Famous Born in wales
  • Leondre Devries

    Representing the "Bars" half of the British singing and rapping duo Bars and Melody, he is the rapping member of the group. Along with <a title='Charlie Lenehan' href='/famous/charlie-lenehan.htm'>Charlie Lenehan</a>, AKA Melody, he finished in third place of Britain's Got Talent in 2014. He has also been a presenter on the British TV series Friday Download. 

    Leondre Devries

  • Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips is a well-known YouTuber and Instagram sensation known for his prank videos and acting sketches. He has over 3.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Besides this, he has about 1.7m followers on Instagram. Phillips is incredibly popular on Facebook as well, with over 9.7m likes on his page. In addition, he has a decent fan following on Twitter as well. On a personal note, the Welsh YouTube star is a fun and charming guy. He is extremely down-to-earth and is always seen with a bright smile on his face. Phillips' aim is to make his fans smile, and this is the reason he is always up to different sorts of mischievous acts and pranks. Phillips likes spending time with his parents, grandparents, pets, and friends. He also loves his fans dearly and frequently communicates with them through his social networking profiles. With his fun and friendly attitude, the social media sensation is sure to earn further fame in the future.

    Ben Phillips

  • Gareth Bale

    When someone plays for one of the biggest football clubs on the planet, there is understandably much curiosity surrounding them among the fans. And if that player attracts the highest transfer fee in the history of the game, then you know that we are talking about none other than the charismatic Welsh and Real Madrid footballer, Gareth Frank Bale. Renowned throughout the world for his speed and accuracy, Bale has carved a niche for himself playing in a club that boasts of only the top players in the world. The Real Madrid star has been playing professional football for more than a decade now and has astonished millions of people with his skills. A player of the big matches, Bale has won several awards and honors in his very illustrious career. Playing alongside some of the biggest names in the world at the moment, he has not let them overshadow his talent by playing brilliant football whenever he is on the field.

    Gareth Bale

  • Marina Diamandis

    Marina Diamandis is a Welsh singer-songwriter known by her stage name 'Marina and the Diamonds', in which, 'Diamonds' refers to her fans, as she clarified. An "indie artist with pop goals", she is often compared to Kate Bush, even though she was not influenced by her during her early years. Rather, she grew up listening to albums by Dolly Parton, Enya and George Michael from her mother's collection. Interestingly, her father was more of a conservative who despised the pop culture and listened to Greek classical songs and to Haris Alexiou. Revealing that Madonna inspired her to be a pop star, she also admitted that she admires pop icons such as Spice Girls, Britney Spears and S Club 7. A ˜pop enigma' as she ˜never felt like she belonged to the masses', she has still managed to gain a massive cult following among her fans. She is also recognized for her unconventional retro fashion sense, and turned a few heads for subverting "the norm" in her 'How to be a Heartbreaker' music video by wearing more clothes than male models.

    Marina Diamandis

  • Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl became a prominent author penning amazing and humorous stories for children, after his flourishing career in the Royal Air Force ended due to head injuries recurred in a plane crash. He is often considered as one of the greatest children's storytellers of the 20th century, with his short stories being ranked among the world's best-selling fiction books. Such is the recognition and glory of his much-acclaimed best-selling titles that they have been published in over 50 languages across the world. While his children's stories were fast-moving, his adult fiction, on the other hand, gained recognition for its sudden twists and unexpected storylines. Where imaginative plots were the highlights of adult stories, children's fiction usually consisted of word coinages, neologism and puns, like ˜Oompa Loompa', ˜Mugglewump', ˜Fleshlump eater', and Vermicious Knids'. He dedicated two of his best-loved novels “ ˜The BFG' and ˜James and the Giant Peach' to his eldest daughter, Olivia. Numerous of his publications have been made into successful films, while two of his stories ˜Matilda' and ˜Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' were adapted into musical stage plays. Even after his death, his works continue to inspire several budding authors and entertain children and adults alike around the globe.

    Roald Dahl

  • Elliot Giles

    If you are one of those enthusiasts who eagerly wait for the release of new and latest prank videos online, then you might have come across a host of hilarious prank videos of young, witty and charming Elliot Giles. He is a well-known YouTube star and social media personality from Cardiff, Wales. He is predominantly famous for the prank videos that he creates along with his fellow British YouTube personality, <a title='Ben Phillips' href='/famous/ben-phillips.htm'>Ben Phillips</a>. From posting his first Vine video on his personal account titled ˜Boys these days find anything hot with a pulse', Elliot has come a long way. He now makes his fans wait eagerly for his new posts. With time, he made his presence felt on different social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, becoming a sensation, particularly among girls who go gaga over his new posts. This young and talented star, along with his buddy Ben, leaves no stone unturned in tickling the funny bone of his fans and viewers with some awesome, crazy, offbeat and hilarious videos.

