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  • J-Hope

    J-Hope, born as Jung Ho-seok, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer. He is best known for being a member of the boys band Bangtan Boys. With the band, he has released the studio albums ˜Dark & Wild,' ˜Wings,' ˜Wake Up,' and ˜Youth' as well as the mini-albums ˜Skool Luv Affair,' ˜The Most Beautiful Moment in Life' and ˜Love Yourself: Her.' Along with Bangtan Boys, J-Hope has contributed to several hit singles such as "Miss Right", "Danger", "I Need U", "Run", "Epilogue: Young Forever", "Save me" and "Not Today", to name a few. The South Korean singer has also released the single 1 VERSE as a solo artist. J-Hope has made appearances in a number of variety shows including 'After School Club', 'American Hustle Life', 'Weekly Idol', 'Idol Star Athletics Championships', 'The Boss is Watching', 'National Idol Singing Contest' and 'God's Workplace'. Coming to his awards and accolades, the South Korean artiste and his band were honoured with the title ˜New Artist of the Year' at the 2013 Golden Disk Awards, the 2013 MelOn Music Awards, the 2014 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards and the 2014 Seoul Music Awards.


  • Damien Prince

    Damien Prince Jr. is a YouTuber and musician from the United States. With girlfriend turned wife Bianca Raines, he started his YouTube channel D&B Nation. Because of some of the over-the-top pranks they developed together, the channel went viral overnight. The program also includes glimpses from the couple's personal lives, which makes Damien appear more lifelike. He's also amassed a sizable following on other social media channels. While his YouTube channel has over 2.2 million subscribers in less than a year, the number of followers on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is rapidly approaching that figure. On Instagram, he has 395K followers, and on Twitter, he has about 540K followers. He has also amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his channel and the additional sponsorship he has received as a result of it.

    Damien Prince

  • Dr. Dre

    Hip-hop legend who won multiple Grammy Awards, including one for Best Rap Solo Performance for "Let Me Ride" in 1994, as the principal creator of West Coast gangsta rap and a co-owner of Death Row Records. He is also credited with finding and promoting Eminem, and he sold his Beats by Dre headphones to Apple for more than $3 billion in May 2014.

    Dr. Dre

  • John Travolta

    John Joseph Travolta is an actor and singer from the United States. He made his Broadway debut with the cast of Grease and the blockbuster musical Over Here! His appearance as Vinnie Barbarino in the famous TV series Welcome Back Kotter and the highly acclaimed TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble catapulted him to fame. Two consecutive box-office smashes, Saturday Night Fever and Grease, catapulted him to international renown. Throughout the rest of the 1970s, he was a failure, making bad professional decisions and passing up good opportunities. He's been in comedies like Look Who's Talking and its sequels, which were both economically successful. When he featured in Quentin Tarantino's murder thriller Pulp Fiction, he made a comeback. For his portrayal in the highly acclaimed film Get Shorty, he received his second Academy Award nomination and went on to win a Golden Globe. Primary Colors and The General's Daughter are two more important films. With his role as Edna Turnblad in the film adaptation of the Broadway blockbuster Hairspray, he returned to his musical roots. He effectively changed himself into a huge lady for the part using wigs, make-up, clothes, and a fat suit.

    John Travolta

  • Eden Wood

    Eden Wood is an actress and reality television personality from the United States. She switched her emphasis to modeling and acting after continuously competing in several kid beauty pageants. Eden has also dabbled in singing and dancing, and has achieved a comparable level of success as a singer and dancer. 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' a TV reality show, is where she is most known. Eden has also been on a number of television shows and been a guest on a number of talk shows. Eden created her own show on Logo TV and participated in one of the channel's award events. 'The Little Rascals Save the Day,' 'Jimmy Paul: The Pug Tooth Fairy,' and other films are among her credits. Her accomplishments are detailed in her biography, which she co-wrote with her mother.

    Eden Wood

  • Elise Ecklund

    Elise Ecklund is an American guitarist and ukulele musician who has a self-titled YouTube channel where she publishes covers and music videos. She also occasionally posts beauty, lifestyle, and funny stuff. Ecklund is a multi-talented, bright, and intelligent individual. She has a marketing degree and is a graduate of John Brown University and Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to managing her YouTube career, she works as a marketing official at Amazon. Her singing abilities are excellent, and she can convert anyone into a fan in a matter of minutes. Ecklund, who has tens of thousands of followers on social media, has already made a name for himself. Millions of people throughout the world listen to her music. Until now, the gifted musician has covered a variety of artists, like Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, and Troye Sivan, to name a few. In real life, Ecklund has a pleasant demeanor. She is fun-loving, cheerful, and sociable, having grown up in a large household with multiple siblings. She may also sing any of your comments, including HATE COMMENTS.

