Famous tv actor, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Asher Angel

    Asher Angel is an American actor known for his role in the TV series ˜Andi Mack.' Born in Paradise Valley, Arizona, he began his acting career as a child in the 2008 flick ˜Jolene.' As a teenager, he appeared in the 2017 Disney Channel short video ˜Snow Globe Wonderland'. He has also performed in theater where he has acted in over ten plays. Today, Asher Angel is certainly one of the most talented young and upcoming artistes in Hollywood. Undoubtedly multifaceted, he is a great singer and guitarist too. On the personal front, he is the older brother of actor Avi Angel. He is a family guy who loves to spend time with his dear ones whenever he is not shooting. Talking about Angel's personality, he is dashing, smart, and intelligent. His charming and innocent looks are among the many reasons people, especially girls, adore him. With his passion for acting, Angel is sure to become a superstar in the coming future.

    Asher Angel

  • Cole Sprouse

    Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American actor best known for starring in the Disney sitcom ˜The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' along with his twin brother, <a title='Dylan Sprouse' href='/famous/dylan-sprouse.htm'>Dylan Sprouse</a>. Born to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright, Cole was named after jazz singer Nat King Cole. Cole appeared in a diaper commercial when he was of six months. He began his acting career playing a role in the ABC series, ˜Grace Under Fire' when he was just eight months old. He further went on to star alongside Adam Sandler in the 1999 comedy ˜Big Daddy', where he played the role of Sandler's adopted son. He played Ross Geller's son Ben Geller in seven episodes of NBC sitcom ˜Friends'. Cole reprised his role as Cody in the Disney sitcom ˜Suite Life on Deck' and also starred in its move titled ˜The Suite Life Movie'. He and his brother were one of the wealthiest children alive in 2007 and were also the highest paid teenage actors in 2011. Charming teenagers with stellar performance since they were kids, Cole and his brother became heartthrobs among the preteen audiences.

    Cole Sprouse

  • Finn Wolfhard

    When Finn Wolfhard was gearing up to watch the first film of his lifetime, little did he know the kind of influence it would cast upon his life, changing the course of it completely. Wolfhard's experience after watching ˜Spider-Man' was such that he resolved to become an actor almost instantly. He started working towards realizing his dream even before he turned ten. Barely in his teens, he is already two films old with ˜Aftermath' and ˜The Resurrection'. He has also made guest appearances in several television series including ˜The 100' and ˜The Supernatural'. However, Wolfhard's claim to glory came with the super hit television series ˜Stranger Things'. The teenage sensation is now set to star in the 2017 film, ˜It' and also in the second season of the series, ˜Stranger Things'.

    Finn Wolfhard

  • Cameron Boyce

    Cameron Boyce is an American actor and dancer famous for playing the roles Luke Ross on Disney comedy show ˜Jessie' and "Conor" on Disney XD live-action comedy series ˜Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything'. His first television break was in May 2008 when he appeared on the music video "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)" for the American rock band "Panic! at the Disco" where he played the child version of the guitarist Ryan Ross. He got his first major role on TV in July 2008 on the nighttime soap opera ˜General Hospital: Night Shift', appearing on seven episodes of the show. In August 2008, he landed his first feature film role in the horror film ˜Mirrors'. The same year, he also appeared in the mystery thriller movie ˜Eagle Eye'. He played the role of Keith Feder, the spoiled son of Adam Sandler, in the 2010 comedy film ˜Grown Ups'. He reprised his role of Keith Feder in the sequel ˜Grown Ups 2', released in 2013. He portrayed the role of Carlos in the Disney Channel Original musical film ˜Descendants', where he got a chance to show his impressive dance moves.

    Cameron Boyce

  • Jace Norman

    Nickelodeon star who landed the title role of Henry Hart in the 2014 Nickelodeon series Henry Danger and stars as Adam Baker in the 2015 TV movie Splitting Adam. He also played the title role in Rufus and Rufus 2. 

    Jace Norman

  • Ross Lynch

    Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer and musician, who became famous after his role in the television show ˜Austin & Ally.' The show, in which, Lynch played the lead role as Austin Moon, became a hit, earning numerous awards and becoming quite popular worldwide. He is also known for his popular role as Brady in the ˜Teen Beach Movie' a Disney Channel Original Movie which premiered in 2013, as well as its sequel ˜Teen Beach 2' which premiered in 2015. Possessing a good singing voice, he is also well-versed in playing the guitar and the piano. He is one of the members of the pop rock band R5 and has received much fame for his musical talents as well. He also performed ˜Heard it on the Radio' for the soundtrack of the show ˜Austin & Ally'. Despite being just a young adult, Lynch has managed to accomplish a lot in his life so far which has earned him an online fan base of more than three million. He uses his fame in social media to motivate his followers to pursue their dreams no matter how hard their lives get and no matter how many tough obstacles they face. He has himself proven to his fans how far your ambitions along with persistence and dedication can take you.

