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  • Park Ji-min

    Park Ji-min, also known as Jamie Park or Jimin Park, is a singer, songwriter, and television presenter from South Korea. She is best known as a member of the girl duo 15& and the Season 1 winner of the reality singing competition ˜K-pop Star.' Her popular songs include covers of ˜Rolling in the Deep' and ˜Over The Rainbow'. Besides being a pop singer, the young lady is also a television presenter and had been featured in a number of TV shows, such as ˜After School Club', ˜Strong Heart' and ˜Night Line', to name a few. She has done several radio programs as well. Despite being so successful at a young age, Park Ji-min is a down-to-earth personality in real life. The South Korean star is known for her philanthropic nature. She once gave around $45,000 to a performing arts association for visually-impaired musicians. This is another major reason for which Park Ji-min is loved by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

    Park Ji-min

  • Jay Alvarrez

    Social media star and model who has gained a following of over 5 million on Instagram. He is an extreme sports enthusiast as an active skydiver and surfer. He has over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and several of his vlogs have earned upwards of 10 million views each.

    Jay Alvarrez

  • Jason Dolley

    Jason Dolley is an American actor and musician, popular for his roles in Disney Channel movies and shows, which include ˜Cory in the House', ˜Minutemen', ˜Read It and Weep', ˜Hatching Pete', and ˜Good Luck Charlie'. He always wanted to be an actor, and appeared in his first stage show at the age of 11, when he and his brother portrayed Abbott and Costello respectively in ˜Who's on First' in a school talent show. He started acting in short films soon after and it did not take him long to establish himself as an upcoming young actor with great future potential. Eventually he made his way into Disney Channel productions”the dream of every young actor”and made the best of the opportunities offered to him. He earned a lot of acclaim for his poignant performances, especially for portraying P J Duncan in the TV series ˜Good Luck Charlie.'

    Jason Dolley

  • Sean O'Pry

    Native American model who has worked with <a title='Calvin Klein' href='/famous/calvin-klein.htm'>Calvin Klein</a>, Armani, and other high-end brands. He starred in <a title='Taylor Swift' href='/famous/taylor-swift.htm'>Taylor Swift</a>'s music video for "Blank Space."

    Sean O'Pry

  • Vixella

    Sasha Staggs, popularly known as Vixella or FancySimmer, is a popular American gamer, social media personality, and a 'Let's Play' star, who uploads her own commentary and playthroughs of games on YouTube. She has garnered tremendous fame through her YouTube channel ˜Vixella'. Building a loyal fan base, she has carved a niche for herself in the YouTube gaming community, which is primarily male-dominated. She focuses on her subjective experience with the game, often with humorous or critical commentary. She started her YouTibe channel in 2013. She uploaded her first video named ˜The Sims 3: Create A Sim | Christmas Inspired' on Christmas Eve in 2013. Over the years, her channel has become immensely popular, amassing over 900,000 subscribers. She is, no doubt, one of the best players of Sims 4, which is an incredibly popular genre among young female gamers on YouTube. The scale of her massive popularity is also evident from her Twitter and Instagram accounts.


  • Gus Kamp

    Gus Kamp is an American actor most known for his role in Disney sitcom ˜Best Friends Whenever'. He plays the role of Barry Eisenberg, a teen genius whose invention enables best friends Shelby and Cyd to travel back and forth in time. Before landing a lead role in the Disney series, he has acted in theatre and also appeared in commercials. He is a trained stage actor who took part in many plays and musicals including ˜Annie', ˜Guys and Dolls', ˜Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', and more. For over a year, he appeared in print ads and television and radio commercials for Toys R Us. In 2011, he was a panelist on Fresh Perspectives with Beck Bennett, a talk show featuring kids discussing current events. The same year, he played Ryan Freeman, the son of a gamer trying to make it as a professional, in ˜The Streetfighter'. Gus, who loves horror stories, landed roles in a number of horror short films and TV series in the next few years, including ˜The Sleepover' and ˜Deadtime Stories'. He started his YouTube channel in September 2013 and posts mostly gaming videos. He mentions that his channel is purely for fun and he doesn't intend to monetize the platform by introducing ads.

    Gus Kamp

  • Paul DelVecchio

    Also known as DJ Pauly D, he became famous for his role on MTV's Jersey Shore, and later starred in The Pauly D Project. In 2013, he released the single "Back to Love," which peaked at #113 on the UK charts. 

