Famous birthday by date
  • Desiigner

    Desiigner is the stage name of Sidney Royel Selby III, a talented American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor, who achieved stardom with the launch of his first single Panda in 2016. The song ultimately went to top the charts on the US ˜Billboard Hot 100'. The acclaimed rapper Kayne West was very impressed when he listened to the song and signed up Desiigner for his recording label ˜Good'. He lent his voice for two distinct tracks included in ˜The Life of Pablo' which was the 7th studio album of <a title='Kanye West' href='/famous/kanye-west.htm'>Kanye West</a>. Thereafter Desiigner collaborated with rapper and colleague, Phresher and the duo came up with several tracks, prominent amongst them being On the Low and Danny DeVito. A close friend of Desiigner suggested him to repurpose a song he had heard on YouTube which was eventually superimposed with rap, pop, R&B and trap elements. The reworked track described Sidney's fondness for BMW X6 which according to him resembled a panda. Desiigner remains occupied in the studio pad of Kanye for the better part of the day and is making the most out of his camaraderie with the iconic rapper. However, he maintains a strict upper-lip when it comes to elucidating on his forthcoming projects.


  • Jai Brooks

    Jai Brooks is a vital member of the popular YouTube group ˜Janoskians.' He is a comedian and famous vlogger, whose pranks and mockumentaries went viral in 2011, and he gradually started gaining subscribers and fans. Jai along with his brothers Beau and Luke, and best friend, Daniel, is winning millions of hearts on YouTube. Their former team member James left the group in 2016 to concentrate on his DJ career and solo projects. The versatile comedians have over 2.4 million subscribers on their channel, not to mention billions of viewers on several other forums too! Jai also made headlines for his affair with pop star, Ariana. Jai has over 1.1 million fans on Instagram and almost 2 million followers on Twitter. He frequently interacts with his fans and attends tours all around the globe to meet them too!

    Jai Brooks

  • Arden Rose

    Arden Rose is known mainly for her comedy videos, makeup tutorials and advice videos. She recently began two separate channels: one for gaming and the other for regular vlogs. She is also an actress and producer and has appeared in a number of short films. Arden has over 400 videos on her main channel. She has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. She is also extremely popular on other social sites, with a million followers on Instagram and 556K followers on Twitter. She collaborates with her boyfriend, who is also a celebrated YouTuber, in her YouTube videos. Most of her videos draw content from her personal experiences. Her videos have been viewed nearly a billion times. She regularly updates her channel by posting weekly videos. Her most popular video called ˜JennXPenn Is Pregnant?!'”where she along with her YouTube friends make prank calls to common friends”hasearned her over 3.3 million views

    Arden Rose

  • Chris Miles

    What happens when you come across a chubby and cute 13 year old belting out a cool rap number and you can't stop your feet from keeping up with the beats? Like million other viewers, you start googling the name Chris Miles hoping to get more of the funk. Chris Miles' audition tape for ˜America's Got Talent' did just that. At that age his track ˜DialTone', which he wrote and added tune went viral on YouTube and Chris hasn't looked back since. Miles ahead of his peers who were busy dealing with the angst of approaching high school, Chris was busy creating his rap magic. Caucasian teens are relatively few in the Rap/Hip-hop genre which is dominated primarily by African-American demography. But Chris seems to be holding his own, pretty evident by his recent signing bonus with a renowned music label. This young gun still has ˜Miles' to go and his fans can't stop from being excited about his future in the music industry. Chris has a huge fan following, which is evident from the number of his twitter followers and YouTube subscribers.

    Chris Miles

  • Luke Brooks

    The YouTube prankster and parody star, Luke Brooks, is a very popular YouTuber from Australia. He is a vital member of the YouTube group called ˜Janoskians'. He along with his two brothers <a title='Jai' href='/famous/jai-brooks.htm'>Jai</a> and <a title='Beau' href='/famous/beau-brooks.htm'>Beau</a>, friends <a title='Daniel' href='/famous/daniel-sahyounie.htm'>Daniel</a> and former member of the group, <a title='James' href='/famous/james-yammouni.htm'>James</a> Yammouni, took the group to success by earning nearly 2.5 million subscribers on their channel. <a title='James' href='/famous/james-yammouni.htm'>James</a> left the group in 2016, to concentrate on his DJ career. On the group, Luke is seen doing parodies, challenges, playing pranks and making ˜mockumentries.' He also has his own solo YouTube channel that goes by his name with over 52,000 subscribers. However, he isn't active on his channel. Luke also has a grand fan following on other social media sites, with almost a million followers on Instagram, more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter and roughly around 528,000 followers on his Vine account. Not to mention, he even has a fan page dedicated to him on Facebook with over 200,000 supporters.