    Ross Lynch

  • Dylan O'Brien

    Actor best known for his role as Stiles on MTV's Teen Wolf. He also starred as Thomas in the Maze Runner films and as the character Caleb in the 2016 film Deepwater Horizon. Additionally, he was cast as the lead in the 2017 film American Assassin. 

    Dylan O'Brien

  • Noah Centineo

    Noah Centineo is an American actor who is best known for his roles in the series ˜The Fosters' and the TV film ˜How to Build a Better Boy.' He was born in Miami, Florida, to Kellee Janel and Gregory Vincent Centineo, and was raised in Boynton Beach, Florida. He grew up with his elder sister, Taylor. His businessman father worked as a pastor earlier. His father also produced an animated film named ˜Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return' in 2013. He had a keen interest in acting since an early age. Hence, he auditioned for an agency when he was just 8 years old. He began his career at the age of 15, when he bagged his breakthrough role in the film ˜The Gold Retrievers.' He also appeared in films such as ˜Turkles,' ˜SPF- 18,' ˜Can't Take It Back,' ˜To All the Boys I've Loved Before,' and ˜Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.' Some of his most notable series are ˜Austin & Ally,' ˜Shake It Up,' ˜Newsreaders,' and ˜The Fosters.'

    Noah Centineo

  • Noah Schnapp

    Noah Schnapp is an American actor who came into limelight after he began portraying the lead character, Will Bryers, in the Netflix horror series, ˜Stranger Things'. Schnapp also garnered widespread acclaim for lending his voice to Charlie Brown in ˜The Peanuts Movie'. He started performing as a child artist when he was just six years old, and enthused by his acting mentor he began taking the acting profession seriously as he grew up. He debuted as an actor when he successfully auditioned for the part of Roger Donovan in the Steven Spielberg directed movie, ˜Bridge of Spies'. Noah depicted the central character, ˜Will Byers' in Stranger Things Season 1 and reprised his role in Season 2. He also appeared in an independently produced film, ˜We Only Know So Much'. Noah is starring in a few movies that are under production at the moment.

    Noah Schnapp

  • KJ Apa

    Known best for his role as Archie Andrews on the CW series Riverdale, he also portrayed Kane Jenkins on New Zealand's popular TV2 soap opera Shortland Street. In 2018, he starred as the lead in the film The Hate U Give. He has cultivated a significant internet presence, accumulating more than 8 million Instagram followers. 

    KJ Apa

  • King Bach

    Andrew Bachelor, known by his onscreen name ˜King Bach' is a Vine royalty, famous for his peculiar 6-second comedy sketches that earned him over 16 million followers on Vine. With the inclusion of special cameos by Justin Bieber, Keke and Tyga in some of his videos, he'd sent the message loud and clear that ˜He takes his newfound profession very seriously'. Other than being a Vine personality, Andrew also creates funny YouTube videos, commercials and has acted in different movies to create a loyal fan base of several millions in such a short time. Currently he has so many ongoing projects in hand that he has to turn down most requests for sponsored Vine videos! Additionally, he's active on his YouTube channel titled Bachelors Pad TV, where he already has more than a million subscribers. He creates his own sketch comedies and movie parodies with similar content as his other channels. Many online publications like FSU News contribute to his online video content. We've seen him appearing in famous TV shows like ˜My Pyramid' and ˜Burn Notice'. He frequently appears in Wild ˜N' Out with Nick Cannon on MTV channel and Showtime's ˜House of Lies.' When he's free from social networks, he actively shoots for his film series. Currently, he's filming for ˜Black Jesus' a TV series for the Adult Swim Channel. Currently, he works in association with Ingrid Bachelor (CPA of Bachelor & Associates), Evan Silverberg at Underground and UTA.

    King Bach

  • Walker Bryant

    American actor who is best recognized for his appearances in short films. He is known for having played Young Link in the Link: Legend of Zelda short film as well as Randy in the 2017 short Innocence. He also has a popular YouTube channel with over 750,000 subscribers.

