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  • Collins Key

    Collins Key rose to popularity as the Fan Favorite and Finalist on the eighth season of the reality show America's Got Talent, where he placed fifth. In fact, he is the first magician to advance to the show's final round. His talent was recognized when he was accepted into the world-famous Hollywood Magic Castle Junior Program. He is rightfully recognized to as "Magic's First Pop Star" since he elevated magic to a new level. Not only are his stunts enthralling, but his dashing appearance, complete with bright blue eyes and a charming grin, has made him the favorite of all his admirers. He was one among the first people to submit short videos of himself doing magic to You Tube, allowing him to gain an international audience. He and his younger brother, Devan, have a large social media following and have done a lot of work on You Tube. Collins has a lot of potential to change the entertainment industry and make it famous in Hollywood.

    Collins Key

  • Noah Centineo

    Noah Centineo is an American actor best known for his appearances in the television series The Fosters and the television film How to Build a Better Boy. He was reared in Boynton Beach, Florida, and was born in Miami, Florida, to Kellee Janel and Gregory Vincent Centineo. Taylor, his older sister, was his childhood companion. His businessman father formerly served as a preacher. In 2013, his father released an animated feature titled "Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return." Since a young age, he has had a strong desire to act. As a result, he auditioned for an agency at the age of eight. At the age of 15, he landed his breakthrough part in the film The Gold Retrievers, which launched his career. 'Turkles,' 'SPF-18,' 'Can't Take It Back,' 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before,' and 'Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,' were among his other flicks. Austin & Ally, Shake It Up, Newsreaders, and The Fosters are among of his most well-known programs.

    Noah Centineo

  • Cree Cicchino

    Cree Cicchino is the latest media phenomenon in the United States. At such a young age, she has had an impact on both traditional (broadcast) and new (Internet) media. She began to exhibit an interest in singing when she was quite little. Her parents supported her by giving the necessary singing lessons after observing her passion. She began to dance in addition to singing. The majority of her dancing consisted on imitating the moves of famous American artists and dancers such as Rihanna. She began doing dance performances at the age of four. In terms of singing and dancing, she excels in hip hop and jazz. When she was little, all she wanted to be was a famous singer and dancer like Rihanna. She's even started uploading her dance videos to video-focused social networking sites like YouTube.

    Cree Cicchino

  • Billy Joel

    William Martin Billy Joel is a famous American pianist, singer, song-writer and composer. He began his music career with ˜Echoes', which later became well known as the ˜Lost Souls'. He is branded as one of the most popular recording artists and the biggest entertainers in the world. He earned many Grammy awards for his album and was presented with one of the highest honors, ˜Grammy Legend Award', in 1990 for ˜Glass House'. He gained the Recording Industry Association of America Diamond Award for his album, ˜Greatest Hits Volume I and Volume II' that have sold more than 10 million copies till now. Joel has explored the diverse field of music, incorporating and merging different elements in it, including romantic ballads, hard-rock element, jazz combined with pop and soul. Throughout his career till now, his songs have been a personal and cultural milestone for millions of his fans, and have transcended the time in having a big impact over them. Joel's signature song, ˜Piano Man', took him to the peak of superstardom and became a big radio hit of its time. Today too, it remains popular and is ranked as one of his best songs ever, taking him to the heights of glory and eminence.

    Billy Joel

  • Jackson Green

    TikTok star who has risen to fame for his thecolourgreen channel. He has earned massive popularity for his sketch comedy through POV's and memes as well as for his catchphrase "Is everything okay?" 

    Jackson Green

  • Jelina

    Jelinuh is a dancer and muser who has amassed over 4 million followers on her account. In July of 2015, she became a member of for the first time.


  • Melanie Deangelis

    Popular Instagrammer with over 250,000 followers who posts various fashion looks. The username on her account is ikingm.

    Melanie Deangelis

  • Ben Hampton

    He rose to stardom on Instagram by posting fashion and lifestyle images to his eponymous account, which has over 700,000 followers. Later, he joined Team 10, which was led by Jake Paul.

    Ben Hampton

  • ASMR Aspen

    ASMR Aspen is an American YouTuber and social media personality who has gained online fame for her YouTube channel on which she mainly posts ASMR-related content. Born in a military family, she spent the early years of her life in Iceland where her parents were stationed before moving to the US. As with all youths of her generation, ASMR Aspen grew up in the midst of the digital revolution. She created her channel when she was 15 or 16 and began uploading videos almost two years after that. While most of ASMR Aspen's content is ASMR-related, she does make other types of videos as well. She also has an active Instagram account on which she has about 3.5 thousand followers.

    ASMR Aspen

  • NeatMike

    Mike Hencley, also known as NeatMike, is a YouTube personality who specializes in Rocket League material, which he posts on his NeatMike channel. Mike, a native of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is one of those rare Americans that believes in living an unorthodox life while pursuing their genuine calling. He enjoys making his gameplay videos and sharing them on social media as a gamer. Aside from gaming, the YouTuber enjoys capturing the moments he spends with his family. In terms of his YouTube channel's popularity, he has amassed a family of over 435k subscribers. His gaming and entertainment channel has over 60 million views and is doing rather well. Mike is renowned for his innocent and sweet appearance, in addition to being a really gorgeous man. Hundreds of thousands of women aspire to have a man like him as a companion. The YouTube celebrity from the United States is hilarious, and his sense of humour is absolutely commendable.


  • Alexandra Chaves

    Alexandra Chaves is a Canadian actress and dancer. She has gained recent fame for portraying Piper in Family Channel's ˜The Next Step'. An Ontario native, Chaves had been dancing for the major part of her life. She started participating in dance competitions even before she became a teenager. However, because of her cardiac arrhythmia, she was prohibited from dancing and chose to pursue acting as a career instead. In 2016, after she recovered enough, she took up dancing once more and was cast in ˜The Next Step'. Her character has become a fan favourite during the two seasons she has been part of the show. Chaves has a significant following on various platforms of social media. On Instagram, she has over 107 thousand followers, on Twitter, more than five thousand followers, and on Facebook, about four thousand followers. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel.

    Alexandra Chaves

  • Travis Turner

    Actor best known for his role as Aster on the series Some Assembly Required. He has also appeared in such series as Caprica, Fairly Legal and Supernatural. He starred in the sequel to Marley & Me, titled Marley & Me: The Puppy Years, in 2011. 

    Travis Turner

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