    Elise Ecklund

  • Matt Dillon

    Actor and director, Matt Dillon began his journey in the entertainment industry when he was just 14. A born actor, he shot to instant fame and became the heartthrob of many young girls. However, as time passed, he unfolded his more mature and serious side by working with some of the greatest directors and actors of his time. Adored for his charm, attractiveness and versatility, Dillon has made a special place in the film industry. He has also appeared in several music videos of famous artists/singers and has also worked in many TV series. After achieving average success through some of his initial films, Dillon delivered stellar performances, one by one in almost all the films he acted in. Soon, he was found grabbing the attention of various filmmakers by appearing in some of the most popular and remembered films in Hollywood. It did not take him much time to climb high up the success ladder and receive the limelight. Most of his films have been commercially successful, making him the favorite of many big filmmakers and also filmgoers. Voted by ˜People's' magazine as one of 2007's Sexiest Men Alive, Dillon is often highly regarded for his choice of films. He is one of those few actors who choose films which are unique and are not made with the sheer intention of gaining financial success.

    Matt Dillon

  • Molly Ringwald

    Molly Kathleen Ringwald is an American actress, singer, dancer and author. She was the reigning ˜teen queen' of mainstream films of the ˜80s”thanks to the luck she had in becoming the muse of the legendary coming-of-age movies' director John Hughes. Ringwald started her entertainment career at a very young age -- she first appeared in a local theatrical production of ˜Alice in the Wonderland' at the age of 5. Her mother's encouragement to follow her artistic endeavors and father's background in jazz music, she came out with her first jazz album at the mere age of 6. But it was not until she was cast in ˜Tempest' that the film industry took notice of her. It was Hughes who paved the way for her success by casting her in his legendary teen movies of the ˜80s such as: ˜Sixteen Candles', ˜The Breakfast Club', etc. After tasting the success in the ˜80s, Ringwald made a career change in the ˜90s and moved to France to work in French language movies and theatre productions. After doing that for a while, she returned back to American cinema and television and continues to entertain her audience by appearing in projects like, ˜Not Another Teen Movie', ˜The Secret Life of the American Teenager', etc.

    Molly Ringwald

  • Kylie Rogers

    Kylie was destined to become a superstar. Period. For nothing else can explain the enormous amount of talent that Kylie holds at her little age! Even before reaching the age of ten, Kylie had her hands full with television shows and films. At 12, she is more than 20 films and television shows old. She started her acting career at the age of eight and since then, there has been no looking back for this angelic little girl. Her first roles in ˜Days of our Life' and ˜Horror House' earned her the attention of producers who flooded her with offers from television and films. In 2013, she appeared in the cult television series, ˜CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' as Molly Godwin. Though her appearance was but just in a single episode, it sealed her fate for a glorious acting future. Some of the hit television shows that the cherubic Kylie was a part are ˜Private Practice', ˜Deadtime Stories', ˜Mob City' and the recent Steven Spielberg productions, a sci-fi series ˜The Whispers.' Kylie's stint with the big screen began when she clutched her first major film role in the 2014 film ˜Space Station 76'. Since then, she has featured alongside established actors of the industry and played noteworthy roles in films like ˜Mojave', ˜Fathers and Daughters' and ˜Miracles from Heaven'.

    Kylie Rogers

  • Mary I of England

    Mary I was the Queen of England and Ireland from 1553 until 1558. Daughter of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, she was the only child of the couple to survive past infancy. Inability to produce a male heir led King Henry to annul his marriage to Catherine, which in turn made Mary I the illegitimate child of the King. As such, she was removed from the court. A chain of events led to her succession after the death of her half-brother, Edward VI. In 1553, she was crowned as the Queen of England. After her appointment, Mary married Prince Philip in order to prevent her half-sister, Elizabeth from direct line of succession. However, the marriage was largely unpopular. During her reign, Mary established the Roman Catholic faith and brought about a strict Heresy law which persecuted people of the protestant faith. This mass persecution brought about much discontent amongst her subjects and gained her the nickname, ˜Bloody Mary'. Adding to the woes was military losses in France, poor weather, and failed harvests during her reign. With no child of her own, Mary, upon her death, was succeeded by her sister Elizabeth as the Queen of England.

    Mary I of England

  • Chwe Hansol

    In 2012, he became a trainee of Pledis after being a member of the K-pop boy band Seventeen. On season one of Seventeen TV, he gained the moniker Mr. Headphones, and he also goes by the middle name Vernon.

    Chwe Hansol

  • Tamina Pollack-Paris

    Tamina Pollack-Paris is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, model, actor, and singer. She is best known for her performances in the Canadian TV series 'The Next Step' and 'The Stanley Dynamic.' Tamina began her career as a dancer and choreographer and later bagged praises for acting, too. She has participated in the Canadian version of the reality show 'So You Think You Can Dance.' She has also shared the stage with artists such as Lady Gaga, Aloee Blacc, Ke$ha, Big Sean, Danny Fernandes, and Justin Bieber. Tamina has co-founded an academy named 'The Girls Club' that provides a platform to aspiring female dancers.

    Tamina Pollack-Paris

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