obama during the 2008 U.S. Presidential election.

    Larry David

  • I. Marlene King

    Showrunner and executive producer of the ABC Family smash hit sensation Pretty Little Liars as well as the Pretty Little Liars short-lived spin-off Ravenswood.

    I. Marlene King

  • Magnus Scheving

    Creator and co-star of the Icelandic-American children's show LazyTown. He was also a noted gymnast.

    Magnus Scheving

  • Ryan Murphy

    Writer/producer/director who created Glee and American Horror Story with his writing partner <a title='Brad Falchuk' href='/famous/brad-falchuk.htm'>Brad Falchuk</a>.

    Ryan Murphy

  • Steven Moffat

    Co-created the BBC's update of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock. He became the head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who in 2009.

    Steven Moffat

  • Acun Ilicali

    Acun Medya, a Turkish television producer and businessman, broadcasts Turkish versions of reality programs such as The Voice, Survivor, and Dancing With the Stars. He bought the TV8 network in November of 2013.

    Acun Ilicali

  • Nigel Lythgoe

    Creator and producer of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. He also became a judge on So You Think You Can Dance alongside <a title='Mary Murphy' href='/famous/maryann-murphy.htm'>Mary Murphy</a>.

    Nigel Lythgoe

  • Julie Plec

    Known for her producing and writing work on the CW's The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and The Tomorrow People, she also produced such films as Teaching Mrs. Tingle and The Broken Hearts Club.

    Julie Plec

  • Richard Osman

    Television presenter and director known for his work on various panel and quiz shows, including most notably Pointless, Two Tribes and Prize Island.

    Richard Osman

  • Dan Harmon

    Dan Harmon is an American producer, writer, actor, and voice artist. He is best known for creating and producing NBC's sitcom ˜Community', co-creating animated the TV series ˜Rick and Morty' and developing/hosting the weekly podcast ˜Harmontown.' He is also known as the co-founder of the alternative TV network/website Channel 101. As a writer, Harmon has published a few books including ˜You'll Be Perfect When You're Dead'. He has worked as a voice actor as well, lending his voice to several animated projects such as ˜Mary Shelley's Frankenhole', 'The Simpsons', 'Axe Cop' and 'Rick and Morty', to name a few. Today, Harmon has emerged as a multi-talented star who has tasted success in a wide range of fields in the entertainment arena. His impeccable work ethic and strong skills have enabled him to make a name for himself as a producer, actor, and writer. Having millions of fans worldwide, the American artiste has become an inspiration for many young talents in the entertainment industry. On a personal note, Harmon is the ex-husband of famous podcast host and comedian, Erin McGathy. Harmon discovered that he was suffering from Asperger syndrome in 2011.

    Dan Harmon

  • Julia Carey

    Actress turned TV producer who previously appeared in TV shows like Wings, A Bunch of Fives, and Enemy at the Door. She is also known as the wife of James Corden.

    Julia Carey