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  • Hailey Orona

    Social media star who is famous for her real.ona Instagram account. She has gained popularity there for her personal selfies and lip-syncing and dancing vignettes via musical.ly. 

    Hailey Orona

  • Louis Tomlinson

    Louis William Tomlinson is an English pop singer, one of the members of the boy band ˜One Direction'. A young and dynamic performer, he is the heartthrob of millions of teenage girls across the globe and is especially very popular in his native England. He was exposed to the show business at a young age. When he was 11, his baby sisters landed minor roles on the television comedy ˜Fat Friends' and he accompanied them to the sets where he was also cast as an extra. Excited after this incident, he began taking acting lessons and started appearing on television dramas in small roles. Good looking and talented, he was also interested in singing and songwriting. Throughout his school days he remained active in school musical productions and did not focus much on academics. He auditioned for the seventh series of the singing competition ˜The X Factor' in 2010. He successfully cleared the initial rounds but was eliminated before the final round. However, the judges recognized his potential and teamed him up with four other participants to form a group act. The group, which also included <a title='Harry Styles' href='/famous/harry-styles.htm'>Harry Styles</a>, <a title='Niall Horan' href='/famous/niall-horan.htm'>Niall Horan</a>, <a title='Liam Payne' href='/famous/liam-payne.htm'>Liam Payne</a> and <a title='Zayn Malik' href='/famous/zayn-malik.htm'>Zayn Malik</a>, adopted the name One Direction and clinched a deal with Simon Cowell's music label. The group quickly gained popularity in the UK and before long became internationally famous as well.

    Louis Tomlinson

  • Madison Lewis

    Madison Lewis is a social media sensation who is immensely popular on the app Musical.ly under the username mads.yo. She has over 1.9 million followers on the app who eagerly await her fun-filled and entertaining posts. The American teen is also moderately popular on other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram with over 10k and 127k subscribers respectively. Being a super-star on Musical.ly, she does not find enough time to post regularly to her YouTube channel and that explains her relatively modest following there. Madison is a triplet with her sister Riley and her brother Dakota. Riley is also a popular social media star in her own right and has thousands of followers on her personal Musical.ly channel. Madison is blessed with a great sense of humor which is evident from her posts, and it is this quality of hers that attracts loads of viewers to her channels. Her comedy skits are not only to fun to watch, but are also innocent enough for young teens to view without parental supervision. She is a very friendly girl and often collaborates with other social media stars to make new videos.

    Madison Lewis

  • Tiana of ToysAndMe

    Tiana Wilson aka Tiana of Toys AndMe is a child YouTuber from England. She is famous for her toy-based channel where she posts kid-friendly toy videos including challenges, unboxings, reviews, etc. She is also known for posting vlogs on her secondary vlogging channel. With millions of followers on both her channels, Wilson has emerged as one of the top child YouTubers on the social platform. Her passion and craziness for toys and games have earned her much online fame. Wilson also loves connecting with the outside world and this is the reason she frequently vlogs, sharing her day-to-day stories with people. Despite being so young, the YouTube personality has already achieved much on the social media. She has become an inspiration for many kids, especially her school mates. Wilson, who is good in studies as well, never compromises with her education. She gives enough time to her school work and regards that to be her first priority. In her free time, she either records vlogs or hangs out with her family.

    Tiana of ToysAndMe

  • Riley Lewis

    Riley Lewis is an American actress, TikTok star, YouTuber, and social media influencer. After gaining initial fame on various platforms of social media, she is now working towards establishing herself as an actress and has appeared in Brat Network's web series ˜Chicken Girls'. A native of Arizona, she originally became popular through her videos on TikTok, which, at the time, was known as musical.ly. She subsequently created accounts and posted content on other social media platforms as well. Lewis made her acting debut in 2017 in ˜Chicken Girls', portraying a character named Quinn. Since then, she has also appeared in ˜Chicken Girls: The Movie' and ˜Brat Chat'.

    Riley Lewis

  • Alabama Barker

    Alabama Barker is a celebrity kid who became a reality star within months of being born. She is the daughter of Blink-182 drummer and musician <a title='Travis Barker' href='/famous/travis-barker.htm'>Travis Barker</a>. Her mother, <a title='Shanna Moakler' href='/famous/shanna-moakler.htm'>Shanna Moakler</a>, is a model and former Miss USA. In 2006, when she was only an infant, Alabama appeared on the final episode of MTV's reality TV series ˜Meet the Barkers.' The show, which focused on the daily lives of the Barkers, made her a reality star along with her whole family. She became a social media sensation even before she entered her 10th year. She has a huge following on the photo sharing platform Instagram, with 150K followers. She recently created a YouTube account where she posts makeup and Q&A videos. She is also a singer and a musician. Alabama even contributed to a song in the 2016 Blink-182 album ˜California.' In the song ˜She's Out of Her Mind,' she plays the bridge part of the piano. She told her fans in a Q&A session that she is preparing to create her own music.