    Walker Bryant

  • Grant Gustin

    Grant Gustin is an American actor, singer, and dancer best known for his role as Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash on The CW hit series 'The Flash'. He started his journey on television with the series 'Glee', and later was cast as a recurring character in the series '90210' and 'Arrow'. Since he was a child, he always dreamed to be a Broadway actor, eventually working in television and movies. He says it got flipped as he already got his break on TV, and still wants to act in Broadway plays. However, he is glad for what he has achieved so far. According to him, the opportunity to work on 'Glee' somewhat fell into his lap as he was not actively looking for it. A prolific tap dancer, he had originally auditioned for a role as a tap dancer in 'Glee'. While he failed to get that part, he did make a mark on Ryan Murphy, the show's co-creator, who remembered him for the recurring role of Sebastian Smythe. Apart from playing the lead role in 'The Flash', Gustin has reprised his role in cross-over episodes of four other television series based on the same fictional universe: 'Arrow', 'Vixen', 'Supergirl' and 'Legends of Tomorrow'.

    Grant Gustin

  • Ian Somerhalder

    He became known to television drama audiences for playing the heartthrob Damon Salvatore in the The Vampire Diaries and Boone Carlyle in Lost.

    Ian Somerhalder

  • Casey Simpson

    Casey Simpson is a well-known American child actor. He is most famous for portraying the character of Ricky Harper in the Nickelodeon hit TV series ˜Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn'. Besides this, he is also a voice actor. Not just this! He is a famous Musical.ly star as well who is known for creating amazing videos. Starting his acting career at the age of three, Simpson has emerged as a successful child artist. Along with TV shows, the blonde boy has appeared in numerous commercials. His talent and hard-work have earned him millions of fans worldwide. Also popular on social media platforms, the young teen has got over 5 million fans on the Musical.ly app. Besides this, he also has followers on other social networking sites. As of now, Casey Simpson has got 1.4m followers and 43.6k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. This tells a lot about the American child star's popularity! Note that apart from his talent, people adore him for his cute looks, pretty blue eyes, and charming smile.

    Casey Simpson

  • Josh Peck

    Josh has had a remarkable journey from a TV child artist to a Hollywood star. Identifying his passion at the age of 8, he knew right from the start that he was going to make it big. He has an inherent sense of humor, and since his childhood he has used it to the utmost. From stand-up comedy to television shows; from a voice actor to landing himself a movie with Dan Bradley, he has shown the world that with hard work one can achieve all they desire. Always aspiring to be a role model for generations to come, he has a huge fan following on ˜Twitter' with 1.98 million fans at his heels, he loves using forums like ˜Snapchat' and ˜Instagram' to keep his viewers updated and connected, where he has approximately 3.5 million followers. He is also a ˜Vine' star and collaborates with vines to create six seconds of comic relief.

    Josh Peck

  • Peyton Meyer

    Peyton Meyer is an American actor best known for portraying Lucas Friar on the Disney Channel Original Series ˜Girl Meets World', a spinoff of the popular series ˜Boy Meets World'. Earlier during 2013-14, he donned the role of Wes Manning on another Disney Channel Original ˜Series Dog with a Blog', which made him very popular with the audience. He reprised the role of Lucas Friar for a guest appearance on the episode "Cyd and Shelby's Haunted Escape" in the Disney sitcom ˜Best Friends Whenever'. In 2016, Meyer played the role of Tommy in the family comedy film Gibby. He has also appeared as a guest on a number of TV shows including ˜Good Morning America', ˜Teens Wanna Know', ˜Disney 365', and ˜Disney Best Day Ever'. He has been a main cast on ˜Girl Meets World' for three seasons till January 2017, when the producers announced that the series would not be renewed for a fourth season. The cancellation of the popular series caused an uproar on social media, with fans campaigning for its continuation.

    Peyton Meyer

  • Dylan Sprouse

    Dylan Sprouse is a young American actor who became famous for his appearance in the comedy film titled ˜Big Daddy' in which he and his twin brother, Cole, took turns in playing the role of Julian. The twin brothers became even more popular when they took part in the sitcom ˜Suite Life of Jack and Cody' produced by ˜Disney Channel' which ran for three years starting from 2005 up to 2008. He has a mixture of Danish, German, Scottish and English ancestry. He has more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.81 million followers on Twitter. Together with his twin brother, Cole, they are referred as the ˜Sprouse brothers' in the film industry. The Sprouse brothers launched a franchise known as the Sprouse Bros brand, which included a clothing line, book series and magazine, but except for the clothing line, their franchise ended in 2008. The Sprouse brothers were named one the wealthiest children alive in 2007. It was reported that in 2010, they were the highest-paid teenage Disney television actors. According to MSN, the twin brothers became the richest teenage twins in the world by the end of the 2000s.

