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  • Sofie Dossi

    Sofie Dossi is an American gymnast, contortionist, television personality, and social media influencer. She garnered initial fame after becoming a golden buzzer recipient in the 11th season of the reality TV show ˜America's Got Talent'. A native of California, Dossi has always been interested in gymnastics and dance. After watching the performance of the contortionist from ˜Cirque du Soleil' online, she realised that she could do it as well. In 2016, she appeared on ˜America's Got Talent' as a contestant and quickly won the approvals of both the judges and the audience with her routine. Dossi eventually finished the competition as one of the finalists of the season. Since then, she has emerged as a popular internet personality. She has over 2.7 million subscribers and about 305 million views on her YouTube channel. Moreover, she has accumulated more than 36 thousand, over 130 thousand, and about 1.6 million followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, respectively. She also has an account on Live.Me, where her live-streaming shows have brought her a 2017 Streamy Award nomination.

    Sofie Dossi

  • Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt is a popular American actor who gained international fame with his stellar performances in films like ˜The Lego Movie', ˜Guardians of the Galaxy' and ˜Jurassic World'. Unlike other actors who struggle to make their way into the world of cinema, for Pratt, his debut came in effortlessly. While waiting tables at a restaurant, he was spotted by actress and director Rae Dawn Chong who offered him a role in her directorial debut venture ˜Cursed Part 3.' The debut opened the gateway for a career in films and television, one that he never envisioned to do though he always aimed for something that would eventually make him famous. As an actor, Pratt came to prominence with his television roles in The WB drama series ˜Everwood' and in the NBC sitcom ˜Parks and Recreation.' Written off as a supporting actor, his big breakthrough came in 2014 when he starred in lead roles in two super-hit commercially successful films, computer-animated adventure comedy ˜The Lego Movie' and Marvel Studios superhero film ˜Guardians of the Galaxy'. He soon followed it up with yet another box-office super hit ˜Jurassic World' which eventually became his most financially successful film to date, earning $1.6 billion. With big projects in his kitty, Pratt's future as an actor seems bright and dazzling.

    Chris Pratt

  • Lana Del Rey

    Lana Del Rey is an award-winning singer and songwriter whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She earned multiple prizes for her spectacular performances, including the Brit Award for International Female Solo Artist and the ECHO Award for Best International Female Artist Rock/Pop, for her studio album "Ultraviolence." Del Rey, who was born and reared in New York, used to sing in her church choir as a child. Her uncle also taught her how to play the guitar. She later began creating songs and performed in nightclubs throughout the city. In 2010, she released her first full-length album, which was titled after her. It was, however, only for a short time accessible for purchase before being taken off the market. Her following album, "Born to Die," catapulted her to international popularity. The album became the sixth best-selling album of 2012 after reaching number one in 11 countries. She's also written music for films including 'Maleficent,' an American dark fantasy film based on 'Sleeping Beauty,' and 'Age of Adeline,' a romantic fantasy film. She is also known for her antifeminist ideas, which have landed her in hot water. She justified herself, though, by stating that a true feminist is a woman who does what she wants.

    Lana Del Rey

  • famouswooda

    TikTok sensation who became known for his dance, lip-syncing and comedy videos. He amassed over 36,000 followers and over 124 thousand likes on his famouswooda21 account. 


  • Rebecca Black

    Rebecca Black is a YouTube celebrity and pop singer from the United States. Her hit song Friday made her a household name. Her YouTube account contains music and other stuff. Friday, her debut song, sold over 442,000 copies in the US alone. In its second week of release, the song reached #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She is thought to be connected to ARK Music Factory. Due to a conflict with the ARK Music Factory, she has become a big issue in the media. The viral video was taken down, but it was re-uploaded, and the original views totaled over 240,000,000. She's been singing and dancing since she was a little girl. Her mother, in particular, is a major supporter of her singing profession. She is a frequent user of social networking sites, particularly Twitter, where she uses her tweets to express herself.

    Rebecca Black

  • Ryderjamesss

    Creator of short form videos who rose to stardom thanks to his TikTok account Ryderjamesss. He racked up over 78 million likes thanks to his POVs, lip syncs, and brief scenarios shot in close-up. In his videos, he became recognized for his optimism.


