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  • Desiigner

    He is a hip-hop singer and songwriter who was born Sidney Selby III. His single "Panda," which was sampled on Kanye West's song "Pt. 2" from the album The Life of Pablo, helped him gain notoriety. In February 2016, West's GOOD Music Imprint accepted him as a client.


  • Jai Brooks

    Jai Brooks is a key member of the Janoskians, a prominent YouTube group. He is a popular YouTuber and comedian whose pranks and mockumentaries went viral in 2011, and he progressively gained followers and admirers. On YouTube, Jai, his siblings Beau and Luke, as well as his best buddy Daniel, are earning millions of hearts. James, a previous member of the group, quit in 2016 to focus on his DJ career and solo projects. The diverse comedians have over 2.4 million YouTube followers, not to mention billions of viewers across several platforms! Jai has made news for his relationship with Ariana Grande. Jai has over 1.1 million Instagram followers and over 2 million Twitter followers. He communicates with his followers often and attends tours all around the world to meet them!

    Jai Brooks

  • Luke Brooks

    Luke Brooks, an Australian YouTube prankster and parody star, is a very successful YouTuber. He is an important member of the 'Janoskians' YouTube community. He and his two brothers, Jai and Beau, as well as pals Daniel and James Yammouni, a previous member of the group, led the group to success by gaining approximately 2.5 million subscribers to their YouTube channel. James departed the band in 2016 to pursue a career as a DJ. Luke is featured in the ensemble performing parodies, challenges, pranks, and mockumentaries. He also has a solo YouTube channel with over 52,000 subscribers that goes by his name. He isn't active on his channel, though. Luke also has a sizable fan base on other social media platforms, with nearly a million Instagram followers, more than 2.3 million Twitter followers, and around 528,000 Vine followers. Not to mention, he has a Facebook fan page dedicated to him with over 200,000 followers.

    Luke Brooks

  • Noah Munck

    Noah Munck is an actor, comedian, YouTuber, and singer from the United States who rose to prominence after starring in the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. He was born and reared in the Californian county of Orange. He was the eldest of his family's five children. He had always wanted to work in film and the arts since he was a youngster. He enrolled at Biola University but soon dropped out. In 2007, he appeared in the television series "All of Us" in a minor part. Following that, he landed his biggest professional break: a main part in the television comedy iCarly. He has received a lot of award nominations for his depiction of 'Gibby' in the series. He had a minor role in the first three seasons, but as his character grew in popularity, he was promoted to the main cast in the fourth season. He continues to appear in popular programs and films such as 'Bad Teacher' and 'Four Christmases,' among others. Under the moniker NoxiK, he also makes electronic dance music.

    Noah Munck

  • James Brown

    James Joseph Brown was a well-known American musician who made significant contributions to the development of various musical genres, including soul, funk, and rap. This extremely important artist transformed the way music was generated in America over the course of a six-decade career. He has been dubbed "The Godfather of Soul," "The Original Disco Man," and "Mr. Dynamite." He is considered one of the founding fathers of funk music. Brown's life is a classic rags-to-riches story: he was born into abysmal poverty during the Great Depression, had a rough childhood, and as a teenager became involved in street violence and crimes. After serving time in prison, he turned to music and became a member of Bobby Byrd's gospel vocal group, The Gospel Starlighters. He quickly rose to become one of the group's leaders, thanks to his passionate and strong voice. The group was dubbed 'The Famous Flames,' and they began performing in nightclubs, where they became famous for the song 'Please, Please, Please.' Brown's unique sound became known as funk music by the 1960s; music reviewers cited his song "Cold Sweat," which reached No. 1 on the R&B Chart, as the first authentic funk tune. Brown's traveling shows were the most lavish in American pop music, with him being able to do over 330 shows per year.

