Famous Born in italy
  • Cole Sprouse

    Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American actor best known for starring in the Disney sitcom ˜The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' along with his twin brother, <a title='Dylan Sprouse' href='/famous/dylan-sprouse.htm'>Dylan Sprouse</a>. Born to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright, Cole was named after jazz singer Nat King Cole. Cole appeared in a diaper commercial when he was of six months. He began his acting career playing a role in the ABC series, ˜Grace Under Fire' when he was just eight months old. He further went on to star alongside Adam Sandler in the 1999 comedy ˜Big Daddy', where he played the role of Sandler's adopted son. He played Ross Geller's son Ben Geller in seven episodes of NBC sitcom ˜Friends'. Cole reprised his role as Cody in the Disney sitcom ˜Suite Life on Deck' and also starred in its move titled ˜The Suite Life Movie'. He and his brother were one of the wealthiest children alive in 2007 and were also the highest paid teenage actors in 2011. Charming teenagers with stellar performance since they were kids, Cole and his brother became heartthrobs among the preteen audiences.

    Cole Sprouse

  • Dylan Sprouse

    Dylan Sprouse is a young American actor who became famous for his appearance in the comedy film titled ˜Big Daddy' in which he and his twin brother, Cole, took turns in playing the role of Julian. The twin brothers became even more popular when they took part in the sitcom ˜Suite Life of Jack and Cody' produced by ˜Disney Channel' which ran for three years starting from 2005 up to 2008. He has a mixture of Danish, German, Scottish and English ancestry. He has more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.81 million followers on Twitter. Together with his twin brother, Cole, they are referred as the ˜Sprouse brothers' in the film industry. The Sprouse brothers launched a franchise known as the Sprouse Bros brand, which included a clothing line, book series and magazine, but except for the clothing line, their franchise ended in 2008. The Sprouse brothers were named one the wealthiest children alive in 2007. It was reported that in 2010, they were the highest-paid teenage Disney television actors. According to MSN, the twin brothers became the richest teenage twins in the world by the end of the 2000s.

    Dylan Sprouse

  • Marzia Bisognin

    The spread of internet has made careers for a number of young and talented people. While most of the artistes who have made their careers through the internet are from USA, youngsters from European countries like England, France, and Italy are not falling behind. One young lady who has made a great career through the Internet is Marzia Bisognin. She is an Italian fashion enthusiast who developed a taste for fashion from a very young age. She also received encouragement from her family and parents to hone her skills in fashion. In the year 2012, she started her first YouTube Channel called ˜CutiePieMarzia.' The channel mainly focused on giving fashion and beauty advice to teenagers. Later she has also added video game commentary, DIY tips to common problems in the households, and review of books targeted at young people to the channel. The channel was quite successful and attracted a number of young viewers. Eventually she also joined an internet group along with other YouTube stars to increase her reach. Her other childhood interests included reading fiction and playing video games which were also quite useful in the growing years of her career. After the initial success of her YouTube Channel, she also started publishing some videos on these topics which further increased the appeal of the channel among teenagers and young adults. By the beginning of 2017, her videos had attracted a total of 530 million views. Internet analytics firms say that her videos are also widely shared on the popular social media channels.

    Marzia Bisognin

  • Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci is known to the world as a polymath, architect, mathematician, musician, sculptor, engineer, inventor, anatomist and writer. Da Vinci is considered to be a true Renaissance man who earned a great deal of proficiency in many subjects. He is revered today because of his artistic contributions that defined and molded the world of art and also because of his countless achievements in other notable fields. He helped unravel the sciences, developed new art techniques and was also one of the first people to dissect a human body. Da Vinci was also an accomplished musician and, for the fetes, ballets, intermezzi and sonnets”of which the Renaissance period was so fond”Leonardo was beyond compare. He was an embodiment of the spirit of Renaissance and was known for his feverishly inventive imagination and unquenchable curiosity. Very few artists of his time possessed the qualities and the vehemence to accomplish what he did. Today, his art is priceless and his science is accredited. There are only about 15 of his paintings that survive today and the ˜Mona Lisa' is by far the most valuable one. To learn more about this great personality, scroll further.

    Leonardo da Vinci

  • Christopher Columbus

    There are many explorers who have redefined history, however, there are few who have influenced the very establishment of certain countries. Christopher Columbus is one such historical figure who changed the perception of the American continents for the European countries. Through his four significant voyages he not only discovered new land masses, but also initiated Spanish colonization and the establishment of several new societies. After a lot of struggle to get the support of the Spanish and Portuguese governments, he finally succeeded in getting a grant which funded his travels. He set out to discover Asia for its spices and condiments. However, he ended up discovering Hispaniola. Even though he was not the first to discover America, he did open the gateway between Europe and America and paved the way for the exploration and conquest of America by the Europeans. A strained relationship with the Spanish crown, worked to his disadvantage and he was divested of the Governorship of the island of Hispaniola which he discovered himself. His life was a historical journey, which reflected his adventurous and righteous personality, and earned him a permanent place in the annals of explorations. To learn more interesting information pertaining to this great explorer's personal life and achievements, continue reading his biography.

