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  • Johnny Orlando

    Johnny Orlando is a YouTuber, singer, and actor from Canada who is most known for his channel JohnnyOsings. He covers pop songs recorded by popular singers such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Austin Mahone on this channel. He began his singing career when he was eight years old, creating videos with his elder sister Darian. He's also made videos for songs he wrote himself, such as "Replay," "Summertime," "Never Give Up," and "Found My Girl." Johnny Logs, his second vlog channel, is where he uploads more about himself. He has appeared in a lot of Cadbury and Nutella advertisements on YouTube. He has around 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and over a million Instagram followers as of September 2016, despite the fact that he is still a teenager with a long way to go. He also portrayed Wyatt in the film Super Why! and will star alongside Kelsey Grammer and John Goodman in the film Bunyan and Babe, which will be released in 2017.

    Johnny Orlando

  • Alvaro Romero

    American social media celebrity best known for his TikTok channel of the same name. His brief humorous skits, lip-syncs, and dubs have greatly increased his fame.

    Alvaro Romero

  • Maia Knight

    Single mother who uploads videos of her twin children Violet and Scout doing their everyday activities on her maiaknight TikTok account, which has over 7 million followers. She also plays games with the twins on occasion and answers fan questions in videos.

    Maia Knight

  • Frankie Grande

    Frankie Grande is a multi-talented performer, actor, presenter, philanthropist, and even singer who has made waves in the entertainment and social media worlds. Frankie's admirers have surpassed one million on TV and social media, thanks to his attention-getting outfits and love of glitter. Following his debut on the reality show 'Big Brother,' he received a lot of love and support, demonstrating to the world how genuine and honest he is. To those who are unfamiliar with his name, it is because he is the half-brother of Ariana Grande, a well-known singer and actress. He began by presenting Broadway events before moving on to popular shows and gaining over a million social media followers. Frankie Grande is on a roll that she can't seem to stop! His contagious cheerfulness will quickly enslave you, and before long, you'll be one of his millions of followers!

    Frankie Grande

  • Jay Versace

    Jay Versace is an American youngster who rose to fame as a result of the comedic films he posted on YouTube and Vine on a variety of issues. His life's ambition is to make as many people laugh as he can. From the last two years, his one-man skits, amusing dances, shrieks, and screams have delighted a large number of fans. During the month of December 2014 to January 2015, his number of followers skyrocketed from 200,000 to 600,000, and he now has over 3 million Vine followers, more than 237,000 YouTube subscribers, more than 573,000 Instagram followers, and more than 100,000 Twitter followers. He re-vines some of the videos made by other Viners and has even cooperated with them on some of his own. Jay Versace was inspired by a video he obtained on Vine in 2014, in which rapper Riff Raff was feeding his dog 'Versace water.' Jay thought this was hilarious and decided to go by the name. His video "I Got Kicked Out of School" has received the most views.

    Jay Versace

  • Amelia Gething

    Amelia Gething is a British internet celebrity who first became popular on the lip synching app, She is also a professional model often seen in promotional campaigns from different brands. Gething became popular owing to her comedy videos on & YouTube. Her popularity on the social media platforms is new but she has already gained a strong foothold in the heart of her fans which is clear from her rapidly increasing follower base across all the social media platforms that she has graced with her presence. Though she is currently most popular for her comedy videos on YouTube &, it was Instagram on which she first appeared. Her ability to keep her fans glued to her videos is certainly her key to fame. Her account, ameliagething is one of the top followed accounts on the app.

    Amelia Gething

  • Rye Beaumont

    Rye Beaumont is a British pop singer best known as a member of the British boy band ˜RoadTrip'. He is the second artist to join the group. Earlier, this young and talented pop singer performed in a band with yet another British pop singer Mikey Cobban, presently also a member of ˜RoadTrip'. Rye, however, got recognition as member of ˜RoadTrip' that garnered acclaim with cover songs of famous artists like Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. He became part of the worldwide Magcon 2016 tour after ˜RoadTrip' was invited to participate in the tour that covered several countries including Australia, England, Germany, and France among others. His contributions as a member of ˜RoadTrip' along with artists Mikey Cobban, Andy Fowler, Jack Duff and Brooklyn Gibson includes creation of several popular cover songs of famous artists that the group posts in its YouTube channel ˜RoadTrip TV' also referred as RTTV. Some of the videos of the channel have garnered millions of views thus furthering the popularity of the band along with Rye as also bolstering their social media presence. The band also comes up with regular vlogs that are uploaded on the group's second channel ˜RoadTrip Vlogs' which is gradually gaining attention.

    Rye Beaumont

  • Luis Suarez

    Luis Suarez is the Uruguayan national team's standout striker, having previously played for Ajax and Liverpool before joining Spanish giants FC Barcelona. He rose to popularity for all the wrong reasons, including biting Giorgio Chiellini, an Italian defender, during a 2014 World Cup match. He is still regarded as one of the top attackers in the world, having twice been named European Top Scorer and winner of the Golden Boot. His rough upbringing, characterized by poverty and a fractured family in which his father abandoned him, leaving his mother to raise his seven siblings, has been credited to his combative demeanor on the field. His childhood sweetheart, whom he later married, was his saving grace, who had a great impact on his life and helped him get back on track. With a net worth of over $ 40 million, he is now one of the most paid footballers in the world.

    Luis Suarez

  • Daveed Diggs

    Daveed Daniele Diggs is an actress, rapper, and singer from the United States. He is most known for being a member of the American experimental hip hop band Clipping and for playing Marquis de Lafayette Thomas Jefferson in the sung-and-rapped-through musical Hamilton: An American Musical, for which he received a Tony Award and a Grammy Award. Apart from Clipping, Diggs has also been a member of the True Neutral Crew and Freestyle Love Supreme music groups. His solo musical endeavor resulted in the CD "Small Things to a Giant." This talented rapper and musician has worked as an actor in theaters, films, and television since graduating from Brown University with a degree in theatre. He began his playing career on stage in a number of experimental theatrical companies before moving on to various off-Broadway and Broadway musicals, most notably Hamilton, for which he received both honors and recognition. Films like 'Wonder' and 'Ferdinand' (voice) as well as TV shows like 'The Get Down' and 'Black-ish' have featured him on screen. In the forthcoming TV series Snowpiercer, he will portray Layton Well.

    Daveed Diggs

  • Melody Nafari

    Lip-sync, comedy and duet video creator who has also posted vlog-like content for her more than 360,000 followers. She became known on the platform as melodynafarii.

    Melody Nafari

  • Justin Baldoni

    He is most known for his role as Rafael Solano on the CW series Jane the Virgin. He has also acted on shows including Single Ladies, Blackout, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Everwood.

    Justin Baldoni

  • 09sharkboy

    Video content creator on YouTube who features Minecraft videos on his popular channel, mainly roleplays from movies. His roleplay series have included The Maze Runner, Star Wars, Fallout, Interstellar, The Purge, and Yandere. He is also a talented builder on Minecraft and some of his popular videos have featured him testing out his structures. 


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