    Luke Brooks

  • Noah Munck

    Noah Munck is an American actor, comedian, YouTuber, and musician, who rose to fame following his starring role in the ˜Nickelodeon' series ˜iCarly.' He was born and raised in Orange County, California. He was the eldest of the five children in his family. Since childhood, he was interested in making a career in cinema and arts. He attended ˜Biola University' but dropped out soon after. In 2007, he played a minor role in the series ˜All of Us.' Following this, he got his biggest career breakthrough: a leading role in the series ˜iCarly.' His portrayal of ˜Gibby' in the series has earned him a number of award nominations. The first three seasons had him playing a small role, but as his character became popular, he was made part of the main cast from the fourth season. He continued to star in a number of popular series and in films such as ˜Bad Teacher' and ˜Four Christmases.' He also creates electronic dance music under the pseudonym ˜NoxiK.'

    Noah Munck

  • James Brown

    James Joseph Brown was a very prominent American musician who contributed immensely to the development of several musical genres including soul music, funk music and rap music. Over a career spanning six decades this highly influential artist redefined the way music was created in America. Regarded as one of the founding fathers of funk music, he has earned many epithets: ˜The Godfather of Soul', ˜The Original Disco Man', and ˜Mr. Dynamite'. Brown's life story is a typical rags-to-riches tale”born into abject poverty during the Great Depression, he had a difficult childhood and became involved in street violence and crimes as a youth. After a jail term he turned to music and joined Bobby Byrd's vocal group, The Gospel Starlighters. Blessed with an emotive and powerful voice he easily became one of the group's leaders. The group was renamed as ˜The Famous Flames' and performed at nightclubs and became popular with the song ˜Please, Please, Please'. By the 1960s, the unique music which Brown created was becoming known as funk music”his song ˜Cold Sweat' which hit No.1 on the R&B Chart was cited as the first true funk song by music critics. Brown's touring shows were the most extravagant production in American pop music and he could perform more than 330 shows in a year.

    James Brown

  • Kayli Butler

    Kayli Butler is a popular YouTuber who posts on a wide range of interesting topics like beauty, fashion, family life, motherhood, recipes, and DIYs. She has over 630k subscribers on her YouTube channel ˜HeyKayli' which she had started in July 2011. A professionally qualified cosmetologist, she often shares her expertise on makeup and hairstyles in her videos. As the mother of four kids, she also shares through her posts tips on pregnancy, motherhood, and childcare. And of course, she shares fun details and challenges that every family woman faces on a day-to-day basis. Thus it comes as no surprise that most of her fan following comprises young women, many of who are also mothers to small kids. On her channel, she has made separate series for different themes. Some of her most popular series are ˜Body Image Series,' ˜Hair & Beauty Videos,' ˜Crafts,' and ˜Fall and Halloween Crafts & Treats!!' A popular social media star herself, she is married to another well-known YouTuber, Casey Butler.

    Kayli Butler

  • Jordan Besson

    Jordan Besson is an American certified personal trainer, Instagram star, and social media celebrity. He has gained fame for being the younger brother of pop singer <a title='Corbyn Besson' href='/famous/corbyn-besson.htm'>Corbyn Besson</a>, who is presently affiliated with the five-piece boy band ˜Why Don't We.' Jordan and his siblings were raised in Virginia where he attended Centreville High School and was part of their football program. Since graduating high school, he has become involved with Kora Fitness LLC, a performance gym apparel company. Jordan became active on social media after creating his Twitter account in January 2013. He is quite popular on Instagram and receives thousands of likes on each of his posts.

    Jordan Besson

  • Huncho5lickz

    Lip-syncing sensation on the platform TikTok who posts a mix of solo and duet videos. He has accrued more than 180,000 fans. His previous account was disabled. 


  • Keanu Rapp

    Keanu Rapp is a pop singer who gained fame for appearing as a competitor on the popular singing reality show ˜The Voice Kids' (German version). Having been obsessed with music since childhood, Rapp first discovered his passion for the same when he was just two years old. He then went on to develop his vocal skills and emerged as a vocalist with a unique, soothing voice. Currently, the teen singer publishes his covers and music videos on musical.ly He also owns a self-titled channel on YouTube, where he routinely uploads his music. Rapp, who has performed alongside the famous pop singer Lukas Rieger on covers of Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin" and Ariana Grande's "Love Me Harder," has hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. As of now, he has over 550k followers and over 155k subscribers on musical.ly and YouTube respectively. On a personal note, the singer hails from Achern, a city in the Western Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.

    Keanu Rapp

  • Ashtyn Faith

    Tina The Tiger, a YouTube sensation best known for her popular Minecraft Daycare series, garnered 230,000 subscribers on her Tina The Tiger channel. She is a pleasant and enthusiastic youtuber, as well as the greatest.

    Ashtyn Faith