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  • Adam Levine

    Adam Noah Levine is an American singer, songwriter, actor and the lead vocalist for the pop rock band Maroon 5. The first album of the rock band ˜Maroon 5' catapulted a little known singer onto the center stage of American music and entertainment. Very few knew about him before he came into the limelight. When he was just out of school, he formed a rock band with his classmates and brought out an album which did not do very well. The band broke up and he formed it again later with a new name and asked some new singers to join in. Since then the band has released five albums which have become great hits. He has served as a basketball judge/coach in a reality show and had some of the greatest basketball players of all time in his team on the reality show. He has starred in a horror series on television and has acted in a film as well. He has also shown his talent as an entrepreneur by giving his name to a fragrance line and a collection of men's clothing which has earned him millions of dollars each year.

    Adam Levine

  • Lily Collins

    Lily Collins is a popular British-American actress and model. A graduate from the University of Southern California, the star has been in the acting and modeling world since she was two, thanks to her famous musician father, Phil Collins. Very few people know that Lily Collins was interested in journalism as a young girl, but destiny had some other plans for her. Following her studies, she first gained attention as a writer for popular teen magazines like ˜Teen Vogue' and ˜Seventeen.' Later on, she started hosting Nickelodeon-sponsored political campaigns. The actress made her debut in a feature movie ˜The Blind Side' following a lead role in an action-thriller. But it was her role as ˜Snow White' in ˜Mirror Mirror' that paved the way for her bright future in Hollywood. As a model, Lily Collins modeled for several brands and received many honors. She was given the title of ˜International Model of the Year' by Spain's ˜Glamour' magazine after being chosen by the brand ˜Chanel' for wearing one of their gowns. The actress also received the titles of ˜One to Watch' and ˜Newest Red Carpet Correspondent' later on.

    Lily Collins

  • Maesi Caes

    Maesi Caes is an American professional dancer. A Hall of Fame inductee, she is a winner of two Grand National Championships and numerous other dance competitions. Caes is a dancer from Becky Nalevanko's Dance & Tumbling Studio and participated in the seventh season of the reality TV competition show ˜Dance Moms' as a guest dancer. She then went on to become a permanent member on the show. Caes, who has performed with Justin Bieber on stage, is a very talented personality when it comes to dancing. She is familiar with a wide range of dance forms and her moves are absolutely stunning. The young artiste has been dancing since childhood and continues to give brilliant performance in TV shows and other events. She is the sister of fellow dancer Maddie Caes. Maesi Caes is a very charming, hardworking, and innocent girl. A young teenager, she leads a hectic life as she has to juggle her dance performances with her studies. She is passionate about building a career as a choreographer in the future.

    Maesi Caes

  • Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah, born as Dana Elaine Owens, is an African-American award winning rapper, singer, music producer, entrepreneur and actress. She is one of first female rap artists who caught music industry's attention. She was the first female rapper to be nominated for the academy awards. She made her mark in hip-hop genre by rapping about issues of black women. Her songs covered topics including domestic violence, harassment on the streets, and relationship problems. Her friendliness, honesty, empowering lyrics and dedication to both her art and her audience, have contributed to making her one of the most well-known and respected female rappers. She has come from a humble background and has built her empire from scratch entirely on her own talent. In spite of being a big star she has not lost her roots to the ground. Her strongly voiced personal beliefs in social responsibility, her feminist views and her stance on non-violence, have made her into a role model, particularly in redefining how women in the world of hip-hop are viewed.

    Queen Latifah

  • Saiko

    Brazilian YouTube gamer who is widely known for his self-titled channel, where he has garnered popularity for his playthrough and walkthrough gaming videos. One of his most popular videos there, "COCIELINHOS, OS CLONES DO JULIO COCIELO," has earned more nearly one million views alone.


