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  • Jake Webber

    In 2014, he joined MAGCON Next as a social media star and video content maker. He also performs additional tours, events, and promotional activities. He's worked for Disney, McDonald's, and Doritos, among others. On Instagram, he has over 150,000 followers.

    Jake Webber

  • Kodak Black

    Bill K. Kapri, better known as Kodak Black, is an American rapper best known for his hits "Roll in Peace," "Tunnel Vision," and "No Flockin." He was born and raised in Florida, and his family had Haitian ancestors. He has aspired to be a rapper since he was a teenager and has worked hard to achieve his ambition. He broadened his horizons by spending a lot of time in recording studios. His seedy neighborhood, on the other hand, drew him into all kinds of petty crime. He got into a lot of fights in school and was arrested numerous times for breaking and entering residences. He began taking his music career seriously at the age of 12 when he joined a group called Brutal Youngnz. Later, he was a member of a group known as "The Kolyons." 'Project Baby,' his first mixtape, was released in 2013, followed by 'Heart of the Projects,' and 'Institution.' Drake famously released a video of himself dancing to Kodak's song "Skrt," which catapulted Kodak to stardom. In 2017, he released Painting Pictures, his debut studio album, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

    Kodak Black

  • Daniel Howell

    British YouTuber and radio broadcaster who, together with his co-host and closest friend Phil Lester, has been hosting a show on BBC Radio 1 since 2013. Over 6 million people subscribe to his self-titled YouTube channel. He and Lester published The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire in October 2015.

    Daniel Howell

  • Alexander James Rodriguez

    His voice acting roles in several feature films, such as Missing Link and Alice Through the Looking Glass, have made him a well-known British actor and recording artist. He also had a number of successful single releases and won the Rising Star Award at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2021. On his iamajrodriguez Instagram account, where he has 300,000 followers, he posts updates on his ongoing projects.

    Alexander James Rodriguez

  • Charlie Guzman

    Charlie Guzman, often known as Dashie or DashieXP, is a YouTube comedian. On his channel, he makes comedic sketches as well as game criticism. His DashieXP channel has more than 2.7 million followers, while his DashieGames channel has more than 5 million.

    Charlie Guzman

  • Claire Holt

    She made her acting debut as Rebekah in The Vampire Diaries and later starred as Samara in Pretty Little Liars. She is well known for her roles as Emma Gilbert in H2O: Just Add Water and Chastity Meyer in Mean Girls 2.

    Claire Holt

  • Caden Conrique

    actor and dancer who joined the Chicken Girls ensemble in 2017. He has appeared in the music videos for Danielle Cohn, Johnny Orlando, and Mackenzie Ziegler.

    Caden Conrique

  • Breanna Yde

    Breanna Yde is an Australian born American young actress who has achieved much success within a short span of time. Today, she is not only a Nickelodeon star but also a widely known celebrity with a fan following of over 600K across various social media channels. Right now she is being feted everywhere for her strong performance as Tomika, the bassist and vocalist, in the Nickelodeon TV series ˜School of Rock', a remake of the award winning 2003 film starring Jack Black. In real life too, Breanna is a good singer and quite a versatile instrumentalist being able to play a whole range of musical instruments, especially the piano and the guitar. Her work day is hectic with nearly eight hours of filming and three hours of studies but on weekends you are likely to find her playing golf, basketball or tennis. She has two dogs.

    Breanna Yde

  • Bella Retamosa

    One of two characters who appeared on the couple's YouTube channel A&B's travels, vlogs, pranks, challenges, and other content. More than 1.1 million people have subscribed to them. She has identified herself as a co-owner of the clothing line Fashion Nova.

    Bella Retamosa

  • Nathan Triska

    Humor has a worldwide appeal that transcends linguistic borders. The new generation of social media celebrities has turned to comedy as a weapon and burst into the entertainment industry. These young people employ their creative inventiveness to engage their consumers using platforms that give a variety of adjustable options in terms of video length and duration. Nathan Triska is 17 years old and has been involved in social media for the past five years. His work is largely comprised of crazy pranks and highly witty comments/rants, which he distributes across many channels. Some of them are unique, while others adhere to established fashion trends. Nathan has 134K Twitter followers and has been active on the platform since 2012. He is a newcomer to YouTube, having only uploaded his first video in 2015. The account, however, has a large following, with over 220,000 followers and over 3 million views. YouNow, a relatively under-utilized live webcast service, is the social media medium that he has taken by storm, with over 8 million cumulative views and 550K+ fans!

    Nathan Triska

  • Shia LaBeouf

    Shia LaBeouf, better known as ˜Louis Stevens' in the popular Disney Channel series, ˜Even Stevens', is one of the most charming American actors in Hollywood. A favorite among women, this young actor, with his elegant good-looks and his boy-next-door charm was cast in the lead role in the hit ˜Transformers' franchise and was also seen in arthouse films like ˜Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and ˜The Company You Keep' to name a few. His acting career took-off with the ˜Disney Channel', where he portrayed a popular character in ˜Even Stevens', which was a primetime show. Thereafter, he was barraged with offers and made his career breakthrough with some serious, commercial hits like ˜Disturbia' and ˜Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'. Apart from acting, LaBeouf is also one of the youngest directors in Hollywood. He made his directorial debut with a short-film titled, ˜Let's Love Hate'. Since then, he has directed the television shows, ˜Maniac' and ˜Born Villain'.

    Shia LaBeouf

  • Sadie Robertson

    In the cases of some stars, it is said that success flows in the family. So is the case with Sadie Robertson. She is one of the youngest and most successful reality television stars in the world. She was born in a family with a good interest in television. Her father <a title='Willie Robertson' href='/famous/willie-robertson.htm'>Willie Robertson</a> is also a famous television star who rose to fame at a later stage in his life. He started his career by hunting ducks and later entered television. Upon finding success, he groomed his daughter well from a very young age for television. In her younger days before she became famous, Sadie Robertson was interested in athletics and was an accomplished basketball player. She got all the encouragement from her family in her pursuit of a career in television. She started her acting career with shows like ˜God's Not Dead' and ˜I am Not Ashamed'. These shows brought her some recognition.

    Sadie Robertson