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  • Travis Scott

    Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Born as Jacques Webster, he gained limelight in 2012 when he signed his first major label-deal with Epic Records. Not looking back, he ended the year on a high note by inking a deal with <a title='Kanye West' href='/famous/kanye-west.htm'>Kanye West</a>'s GOOD Music's, VERY GOOD Beats. To mark his association, he was seen in the label's 2012 compilation ˜Cruel Summer'. In April 2013, Scott signed a record deal with T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint as well. Same year, he made his big debut on the music scene with his first full length mixtape ˜Owl Pharaoh'. Scott's journey as a rapper and singer zoomed further as he followed it with a second mixtape ˜Days Before Rodeo', in August 2014. However it was the single ˜Antidote' from his album ˜Rodeo' that catapulted his career to a glorious future. The single not just became a big hit, but was his first to reach the top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Scott's career has been soaring high since then and his second album ˜Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight' and a collaborative album ˜Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho' have faired extremely well. In 2017, Travis Scott and Internet Personality Kylie Jenner, started dating. They had a baby named Stormi Webster.

    Travis Scott

  • Gal Gadot

    Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model who is best known for playing Gisele Yashar in the Fast and Furious film franchise. She is an iconic personality to be reckoned with in the Jewish world of entertainment, having been named number five on Shalom Life's list of the 50 most brilliant, clever, witty, and attractive Jewish women in the world. She began her career as a model and rose to become Israel's top model, winning the renowned Miss Israel contest in the process. She was also the country's representative at the Miss Universe pageant. She tried her hand at acting after a highly successful career as a model. Gadot became a top-rated actress because to her knockout beauty, never-say-die military spirit, and artistic ambition to improve. She quickly landed parts in high-profile Hollywood productions. She was a member of the 'Fast & Furious' film franchise and played a superwoman in the film 'Batman versus Superman: Dawn of the Justice.'

    Gal Gadot

  • James McVey

    James McVey is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist of the British pop rock band ˜The Vamps'. The other members of the band are: Brad Simpson, <a title='Connor Ball' href='/famous/connor-ball.htm'>Connor Ball</a> and <a title='Tristan Evans' href='/famous/tristan-evans.htm'>Tristan Evans</a>. Before forming the band, McVey released a solo EP album on iTunes, titled ˜Who I Am'. It was in 2011 that he first met <a title='Bradley Simpson' href='/famous/bradley-simpson.htm'>Bradley Simpson</a> through YouTube. Not even a year later, <a title='Tristan Evans' href='/famous/tristan-evans.htm'>Tristan Evans</a> and <a title='Connor Ball' href='/famous/connor-ball.htm'>Connor Ball</a> too collaborated with McVey and thus led to the formation of the band ˜The Vamps'. McVey has spunk in him that is widely prevalent in his music compositions and vocals. He took his inspiration from Owl City. As talented as he is on stage, he has looks to kill. With six pack abs and a wide grinning smile, he is every girl's fantasy. McVey is highly ambitious as a person. When he was working solo, he aspired to form a British pop rock band and once that was achieved with the formation of The Vamps, he went further and decided to own a record label, which he eventually did and is called Steady Records'. Aiming to go further, McVey surely seems to be one of the most promising musicians on the scene.

    James McVey

  • Dianna Agron

    actress most known for playing Quinn Fabray, a high school cheerleader on Glee, for which she received a Breakthrough Of The Year Award in 2010. On Shalom Life's list of the 50 most gifted, wise, witty, and attractive Jewish women in the world, she came in at number three.

    Dianna Agron

  • Bella Blu

    Bella Blu Ray is an American dancer, gymnast, and reality TV personality. She is the younger sister of the reality TV star and dancer Asia Monet Ray, who has made appearances in TV shows like ˜Dance Moms' and ˜American Crime Story'. Both the sisters, as well as their parents, were also the stars of their own reality TV show, ˜Raising Asia'. A native of California, Bella Blu developed an interest in gymnastics at an early age. She was also interested in singing at the time. Later on, she decided to follow in her elder sister's footsteps and started dancing. Bella Blu has a self-titled YouTube channel on which she posts vlogs, slime videos, and videos about gymnastics and gymnastic competitions.