  • Hayley Stewart

    The current generation is all about living in the present and discards anything that has used up their attention span. Social media apps are a dime a dozen nowadays, each having lesser shelf life than its predecessors. So, move over DubSmash, Musical.ly is the hippest thing on the map right now.The app lets you record your own music videos by lip syncing to your favorite songs and share them instantly with other users. Sort of MTV meets American Idol meets Instagram. Sounds simple on the surface, but to master it like a pro, you need to perfect your expressions and hand and body movements, all along maintaining the perfect camera angle and lighting. Hayley Stewart has got every single one of these down pat.She and her sister Kaytlyn are homeschooled by their mother. Hayley confessed that she started experimenting with the app because she had a lot of free time at home after completing her assignments. That's when this 12-year-old got hooked to the unlimited possibilities of what is known as Musical.ly. Her videos are funny and creative at the same time and have earned her close to one million hearts on her account. She has her 750K followers hooked on to her Musical.ly account with her crazy funny expressions. She also started a YouTube channelin 2015 called Haylo Hayley and has 17K+ followers.

    Hayley Stewart

  • Ciara Bravo

    Ciara Bravo is an American television and film actress. Despite being just twenty one years old, Ciara Bravo has won many hearts by her performance in the comedy series ˜Big Time Rush'. This series is considered as her best performance till date. Having started her career at an early age of nine, she is a very popular figure among the audiences today. After her breakthrough performance in the comedy series, she acted in a few movies and did voice-overs for a couple of animation movies. Even though Ciara is not a social media celebrity, she has over 1 million followers on her ˜Twitter' account. Ciara's future plans are not clear, although she was last seen playing the main role in ˜Second Chance'. This is a crime fiction series under the production of Fox Pictures. She has also made a guest appearance in an episode of the police action drama NCIS, in the year 2016. By the end of 2016, Ciara had appeared in a total of 16 television series.

    Ciara Bravo

  • Grant Marshall

    Comedy video creator and vlogger who also posts challenge, dance and lip-sync content to his grantmarshalll TikTok channel. He has accrued more than 1.4 million fans and often collaborated with girlfriend Ellie Vandeel.

    Grant Marshall

  • Solai Wicker

    Instagram star who is known for being one half of the popular web group The Wicker Twinz alongside her sister <a title='Yoni Wicker' href='/famous/yoni-wicker.htm'>Yoni Wicker</a>. She shares dancing content along with other humorous posts to her _.itssolai_ Instagram account that she updates daily for her over 80,000 followers.  

    Solai Wicker

  • Jada Facer

    Jada Mae Facer is an actress, singer, and social media influencer from America. After gaining initial popularity on social media, she became a household name for portraying a character named Dani in ABC's ˜Melissa & Joey'. A native of Utah, Facer moved to Los Angeles after being discovered by a manager. She made her screen debut in the 2011 television film ˜Love's Christmas Journey'. In the same year, she set up her YouTube account where she began to upload covers of popular songs in 2012. She made her big screen debut in 2012 in the comedy-drama ˜Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks'. Facer subsequently guest starred in a series of TV shows before she was cast as Dani in ˜Melissa & Joey'. Her character appeared in ten episodes in the last two seasons of the show. Since then, she has continued to act and post covers on her YouTube account, on which she has 154 thousand subscribers. She is quite popular on other platforms of social media as well. She has 14 thousand, 20 thousand, and 304 thousand followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, respectively. Facer also uses her website to stay connected with her fans.

    Jada Facer

  • Yoni Wicker

    Instagram star known for her dancing and comedic content that she shares through her Wicker Twinz account with her sister <a title='Solai Wicker' href='/famous/solai-wicker.htm'>Solai Wicker</a>. She is also known for posting additional photos and individual dancing content to her personal the0nlyyonii Instagram account for her over 90,000 followers. 

    Yoni Wicker

  • Mia Maples

    Online creator also known as Ivorygirl48, who has earned more than 750,000 subscribers on YouTube. She posts a variety of types of videos that includes beauty and DIY content, routines, pranks and more.

    Mia Maples

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