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  • Colleen Ballinger

    Colleen Ballinger is an American comedian, actress, singer and YouTube personality best known for her quirky alter-ego, Miranda Sings. Not only do comedy lovers all over the world love her one-woman act as the egocentric and talentless Miranda who sings and dances badly, her prowess as a YouTuber has also won her numerous awards. Interested in music from a young age, she fell in love with theater as a little girl. As a teenager she enrolled in the Azusa Pacific University's vocal-performance program but did not enjoy her college years. Fun loving and unconventional, she wanted to do something really exciting which led her to an acting career. Eventually she turned to the YouTube through which she would ultimately enjoy unprecedented success as a comedian. Her character of Miranda Sings has catapulted Colleen to the status of a YouTube superstar with millions of views to boot. Her internet fame has also translated into a highly successful career as a live comedy performer.

    Colleen Ballinger

  • Nikki Bella

    There are only a very few women wrestlers who have impacted the WWE universe in a way The Bella Twins has. One half of the duo is Nikki Bella (Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace), an American professional wrestler, model and actress. Nikki performed on WWE under the Smackdown brand is presently inactive due to bad fitness. Nikki made her wrestling debut when she got signed on by WWE in June 2007 and was eventually assigned to fight in Florida Championship Wrestling. She teamed up with her twin sister <a title='Brie Bella' href='/famous/brie-bella.htm'>Brie Bella</a> and both the sisters created a stir in the ring with their sly moves and strength. The Bella Twins, a duo was formed, and both the sisters exhibited some great tricks which made them instant favourite among the fans of the sport. She debuted on Smackdown in 2008 and eventually grabbed the WWE Divas Championship twice with her second reign as the champ lasting for a record breaking 301 days. Apart from wrestling, Nikki is constantly seen making her appearances in Television and brand endorsements. Rolling Stone magazine honoured her with the ˜Diva of the Year' tag in December 2015. She became an inspiration for the teenage girls across USA for her dedication to fitness.

    Nikki Bella

  • Conor Maynard

    Conor Maynard is a singer and songwriter from England who became famous after winning the ˜Brand New for 2012' award. His debut single ˜Can't Say No' brought him a lot of fame and recognition as a talented singer. He has performed at a number of places in Europe and has become famous as the second singing sensation after the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. He has toured the US also and has made quite a name for himself in that country. His singing talent began to be noticed after he started uploading his singing videos on popular video sharing channel, YouTube. He uploaded his very first video in May 2006. Thereafter, he uploaded cover versions of songs in association with rapper and friend, Anthony "Anth" Melo. Soon, he caught the attention of American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, who watched a cover version of his track "Beautiful Monster", sung by Maynard. Ne-Yo was so impressed that he contacted the musician and became Maynard's mentor.

    Conor Maynard

  • Brie Bella

    Brianna Monique Danielson, better known by ring name Brie Bella, is an American pro wrestler (presently on an extended break), model and actress famous as one-half of ˜The Bella Twins', the other half being her twin sister, Nikki. She along with Nikki, also a pro wrestler, model and actress, are signed to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), and has performed several times as tag team. Brie is an ambassador for WWE and has remained the WWE Divas Champion once. The twins garnered much attention as tag team partners in the ring by practicing ˜Twin Magic', switching positions at the back of referee to take an upper hand on the game. She also teamed up with male wrestlers in mixed tag team matches. Brie and Nikki also forayed into the entertainment industry with modelling, acting and campaigns. They made their debut in television with the series ˜Meet My Folks' and then featured in others TV series, music videos and a film. She along with Nikki forms two of the main casts of the TV reality shows ˜Total Divas' and its spin-off ˜Total Bellas'.

    Brie Bella

  • Carly Rae Jepsen

    Carly Rae Jepsen is a Canadian singer, songwriter as well as an actress. There are very few celebrities who shot to fame with their debut performance and needless to say that Carly Rae Jepsen surely comes in that top list. YouTube witnessed a sensational delectation with Carly Rae's single ˜Call Me Maybe'. It was acknowledged to be a path-breaking song worldwide. Her song ruled the chartbusters in dozens of countries for a long period of time. The tune of this song was so appealing that even famous celebrities across the globe did not shy away from indulging themselves grooving to its moves. Ever since her first hit, there has been no looking back for this pop star. Her mark in Broadway is also worth mentioning which gained her a loyal, matured audience. This dark haired, beautiful diva continues to enthrall the hearts of millions across the globe.