    Alabama Barker

  • Rihanna Quinn

    Young dancer who's trained with her sisters at Dance Precisions and at Just Plain Dancin'. She's been represented by MSA Talent Agency and has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram. 

    Rihanna Quinn

  • Dakota Lewis

    Brother and triplet of musical.ly sensations <a title='Madison Lewis' href='/famous/madison-lewis.htm'>Madison Lewis</a>, AKA mads.yo, and <a title='Riley Lewis' href='/famous/riley-lewis-musical-lystar.htm'>Riley Lewis</a>. He has earned his own following with over 60,000 followers on his dakotalewis_ Instagram account.  

    Dakota Lewis

  • Kate Spade

    Kate Spade was an American fashion designer, businesswoman and the former co-owner of the designer brand, 'Kate Spade New York'. In 2006, she sold her stake in the company. In 2016, she, along with her partners, started a new handbags and footwear brand, ˜Frances Valentine'. Kate Spade has come a long way since she started her career way back in the early 1990s when she worked for ˜Mademoiselle', a women's magazine. Working at the accessories department of the magazine, Spade realized the need for stylish handbags. In 1993, she started her own venture, ˜Kate Spade Handbags', along with Andy Spade, who she later married. A boutique store once, today Kate Spade Handbags (now known as Kate Spade & Company) have created a niche for itself in the global retail segment. Her products have a playful sophistication about them, which adds a dash of incandescent charm to the everyday style. Fashioned in crisp colours and graphic prints, Spade created a trademark with her visual shorthand. In her active years at the company, Spade extended its product line extensively before finally giving up the reigns. In 2016, Spade resurfaced into the retail segment with her new brand, ˜Frances Valentine', and hoped to repeat history with her new line-up. Her life was cut short when she committed a suicide in 2018.

    Kate Spade

  • Ricky Martin

    Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican singer who ruled the world of Latin and American pop during the 1990s. After his initial stint with the all-boy Latin pop band, Menudo, as a teenager, he parted ways to pursue a career as a solo artist. He released a couple of albums in Spanish before he was chosen to compose ˜La Copa de la Vida' (The Cup of Life) as the official theme of the 1998 FIFA World Cup and later performed the same at the 41st Grammy Awards. However, it was his blockbuster single ˜Livin' la Vida Loca' that brought him worldwide recognition and made him an international superstar. As a forerunner of Latin pop music, he has successfully brought the genre on the global map and made way for other popular Latin artists, such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, and Jennifer Lopez, into the English-speaking market. In addition to Spanish, he also recorded English-language albums that further added to his stardom. His best-selling albums include ˜A Medio Vivir', ˜Sound Loaded', ˜Vuelve', ˜Me Amaras', ˜La Historia', and ˜Musica + Alma + Sexo'. He is credited for selling over 70 million albums across the world till date, apart from performing concerts worldwide and bagging numerous music awards

    Ricky Martin

  • Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest was destined to make it big in the world of showbiz given his invincible talent and style. A prodigious child, his career graph is one of the most exemplary examples of how just by talent and skills, one can scale up the ladder to reach the zeith of success. One of the top rated television hosts and radio jockeys in the country, Seacrest had a fairy tale beginning to his extremely enviable career graph. He secured the prestigious internship with WSTR FM, in Atlanta which lay the foundation for his upcoming wonder years. Tom Sullivan not only polished his skills but helped him attain the knowledge required. Very soon, he made his entry into television as a host of game shows. While his career was going steady, the magnum opus came when he signed a deal to serve as the host for American Idol. Rest as they say is history! Year after year, his fame only heightened giving him a celebrity status. Today, he is without a doubt, the country's best anchor. His most praiseworthy work is recorded for ˜American Idol', ˜Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' and the radio show, ˜On Air With Ryan Seacrest'.

    Ryan Seacrest

  • Declan McKenna

    Alternative singer and producer best known for the release of his debut single, "Brazil," on Bandcamp and YouTube in December of 2014. 

    Declan McKenna

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