Famous Born in serbia
  • Novak Djokovic

    Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is the current World No. 1 men's singles tennis player by ˜Association of Tennis Professionals' (˜ATP'). He is considered one of the greatest professional tennis players ever. He has held the top position for 195 weeks at a stretch. Djokovic has an enviable achievement of winning 11 ˜Grand Slam' singles titles that include an all-time record of 6 ˜Australian Open' titles (a record shared with Roy Emerson), 3 ˜Wimbledon' titles and 2 ˜US Open' titles. An exceptionally talented player, he has given numerous record making and breaking performances. He is the only player to hold an ˜open era' record of winning three ˜Australian Open' singles titles in a row from 2011 to 2013. He is the 6th player to win three ˜Grand Slam' titles in one calendar year, the ˜Australian Open', ˜Wimbledon' and ˜US Open' in 2011, a feat repeated by him again in 2015. In 2015 he won a total of 6 titles breaking the single-season record. Another ˜open era' record created by this master was consecutively winning four ˜ATP World Tour Finals' out of his five. He shares an all-time record of winning 28 ˜ATP World Tour Masters 1000' series titles with another ace player Rafael Nadal. He has received numerous awards and been conferred the ˜Order of the Republika Srpska', ˜Order of KaraÄ‘orÄ‘e's Star' and ˜Order of St. Sava'.

    Novak Djokovic

  • Marija Žeželj

    Beauty, fashion, lifestyle and DIY YouTuber whose self-titled channel has earned over 390,000 subscribers. 

    Marija Žeželj

  • Bogdan Ilic

    Long-time League of Legends gamer also known for being the content creator behind the YouTube channel Baka Prase. He has played LoL professionally for the team Fortuna. 

    Bogdan Ilic

  • Mudja

    Mudja is a Serbian YouTube gamer whose real name is Stefan Vuksanovic. His eponymous YouTube channel is very popular in his native country. Mudja began gaming at a time when it was just starting to gain popularity on the internet. He started his channel in September 2013 when he was just a teenager. His talent and popularity as a Twitch streamer and a YouTube gamer have been on the rise since he started playing. He has participated and streamed many games that have witnessed a high viewership. Apart from this, he has also found success as a commentator for various games. He features games like Pro Evolution Soccer and Grand Theft Auto on his channel. He is among the top social media stars in Serbia. His channel has garnered over 1 million subscribers and has crossed over 600k views. Apart from YouTube, he is also popular on Instagram with 500k followers where he posts photographs of his girlfriend, travels, and his pet dog.


  • Jana Dacovic

    Fashion and makeup content creator on YouTube whose self-titled channel has commanded more than 550,000 subscribers. She also provides advice for one's own bedroom.

    Jana Dacovic

  • Stefan Jankovich

    Content creator on YouTube with a channel called Janko who became known for his comedy vlog, stories, challenge videos and prank videos. His lyric prank videos became some of his most popular, and helped him earn 340,000 subscribers.

    Stefan Jankovich

  • Lea Stankovic

    YouTube vlogger and social media personality whose often fashion and beauty related content has helped her earn more than 380,000 subscribers.

    Lea Stankovic

  • Ceca

    Known for her work in the Serbian turbo folk music genre, this exceptionally popular vocalist released such hit songs as "Nije Monotonija," "Nevaljala," and "Crveno." In the first three decades of her career, she sold more than ten million albums.


  • Danilo Badnjar

    Well known as Choda, he is a YouTube personality with more than 250,000 subscribers as well as a League of Legends caster for Fortuna eSports. 

    Danilo Badnjar

  • Zoranna Jovanovic

    Style and fashion blogger who runs Zorannah's Fashion Corner as well as a popular YouTube channel simply titled Zorannah. She created her YouTube channel so she could talk about beauty, make up and lifestyle.

    Zoranna Jovanovic

  • Ana Ivanovic

    Former professional tennis player who was ranked #1 in the world in 2008. She won the 2008 French Open and also reached the Australian Open Finals that year.

    Ana Ivanovic

  • Andrija Jovic

    Serbian YouTuber who has won a loyal fanbase with his vlogs, challenges, comedy sketches and more. So far, his channel, Andrija Jo, has amassed around 350,000 subscribers.

    Andrija Jovic