Famous birthday by date
  • David Dobrik

    David Dobrik is the archetypal boy-next-door: charming and witty, yet unassuming and affable. Unlike his peers, who are preoccupied with embellishing their teen idol image with some ˜hunky brat' aura (mastering their hallmark ˜Zoolander looks' and pulling out all the stops in a bid to become modern sex symbols), Dobrik is content being who he is “ a happy-go-lucky bloke with a great sense of humor and a sensible head on his shoulders. If you're not familiar with the name, here is a brief foreword “ 20-year old David Dobrik is an internet star, a popular Viner/YouTuber with a fan following that exceeds a million and a budding acting career that holds a lot of promises. Here is a sneak-peek into the life and times of one of the most exciting young talents to emerge from the virtual world in the recent years.

    David Dobrik

  • Daniel Radcliffe

    Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is an English born actor who achieved his fame and name by working in the Hollywood adaptation of J K Rowling's ˜Harry Potter'. He did seven movies for the ˜Harry Potter' series, which made him a Hollywood superstar. He was born and brought up in London in a working class family. His mother is a casting agent for BBC and his father is a literary agent. He has always been inclined towards acting and by the time he was 10 he was casted in BBC's ˜David Copperfield'. From there onwards he was recognized as a known child artist from England. He worked on the Harry Potter series from 2002 to 2010, which established him as a talented actor and the richest teenager in England. He is a winner of National Movie Award and has been nominated several times for the MTV Awards. He has done many theatre productions like Martin McDonagh's ˜The Cripple of Irishmaan' and ˜The Play I Wrote'. Some of the other movies that he has acted in until now are ˜The Woman in Black', ˜My Boy Jack' and ˜Kill Your Darlings'. His upcoming movies are ˜Frankenstein' and ˜Tokyo Voice'.

    Daniel Radcliffe

  • Katie LeBlanc

    Mom to three famous youngsters and matriarch of the famous Bratayley bunch, Katie LeBlanc manages and curates the content of the family YouTube channel. The channel Bratayley deals with the everyday activities of the three kids and their time as a family. It gives the sense of an ideal American middle-class family, their struggles and their happiness. Katie is the quintessential American mom, splitting her time between managing the house to taking children to their schools and extra-curricular activities. She is the ultimate manager, who divides her time uniquely between her three children and puts up videos centering each one in the family channel. Katie is the driving force behind the success of the channel. She is very supportive of her family and her kids' aspirations. Katie is as strong as a rock in the face of humongous tragedy and acts as the backbone of the Bratayley bunch. She does not have much of a social media presence of her own and dedicates most of her time handling the social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram for the family.

    Katie LeBlanc

  • Paul Wesley

    Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski, popularly known as Paul Wesley, is an award-winning actor, producer, and director, best known for his role in the popular television drama series ˜The Vampire Diaries'. For his role in the TV series, he has earned several awards and nominations, including the ˜Teen Choice Awards' as well as the ˜Young Hollywood Awards'. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the United States, Wesley showed an interest in acting from his school years. Later, he enrolled at the Rutgers University. However, after realizing his potential as an actor, and knowing that he could make a career out of his incredible acting skills, he dropped out. His first appearance on TV was in the popular American TV soap opera ˜Another World'. Two years later, he appeared in a lead role in ˜Wolf Lake', a TV series that aired on CBS network. His career reached a turning point after he started playing the role of Stefan Salvatore, in the popular American TV series ˜The Vampire Diaries'. He has directed a few episodes of the series as well. Since he made his film debut in the movie ˜The Last Run', he has also appeared in several popular movies. He was recently seen in the movies ˜Mothers and Daughters', and ˜The Late Bloomer', in supporting roles.

    Paul Wesley

  • Jess Conte

    Jess Conte is an Australian YouTuber, singer, vlogger and beauty guru, famous for her ˜BauerBirds' YouTube channel. She uploads covers of various pop hits, beauty and makeup videos. Along with her husband, Gabriel Conte, who is also a YouTube and vine star, she has released an EP of cover songs in February 2017. Married in December 2016, Jess and Gabriel Conte are considered as one of the most lovable internet celebrity couples and together they have a massive fan following for their joint website. Jess comes from a musically inclined family and she started training in music all through her school life. With time she gained more confidence in her vocal abilities and started posting her songs online. She is also a talented graphic designer and often shares her work with her fans online. She now travels regularly between her home town in Brisbane, to LA in the USA, where her husband is based, to spend time with him. Together with her husband, she continues to share the bright and melodious moments from their life with the world.

