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  • PewDiePie

    If you spend a lot of time watching YouTube, the name PewDiePie would have popped up on your screen very often. And if you love video games, there is no way that you could have missed this name. Well, let us inform you that the YouTube celebrity with the most number of subscribers is not Justin Bieber or Rihanna. Sorry to disappoint you, this title goes to ˜PewDiePie '. Justin Bieber might have 24 million subscribers and Rihanna 22 million subscribers, but this guy here has actually over 103 million subscribers for his YouTube channel. Interestingly, the only thing that he does is post videos of himself playing video games. For all guys who love playing video games and get lectured about this, remember you can make a fortune out of this. For any kind of doubts regarding the same, we suggest that you approach PewDiePie


  • Drake

    Born Aubrey Drake Graham, he rose to prominence after starring in the TV series Degrassi as basketball player Jimmy Brooks, and then went on to become a rap sensation after his album Thank Me Later went platinum in 2010. His second album, Take Care, was certified quadruple platinum and received the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.


  • Gabriel Conte

    Gabriel Conte is a youth icon and social media star. He is energetic and proactive, creating a number of skits and videos which are always fresh and humorous. He is an example of a modern social media phenomenon. He has used innovative technology and platforms to showcase himself and give his viewers a slice of life experience. He exudes verve and innovation. His style ranges from informal to casual. Gabriel Conte has been a regular and popular content creator on the phone app Vine, and shows how newer and sleeker platforms can be used to package and disseminate powerful and appealing messages and productions.

    Gabriel Conte

  • Ameerah Navalua

    Ameerah Navalua is an American YouTube personality. She is famous for the vlogs which she shares on her channel titled ˜Just Ameerah'. Her content on the social platform also includes life hacks, DIY videos, giveaways, skits, fashion stuff, family tags, and travel diaries. The YouTuber is also a part of her family channel ˜Navalua Family' that features her alongside her parents and siblings. Navalua's videos are so interesting and promising that many people share these useful videos on their own social media profiles. These original videos have managed to earn over 979k subscribers as of March 2018. In addition to YouTube, the young American beauty has fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. On a personal note, Navalua is a cool and confident girl. Besides her hobby of making videos, she likes to hang out with her family. She is a bubbly girl who loves to chit-chat with her fans as well.

    Ameerah Navalua

  • Chase Keith

    Chase David Keith is an American musical.ly star, Instagrammer, and social media influencer. He is more popular on social media by the username Chaser. A native of Ohio, he was a model as a child and was given the nickname Justin Bieber Jr. Initially, he started making content for his YouTube gaming channel. He also participated in beatbox and karate competitions. Beginning his social media journey in the summer of 2016, he has accumulated over 819 thousand fans on musical.ly, the social media platform he primarily uses. Besides this, he has 156 thousand followers on his main Instagram account and more than 17 thousand on his secondary Instagram account. He also has over 20 thousand subscribers on YouTube. In 2017, he attended the PlayList Live Convention, VidCon, and StyleCon as a creator.

    Chase Keith

  • Daya

    Real name Grace Tandon, she is multi-instrumentalist in addition to singer-songwriter who released a self-titled debut in September of 2015, featuring the single "Hide Away."


  • Wayne Rooney

    Star forward who became one of Manchester United's all-time top scorers and led the club to 5 Premier League titles between 2007 and 2013. In 2017, he left Manchester United to return to Everton FC.

    Wayne Rooney

  • CrankGameplays

    Ethan Mark Nestor, popularly known as CrankGameplays, is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and vlogger. His eccentricities have made him popular amongst the gaming fans. Donning dark blue hair, he is also known as the loud blue boy who plays video games. A former video editor for online producer Mark Edward Fischbach, commonly known as Markiplier, Ethan himself is a talented video producer and one of the most famous personalities on the social networking platform, YouTube. He started his first YouTube channel in 2012 and the second one in 2013. However, the third channel, which he launched in December 2015, is the most successful one. His most popular YouTube gaming channel is called CrankGameplays, which gained massive fame in a short span of time, proving his worth as a vlogger. His YouTube channel has over 591k subscribers as of April 2018. His fans find his videos highly entertaining and his voice just perfect for an animated character!


  • Adrienne Bailon

    Pop singer who started with 3LW, then became a member of The Cheetah Girls, the Disney pop group known for their eponymous TV movie and hit single, as well as tracks like "Girl Power." She was joined in The Cheetah Girls by <a title='Sabrina Bryan' href='/famous/sabrina-bryan.htm'>Sabrina Bryan</a> and <a title='Kiely Williams' href='/famous/kiely-Williams.htm'>Kiely Williams</a>. In 2013, she became a co-host on the TV series The Real. 

    Adrienne Bailon

  • Rhett LeRoy

    One of four siblings to star on the family vlog YouTube channel The LeRoy's that is run by his parents <a title='Cory' href='/famous/cory-leroy.htm'>Cory</a> and <a title='Shanna LeRoy' href='/famous/shanna-leroy.htm'>Shanna LeRoy</a>.  

    Rhett LeRoy

  • Zak Dossi

    Zak Dossi is a music producer who was born in Orange County, California on October 24th, 1999. <a title='Sofie Dossi' href='/famous/sofie-dossi.htm'>Sofie Dossi</a>, an America’s Got Talent contortionist is Zak Dossi’s younger brother. Zak was raised in Orange County with his siblings. He and his younger sister have had an interest in music since they were children. Zak Dossi is also and popularly known for creating popular songs remixes on his self-titled SoundCloud and YouTube channels. His sister appears in the videos alongside Zack. The music producer’s popularity on social media has grown and he has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. Dossi also has guitar and piano playing skills.

    Zak Dossi

  • Griffin Arnlund

    Griffin Arnlund is a well-known American Model and Social Media Personality who rose to fame with her self-titled YouTube channel ˜GriffinArnlund' and also for her association with the collaborative channel ˜The Rad and Reckless.' This beautiful and charming damsel who nurtures a long-time dream of becoming a screen diva landed into the world of social media in her teens with opening an account in Instagram. At the age of 15 years, she launched her first YouTube channel and with time she gained popularity in social media, augmented from a fandom of over 700K across social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. The videos she uploads on beauty tutorials and fashion trends have found a huge audience base across the globe. She also works in collaboration with many other fellow YouTubers. The fans and viewers of this rising YouTube personality eagerly wait for the tips and tricks she shares with them and of course on the tit bits of her life. However what make her particularly special is her resoluteness and the way she uses the platform to take up anti-bullying initiatives and fight against several social issues including domestic violence and sexism.

    Griffin Arnlund

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