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  • Emma Chamberlain

    Emma Chamberlain is a YouTube sensation from the United States. Her self-titled channel has films about travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and life events. Emma's artistic side shines through in her DIY project videos. Emma's films are frequently lengthy, and she is known among her pals as a "chatterbox." She raises awareness about healthy living and vegan diet through her vlogs. Emma is currently one of the most well-known YouTubers, with over a million subscribers. Emma has a product web page and is equally popular on 'Instagram' and 'Twitter.' Her love of photography is evident in her profile on the VSCO mobile photography app.

    Emma Chamberlain

  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee

    Peyton Elizabeth Lee is a young American actress best known for her part in the Andi Mack television series. She is also well-known for being the daughter of actor Andrew Tinpo Lee, who is most known for his role in 'General Hospital.' In 2015, Elizabeth Lee made her acting debut in the American political thriller television series Scandal. She went on to play the titular character in the American family drama series Andi Mack after a few lesser parts. Her work in the series has been well received. While she has yet to make her feature picture debut, the young actress has already proven her worth in television parts. She is bright and motivated, and her ambition is to make it big in Hollywood one day. The adolescent is the youngest student to ever be accepted into Playhouse West's acting program!

    Peyton Elizabeth Lee

  • Daniel Bryan

    Daniel Bryan (Bryan Lloyd Danielson) is a former professional wrestler from the United States who is best known for his ring moniker "American Dragon." Dan has won several titles during his career as a result of his deceptive play and technical elegance. He is a three-time WWE Champion as well as a one-time World Heavyweight Champion. Daniel's origins were modest, but he overcame his financial constraints and received training at Shawn Michael's Texas Wrestling Academy, where he was mentored by Rudy Gonzalez. In 2000, he joined with WWE, then known as the WWF, but the environment didn't fit his style of wrestling, so he began competing in other wrestling competitions, including Ring of Honour, where he won the Pure Wrestling Championship and the ROH World Championship. However, it was during his time in WWF that he earned the title "American Dragon," which he still bears. He was moulded into a merciless wrestler by Ring of Honour, who will win by any means necessary, hook or crook. Daniel returned to WWE in 2009 and performed admirably, winning numerous titles and initiating feuds with some of the company's best talents. Daniel retired from professional wrestling at the early age of 34 due to medical difficulties. But he remained intimately linked with the ring, and when the WWE brand extension made a reappearance in 2016, he was elected General Manager of Smackdown.

    Daniel Bryan

  • BryanStars

    Bryan Odell or commonly known as BryanStars is a well known musician and music interviewer. Along with this, he is also popular for his YouTube videos in the YouTuber community. Odell's YouTube channel has more than 700Ksubscribers and over 140 million video views. He has interviewed acts such as Asking Alexandria, Tonight Alive, Black Veil Brides and many others. He launched an album called ˜Follow Your Dreams.' After getting huge success on YouTube with his channel BryanStars, he opened another one named BryanStars 2 for all his Music Video Publications. Later he opened a third channel, naming it BryanStarsSings, were he uploads his own cover song videos.Bryan is considered to be amongst the topmost personalities on YouTube from the Music Industry.


  • Molly O'Malia

    Aspiring singer and model with a large following on Instagram who rose to prominence after a feud with rapper Tyga. On Instagram, she has over 430,000 followers.

    Molly O'Malia

  • Naomi Campbell

    Naomi Elaine Campbell is a model, singer, actor, and campaigner from the United Kingdom. She began her modeling career at the age of 15 after being discovered by a talent agency, and went on to become one of the most known and sought-after models of the 1990s. She was one of only six models to be named a "Supermodel" by the fashion industry at the time. Campbell, who is known for her exotic beauty and sharp features, has graced the pages of prominent American and European fashion magazines. She has modeled for Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Vogue, and was the first black woman to appear on the covers of Vogue and Time Magazine in both French and British editions. Campbell is a multi-faceted personality who has expanded her career to encompass acting, music, and a range of business enterprises in addition to modeling. She also participates in a lot of charitable work and often donates to numerous causes and events. She's been involved in a number of controversies over her illustrious career. She went to treatment in 1999 after being addicted to drugs and alcohol. She's also been linked to a slew of sexual assault lawsuits and scandals.

