Famous Born in japan
  • Mia Stammer

    If a list of inspirational YouTubers has to be compiled, then Mia Stammer definitely deserves a spot. It would be an understatement to call her channel a heck of a fun ride, because it's not only filled with beauty tutorials, but also with videos that make you burt into laughter. Yep, her short skits like ˜Back to school: Then vs Now', ˜My realistic morning routine', and '10 Things lazy people do' are just the right videos to tickle your funny bones. And her vlogs are things that are worth losing your day's productivity over. Mia's carpool karaoke and random grocery shopping vlogs will have you giggling over her silliness. Mia Stammer has already carved a niche for herself and seems like one day she will conquer great heights with her work. Many of her admirers are just waiting to see that day.

    Mia Stammer

  • Filthy Frank

    Comedian and YouTube phenomenon with channels called TVFilthyFrank and DizastaMusic. He has created a number of characters for his videos, including Filthy Frank. Other characters include Pink Guy, Salamander Man, Lemon Guy, and Safari Man.

    Filthy Frank

  • Sky Brown

    Skateboarder who became the youngest girl ever to compete in the 2016 Vans US Open Pro Series. Her favorite place to skate is Miyazaki City Skate Park.

    Sky Brown

  • Hirai Momo

    Hirai Momo, also popular as just Momo, is a Japanese singer and dancer. She is best known as a member of the K-pop group, ˜Twice,' where she performs as the main dancer, supporting vocalist, and sub-rapper. Extremely talented, Momo began dancing at the age of three, following in the footsteps of her elder sister. She also started singing at this age and got into K-pop music after watching Lee Hyori and Rain. She then went on to participate in the reality TV show ˜Sixteen' and later joined ˜Twice'. Since then, Momo has released a number of songs. She has also appeared in numerous music videos, the popular ones being GOT7's "Stop Stop It and Park Jin Young's "Fire," featuring Conan O'Brien, Jimin Park, and Steven Yeun. Behind the scenes, Momo is a down-to-earth woman. She is humble and hardworking. Even though her parents did not like her career choice initially, they eventually decided to support her ambitions.

    Hirai Momo

  • BryanStars

    Bryan Odell or commonly known as BryanStars is a well known musician and music interviewer. Along with this, he is also popular for his YouTube videos in the YouTuber community. Odell's YouTube channel has more than 700Ksubscribers and over 140 million video views. He has interviewed acts such as Asking Alexandria, Tonight Alive, Black Veil Brides and many others. He launched an album called ˜Follow Your Dreams.' After getting huge success on YouTube with his channel BryanStars, he opened another one named BryanStars 2 for all his Music Video Publications. Later he opened a third channel, naming it BryanStarsSings, were he uploads his own cover song videos.Bryan is considered to be amongst the topmost personalities on YouTube from the Music Industry.


  • Masashi Kishimoto

    Masashi Kishimoto is a Japanese manga artist, best known for creating the popular manga series ˜Naruto.' ˜Naruto' has gone down in history as one of the most-loved manga in the world. Masashi was born in Okayama, Japan, and was a huge fan of anime and manga since his elementary school days. He was a massive fan of the ˜Dragon Ball' manga and the series. Its creator, Akira Toriyama, became one of his main inspirations to become a manga artist. Masashi was also inspired by the artistic brilliance of the animated film ˜Akira' and ˜Ghost in the Shell.' He decided to study arts in university. While in college, he started submitting his works to various magazines, and his first successful manga, the pilot for ˜Karakuri,' was submitted to ˜Shueisha' in 1995. He earned several honors for his work. However, this was followed by a vastly unsuccessful phase. In 1997, his one-shot version of ˜Naruto' was published. The serialized version of ˜Naruto' premiered in 1999. It ended in 2014 after being in circulation for 15 years. Having sold millions of copies in Japan and other countries, it became one of the most successful manga of all time. Several other versions of ˜Naruto' were written in the following years, making Masashi one of the most celebrated manga artists of all time.

