Famous with careers are composer
  • Max Von Schillings

    Though best remembered for his internationally popular opera, Mona Lisa, this German musician also composed melodramas, concertos, and chamber music. Also a conductor, he headed the Berlin State Opera during the early 1920s.

    Max Von Schillings

  • Beto Barbosa

    Brazilian singer and composer who is known for being the King of Lambada. He is also known for being the composer of Adocica which sold over three million copies. He shares videos of his live performances along with other lifestyle content through his Instagram for his over 140,000 followers. 

    Beto Barbosa

  • Bia Ferreira

    Jazz, blues and soul singer as well as multi-instrumentalist with the piano as her base instrument. Her lyrics hit on social themes, especially relating to black feminism.

    Bia Ferreira

  • Ernst Toch

    Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his third of seven symphonies, Opus 75 from 1955, written between 1950 and 1968. He invented the idiom of the spoken chorus called Gesprochene Musik in 1930.

    Ernst Toch

  • Alain Whyte

    Best known as a songwriter and guitarist for the English vocalist Morrissey, this British musician and composer also wrote hit songs for <a title='Chris Brown' href='/famous/chris-brown.htm'>Chris Brown</a>, Rihanna, Madonna, and The Black-Eyed Peas.

    Alain Whyte

  • Alfonso G. Aguilar

    Film score composer and pianist whose work can be heard in such films as All Roads Lead to Rome (2015), Far From Here (2017) and You Shall Not Sleep (2018). He is the founder of the film score production company DOKO. 

    Alfonso G. Aguilar

  • Babak Amini

    Iranian musician, composer, and guitarist who is known for his own instrumental albums and for his collaborations with a variety of Canadian and Iranian musicians. He is also known for being a member of Toronto Musicians Association as well as an instructor at the Canada Music Academy. 

    Babak Amini

  • Jigar Saraiya

    Composer and singer best known as one half of the famed Bollywood and Gujarati film composing duo Sachin-Jigar. He has contributed music to such hit films as F.A.L.T.U. (2011), Go Goa Gone (2013) and Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran (2018). 

    Jigar Saraiya

  • Kike Santander

    Colombian composer, producer, and entrepreneur who is known for having composed several Top Ten hits including Let's Get Louder by <a title='Jennifer Lopez' href='/famous/jennifer-lopez.htm'>Jennifer Lopez</a> and Premonicion by <a title='David Bisbal' href='/famous/david-bisbal.htm'>David Bisbal</a>. He is also known for having earned representation from the Santander Records label. 

    Kike Santander

  • Tony Aubin

    Remembered for his scores for such 1940s French films as Le Corbeau and Le Pavillon Brule, Aubin is also known for his sonatas, symphonies, and cantatas. He taught for three decades at the Paris Conservatory and served a seven-year term as artistic director of the Paris Mondial.

    Tony Aubin

  • Laszlo Fogarasi Jr.

    Composer, visual artist, and electronic musician who performs under the name YONDERBOI.

    Laszlo Fogarasi Jr.

  • Denis Dufour

    Known best as a composer of contemporary art music, Dufour wrote such acclaimed electroacoustic pieces as "In Paradisum," "Je Voulais Parler des Oiseaux," and "The Blob." He pioneered a pre-recorded, speaker-based genre of concert music known as "Acousmatic music."

    Denis Dufour

  • Bobby Sowell

    Pianist and composer who recorded albums in many different genres and was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2002.

    Bobby Sowell

  • Pietro Locatelli

    Italian violinist and Baroque-era composer whose musical works include chamber music, virtuoso violin pieces, and large ensemble compositions.

    Pietro Locatelli

  • John Dankworth

    Famous for his scores for numerous 1960s and '70s films and television series (including Modesty Blaise and The Avengers), Dankworth is equally remembered for his successful career as a jazz musician and bandleader. Over the course of his six-decade career, he contributed to close to twenty jazz albums and penned nearly fifty soundtracks.

    John Dankworth

  • Graham Reynolds

    American composer, pianist, drummer, and bandleader. He toured with the acclaimed Golden Arm Trio, composed numerous film scores, and directed a non-profit music production organization called the Golden Hornet Project.

    Graham Reynolds

  • Arthur Bliss

    Best known for the work he did during the first half of the 20th century, such as "Hymn to Apollo" from 1926. He wrote the famed ballet "Checkmate" which was performed well into the 21st century by the Royal Ballet.

    Arthur Bliss

  • Eugene Ketterer

    French pianist who was a popular performer in his day. His compositions included "The Little Silver Fish" and "La perle du soir," among many others.

    Eugene Ketterer

  • Halkawt Zaher

    World renowned Kurd musician and composer who has arranged music for multiple artists. From 2005 to 2011 he was the music technical advisor for President of the Kurdistan Regional Government. 

    Halkawt Zaher

  • Luis de Pablo

    Known for his chamber music ("Ex voto" from 1995), orchestral music ("Las Orillas" from 1990), operas ("La señorita Cristina" from 2000), and film music ("La caza" for Carlos Saura in 1965). He founded Nueva Música, Tiempo y Música, and Alea.

    Luis de Pablo

  • Jason Lehning

    Grammy Award-winning musician, composer, and music producer. He was a founding member of a Nashville rock/pop band called The Silver Seas.

    Jason Lehning

  • Anton Seidl

    Hungarian conductor who led prestigious orchestras in Berlin, New York City, and London. He served as copyist to <a title='Richard Wagner' href='/famous/richard-wagner.htm'>Richard Wagner</a>, making the first copy of "Der Ring des Nibelungen" and staging "Siegfried and "Götterdämmerung" in Vienna at Wagner's request.

    Anton Seidl

  • Ignaz Moscheles

    Bohemian piano virtuoso whose initial attraction to Beethoven's avant-garde repertoire was greatly discouraged. He succeeded <a title='Felix Mendelssohn' href='/famous/felix-mendelssohn.htm'>Felix Mendelssohn</a>, whom he taught, as head of the Leipzig Conservatoire.

    Ignaz Moscheles

  • Henri Bertini

    Classical musician skilled in chamber music. He was a well-known soloist admired for his evenness, clarity, and quality of sound.

    Henri Bertini