    Naomi Campbell

  • Parker Ballinger

    Parker Ballinger is the son of Christopher and Jessica Ballinger, two well-known YouTubers. Ballinger Family, his family's YouTube channel, features him frequently. His YouTube videos have amassed millions of views, making him one of California's most famous children. 'Parker Goes Missing,' 'Parker's Gymnastics Progress,' 'Interview with a 3 Year Old " Parker Answers Twitter Questions with his Father,' 'Parker's Sleepover Birthday Party Special,' 'Parker's Sleepover Birthday Party Special,' 'Parker's Sleepover Birthday Party Special,' 'Parker's Sleepover Birthday Party Special,' 'Parker's Sleepover Birthday Party Special,' 'Parker' He also took part in a 30-minute live broadcast in which he answered questions from his Twitter followers. Parker is an ardent performer. He performed a show-stopping rendition of "The Cup Song" on stage, showcasing his vocal prowess. Continue reading to learn more about this bright and youthful social media sensation.

    Parker Ballinger

  • Katie Price

    Katie Price is an English journalist, reality TV celebrity, author, former model, singer, and entrepreneur. She rose to stardom as a topless model known as "Jordan," a self-made pop culture sensation. She eventually started using her own name. In the tabloid The Sun, she was the most successful page three girl. She has a lot of modeling, presenting, and reality TV employment because to her significant plastic surgery. She has shown to be a savvy businesswoman; as a marketing and self-promotional genius, she has developed a multimillion-dollar empire based on sales of her ghostwritten memoirs and books, various reality series, and profitable fashion and cosmetics merchandising lines. Her personal life, despite being three times married, left a lot to be desired. Many chastised her for placing her children in the spotlight, particularly her eldest son, Harvey, who had physical, emotional, and mental disabilities, while many praised her for bringing special needs children's issues to light. This curvy model, who was an inspiration to some and a disgrace to others, polarized feminist critics. Her capacity to change herself from supermodel to advertisement model to host of television shows, singer, author of books, and successful entrepreneur selling branded fragrances is undeniably what keeps her in the public spotlight.

    Katie Price

  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    Jennifer Michelle Goodwin, better known as Ginnifer Goodwin, is an American actress. She is most known for her roles as Snow White in the fantasy television series "Once Upon a Time," Margene Heffman in the drama "Big Love," and Judy Hopps in the Disney animation film "Zootopia." She has also featured in a number of other TV programs, including 'Electric City,' 'Law & Order,' 'Margene's Blog,' and 'Ed,' to mention a few. 'Mona Lisa Smile,' 'Walk the Line,' 'He's Just Not That Into You,' and 'Killing Kennedy' are just a few of the popular films that the gifted actress has been in. Not just that! Goodwin has also lent his voice to television shows and video games. All of the actress's efforts to the little and large screens have earned her a lot of recognition. Goodwin is now not just financially successful, but he also has a large fan base on social media and elsewhere. She has earned a Kids' Choice Award, an Alliance of Women Film Journalist Award, and a Voice Artsâ„ Award, among other honors.

    Ginnifer Goodwin

  • Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic of Serbia is the current World No. 1 men's singles tennis player, according to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He is regarded as one of the best professional tennis players of all time. He's been in the top spot for a total of 195 weeks. Djokovic has won 11 Grand Slam singles titles, including an all-time high of six Australian Open wins (a record he shares with Roy Emerson), three Wimbledon titles, and two US Open titles. He is a tremendously accomplished player who has set and broken countless records. From 2011 to 2013, he was the only player in the open era to win three Australian Open singles titles in a row. In 2011, he became the sixth player to win three Grand Slam championships in a calendar year, winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open, a record he replicated in 2015. He won a total of six championships in 2015, setting the single-season record. Another open-era record set by this master was winning four of the five ATP World Tour Finals in a row. He and another ace player Rafael Nadal share the all-time record of winning 28 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 series titles. He has been awarded various honors, including the Order of the Republika Srpska, the Order of Kara'or'e's Star, and the Order of St. Sava.

    Novak Djokovic

  • GeminiTay

    GeminiTay is a YouTube personality known for her GeminiTay channel. More than 166 million people have watched her Minecraft Let's Builds and lessons. She's also shared footage of herself painting in the real world.


  • Trinity Marie

    Popular content creator who is best known for the comedy videos she posts to her its.tmariee TikTok account. Her videos have earned her over 5 million followers on the social media platform. 

    Trinity Marie

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