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  • Lucas Dobre

    Lucas Dobre is an American dancer who along with his twin brother <a title='Marcus' href='/famous/marcus-dobre.htm'>Marcus</a> has collaborated to create videos for their channel named ˜Twinbotz' on Vine. By December 2014 the channel had more than 300,000 followers. He is one half of ˜Team10' while his twin brother is the other half. Both of them have become very popular on the internet because of their highly skilled dance performances, stunts and their versatile acts. In 2014 Lucas and <a title='Marcus' href='/famous/marcus-dobre.htm'>Marcus</a> created a video which was dedicated to SelfieC and Lycia Faith. Lucas can read what his twin brother is thinking during their performances which make their act highly cohesive and intelligent. He used his vine account to post his videos and was able to get more than 700,000 followers by June 2015. By July 2016 the number of followers of Twinbotz swelled to more than 1.7 million. He attributes his success to his parents and brothers who have been providing him with all the support he needed to become a star celebrity.

    Lucas Dobre

  • HRVY

    On sites like Instagram and musical.ly, singer who became a social media sensation. He has over 3.1 million Instagram followers and over 2 million musical.ly followers. In July 2017, he released his debut EP, Holiday.


  • Marcus Dobre

    Marcus Dobre is an American performance artist, dancer, Viner, YouTuber, and Social media celebrity. He, alongside his identical twin brother Lucas, is the star of the hugely popular YouTube channel ˜Lucas and Marcus', which has accumulated 254 million views and about 3 million subscribers till date. Born entertainers and athletes, the Dobre brothers' content is unique, artistic, and full of creativity. They started as Viners, and presently have 949 million loops on their Vine uploads. Marcus is a phenomenal dancer, as is Lucas, and their well-choreographed routines have earned them millions of admirers world-wide. They are members of ˜Team 10', a squad of young like minded individuals who teamed up together to take over Hollywood. The other members of the squad include YouTube juggernaut Jake Paul, singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell, Tessa Brooks, and Tristan Tales. They all share a house in Los Angeles, California. Marcus' YouTube popularity has spread to other social media platforms as well. He has been verified on Instagram, Twitter, and even on Facebook. He has 2 million followers on Instagram, and on Twitter, 240K people follow him. His Facebook page has 962K likes, and 958K followers. He and his brother call their fans ˜Dobrearmy.'.

    Marcus Dobre

  • J. Cole

    Born Jermaine Cole, he is a rapper and record producer whose first album debuted at number one on the US Billboard chart in 2011. His 2013 album, Born Sinner, also reached #1 on the charts.

    J. Cole

  • Maluma

    Maluma is a popular Colombian musician, singer, and songwriter, signed under the record label ˜Sony Music Colombia.' He came to the musical scene in 2010, with his single ˜Farandulera,' which became a local radio hit and garnered a lot of publicity for him. ˜Sony Music' scouted him out and signed him, and the first product of this collaboration was the song ˜Loco,' which was as successful as his first single. Among the growing demand for a full-fledged studio album, Maluma came out with ˜Magia,' which was a success. Maluma received nominations for many music awards and got a ˜Shock Award' for the ˜Best New Artist,' in 2012. He kept releasing music videos, such as ˜Carnaval' and ˜Addicted,' and recorded the theme song for the 2014 ˜FIFA World Cup,' titled ˜Ole Brazil.' As he gained popularity, he got the chance to collaborate with many veterans, such as Ricky Martin and Shakira. In May 2016, he embarked on ˜The Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy World Tour.' He released another chart-topping single, ˜Felices los 4,' in 2017.


  • Adelaine Morin

    Adelaine Morin is a Canadian YouTube star, famous for her fashion vlogs. She has more than 2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She has created two channels that serve different purposes. Her self-titled channel is specifically meant for beauty and fashion related content, where she posts make-up tutorials, shopping hauls, skin & hair care routine, make-up challenges, etc. Her second channel is titled as ˜Adelaines Camera Roll.' On this channel, she posts story time videos, boyfriend tags, day outs, and videos on her everyday life. Her videos are also packed with giveaways that serve as a token of gratitude toward her subscribers and fans. Her popularity on social media earned her the ˜NYX Face Award' for the year 2013. Morin is also associated with the popular lifestyle magazine, ˜Seventeen.'

