Famous Born in philippines
  • Roi Fabito

    Roi rose to fame in 2012, with his ever popular parody of ˜Call Me Maybe.' The video has over a billion views and with that he turned his hobby into his career. Known as the founder of ˜Wassabi Productions', a channel of music video parodies, which was later joined by <a title='Alex Burriss' href='/famous/alex-burriss.htm'>Alex Burriss</a>, Roi went on to create another channel called ˜Guava Juice', primarily a gaming channel. He has four million subscribers on his new channel and has over seven million subscribers on his ˜Wassabi Productions' channel. In order to help his second channel expand, Roi left ˜Wassabi Productions' in 2016, and so has the character Rolanda that he played in it. However, his new channel is an equally huge hit! He has numerous followers on other social accounts as well with 786K followers on Instagram and 400K followers on Twitter.

    Roi Fabito

  • Bretman Rock

    Bretman Rock is an Instagram star, YouTuber and Viner who is breaking all norms for all the right reasons. And can we forget just how insanely hilarious his ˜Instagram' videos are? His energy levels and sense of humor are unparalleled and no matter how hard you try, once you enter his channel, there is no going back! With his eyebrows and contour always on point, and with his humor with a hint (maybe more than a hint) of expletives and all things sarcasm, Bret is no average teenager! With a fan base of over 9 million on Instagram, Bret's don't-care-won't-care attitude is probably why people of all age and gender take an instant liking for him. His line of makeup tutorials with an overwhelming amount of jokes will leave you in splits for hours! His on-screen charisma will have you gripped for hours and before you know it, you've already hit the ˜Subscribe' button!

    Bretman Rock

  • Niana Guerrero

    Niana Guerrero is a young YouTube star who has gained prominence for her dance and musical.ly videos. She is vivacious, funny and crazy when it comes to dancing. Her dance videos on YouTube show her passion towards the art - she can dance on a variety of music. Niana is associated with her brother <a title='Ranz Kyle' href='/famous/ranz-kyle.htm'>Ranz Kyle</a> who is also a YouTube star. In her videos, they can be seen dancing on numbers like ˜Despacito', ˜Shape of You' and ˜Lean On'. They gained prominence with videos like ˜Juju on that Beat' and ˜Trumpet Challenges'. Niana's vibrancy can be seen in her prank and challenge videos too. Niana is one of the most loved YouTube personalities and that is one of the reasons why her channel has managed to gather more than 2 million subscribers. From being a shy kid to a social media sensation, Niana's transformation is inspiring.

    Niana Guerrero

  • Princess Mae

    Princess Mae is a Filipino Instagram star and the sister of Vine star and vlogger <a title='Bretman Rock' href='/famous/bretman-rock.htm'>Bretman Rock</a>. Her Instagram page has more than 1.1 million followers. She gained prominence after appearing on her brother's YouTube channel. Bretman is a famous social media sensation and often credited for Princess Mae's popularity on social media platforms. With over 60,000 followers, she is quite active on Twitter as well. Her daughter Cleo was born in 2016. Mae often features Cleo in her social media posts.

    Princess Mae

  • Ranz Kyle

    Ranz Kyle is a well-known Filipino dancer and internet sensation famous for his self-titled channel on YouTube. He is also popular for being one half of the dance duo ˜Ranz and Niana', the other half being his step-sister <a title='Niana Guerrero' href='/famous/niana-guerrero.htm'>Niana Guerrero</a>. He is also a member of the dance troupe Chicser. Born in San Juan City of Philippines, Kyle first came into the limelight after posting his dance video on Chris Brown's song ˜I Should've Kissed You.' He then went to become a YouTube star with a fan base of over 4.2 million subscribers (as of May 2018). The young dancer is incredibly popular on other social media platforms as well. He has accumulated over 2.2 million and over 712k subscribers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. In addition to these, his Facebook account has more than 4.5m followers. A graduate of Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong, Kyle is currently living the life of his dreams. He is already enjoying a successful career as a dancer and an internet sensation. Apart from his professional endeavors, he makes it a point to spend some quality time with his family members.

    Ranz Kyle

  • Neo Romasanta

    Comedy, transition and lip-sync video creator for the app TikTok who has earned more than 1.4 million fans on his neocalun account. He has also called himself "neo the babe slayer."

    Neo Romasanta

  • Andrea Brillantes

    When Mabel Gorostiza and Byron Gorostiza were blessed with a baby girl on March 12, 2003, little did they know that they were holding the future star of the telly world! Today, one can tell without a doubt that Andrea Brillantes was born to be a star”born to act and born to marvel audience with her artistic skills. She was merely seven when she made her debut in the children's comedy show, ˜Goin' Bulilit'. With the passing years, her talent for acting and her charisma have only heightened. One look at her and anyone can feel that she is a diva in the making. Though Brillantes did several shows following her debut in 2010, her big break came with 2013's ˜Annaliza' where her portrayal of the titular role won her many accolades and an award too. Post the phenomenal success of ˜Annaliza', Brillantes starred in ˜Hawak Kamay' (which gained her the Yahoo! Celebrity Award Child Star of the Year award) and the remake version of ˜Pangako Sa Yo'. She did a few films as well for Star Cinema such as ˜MomZillas', ˜Crazy Beautiful You' and ˜Everyday I Love You'.