    Elliot Giles

  • Reuben De Maid

    Reuben De Maid is a Welsh singer and makeup artist. After gaining initial fame on social media, he became a mainstream celebrity following his appearance on ˜The <a title='Ellen DeGeneres' href='/famous/ellen-degeneres.htm'>Ellen DeGeneres</a> Show' in April 2017. A native of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, Reuben first became interested in music when his mother bought him a karaoke machine. Since he was a child, he had been constantly bullied for his love for makeup by other students at his school. He set up his YouTube channel in May 2013 and began uploading content about a year later. His early posts were exclusively covers of popular songs but later, he started uploading other types of videos as well. Having been featured on ˜The <a title='Ellen DeGeneres' href='/famous/ellen-degeneres.htm'>Ellen DeGeneres</a> Show', Reuben went on to also appear in the British television program ˜This Morning' and the talent show ˜Little Big Shots'. Reuben is quite popular on other social media platforms as well. Besides YouTube, he is the most active on Instagram, on which he accumulates thousands of likes on each of his posts.

    Reuben De Maid

  • Christian Bale

    A stand-out actor of his generation, Christian Bale is loaded with talent and artistic skills. It is his ability to get into the skin of the character that helps him forward a powerful performance which leaves the audiences and the critics mesmerized and enthralled for more. Bale is known for giving intense mental and physical commitment to his role and making chameleon-like changes to meet the demands of the character. It is due to this niche that most of his movies have gained a cult status making him a cult star. Bale rose of fame with Steven Spielberg's ˜Empire of the Sun' in 1987. Ever since then, there has been no looking back for this talented actor who gave strong performances after the other. His breakthrough came with ˜American Psycho' for which he lost 60 pounds to bring authenticity and realism to his character. However, immediately again he gained more than what he lost and flaunted a chiselled bod for the most successful and iconic movies of his career, the ˜Batman' franchise. To know more interesting and intriguing facts about his life, movies, childhood and works, read on.

    Christian Bale

  • Rhia Official

    Crowned TikTok creator known for her popular lip sync videos, most notably duets. She has over 1 million followers on the app. 

    Rhia Official

  • Tom Jones

    One of the most well-known singers of today's generation, Tom Jones is a Welsh singer who has been entertaining the audiences since the 1960s. A musical genius, he has sung and excelled in several genres of music which include pop, rock, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, soul and gospel. Many of his albums and songs have been immensely successful and have sold millions of copies. As he rose to stardom, he was offered several films, which, he declined and went on to say that I've been asked to do things “ films and that “ in the past, but they were always too cheesy, and always musicals. Today, his success is nearly unparalleled, while, keeping in mind the fact that he is 73 and is still able to perform in the same manner as he used to during his younger days. Even after winning several awards and being bestowed with the most prestigious of honors including knighthood by the Queen, Jones shows no signs of slowing down. His enthusiasm and the burning passion for music are ceaseless! He is an artiste at heart and continues to perform at several important and prestigious events, all over the world. Learn more about his life and career in the article below.

    Tom Jones

  • Tom Ellis

    Welsh actor best known for his role as Dr. Oliver Cousins on the television soap opera EastEnders. He gained further fame starring as the titular role on FOX's Lucifer. 

    Tom Ellis

  • Amber Davies

    Amber Davies is a British reality TV personality, model, and dancer. She gained fame for her appearance on the ITV2 series ˜Love Island'. She had also previously appeared on the ˜The X Factor' several times. Born in Wales, Davies used to be employed as an entertainer at the London based nightclub Cirque Le Soir. In June 2017, she entered the villa of ˜Love Island' as a contestant in the third season of the current revived series and the fifth overall. Over the course of the next eight weeks, Davies competed with the other cast members living in a villa in Mallorca to become one half of the winning couple. She and Kem Cetinay were the eventual winners of the show that season. After the series ended, Davies created Strong Not Skinny, a fitness and exercise initiative. She is quite popular on social media. On Instagram, she has over 1.7 million followers while on Twitter, the number of her followers is about 351 thousand.

    Amber Davies