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  • Sam Pottorff

    Samuel John Pottorff is one of the world's most famous social media stars. One of the most popular YouTube personalities, he has over 575K subscribers to his YouTube channel, and over 1.82 million followers on Twitter. Sam grew up in San Clemente, California, with his two elder sisters, Mia and Cloe, and a younger brother Levi, whom he adores. He attended Opportunities for Learning, a private study school, in Dana Point, California but dropped out for a while, eventually continuing on to pursue his passion, making YouTube videos. Sam has been making videos since he was 14, with his friend and sometimes-co-star, <a title='Kian Lawley' href='/famous/kian-lawley.htm'>Kian Lawley</a>. Their first channel together, kinsam13 was a huge success and since then, both of them have gone from strength to strength with their fun and off-beat videos! An avid Instagrammer, he has over 1.7 million followers and 25 million Vine loops. In addition to making videos, Sam likes surfing, photography, and playing ˜Best Fiends.' He married his girlfriend, Rosa van Iterson, in 2017.

    Sam Pottorff

  • Lil Durk

    Lil Durk is a Chicago-based rapper who is on the rise. Durk Banks was his birth name, although he went by the stage name Lil Durk later. From a young age, he was interested in music and self-released his first mix tapes under his own OTF (Only the Family) label. Following his initial success, he began to consider music as a full-time career choice in early 2010. He eventually signed with Def Jam Recordings and is now regarded as the best rapper to have ever been linked with the legendary company, according to critics. His family suffered as a result of the violent neighborhood in which he was born and raised. His father was sentenced to life in prison in 1994 on drug-related charges, and his family struggled financially throughout his youth. Many of his early releases were influenced by the brutality on the streets of Chicago.

    Lil Durk

  • Addi Shaw

    Popular social media star who is best recognized for her addishawofficial TikTok account, where she posts dance and lip-sync videos, often filmed in front of her house. She has accumulated over 650,000 followers on the video platform. A video she posted about her Christmas list in 2021 has received over 29 thousand hearts. 

    Addi Shaw

  • Bella Moore

    TV actress known for appearing on the show The Girl in the Attic. She played Young Meredith. She is popular on TikTok and has over 180,000 followers and 4.9 million likes. 

    Bella Moore

  • Gabby Murray

    Gabby murrayy, a verified Funimate star, has been featured more than 30 times on the famous lip syncing app. Her regular videos have gained her over 125,000 followers and one million views.

    Gabby Murray

  • Maria Shabalin's biggest star Maria was born to be a celebrity! She had been popular at school since she was a child, and her teachers had always pushed her to take part in all school activities. And she wins practically every competition she enters! When she began displaying her dance skills on the app and on Instagram, fame came knocking. She gained hundreds of fans overnight, and she now has over two million followers on the app. She also routinely publishes funny lip-syncing videos and images of herself on Instagram, where she has over 107K followers. She's also on Twitter, where she has over 1,000 followers. With all of the attention she received from these social media sites in such a short period of time, she started her own YouTube channel, which has a respectable 12K subscribers.

    Maria Shabalin

  • Arzaylea

    She rose to prominence as the girlfriend of 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist and lead vocalist Luke Hemmings on Twitter and Instagram. In 2017, she and Luke called it quits.


  • Tanner Zagarino

    Tanner Zagarino is an American Instagram star, YouTube star, and model. He is also a popular blogger who writes articles on fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and pop culture. A native of California, he has been interested in fitness and fashion since childhood as both of his parents are former actors and models. Zagarino became active on social media sometime in 2012 but it was not until early 2013 that his career as an influencer really took off. In the ensuing years, he used Instagram as his primary social media platform and has about 480 thousand followers on it. He has been able to maintain a prominent presence on Twitter as well, on which he has more than 80 thousand followers. From 2015 onwards, he has decided to focus on developing his YouTube channel and do more fashion editorial work. On YouTube, he presently has over 40 thousand subscribers and nearly 600 thousand views.

    Tanner Zagarino

  • Kayden Stephenson

    Kayden Stephenson is a musician, Vine sensation, and social media celebrity from the United States. He is most known for auditioning for the American singing competition television series 'American Idol' during its twelfth season. During the audition, he did exceptionally well in impressing the judges, earning him a Golden Ticket to the Hollywood rounds. He rose to celebrity as a result of the videos he put on his Vine account, which attracted a large number of followers over time. Apart from ordinary people, he has a large fan base that includes various celebrities. Christopher Brown, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, was impressed by Stephenson's blossoming skill and invited him to record with him. Stephenson has also established himself as a social influencer, amassing a sizable following across a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

    Kayden Stephenson

  • Floyd Mayweather Sr.

    Floyd Mayweather Sr. is an accomplished trainer and a retired professional boxer from the United States. From 1974 until 1990, he fought as a boxer, and after retiring, he worked as a boxing trainer. He was known for his defensive skills and in-depth knowledge of boxing tactics when fighting at welterweight. He stopped from boxing and became a trainer due to his respiratory problems. He is the father of Floyd Mayweather Jr., a boxing champion whom he briefly trained. He taught his son how to defend himself. Floyd Sr. has also dabbled in acting, appearing in the 2013 film 'MayweatherExperience Documentary.' He has previously appeared in HBO Boxing (1973) and Sky Sports World Championship Boxing on television (1989). Before each battle, he recites poems about his opponent/opponent, fighter's which is one of his distinguishing characteristics. He is often referred to as the "poet laureate of boxing" as a result of this.

    Floyd Mayweather Sr.

  • Michael Gambon

    Sir Michael John Gambon (CBE) is a British actor who was born in Ireland and is known for his roles in films and on stage. He grew up in North London, England, as the son of an Irish immigrant. He earned a degree in dramatic art while mastering tool-making and began his stage career with tiny roles in Irish theater. He worked in a variety of theatrical organizations, played lead roles in Shakespearean plays, and appeared in films and television shows at the same time. He quickly distinguished himself as a thespian with roles in plays such as "The Life of Galileo," "King Lear," and "Skylight." His on-screen appearances brought him not only popularity but also a slew of prizes. He is most recognized for playing Albus Dumbledore, the Principal of Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter film series. He collects over 800 antique guns and is interested about mechanical things like guns, clocks, and autos. He was married to Anne Miller, with whom he had a son, but the pair eventually divorced. He is currently married to Philippa Hart, with whom he has two sons.

    Michael Gambon

  • Hunter King

    On The Young and the Restless, she played Summer Newman, and on Hollywood Heights, she played Adriana Masters. She also starred in the film Rebound, which was released in 2005.

    Hunter King