    Andrea Brillantes

  • Dominic Panganiban

    Dominic Panganiban is a famous animator and YouTuber from Philippines. He is best known for his channel ˜Domics' on which he posts comedic videos that range from anecdotes to social satires. Panganiban generally shares animated videos which tell stories of his life or cover more generalized topics. Having successfully earned more than 4.1 million subscribers on his channel till date, the Filipino-Canadian YouTuber's simple and detailed drawing-type animations are absolutely praiseworthy. In November 2016, ˜Domics' became the 94th most subscribed YouTube channel in the world for that month. Apart from this, Panganiban's content has been featured on many websites such as ˜The Malay Mail Online,' ˜NewNowNext' and ˜CBS News' website. Today this young man doesn't just hold a massive fan base on YouTube, but also on other social networking sites. As of now, Panganiban has about 276k followers on Instagram and about 126k followers on Twitter. Besides this, he is followed by 283k people on Facebook (as of June 2017).

    Dominic Panganiban

  • Elle Mills

    Elle Mills is a YouTube star who came to fame by posting humorous content on her YouTube channel, 'ElleOfTheMills'. Starting her channel in 2012 when she was just 13, she reached the status of a star within a few years and made a name for herself as one of YouTube's most hilarious young stars. Although she regularly uploads videos on her channel, she gained even more popularity after she began uploading her videos on Twitter as well. This helped her almost triple her subscriber base in the last six months! With a good number of subscribers to her channel, Elle went a step further by embarking on her first ever seven-city tour in the Great White North in spring 2018. Produced by Fullscreen Live, her live shows were of 30 minutes each. Her mother and brother, who are often featured in her videos, also appeared with her in the live shows.

    Elle Mills

  • Janina Vela Punzalan

    Janina Vela Punzalan is a popular Filipino YouTube beauty guru. She runs a self-titled channel on which she posts makeup and beauty tutorials, tag videos, vlogs, and more. She loves everything related to beauty and fashion and aims at showcasing her beauty skills to people. Her YouTube videos not only feature her teaching the techniques of applying makeup and talking about fashion, but also depict her everyday life as a normal teenaged girl. Today, Vela has over 468k subscribers on her YouTube channel. In addition, she is also famous on other social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with hundreds of thousands of fans and followers. On a personal note, the Filipino beauty has a very charming and bubbly personality. She has a brother whom she loves dearly. She likes to spend most of her leisure time with her parents and brother. Vela also loves hanging out with her best buddies when she is not shooting videos.

    Janina Vela Punzalan

  • Kathryn Bernardo

    Kathryn Bernardo is a Filipino actress known for her role in the TV series ˜Princess and I' as well as for her roles in movies such as ˜She's Dating the Gangster' and ˜Barcelona: A Love Untold'. She is also a model and a recording artist. She was born in Cabanatuan City in the Philippines and made her acting debut with a small role in the TV series ˜It Might Be You'. She came to popularity for her work in the teen drama series ˜Princess and I' where she played the lead role. The show won multiple awards. Her first important role on the big screen was in the 2011 family drama film ˜Way Back Home'. The film was about two sisters who were separated for twelve years, growing up in two completely different worlds. The same year, she also appeared in the horror anthology film ˜Shake, Rattle and Roll 13'. The film was met with positive reviews and received multiple awards. Her other popular big screen projects include the romantic comedy film ˜She's Dating the Gangster' which was also met with positive reviews. A multitalented young lady, she is also a recording artist. As a singer, she has released multiple singles as well as a studio album ˜Kathryn'. The album was a commercial success, selling more than 7,500 copies on the first day of its release.

    Kathryn Bernardo

  • Vice Ganda

    Jose Maria Borja Viceral, better known as Vice Ganda, is a Filipino multifaceted personality, excelling as a standup comedian, actor, TV presenter, recording artist, writer, and fashion guru. He is widely acclaimed and instantly recognizable as the host-cum panelist of the midday TV program ˜It's Showtime' presented by ABS-CBN. He is also popular as an accomplished standup comedian, belting out comedic performances where he lampoons human sexuality and satirizes Filipino culture. He has starred in a string of movies, six of which have been huge commercial successes, setting records as being amongst the highest grossing films in the history of Filipino movie industry. Vice Ganda commenced his professional career as a singer and soon graduated to performing as a standup comedian. He landed a job as a singer-cum-comedian in a bar in Manila where the owner Richard Castaneda accorded him the epithet ˜Vice Ganda' that stuck. As he evolved over the years, he chiseled his inimitable style of humor, harboring on his sardonic brand of sexuality, situational satire, and scathing mimicry of archetypal demeanor. Vice effortlessly moved onto the small screen, emceeing a series of programs and shows including ˜Comedy Central', and ˜Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbablik' as well as making guest appearances sending audiences into splits. Ganda's forays into the celluloid realm and music industry have also brought him fame and glory.

    Vice Ganda