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  • Tyler Brown

    Social media star best known for his tylerbrown account, which has gained over 5 million fans. He also has over 1.6 million followers on his tylerbrown Instagram account. His fans are known as Tyler's Brownies. 

    Tyler Brown

  • Shakira

    Singer-songwriter whose 2006 song "Hips Don't Lie" became a #1 hit. She initially gained fame from her 1995 major-label debut album, Pies Descalzos, and found international success with her 2002 track "Whenever, Wherever."


  • Chad Franke

    Chad Franke is the son of <a title='Kevin' href='/famous/kevin-franke.htm'>Kevin</a> and <a title='Ruby' href='/famous/ruby-franke.htm'>Ruby</a>, who are famous for their family YouTube channel, ˜8 Passengers', which features them along with their six children. The channel is packed with vlogs that portray the family's everyday life including their trips, birthday celebrations, shopping, etc. They have also posted a bunch of videos that exclusively feature Chad. Starting from his introduction, Chad has appeared in a number of videos, in which he has spoken about various topics, such as his first crush, shopping for Valentine's Day, the onset of puberty, etc. He has regularly posted videos pertaining to his daily routine and has also taken up many challenges that have gone viral on the internet. His family has also posted videos in collaboration with ˜The Ohana Culture', another family YouTube channel that posts similar videos.

    Chad Franke

  • Soni Nicole Bringas

    Soni Nicole Bringas is a dancer and television actress. She has been seen in many popular TV commercials, such as the one for Swagger Wagon Toyota, with Heidi Klum for Jordache, and the one for American Girl. Soni was first noticed in CW's satirical telenovela called ˜Jane the Virgin', where she played the role of a hip-hop dancer. She has also featured in several choreography videos by <a title='Matt Steffanina' href='/famous/matt-steffanina.htm'>Matt Steffanina</a> and <a title='Nick Demoura' href='/famous/nick-demoura.htm'>Nick Demoura</a> since. She has appeared in the film ˜Beautiful and Twisted.' Her recent projects include numerous dance and choreography videos and a role in the original Netflix series ˜Fuller House', where she plays the role of Ramona Gibbler. It is a sequel to the popular 1990s sitcom,˜Full House.'

    Soni Nicole Bringas

  • Spencer Elmer

    YouTuber and YouNower well known online as Spenxerr and Elmo Films who earned representation with BigPureTalent. In 2017, he became a part of The Social Climbers web group.

    Spencer Elmer

  • Andrea Subotic

    Relatable lip-sync performer and skit creator best known for her andrea_subotic TikTok account. She has more than 2.6 million followers on the platform. She is also a singer and has posted content of herself hanging out in music studios. 

    Andrea Subotic

  • Ingrid Nilsen

    YouTube sensation known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content on her self-titled channel, which was originally called MissGlamorazzi. Some of her most popular series included GIY (Glam It Yourself), DIY (Do It Yourself), and Sense of Self. She earned over 3.6 million subscribers. In June 2020, she announced she was leaving YouTube. 

    Ingrid Nilsen

  • Jontavian Barber

    Jontavian Barber is a well-known social media personality known for his Instagram photos, YouNow livestreams, and YouTube videos. He has two YouTube channels, one for traditional videos and the other for vlogs. He uploads challenges, pranks, story time videos, music videos, and skits, among other things. Fans praised him for crooning the song "Remember" and posted it on his YouTube account. Jontavian has also appeared in a number of other YouTubers' videos. His romance with YouTuber Brandon, and the following breakup, was widely publicized. On the subject, a number of videos have been made available. Jontavian is also a fantastic rapper.

    Jontavian Barber

  • Universal Sam

    Universal Sam is a TikTok user and online star from the United States. On social media, she is also known as Sam Nicole. She was born in New York and grew up with her brother. She made her initial venture into social media with profiles on YouTube and YouNow, but she didn't have much success on either site. It wasn't until she made her TikTok account, which was recognized as musical, that she realized what was going on. It was about this period that she began to gain fame. She now has over two million followers and over 125 million hearts on the site, making her one of the most popular TikTok users.

    Universal Sam

  • Gerard Pique

    Spanish centre-back who joined FC Barcelona in 2008 and played a key role in Spain's 2010 FIFA World Cup victory. In 2009, he was named La Liga's Breakthrough Player of the Year, and in 2010, he was named the league's Best Defender.

    Gerard Pique

  • Judy Travis

    Judy Travis is an American YouTuber who posts a variety of videos on her channels. She is best known for her channel ˜itsjudytime,' where she shares beauty and lifestyle content. She also runs a collaborative channel called ˜itsJudysLife' on which she posts vlogs. A mother of three beautiful daughters, Travis has a special channel called ˜itsMommysLife' as well, which is dedicated to mothers. As a busy YouTuber who is also a wife and a mother, she has her hands full all the time! A graduate of the University of Washington, Travis is well-educated and extremely talented. Not only does she have vast knowledge in the fields of beauty and fashion, but she is also an expert in developing content on motherhood. She is of Asian and Filipino-American ethnicity. A humble and charismatic personality, Travis is definitely worth following on YouTube as her channels are full of information and entertainment!

    Judy Travis

  • Sam Collins

    Well known across social media as itsSamCollins, he is both a YouTube and YouNow sensation. His YouTube videos have racked up over 240,000 subscribers while his YouNow channels boasts to over 90,000 fans. 

    Sam Collins

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