    Adelaine Morin

  • Peyton Coffee

    Daughter of former Vine star turned musical.ly sensation <a title='Jason Coffee' href='/famous/jason-coffee.htm'>Jason Coffee</a> who became a musical.ly personality herself, with 550,000 fans. She published her last Vine in July of 2015 and had earned 60,000 followers on the network when it was shut down.

    Peyton Coffee

  • Ariel Winter

    Best known for her portrayal of Alex Dunphy in the hit sitcom ˜Modern Family', Ariel Winter is a supremely talented American actress, singer and voice actress. She has quite successfully managed to roll quite a few eyeballs worldwide at a very young age, so much so that she is pitted to be Hollywood's next big thing by many industry pundits, which comes as no surprise given the fact that she has been involved with the television industry since the time she was still a toddler. This beautiful and intelligent actress has also achieved exceptional success as a voice artist and a singer in various previous shows and movies. As a testimony of her talent, she has won various awards and accolades throughout her career. Frank, candid, and often outspoken, Winter is the quintessential millennial and is hence loved and adored by countless others around the world.

    Ariel Winter

  • Calum Worthy

    Calum Worthy, a Disney star best recognized for his role as 'Dez' on the Disney comedy 'Austin & Ally,' is now widely regarded as one of television's top comedians. Calum believes that the inspiration for his successful business enterprise, The Coppertop Flop Show, which aired on Disney Channel, came to him while viewing YouTube videos. He draws hilarious inspiration from great actors such as Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Mike Myers as a Canadian and a child of the 1990s. He has starred in a number of television films and has been as a main or guest performer on a number of sitcoms. He began vocal training, dancing, and acting at the age of five, hoping to become a role model for the younger generation. He has appeared in a number of musicals and theatrical productions, which has shaped his career. He's gone a long way from auditioning for little jobs to become a leading man. Calum still feels that his original experience as an actor served to develop him and make him a better performance, despite hours of training. He has received several accolades for his work, and TV Guide has named him one of the top ten actors to watch in the coming years.

    Calum Worthy

  • Rick Ross

    He hit the spotlight with his album Deeper Than Rap and became MTV's Hottest MC in the Game in 2012 after founding the record label Maybach Music Group.

    Rick Ross

  • Ashley Purdy

    Ashley Purdy is an American musician who serves as the bassist and vocalist of the rock band, Black Veil Brides (BVB). Prior to joining BVB, he had been in many other bands like Orgasm, Stolen Hearts, and Children of the Beast. He joined BVB in 2009, replying to an ad posted by the band's founding member Andy Biersack. Since then, the band has released four studio albums, 'We Stitch These Wounds' (2010), 'Set the World on Fire' (2011), 'Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones' (2013) and 'Black Veil Brides' (2014). The band won MTV's 'Favorite Breakthrough Band of 2011' award. The band members are characterized by their use of black makeup, body paint, tight black studded clothing, and long hair, all of which are inspired by 1980s glam metal bands, such as KISS and Mötley Crüe. Purdy is not only a performing member of his band though; he is also a graphics designer and has been instrumental in sketching out the costumes for each member of the band and also designed the merchandise for the brand. Moreover, he has designed the stage attire of the members of every band he has been in. He also has his own fashion line, Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc.

    Ashley Purdy

  • Alex Hayes

    Alex Hayes is a famous Australian Instagram star, YouTuber and popular surfer. Hayes came into limelight when he posted a selfie with a shark on his Instagram account. The post went viral and helped Hayes gain popularity. But later, it turned out that the uploaded selfie with the shark was fake, and Hayes was just fooling around. Hayes also started his YouTube channel named Alexhayessurf which helped him gain many followers. In his YouTube channel, Hayes started posting variety of videos. His videos include different content such as an introductory video, adventure videos, and also few videos with his friends. Hayes' popularity on YouTube goes on escalating each day. Despite making a fake video, Hayes has huge fan following on all the social networking sites. He is mostly remembered for the post he shared with shark which made him a talking point even in the media.

    Alex Hayes

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