Famous with careers are activist
  • Samuel Sinyangwe

    Racial justice activist who has gained fame as a prominent member of Movement for Black Lives, as well as the founder of the Campaign Zero initiative to end police brutality. He has also co-hosted the popular podcast Pod Save the People with fellow activists. 

    Samuel Sinyangwe

  • Sonia Guajajara

    Environmental and indigenous advocate known for her work with the Guajajara people. She is also known for having been the Socialism and Liberty Party candidate for the vice-presidency of Brazil, making her the first indigenous person to run for the position. 

    Sonia Guajajara

  • Maya Wiley

    American civil rights activist and attorney who was named the chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board in 2016. She has also worked as the Senior Vice President for Social Justice at The New School.

    Maya Wiley

  • Gina Miller

    Entrepreneur and activist who has founded organizations like  SCM Direct and the True and Fair Foundation. 

    Gina Miller

  • Amruta Fadnavis

    Indian banker, singer, and activist who gained international fame when she represented India at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2017 at the International Peace Initiative. She has worked as an activist for the Women Empowerment and Development of Rural India.

    Amruta Fadnavis

  • Natalia Ponce De Leòn

    Colombian businesswoman and activist best known for having campaigned for a law targeting perpetrators of acid attacks throughout Colombia. 

    Natalia Ponce De Leòn

  • Ralph McGill

    Editor of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper who was a leading public voice in the anti-segregation movement.

    Ralph McGill

  • Mariya Didi

    Activist who is best known for her work in philanthropy and in favor of women's rights. She is also a member of the parliament of Maldives. 

    Mariya Didi

  • Alexey Navalny

    Russian activist and attorney who's organized numerous demonstrations that attack political corruption and President <a title='Vladimir Putin' href='/famous/vladimir-putin.htm'>Vladimir Putin</a>. He became a Russian Opposition Coordination Council member and leader of the Progress Party.

    Alexey Navalny

  • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

    Known online as Snitchlady, she is a journalist, pharmacist, gun violence activist, and social media personality. She is also known for being the editor of #HNNAfrica, a world news and health blog. 

    Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

  • Syed-Mujtaba Ali

    An author and scholar, he was also heavily involved in Bangladeshi language activism. He edited the Arabic journal, Thaqafatul Hind, and also served as Secretary of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

    Syed-Mujtaba Ali

  • Jodie Evans

    The founder of the left-wing Code Pink: Women for Peace activist group, Evans staged protests during a <a title='Karl Rove' href='/famous/karl-rove.htm'>Karl Rove</a> book signing; a <a title='Sarah Palin' href='/famous/sarah-palin.htm'>Sarah Palin</a> Republican National Convention speech; and numerous other events.

    Jodie Evans

  • Lucy Semeiyan Mashua

    Internationally known activist who is widely regarded for her time as the chairperson for the global Fight Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) campaign. She has also served as the founder and president of the non-profit Mashua Voice.

    Lucy Semeiyan Mashua

  • Alicia Garza

    Civil rights activist who is widely recognized as one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement for racial justice. Additionally, she has spearheaded such projects as People Organized to Win Employment Rights and the National Domestic Workers Alliance. 

    Alicia Garza

  • Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Known for her leadership of the bi-partisan New America Foundation think-tank, she also taught for many years at Princeton University's <a title='Woodrow Wilson' href='/famous/woodrow-wilson.htm'>Woodrow Wilson</a> School of Public and International Affairs.

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

  • Rash Behari Bose

    Revolutionary leader who fought against the British Raj in India and organized the Ghadar conspiracy.

    Rash Behari Bose

  • Richard Cornuelle

    An American author and political activist, he is known for his 1965 work, Reclaiming the American Dream, which argues that social problems can and should be solved by engaged volunteers rather than by bureaucracy. His other works include De-Managing America and Healing America.

    Richard Cornuelle

  • Walter Reuther

    A leader of the United Auto Workers, he turned the labor union into a major force in American business, culture, and politics.

    Walter Reuther

  • Bene Barbosa

    Brazilian activist and lawyer who is known for his roles in public safety and for being the President of the NGO Movimento Viva Brasil. He is also known for having been one of the leaders during the 2005 referendum. 

    Bene Barbosa

  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

    Famous for leading a student activist group known as CLASSE in a fight against higher education tuition increases proposed by Quebec Premier <a title='Jean Charest' href='/famous/jean-charest.htm'>Jean Charest</a>, he is also notable for his Governor General's Award-winning activism memoir, Tenir Tete.

    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

  • Zoleka Mandela

    South African activist and author who has written about her trials with alcohol abuse and breast cancer. She was named to the presitious BBC's 100 Women list in 2016 for her advocacy work. 

    Zoleka Mandela

  • Voltairine Decleyre

    A radical activist, feminist, and anarchist who opposed government as well as marriage and the subjugation of women.

    Voltairine Decleyre

  • Lucy Higgs Nichols

    After escaping slavery, Nichols, better known as "Aunt Lucy," became a much-loved Union Army nurse. After the Civil War, an organization of Union Army veterans known as the Grand Army of the Republic granted her honorary membership.

    Lucy Higgs Nichols

  • Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

    Remembered as the catalyst for the Ten Years' War, this plantation owner declared Cuban independence in 1868 and liberated his slaves, encouraging them to join him in a rebellion against Cuba's Spanish-controlled government. He was killed by the Spanish in 1874, but his actions paved the way for the Cuban War of Independence of the late 1890s.

    Carlos Manuel de Céspedes