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  • Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas is widely recognized as one of the boldest and the most uncompromising comedians in the last twenty years, who has had no qualms in combining comedy with political activism. As an artist, he regularly uses comedy, theatre, and opera to up his ante and to raise political consciousness about among the audiences. His frequent clashes with politicians have helped establish his reputation as a headstrong individual and as a powerful comedian/political activist. One of his interviews regarding evasion of taxes for inherited property even led to the alteration of a law in the United Kingdom. Like many politicians of his generation, his interest in politics stemmed from working for the Labour Movement right after the miners' strike. Through his many shows, he engages in investigative journalism, human rights campaigns and activism. Listeners and TV audience, who tune into his shows, are eager to latch on to his passionate, shrewd and cynical political observations. Although there is a certain amount of brazenness in the way he confronts his opponents, his earnestness makes him one of the most adorable and enjoyable trouble making comedians and political activists on television. To learn more about this personality, scroll further and read the biography below.

    Mark Thomas

  • Juanpa Zurita

    Juanpa Zurita, a suave and witty Vines personality, is a fan favorite. This endearing 20-year-old comic understands how to capture the hearts of practically everyone, not just high school students! His giggle is enough to make you laugh out loud. Juanpa is a social media winner with his Facebook profile proclaiming Me gustahacerre­r a las personas, which translates to "I want to make people laugh." It's amazing to watch over 1.9 million followers drooling over Juanpa's grotesque and humorous facial expressions, claiming Nac en unamanada de lobos, which translates to "I was born in a pack of wolves."

    Juanpa Zurita

  • Cordaro James Brady

    CJ has a staggering 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube account named CJ so Cool, where he is known for his rapid and amusing answers to YouTube videos as well as his pranks. He's a YouTuber that doesn't hold back when it comes to making remarks! His younger brother, Jinx, who is also a YouTuber, has aided him in shaping his career and improving the quality of his videos. He is married and has three stepchildren and presently resides in Los Angeles. This 27-year-old singer has been involved in a number of problems, including having his account hacked and being accused of being disrespectful to his step-children. He's been accused of stealing videos as well. Despite this, he maintains a sizable fan base not only on YouTube but also on other social media platforms. On Instagram, he has 218K followers, while on Twitter, he has 48.3K followers.

    Cordaro James Brady

  • Jack Wright

    Dancer and entertainer on TikTok who became a phenomenon with more than 3.4 million followers. He gained further popularity as a member of the social group The Hype House.

    Jack Wright

  • James Wright

    Dancing and comedy video sensation who has earned more than 2 million followers for his jameswrightt TikTok account. He gained further fame after becoming a member of The Hype House.

    James Wright

  • Rylan McKnight

    Rylan Olivia McKnight is an American YouTube personality who, alongside her family, stars in the videos posted on the massively popular YouTube channel ˜Cute Girls Hairstyles' (CGH for short), which is renowned for its content on fashion, accessories, crafts, beauty, and vlogs. Started by her mother way back in 2009, the channel has accumulated 960 million views and five million subscribers till date, and is one of the most successful fashion and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube. The fourth daughter of Mindy and Shaun McKnight, Rylan is a constant feature on the channel, and while she doesn't have her own YouTube channel as yet unlike her elder sisters, the twins <a title='Brooklyn' href='/famous/brooklyn-mcknight.htm'>Brooklyn</a> and Bailey, and Kamri, she does entertain having one as a possibility for the future. She also makes appearances on her sisters' channels, participating in challenges, and offering trivia about her family. Rylan's mother's nickname for her is ˜Junk Gypsy', because she ˜collects everything'.

    Rylan McKnight

  • Megan Batoon

    Dancer, cheoreographer, and social media phenomenon across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Vine, and, most notably, YouTube. She creates video blogs, comedy sketches, and choreography videos for her 900,000 YouTube subscribers.

    Megan Batoon

  • Alisson Sister Forever

    Her YouTube channel features challenge, vlog, and comedy videos, making her a social media sensation and beauty guru.

    Alisson Sister Forever

  • Jasmine Clough

    Jasmine Clough is a YouTuber from England. She is well-known for the beauty films she publishes on her main 'YouTube' account. She's also noted for her skills as a stylist and hairdresser. Jasmine also uploads movies about baking, cooking, and home decor. She has a few 'YouTube' series on her channel, better known as "Florallifex" or "Jasmine Ane." In her vlogs, Jasmine frequently mentions her sister. She's worked with other "YouTubers" as well. This has aided in the growth of her YouTube channel. Jasmine has a separate 'YouTube' channel dedicated just to daily vlogs.

    Jasmine Clough

  • Kelianne Stankus

    Kelianne Stankus is an American gymnast and dancer. She is best recognized for being a part of the group Acrobots that performs routines on hoverboards. She also gained much popularity for directing and performing in their routine for <a title='Justin Bieber' href='/famous/justin-bieber.htm'>Justin Bieber</a>'s hit "Sorry," which earned over 2 million views on YouTube. A former member of the US National Acrobatic Gymnastics team, Stankus is a multitalented personality. She has been passionate about dancing and gymnastics since her childhood. Also a social media star, she has earned tremendous online fame on various social media platforms. She is incredibly famous on the app musical.ly/TikTok where she has over 1.2 million followers. Stankus, who was a member of the Empire Acro Gymnastics club, is a very simple and charming girl. She is a family-oriented girl and loves spending her leisure time with her siblings and parents.

    Kelianne Stankus

  • Lydia Connell

    Lydia Connell is an English beauty vlogger. She owns a 'YouTube' channel along with her identical twin sister, Lucy. Titled 'LucyAndLydia,' the channel primarily hosts makeup tutorials. The twin sisters are popular for their ˜Get The Look' video series, which feature them recreating iconic looks of various celebrities. They have also authored a novel that chronicles their own life experiences through fictional twin-sister characters. Lucy and Lydia also own a blog page where they post their blogs about makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. The twin sisters are known for their timely giveaway contests.

    Lydia Connell

  • Ysa Penarejo

    Ysa Penarejo is a Filipino“American actor, model, and songwriter. She is best known for her roles in 'McKenna Shoots for the Stars' and the TV miniseries 'Project MC2.' She has also worked as a model in several commercials and print campaigns. Ysa began her career as a dancer and a model and then turned toward acting. Over the years, Ysa has appeared in many 'Netflix' series and TV films. She is also passionate about songwriting and has released her first original track on ˜iTunes.'

    Ysa Penarejo

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