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  • Sophia Lillis

    Sophia Lillis is an American actress, best known for her portrayal of Beverly Marsh in the 2017 supernatural horror film ˜It'; the film was an adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 novel of the same name. Starting with a role in her step-father's short film at the age of seven, she went on to work in the NYU student film ˜The Lipstick Stain' in 2013. In 2014, she had a short role in Julie Taymor's live theatrical adaptation of Shakespeare's romantic comedy, ˜A Midsummer Night's Dream', which was also released as a film. Her other theatrical credits include ˜The Music Man' and ˜Kids on Strike'. In 2016, she appeared in the feature length drama film ˜37' and the short mystery film ˜The Garden'. She is all set to appear alongside Amy Adams in HBO's TV adaptation of Gillian Flynn's ˜Sharp Objects', directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, which is scheduled to air later in 2017.

    Sophia Lillis

  • Gabe Erwin

    Gabe Erwin is a well-known social media figure in his early twenties. He has a YouTube account where he posts pranks, challenges, and response videos, among other things. Erwin is incredibly famous among individuals who appreciate hilarious video, with over 600k subscribers on his YouTube account. He is a pretty entertaining guy that posts films every Friday. The American social media star often uploads videos of his family members, such as his mother and sister. He frequently collaborates with BigNik, a fellow YouTuber and Vine celebrity. Erwin enjoys spending time with his friends and family in addition to filming films. He is well-known not just on YouTube, but also on other social networking sites. He also has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, all of which have a sizable following. Gabe Erwin is a humorous, confident, and fascinating young man on a personal level. He is rumored to be single right now.

    Gabe Erwin

  • Robbie Williams

    Robert Peter Williams, better known by his stage name Robbie Williams, is a British singer, dancer, and songwriter who rose to prominence as a member of the mainstream boy band Take That. He is one of the best-selling musicians, with albums selling more than 70 million copies worldwide. He has 17 BRIT Awards to his name as a solo artist, a record that has yet to be broken. He has been named the "Greatest Artist of the 1990s" and inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame. He is Latin America's only non-Latino best-selling artist. As a person, he is frequently featured in the British media for his heavy partying lifestyle, attractive appeal, and numerous romantic relationships. Though he has attracted the media's attention for the wrong reasons on several occasions, he has also won the hearts of many with his active engagement in humanitarian initiatives. In his hometown of Stroke-on-Trent, he manages the charity Give It Sum, which helps the less fortunate. He is a supporter of the Donna Louise Trust and a UNICEF ambassador. He is a man of varied preferences who is fascinated by UFOs and their mystical phenomenon.

    Robbie Williams

  • Jonathan Saccone-Joly

    Jonathan Saccone-Joly is an Irish YouTube star, known for his channel, ˜SACCONEJOLYs', where he posts videos about his family life. Initially, he used to post comedy videos on YouTube. In 2008, Jonathan's wife Anna Saccone Joly was making an endeavor to post beauty vlogs on You Tube. This was a joint venture and Jonathan assisted her mainly in the post production. Later, Jonathan thought of filming videos which will feature family events. The experiment was a huge success. The duos You Tube channel, ˜SACCONEJOLYs' is immensely popular and boasts of more than a million subscribers. The channel name has an interesting tale to tell. After Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone exchanged vows, the couple mutually decided to club each other's name and that's how the name SACCONEJOLYs was born. The couple posts videos that feature footages of family events. Jonathan has also done a number of videos with Zoe Sugg (beauty and fashion vlogger) on his personal channel and LeFloof TV.

    Jonathan Saccone-Joly

  • Ruben Gundersen

    ElRubius, a YouTube gamer and comedian with over 30 million subscribers, has earned the distinction of Spain's most subscribed YouTuber.

    Ruben Gundersen

  • Jerry Springer

    Norman, Gerald Jerry Springer is the host of America's most famous tabloid talk program, The Jerry Springer Show. He was born in England. This show came to him after a lot of hard effort and political knowledge that he gained during his long career in Ohio politics. After graduating from Northwestern University with a law degree, Springer began his work at a law firm. He was subsequently fortunate enough to meet Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who asked him to assist on his presidential campaign. However, as soon as Springer got started, Kennedy was assassinated, leaving him devastated. He then went into politics and served five terms on the Cincinnati city council, as well as two stints as mayor of Cincinnati. He aspired to be the governor of Ohio, but his ambitions were dashed, and he went on to work as a political reporter and pundit. He was awarded 'The Jerry Springer Show' in the early 1990s, which catapulted him to the pinnacle of his television hosting and anchoring career.

    Jerry Springer

  • Matt Cutshall

    Matt Cutshall, a former member of the boy band It Boys, is now a social media sensation. Matt, a true millennial in every sense of the term, has a broad appeal and has managed to hold his followers' attention. He was around when boy bands were all the rage, and he was able to successfully build a significant fan base of teens who were enamored with his singing and sassy demeanor. Then, with his knack for comedy and theatrics, he rode the Vine wave to new heights, catching the attention of the next generation of youngsters. Finally, he's on Instagram, with an ever-growing number of followers who are envious of his glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle. He's also jumped on the YouTube bandwagon, starting his own channel, creating entertaining material for the platform, and pushing his charming personality even more.

    Matt Cutshall

  • Prince Jackson

    Michael Jackson's son, Prince Jackson, is the king of pop. He is the first of Michael Jackson's two surrogate children, the other being Paris Jackson. Prince was born a celebrity since he comes from one of Hollywood's most powerful families, yet he chooses to stay out of the spotlight. Prince is now following in his father's footsteps by volunteering for a variety of humanitarian causes. He's also worked as an actor and producer in the entertainment sector. 'King's Son Productions,' founded by Prince, is a production firm.

    Prince Jackson

  • George Segal

    He began his cinematic career with a role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and went on to play a variety of roles in comedies and dramas. He first appeared on The Goldbergs in 2013.

    George Segal

  • Isabel Jones

    Singer and bassist who is best recognized for being a member of family pop-rock band SM6. She and her siblings have gained over 1.6 million followers on the SM6 Band TikTok account. 

    Isabel Jones

  • Brody Wellmaker

    Popular content creator and actor who is best known for the comedic reaction and duet videos he posts to his brodywellmaker TikTok account. His videos have earned him over 2.1 million followers on the video platform. 

    Brody Wellmaker

  • Memphis Depay

    Left winger who made his professional debut with PSV in 2011 and is recognized for his long-range goal-scoring ability. In 2013, he joined the Netherlands national team, and in 2015, he joined Manchester United.

    Memphis Depay

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