    Carly Rae Jepsen

  • Moose

     YouTube gamer who runs the Moose channel, formerly known as Mau5Craft. He has gained particular renown for his tutorials and gameplay highlight videos for the games ARK, Minecraft, Fallout 4, and Five Nights at Freddy's. 


  • Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15 is an American YouTuber famous for sharing fashion tips, personal stories, and product endorsements on her channel. As of March 2018, she has successfully garnered over 2.3 million subscribers and over 203 million views on her YouTube channel, Simplynessa15. Besides YouTube, Martinez is popular on Instagram and Twitter as well. Currently, she has about 620k and 182k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. The American beauty is also an entrepreneur and owns a clothing line named ˜CLO X NESSA'. Till date, she has earned a huge amount of money through her business venture. On the personal front, Martinez is a very strong and independent young lady. She is extremely straight-forward and brave enough to speak what she feels is right. Recently, the fashion icon completely chopped off her hair and went bald. She took this decision after suffering from severe hair loss caused by her hair extensions.


  • Mighty Neicy

    Mighty Neicy is a Vine personality and a YouTube star who became a sensation with her Vine account. Daughter of MightyMom and sister of <a title='MightyDuck' href='/famous/desmond-english.htm'>MightyDuck</a>, Mighty Neicy maintained the ˜Mighty' family theme. She was first introduced to Vine through her brother, <a title='MightyDuck' href='/famous/desmond-english.htm'>MightyDuck</a>. She was featured in the videos posted by her brother. Hooked to the social media forum, she created her own account and rest as they say is history. No sooner than her account went live, Mighty Neicy became a raging star. In less than 10 posts, she became a Vine sensation like her brother. Interestingly, Mighty Neicy's celebrity status is not dependent on her posts. This probably explains that despite not posting videos for a month, her account was rapidly gaining followers, numbering from 1000 to 4000 per day.

    Mighty Neicy

  • Hunter Ray Hill

    Hunter Ray Hill is an American Instagram star and TikTok star who is also popular across several other social media platforms. He often features his younger sister, Piper Rockelle, who is a YouTuber and social media star herself, in his content. A native of Wyoming, Hill grew up playing basketball and was introduced to social media at a young age. At one point, he used to work six days a week before becoming a prominent figure on the internet. He is most active on TikTok on which he is a crowned user with over a million fans and several millions of hearts. Each of his posts on the platform garners thousands of views. His videos are short comedy sketches that address a variety of topics ranging from everyday life to pop culture. Hill is quite popular on Instagram as well. He uses it predominantly to post pictures of his family, friends, and cats.

    Hunter Ray Hill

  • Cameron Field

    Australian Instagram personality most famous for his public friendship with dancing superstar <a title='Maddie Ziegler' href='/famous/madison-ziegler.htm'>Maddie Ziegler</a>. He is a dancer who has performed in stage musicals like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Addams Family Musical.

    Cameron Field

  • Ella Elbells

    Ella Elbells is an American YouTube star and a popular social media personality. She shot to fame when she created her self-titled YouTube channel and posted videos on a variety of subjects, including fashion, makeup, food, DIY projects, and many other things that she enjoys. This charming teenager knows how to win the hearts of the high school kids. She posted her first video ˜Ella's Randomness' when she was in her early teens; in this video, she introduced herself to the viewers. She began her YouTube career with very simple and basic videos. Over the years, her content improved and the number of her subscribers also increased significantly. She is also popular on Instagram, where she has more than 83k followers as of April 2018. Ella is an entrepreneur as well and owns a clothing store, where she sells graphic T-shirts and sweatshirts and many other products.

    Ella Elbells

  • Isabel May

    Actress who rose to fame as Katie Cooper on the popular Netflix original series Alexa & Katie. She debuted during the series' first season in March 2018. 

    Isabel May

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