    Bella Blu

  • Drew Seeley

    actor and singer with a long list of Disney credits, including The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, and 10 episodes of Glory Daze. He played the lead role in the 2008 film Another Cinderella Story.

    Drew Seeley

  • Leigh Francis

    Leigh Francis is a well-known stand-up comedian, actor, producer, director, writer, and voice artist. He is best known for developing Channel 4's hit show ˜Bo' Selecta!' as well as for portraying the character of Keith Lemon in several shows including ˜Whatever I Want', ˜Keith Lemon's LemonAid', ˜Lemon La Vida Loca', ˜The Keith Lemon Sketch Show' and ˜The Keith & Paddy Picture Show', to name a few. Currently, Francis is portraying Keith in ˜Through the Keyhole' and ˜Celebrity Juice.' Other contributions of the comedian include the shows ˜The Buzz', ˜The Frank Skinner Show' and ˜Loose Women'. All these projects of Francis have catapulted him to great heights of fame. Today, he is not only adored by innumerable people, but has also got hundreds of celebrity fans. The English comedian even has an incredible fan base on Twitter. As of July 2017, Leigh Francis has got about 3.15m followers on the social networking platform. Talking about his other achievements, Francis was awarded with BAFTA Television Awards in 2016 for ˜Celebrity Juice.'

    Leigh Francis

  • Ana De Armas

    Cuban actress who starred in the film Una rose de Francia and the television series Hispania, la leyenda.

    Ana De Armas

  • Lizzy Hofe

    Lizzy Hofe is a singer, composer, and voice actress from the United States. She is most known for her YouTube channel Princess Rizu, where she posts cover songs. She is also known for delivering the voices of Nicole, Hyria, and Katelyn on Aphmau, a prominent gaming channel. Hofe, a gifted singer, dancer, and performer since childhood, has struggled with anxiety throughout her life. Thankfully, she received therapy, which enabled her to overcome her despair and reconstruct her life. Currently, the singer/songwriter is living a happy life and aspires to be one of the world's most popular YouTubers. Hofe's YouTube channel presently has 294k subscribers and is one of the fastest growing on the platform. It has a number of fantastic cartoon cover songs as well as other entertaining videos. When she is not filming, Hofe is a happily married woman who enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.

    Lizzy Hofe

  • Mac DeMarco

    Mac DeMarco is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Canada. Mac, who was born in British Columbia and raised in Alberta, had been a member of a number of bands since high school. None of the bands, however, were serious about pursuing a career in music. Mac went to Vancouver after graduating from high school in 2008 and began making music on his own. He spent a full year recording an EP named "Heat Wave," which was a compilation of his best tracks as a solo artist. While 'Heat Wave' was a constant success, Mac was also interested in other parts of art and developed some psychedelic music videos. A record label called Captured Tracks signed him in early 2012. The success of his mini-LP 'Rock and Roll Night Club' opened the door for his debut studio album, '2,' to be released in 2012. 'Salad Days' and 'This Old Dog' were Mac's next two albums. Mac is also known for his on-stage antics and his outlandish behavior on public venues.

    Mac DeMarco

  • Karla Hermosillo

    She rose to stardom as a social media celebrity and singer after sharing pictures and unique raps to her 250,000 Instagram followers. "From Time" and "Letter to My Momma" are two of her most popular videos.

    Karla Hermosillo

  • Kirsten Dunst

    Kirsten Dunst is a well-known actress and model from the United States. She began modeling at the age of three and had been in over 90 advertisements by the age of twelve. However, this blonde beauty rose to prominence with her breakout performance in 'Interview with the Vampire' at the age of 11. Her enthralling performance not only made her a celebrity, but it also demonstrated that she was far more than a bright child. The actress seamlessly transitioned between child-oriented and global films as she grew up in front of the camera. Dunst rose to international prominence after portraying Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man trilogy. This porcelain-skinned actress is picky about the parts she takes on. And it's for this reason that she's dubbed a "no-nonsense" actress. In Hollywood, there is a persistent myth that Dunst is an overpriced actress. Although some may disagree with the rumors, there is no doubting that Dunst is one of Hollywood's top actors right now. In her acting career, she has received several honors, including Saturn Awards, Empire Awards, and MTV Movie Awards. She has also received the Cannes Film Festival's Best Actress Award.

    Kirsten Dunst

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