    James Brown

  • Kayli Butler

    Kayli Butler is a well-known YouTuber who covers a wide range of themes, including beauty, fashion, family life, parenthood, food, and do-it-yourself projects. Her YouTube channel, HeyKayli, which she established in July 2011, has over 630k subscribers. She is a licensed cosmetologist who frequently offers her knowledge of makeup and hairstyles in her videos. She also provides pregnancy, motherhood, and childcare insights in her posts as a mother of four children. She also includes amusing information and problems that every family woman encounters on a daily basis. As a result, it's no surprise that the majority of her fans are young women, many of whom are also mothers with little children. She has created separate series with various subjects on her YouTube account. 'Body Image Series,' 'Hair & Beauty Videos,' 'Crafts,' and 'Fall and Halloween Crafts & Treats!!' are some of her most popular series. She is married to Casey Butler, another well-known YouTuber, and is a prominent social media celebrity.

    Kayli Butler

  • Jordan Besson

    Jordan Besson is a social media superstar, Instagram star, and certified personal trainer from the United States. He rose to prominence as the younger brother of pop singer Corbyn Besson, who is currently a member of the five-piece boy band Why Don't We. Jordan and his siblings grew up in Virginia, where he was a member of the football team at Centreville High School. He has been associated with Kora Fitness LLC, a performance gym clothing brand, since graduating from high school. Jordan started using social media in January 2013, when he created a Twitter account. He has a large following on Instagram, with hundreds of likes on each of his postings.

    Jordan Besson

  • Bohemianrapcity

    Lip-sync performer and TikTok personality who rose to fame on his self-titled account. His videos have gone on to garner more than 36 million likes on the platform. He has posted TikTok videos with other personalities like Chase Hudson and Sunny Suljic. 


  • Huncho5lickz

    Lip-syncing sensation on the platform TikTok who posts a mix of solo and duet videos. He has accrued more than 180,000 fans. His previous account was disabled.


  • Keanu Rapp

    Keanu Rapp is a pop singer who rose to prominence after competing on the popular singing competition show The Voice Kids (German version). Rapp has been obsessed with music since he was two years old, and he first found his love for it when he was just two years old. He went on to further hone his vocal abilities, eventually emerging as a vocalist with a distinct, soothing voice. is where the teen singer currently posts his covers and music videos. He also has his own YouTube page, where he often uploads his songs. Rapp, who has sung covers of Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin" and Ariana Grande's "Love Me Harder" alongside popular pop artist Lukas Rieger, has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. He currently has over 550k followers on and over 155k subscribers on YouTube. On a personal note, the vocalist is from Achern, which is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

    Keanu Rapp

  • Arden Rose

    Arden Rose is known mainly for her comedy videos, makeup tutorials and advice videos. She recently began two separate channels: one for gaming and the other for regular vlogs. She is also an actress and producer and has appeared in a number of short films. Arden has over 400 videos on her main channel. She has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. She is also extremely popular on other social sites, with a million followers on Instagram and 556K followers on Twitter. She collaborates with her boyfriend, who is also a celebrated YouTuber, in her YouTube videos. Most of her videos draw content from her personal experiences. Her videos have been viewed nearly a billion times. She regularly updates her channel by posting weekly videos. Her most popular video called ˜JennXPenn Is Pregnant?!'”where she along with her YouTube friends make prank calls to common friends”hasearned her over 3.3 million views

    Arden Rose

  • Chris Miles

    What happens when you come across a chubby and cute 13 year old belting out a cool rap number and you can't stop your feet from keeping up with the beats? Like million other viewers, you start googling the name Chris Miles hoping to get more of the funk. Chris Miles' audition tape for ˜America's Got Talent' did just that. At that age his track ˜DialTone', which he wrote and added tune went viral on YouTube and Chris hasn't looked back since. Miles ahead of his peers who were busy dealing with the angst of approaching high school, Chris was busy creating his rap magic. Caucasian teens are relatively few in the Rap/Hip-hop genre which is dominated primarily by African-American demography. But Chris seems to be holding his own, pretty evident by his recent signing bonus with a renowned music label. This young gun still has ˜Miles' to go and his fans can't stop from being excited about his future in the music industry. Chris has a huge fan following, which is evident from the number of his twitter followers and YouTube subscribers.

    Chris Miles