    Jess Conte

  • Benjamin Flores Jr.

    Benjamin Flores, Jr. otherwise known as Lil'P-Nut is one of the coolest kids out there. He first gained recognition as a five year old when he won the ˜New Daisy Theatre Talent Show.' He used to post a lot of stuff on YouTube and also used to perform around town in barber shops, talent shows and in the Summer Jam. He might be a small kid but he is definitely not considered one! People who have mingled with him feel that he can fit in about anywhere whether withgrown-ups or kids. Grown-ups who have socialized with him have said that he behaves like an eighteen year old when he is with them and also like a normal kid getting dirty while playing with his childhood friends. So, basically he is the best of both worlds! Flores also did a commercial for ˜It's All Good Auto Sales'which further contributed to his burgeoning popularity. He stays on beat as he performs original raps about school, his relationship with God and a bad dream he had one night. He says that when he raps he does not cuss, still kids listen to him because he has rhythm and meaning in his songs. His performance on ˜The Ellen Degeneres Show'got him national exposure which opened a lot of doors.

    Benjamin Flores Jr.

  • Santo August

    Born Chresanto August, he gained recognition under the stage name Roc Royal as a member of the popular band Mindless Behavior, along with <a title='Prodigy' href='/famous/prodigy.htm'>Prodigy</a>, <a title='Ray Ray' href='/famous/rayan-lopez.htm'>Ray Ray</a>, and <a title='Princeton' href='/famous/jacob-perez.htm'>Princeton</a>. In 2015, he began recording and performing as a hip-hop and R&B singer under the name Santo August.

    Santo August

  • Suigeneris

    Also known as Suie, he is a trap and hip hop artist with a debut album called The Cheat Code. His breakout single "Now" featured <a title='Lil Skies' href='/famous/lil-skies.htm'>Lil Skies</a> and racked up over two million plays on SoundCloud. 


  • Daniel Markham

    Daniel Markham is a Filipino YouTuber who founded the YouTube channel ˜What's Inside?' where he explores what is inside various objects after cutting them open. He earned major recognition after his video "What's Inside the YouTube Silver Play Button reached about 10 million views in three months. A graduate of Arizona State University, Markham has also worked in the biotech industry as a top sales rep. It was his son Lincoln's second grade science assignment that inspired him to explore what was inside everyday objects. Today, YouTube has become an important part of Markham's life and most of his time is spent in creating stories, editing videos, and talking to his audience to encourage them to follow their dreams and explore digital media. A doting father of three, Markham enjoys each and every moment spent with his family. He also loves filming his day-to-day life with his family and sharing the same on his second channel 'What's Inside? Family'.

    Daniel Markham

  • Marlon Wayans

    Marlon Lamont Wayans is an accomplished American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter best recognised for starring in films like ˜G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra', ˜Scary Movie' and ˜A Haunted House' and sitcoms like ˜The Wayans Bros.' and ˜Marlon'. Coming from the Wayans family of entertainers that include a number of directors, screenwriters, comedians, and actors, Marlon started off his on-screen journey with a bit role in the film ˜I'm Gonna Git You Sucka'. Over the years he has collaborated with his brother Shawn Wayans on several projects including comedy films ˜White Chicks', ˜Scary Movie' and ˜Scary Movie 2'. He has also starred and contributed as writer and producer in notable films like ˜A Haunted House', ˜A Haunted House 2' and ˜Fifty Shades of Black'. Apart from the usual comedies, he has performed in notable films like ˜G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' and ˜Requiem for a Dream'. He co-founded the urban comedy digital media company ˜What the Funny' with Randy Adams. He created his own sitcom with Christopher Moynihan titled ˜Marlon' that aired on NBC for two seasons in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

    Marlon Wayans

  • Slash

    Rose to fame as the lead guitarist of the Los Angeles-based hard rock band Guns N' Roses. His guitar prowess is best exemplified on such tracks as "Sweet Child o' Mine," "Paradise City" and "November Rain."


  • Sarah Menary

    Singer and guitarist who is perhaps most famous for her presence on musical.ly, where she performs vocal covers in addition to lip syncs. So far, her talents have earned her more than 470,000 fans on the platform. Her username is imjustmena but she was formerly known on the app under the username Genderisaconcept.  

    Sarah Menary