    Christopher Columbus

  • Luciano Spinelli

    Luciano Spinelli is an Italian Musical.ly star and social media sensation. His Musical.ly channel features lip-sync covers of songs by famous singers. Some of his most popular lip-sync covers are the songs ˜will.i.am - Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears', ˜Wide Awake “ Katy Perry', and ˜Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B'. Having gained the attention of millions on Musical.ly, Luciano met with the same success on YouTube as well. While his Musical.ly channel just focuses on him lip-syncing to songs, his YouTube channel lends a more creative approach. He uses it to post lifestyle vlogs, prank videos, and funny challenges in Italian, to give his viewers a closer glimpse into his life. ˜Draw My Life E il Meglio Deve Ancora Venire', ˜Insegno A Marco Leonardi Come Fare I Musical.ly', and ˜Ho Tentato Di Uccidere Andrea Santin! Scherzo Horror', are some of his most popular videos. The young muser also enjoys a massive following on Instagram as well. Not being limited to just social media, Luciano has also published his personal diary as the book ˜Insieme', which has been received exceptionally well by his Italian fans.

    Luciano Spinelli

  • Elisa Maino

    Elisa Maino is an Italian Youtuber and fashion vlogger, who has gained fame through her videos on YouTube and Musical.ly. She started making videos in the year 2014 and attracted a lot of attention. Her videos mainly consist of fashion tips for the younger generation. The reason she clicks instantly with her fans is the fact that she demonstrates every fashion hack in the video in the simplest way possible. Some of her videos include tips on simple make-up for beginners, fall make-up with different make-up products and some are collaboration with her Youtuber friends. Maino has gained fame and attention in very short span of time. While, she is a famous YouTuber, she is an even bigger star on Musical.ly, with over 2 million fans on her Musical.ly account ˜majno' and has also earned verification crown on the lip-syncing app.

    Elisa Maino

  • Marco Cellucci

    Italian social media phenomenon across multiple networks who reached the 100,000 follower milestone on both Instagram and musical.ly in October of 2016. He currently has more than 500,000 Instagram followers and 3.6 million fans on musical.ly.

    Marco Cellucci

  • Amy Adams

    Amy Adams is an American actress who has produced an outstanding body of work over the course of her career during the last two decades. Adams initially wanted to be a singer and ballet dancer, but later on decided to drop the ballet in order to concentrate on dancing. She initially worked at dance theatres but later on decided to work in the movies and after struggling in the initial part of her career she struck gold with the Disney movie ˜Enchanted' that put her on the way to become one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood. However, prior to that she had made a name for herself as an accomplished television actor by starring in such series as ˜Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and ˜The West Wing'. Amy Adams has also been nominated for the Academy Award four times in her career which goes to show her prowess as an actor of rare quality The portfolio of work that Amy Adams boasts of in her two decade long career can put many actors to shame.

    Amy Adams

  • Chiara Ferragni

    Chiara Ferragni is an Italian blogger, fashion businesswoman, and model. She has collaborated with many leading fashion and beauty brands, including Pantene and Tod's as an influencer through her blog, ˜The Blonde Salad.' She is also known for her eponymous shoe line, ˜Chiara Ferragni Collection.' She started her blog in her early 20s and within a couple of years, she was introduced as "One of the biggest breakout street-style stars of the year" by ˜New York' magazine. With time, her blog earned considerable attention and she received several ˜blogger of the year' recognitions. She topped the list of most powerful fashion influencers of Forbes in September 2017. Her shoe line and blog became a case study at Harvard Business School. She also became the first fashion blogger to grace the cover of any Vogue issue. Such feat led her to feature on covers of more than 50 other fashion magazines. Over the years, she collaborated with high-profile brands like Chanel, Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton, and <a title='Christian Dior' href='/famous/christian-dior.htm'>Christian Dior</a>. She has also amassed millions of followers on her Instagram account ˜chiaraferragni.'

    Chiara Ferragni

  • Guccio Gucci

    Guccio Gucci was a famous fashion designer from Florence, Italy, and the founder of the world-renowned fashion brand ˜Gucci.' His father was a humble leather craftsman. Guccio traveled to Paris and London to make a living. There, he was greatly influenced by the sophistication and style that he saw while working as a liftboy at the ˜Savoy Hotel.' He returned to Italy and started helping his father make saddles and leather travel bags. As the demand for saddles reduced, he ventured into making various other accessories to keep his business going. He founded ˜Gucci' as a family business and successfully combined the sophistication he had witnessed abroad with the craftsmanship of Italy. His brand became famous soon, and people from all over the world came to Florence to purchase items from him. He expanded his business to Rome and involved his sons in running the company. Even after his death, the business spread its wings and ˜Gucci' became a leading brand. The overall management of the firm was transferred to his son Rodolfo and then to his grandson Maurizio. The company soon became a public limited company. Ultimately, it became a fully public company. ˜Gucci' is now regarded as one of the world's most desirable luxury brands.

    Guccio Gucci

  • Ruggero Pasquarelli

    Ruggero Pasquarelli is an Italian actor, singer, TV presenter and dancer best known for participating in fourth series of the Italian talent show ˜X Factor' and for his performances in Argentine television series' ˜Violetta' and ˜Soy Luna'. Growing up in the Italian town and commune Città Sant'Angelo, he began taking guitar and acting lessons and moving forward took piano and singing classes. While at high school, he became associated with a local rock band ˜65013' as a singer and auditioned for fourth series of ˜X Factor' during his last year at high school. He got selected in the singing competition and finished at the sixth place. His acting endeavours include playing lead role of Tom in the Italian TV series ˜In Tour'; and the role of Federico in the Argentine telenovela ˜Violetta' which fetched him an award at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Argentina. He presently plays the main role of Matteo Balsano in the Argentine telenovela ˜Soy Luna'. It has already won him two awards at the Kids' Choice Awards Colombia and one award at the Kids' Choice Awards Argentina.

    Ruggero Pasquarelli