    Paul DelVecchio

  • Tez Mengestu

    He is neither famous nor infamous but is certainly unfamously famous or famously unfamous. Meet social media star 19 year old Tez Mengestu. His selfies and photographs on Instagram, one-liners on twitter or six-second video clips on Vine have managed to attract nearly a million followers across social networking sites in a short span of about two years. Most of his die hard admirers are girls in the 10-18 age group who not only account for nearly 15 percent of the world's population but also directly or indirectly influence consumption and purchase decisions for a vast range of products from cars to cosmetics. This is what makes people like Tez important to all kinds of marketers and entrepreneurs. He is at best a model, comedian or aspiring film and radio personality and at worst somebody who does not seem to have any particular talent except an ability to relate to his fans through his presence on social media. He is yet to have a Wikipedia page and very little is known of him except that he regularly tweets and uploads video clips of his antics or photographs of him in funny poses or with exaggerated facial expressions.

    Tez Mengestu

  • Adam Young

    Adam Randal Young is an American musician and singer-songwriter who is the only constant member of the electronica project called Owl City. He first came to prominence with the release of the six-time platinum single ˜Fireflies' in 2009. A native of Iowa, Adam relocated to Minnesota with his family when he was still a child. After graduating from high school, he started working at a Coca-Cola shipping warehouse. During this period, he began composing melodies in his head and later set up a recording studio in his parents' basement. Soon enough, Young was recording songs and uploading them on his Myspace account. Following the success of ˜Fireflies', Young went on to release several albums under Owl City. He is also attached to several other music projects, including Sky Sailing, Port Blue, and Swimming with Dolphins. For ˜Wreck-It Ralph', the 2012 animated film in which his music had been used, Young won the 2013 Annie Award for Music in an Animated Feature Production and the 2013 ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for Top Box Office Films.

    Adam Young

  • Edie Falco

    Edie Falco is an American actress known for her powerful performances in theatre, television and movies. She was interested in a career in acting from young and pursued Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting at SUNY Purchase. During the initial years of her career, Edie Falco acted in minor supporting roles in feature films. A few feature films that earned critical acclaim include ˜Cost of Living', ˜Sunshine State' and ˜Laws of Gravity'. She later got acting opportunities in television and this in turn showcased her talent as a dramatic actor. She is best known for her performances in television series ˜Oz', ˜The Sopranos' and ˜Nurse Jackie'. She also was active in theatre and made several Broadway play appearances like ˜Side Man', ˜Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune', ˜'night, Mother' and ˜The House of Blue Leaves'. Her performances have earned her several prestigious awards like the Primetime Emmy Awards, The Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. She is known to be an advocate of nonprofit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and is a spokesperson of ˜Health Care for America NOW!'.

    Edie Falco

  • PT Barnum

    P.T. Barnum was one of the most celebrated personalities who amused millions of people with his bizarre yet amusing showmanship. With an in-depth understanding of how to create curiosity and excite people, combined with the talent to package and create entertainment, he was aptly called the ˜Shakespeare of advertising'. This renowned showman invented the modern three-ring circus, which became the ˜largest circus of the world' during the 19th century. Known for his trademark pranks and hoaxes, some of his best tricks include ˜The Feejee Mermaid', ˜Tom Thumb's Baby', ˜The Cardiff Giant', and ˜Free Grand Buffalo Hunt'. One of the wealthiest men of his times, his entrepreneurial skills and his ˜profitable philanthropy' ventures earned him a good fortune. He also authored many books during his lifetime, including ˜Struggles and Triumphs', ˜Art of Money-Getting' and his autobiography, ˜The Life of P.T. Barnum'. Known for his achievements and creativity, Barnum is hailed as ˜the great American showman' and his name lives on in the history of American circus legacy even today.

    PT Barnum

  • Sammy Robinson

    Sammy Robinson is an Australian YouTube star who shot to fame by posting beauty related videos on her self-titled YouTube channel. The beauty guru is often compared to American fashion model Gigi Hadid. Her youthful personality has caught the attention of the beauty industry, leading to a huge fan following across Australia. This beauty influencer in Australia has also garnered a rapidly growing international following on social media, which has helped her to partner with a number of global fashion and beauty brands. She has been signed by the management company Max Connectors. Today, she is living her childhood dream of making a name for herself in the beauty industry. She is a regular at prestigious fashion events and often travels around the world to work with international brands. She has also established herself as a blogger and her fans love her beauty and skincare hacks, advices, and regimes.

    Sammy Robinson

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