    Dylan Sprouse

  • Gaten Matarazzo

    Gaten Matarazzo is an American actor, best known for his excellent portrayal of Dustin in the Netflix web series ˜Stranger Things'. Inducted into the entertainment industry at a young age, he has portrayed several roles in theatre and television series until now. Though he is still very young, he has already done several noteworthy performances. He is yet to make a debut in feature films. Gaten Matarazzo is afflicted with a rare condition called cleidocranial dysplasia which he has discussed in several platforms. He has also shared that he had been rejected from several acting roles for around two years owing to his disability. Gaten Matarazzo is active on social media platforms like twitter and Instagram.

    Gaten Matarazzo

  • Paul Wesley

    Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski, popularly known as Paul Wesley, is an award-winning actor, producer, and director, best known for his role in the popular television drama series ˜The Vampire Diaries'. For his role in the TV series, he has earned several awards and nominations, including the ˜Teen Choice Awards' as well as the ˜Young Hollywood Awards'. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the United States, Wesley showed an interest in acting from his school years. Later, he enrolled at the Rutgers University. However, after realizing his potential as an actor, and knowing that he could make a career out of his incredible acting skills, he dropped out. His first appearance on TV was in the popular American TV soap opera ˜Another World'. Two years later, he appeared in a lead role in ˜Wolf Lake', a TV series that aired on CBS network. His career reached a turning point after he started playing the role of Stefan Salvatore, in the popular American TV series ˜The Vampire Diaries'. He has directed a few episodes of the series as well. Since he made his film debut in the movie ˜The Last Run', he has also appeared in several popular movies. He was recently seen in the movies ˜Mothers and Daughters', and ˜The Late Bloomer', in supporting roles.

    Paul Wesley

  • Jack Griffo

    Jack Griffo is an American actor and singer who has acted in several television shows and movies. He plays the lead role of Max Thunderman in the television series ˜The Thudermans' of which he has been part of since 2013. Griffo also has his own YouTube channel where he posts covers of popular songs. His fan following on social media is huge and is growing rapidly with each passing day. The young actor has been nominated for Kids' Choice Awards four times during his career. An inspiration to many teenagers and youngsters, Griffo also endorses a lot of apparels and lifestyle brands. Apart from television, Jack has also been part of movies like ˜Sound of My Voice', ˜What I did Last Summer: First Kiss' and ˜American Hero' among others. Besides being an actor, Jack is a singer too. In 2011 he released a single titled ˜Hold Me' in collaboration with his friend Kelsey. He even released his debut solo ˜Slingshot' on 13 November 2013.

    Jack Griffo

  • Aidan Gallagher

    Aidan Gallagher is a famous American child actor who has shown his acting skills in various TV shows and movies. He became one of the most popular child actors in the country by portraying Nicky Harper in the Nickelodeon series ˜Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.' He was just nine years old when he started his acting career, and portrayed his first professional role in ˜Modern Family,' an Emmy winning TV series. His parents have been very supportive and have helped him pursue his acting career. Experts believe that his work showcases the signs of a good and powerful actor, and he holds much potential to be a very successful actor in future. He started his YouTube Channel”AidanRGallagher”on June 3, 2006, which had amassed over 2.5 million views as of June 2017. He is quite popular on various social media platforms, and posts pictures on Instagram regularly to stay in touch with his admirers.

    Aidan Gallagher

  • Chase Stokes

    Actor best known for his role as John B in Netflix's Outer Banks. He has appeared in several other television shows including Tell Me Your Secrets and One Of Us Is Lying. 

    Chase Stokes

  • Tyler Posey

    Tyler Garcia Posey is a well-known American actor who appears in both movies and television. He is best known for his work in the MTV television series, ˜Teen Wolf', which started airing from 2011. The series is about a young boy Scott (played by Tyler) who gets bitten by a werewolf. He then has to cope with his new life and take precautions not to cause harm to his friends and family. He has co-starred with the popular ˜Twilight' star Booboo Stewart as well, in the film ˜White Frog', a 2012 American film based on family, friendship, and love. The film is about a teen who feels neglected but then encounters a tragedy which changes his life. He is also known for his role as Jennifer Lopez's son in the romantic comedy, ˜Maid in Manhattan', which revolves around a renowned politician and a hotel maid who fall in love. One of his recent films was ˜Yoga Hosers', released in 2016, which has elements of both horror as well as humor. Posey is also a skilled musician, and he plays guitar in the band, ˜Disappearing Jamie.'

    Tyler Posey