    Masashi Kishimoto

  • Lil Moco

    Lil Moco is a Japanese YouTuber famous for creating music video parodies on his self-titled YouTube channel. He also has a side channel titled ˜Life Of Moco' on which he posts his vlogs. Both these channels are immensely popular among the YouTubers. While Moco's self-titled channel has earned over 1.8 million subscribers and about 315 million views till date, his vlog channel has over 410k subscribers and about 61 million views. Besides YouTube, the Japanese YouTuber is moderately popular on Instagram as well where he holds a fan base of 247k (as of May 2018). Moco, who likes sharing his life experiences with his fans and followers, has a great sense of humor. He is totally a fun-loving guy and has a very down-to-earth personality. On a personal note, Moco has a brother and a sister and loves spending his free time with them. He also has a few good buddies in town he often parties with. The YouTuber is in a committed relationship and has a daughter.

    Lil Moco

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Shigeru Miyamoto is a famous Japanese video game designer and producer. He is considered as one of the pioneers of the video game industry, and often regarded as the father of modern video gaming. His extremely successful career spanning over four decades started in 1977 when he joined Nintendo as an artist. His unique style of developing a storyline with characters first thus bringing in a creative aspect instead of just designing a game focussing on the programming and technical aspects like other video game designers, made him develop some of the most all-time popular and best-selling video games and franchises. His big break came when he created ˜Donkey Kong' a video game that not only soared his fame, introducing his signature character ˜Mario', but also brought a new wave in the video game industry. In the era of Asteroids and Pac-Man, the game emerged among the best-sellers of early 1980s. It paved way for an array of other popular video games and franchises developed by this video gaming marvel including ˜Mario', ˜Star Fox', F-Zero', ˜The Legend of Zelda' and ˜Pikmin'. With time his responsibilities and position in company increased that saw him receiving several promotions over the years. At present he serves as the co-Representative Director of ˜Nintendo'.

    Shigeru Miyamoto

  • Akira Toriyama

    Akira Toriyama is a Japanese ˜Mangaka' or a manga artist (Manga is a comic created in Japan or in Japanese language, drawn in a specific late 19th century Japanese style). He is best known for his manga ˜Dragon Ball,' which is one of the most popular and successful manga in the world. He is a noted video-game character designer, known for the games ˜Dragon Quest' series, ˜Blue Dragon,' among others. Born and raised in Japan, he developed a liking for drawing manga during his school days. After working for a few years in an advertising company, he quit the job to become a manga artist. After his first few manga, he earned true recognition when his comedy series ˜Dr. Slump' received wide appreciation. He followed this up with even greater success of the series ˜Dragon Ball.' Millions of copies of his manga were sold worldwide and both these manga were adapted into anime. Later, he created shorter manga and one-shots. He received prominent awards in recognition of his excellent art. He is married to Yoshimi Kato and they have a son and a daughter.

    Akira Toriyama

  • Shinsuke Nakamura

    Shinsuke Nakamura is a Japanese pro wrestler and an MMA fighter who is presently signed under the World Wrestling Entertainment and appears on SmackDown. Born and brought up in Kyoto, Japan, Shinsuke got bullied as a kid. His determination to be able to defend himself and love for wrestling programmes on television unknowingly set the course of his future. He started wrestling with New Japan Pro wrestling and wrestled there for 14 years, becoming in process, one of Japan's most loved wrestlers. At the age of 23, he became the youngest wrestler in the IWGP history to become the promotion's Heavyweight champion. He also got his hands on the Intercontinental championship many times, along with the tag team titles at IWGP. In 2014, his success at the New Japan Cup tournament got him in the eyes of American promotions and although he was well trained in MMA, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts, he didn't care about joining UFC, and instead went for WWE. Before becoming the part of main WWE rooster, he was involved in NXT and his success there led him to make his main WWE rooster debut via SmackDown in April 2017.

    Shinsuke Nakamura

  • Kana

    Japanese wrestler known as a multiple-time champion in promotions like Dramatic Dream Team and Smash. In 2015 she joined the WWE's NXT; she began wrestling for Raw in 2017. She has also worked as a graphic designer and writer for XBox Magazine.


  • Minatozaki Sana

    One of nine girls featured in the K-pop group Twice, which has released a mini-album called The Story Begins. The group was formed through the reality series Sixteen.

    Minatozaki Sana