  • Prince William

    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is Prince Charles, Prince of Wales's eldest son. Following his father, William is the second in line of succession to the kingdom. William has been interested in philanthropy since he was a child, and he used to spend his gap years in Chile and Africa performing humanitarian work. Initially, William aspired to be an army officer and went through the necessary training. He completed his course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was commissioned as a second lieutenant as a result. William later served his country as a Flight Lieutenant as his interest turned to Royal Air Force service. For a period of time, William worked full-time as an air ambulance pilot for the Eastern Anglian Air Ambulance, for which he had extensive training. William was named Counsellor of State while performing his duties as Prince of Wales' eldest son. He went on a Wales tour with his father and then went on a solo tour thereafter. He is also a philanthropist who has worked with a number of groups to give healthcare, food, and safety to the less fortunate. He was given the titles of Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, and Baron Carrickfergus shortly before his marriage to Catherine Middleton.

    Prince William

  • Kylee Renee

    Kylee Renee Clark is a singer and songwriter who gained popularity on social media by performing both cover and original songs. She amassed a sizable fan base on YouNow and YouTube, where she posted cover versions of Ariana Grande's "Best Mistake" and Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." She eventually began to compose her own music and released a number of music videos for original songs such as "Carousel," "Mr. Right," "Problem," and "My Daddy's Got a Gun." She can play the piano and is frequently shown doing so in her music videos. She competed in Rockwall's Got Talent in 2015 and came in second place. She has played on stage several times and has also gone on tour with a number of other well-known social media stars. Along with other social media stars, she was chosen for the TLG Tour 2016. In July 2016, she played in Nile Theater, Arizona, alongside 5quad, Loren Gray, Duhitzmark, Flamingeos, Maddie Welborn, Tion Phipps, and Sanni. Her name is also on a vast line of products, which includes everything from wristbands to T-shirts.

    Kylee Renee

  • Max Schneider

    Max Schneider is a singer, actor, model, dancer, and songwriter from the United States. This gifted teenager has created a name for himself in a variety of professions since he was a child. Schneider began his career on Broadway with the musical '13.' Following that, he was offered a job in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on television. Schneider portrayed prominent characters such as Zander Robbins in the television series How to Rock and Charlie Prince in the television film Rags. In the television show "One Life to Live," he performed as a dancer. Schneider was chosen for the YoungArts program and was one of the theatrical program's finalists. Schneider has also made a name for himself as a model. He also starred alongside Madonna in a Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign. For the Disney program Shake It Up, Schneider co-wrote the song "Show You How to Do." With Matt Wong and Claire Demorest, he co-wrote the song "Last One Standing." It was featured in two episodes of the How to Rock series. 'NWL,' Schneider's studio album, has been released. He is the lead singer of Witchita, a soul band he founded. Schneider has also appeared in a few films.

    Max Schneider

  • Kyle David Hall

    Kyle David Hall is one of the most popular YouTubers of this generation, as seen by his upbeat and inspirational videos. Kyle began his newfound interest and business by creating an eponymous YouTube channel in 2010, where he covers nearly anything related to life and technology. You can't help but fall in love with his soft-spoken charm and his colorful outlook on life, which is often apparent in his emo-personality. He's also become a source of inspiration on other sites such as YouNow and Instagram, where his admirers frequently shower him with love and appreciation. Thousands of people flocked to Kyle's social media pages to become his biggest admirers, owing to his enticing video material and extreme life-altering adventures. And for those who haven't yet seen Kyle's videos, now is the time to do so"go ahead and let Kyle's channel bring out the silver lining you've been yearning for!

    Kyle David Hall

  • Dayna Marie

    TikTok star who is best recognized for her prank videos and lifestyle content. Often in malls, with groups of her friends, or surprising people on the street she shares her mainly prank driven content for her over 4 million fans. 

    Dayna Marie

  • Karisma Collins

    Karisma Collins is a Canadian teen Instagram, YouTube, and Vine sensation who has become recognized for her artistic abilities, which can be seen in all of her videos to date. Her skills in anything she does inspire her friends and family, and she can help people get through difficult situations simply by talking to them. She has been on Christian's YouTube channel 'Weeklychris' several times, as well as in the video 'How Well Do You Know Me? (With My Sister)'. She and Griffin Arnlund collaborated on a video called "Guess The Item Challenge" in February 2015. Her videos are jam-packed with all types of discussions on how to tackle various types of problems that individuals confront in their daily lives. Through her films, she aims to instill boldness and self-assurance. She offers a variety of fashion and other advice that viewers find to be really useful.

    Karisma Collins