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  • Erika Costell

    Erika Costell is a model from the United States who specializes in swimwear, fitness, and lingerie ads. She has a sizable social media following as well. Erika has caught the social media world by storm with her frequent stunning photographs from various photoshoots and daily life. She is blessed with a fantastic body and lovely beauty. This perky 20-year-old exudes confidence and a girl-next-door aura that has endeared her to a large number of fans. She's worked successfully with other social media influencers to promote their shared brand value. On social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, she has a sizable following.

    Erika Costell

  • Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Thomas Gosling is a Canadian actor and director best known for playing the leading role in the romantic drama, ˜The Notebook'. He has appeared in several highly successful Hollywood films like ˜Half Nelson' and ˜Lars and the Real Girl' for which he received numerous award nominations. The talented actor had always loved acting and was especially influenced by the film ˜Dick Tracy' which he first watched as a child. Such was the impact of films on his young mind that he once took steak knives to school after watching the Sylvester Stallone action film, ˜First Blood' and threw them at classmates. He was often bullied in school and had problems making friends; he also suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There was however one thing that he was good at”performing. As a child he had performed with ˜The Mickey Mouse Club' for two years. He also used to sing at weddings with his sister and got involved with a local ballet company. Performing before audiences boosted his confidence and he decided to make a career out of it. Initially he played minor roles in independent films before landing on substantial roles in bigger movies. His career began to take off after his role in ˜The Notebook' and he went on to carve a niche for himself in Hollywood.

    Ryan Gosling

  • Russell Westbrook

    Russell Westbrook III is a prolific American basketball player who plays for the NBA team ˜Oklahoma City Thunder'. Hailing from a sports family, he started exhibiting his skills while he was just a kid. From winning biggest honours while playing in college, to becoming one of the most looked up to NBA stars of present times, Russell has come a very long way. He began his NBA career in 2008 when he was drafted by ˜Seattle SuperSonics', which was later renamed to ˜Oklahoma City Thunder' a few days later, and the extremely successful association continues to this day. Trained strenuously by his father, Russell Westbrook Sr., Russell Jr. dedicated most part of his childhood to the game and in the gyms shaping up for the future. Russell's talent made him an integral part of the American basketball team and he represented the United States in 2010 FIBA world championship and the 2012 Olympics. In both these tournaments, the team won gold. In 2017, Westbrook became the second player in basketball history for securing the most number of triple doubles in a particular NBA season. As his explosive form continues to hit the opponents out of the tournaments, Russell has also launched an eye-gear brand, and continues his involvement with the fashion world.

    Russell Westbrook

  • Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway is a multiple award winning American actress, singer and producer. She has acted in several prominent films like ˜The Princess Diaries', ˜The Devil Wears Prada', and ˜Becoming Jane'. Born as the daughter of an actress, Anne was exposed to the nuances of acting from a young age. Inspired by her mother, she became interested in acting as a little girl of three. A confident and talented girl, she announced her intention of pursuing an acting career to her parents when she was just eight! As a teenager she started appearing in some commercials and became the first teenager to be ever admitted to the New York City-based Barrow Group's prestigious acting program. She appeared in several stage productions while attending middle school and made her professional acting debut on television as a high school student. Eventually she ventured into films and gained mainstream prominence with her role in the Disney film ˜The Princess Diaries'. Tall, pretty and talented, she soon became a much sought after actress who earned acclaim for her poignant and powerful performances. The winner of several prestigious acting awards, she is also a skilled singer and voice actor. She is an LGBT activist and a strong supporter of same-sex marriages

    Anne Hathaway

  • Doctor Mike

    Doctor who was chosen the Sexiest Doctor Alive in the 2015 edition of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue.

    Doctor Mike

  • Omarion

    Omari Ishmael Grandberry, better known by his stage name Omarion, is an American singer, rapper, and actor. He started his career with the boy band ˜B2K' but later went on to pursue a career as a solo artist. A high point in his career came with his solo album ˜O' which earned him a Grammy nomination and was eventually certified gold. He has also been a part of several sitcoms and has served as a judge on ˜America's Best Dance Crew' replacing Shane Sparks. In his career so far, Omarion has assumed several roles ranging from that of a singer-songwriter to an actor, dancer, and record producer. Till date he has released four solo albums: ˜O,' ˜21,' ˜Ollusion' and ˜Sex Playlist.' His given name ˜Omari' means King while his stage name ˜Omarion' means ˜King Forever'. He is currently single, after having separated from his girlfriend Apryl Jones in 2016.


  • Nina Houston

    Nina Houston is a Dutch YouTuber known for posting a combination of her personal vlogs and makeup and fashion videos on her self-titled channel. With over 250 videos (as of April 2018), her channel has earned more than 409k subscribers and about a 100 million views till date. Houston, who is liked by her audience for her charming personality, unique attitude, good sense of humor and wonderful fashion taste, has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram as well. Her makeup tutorials and fashion tips are extremely helpful to girls, especially teens. Her videos help fashion-conscious youngsters choose trendy outfits and apply complementary makeup easily. On a personal note, the YouTube fashionista is a lovely girl with a sweet and charming personality. While she hasn't revealed much about her personal life, it is evident from her videos that she loves her siblings and friends to the core.

    Nina Houston

  • Félix Lengyel

    xQcwith, a professional Overwatch tank player and Twitch streamer with over 650,000 followers on the live streaming network, is also known as xQcwith. In 2017, he joined the Arc 6 professional squad.

    Félix Lengyel

  • Grace Kelly

    Grace Kelly was a well-known actress who rose through the ranks to become Princess of Monaco. She was born in Philadelphia to self-made parents who had achieved success in their own fields. Grace had a natural talent for performing and aspired to be an actor since she was a youngster. Her family, on the other hand, did not support her decision to pursue acting and modeling as a career, so she had to go it alone. She was able to enroll in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and after completing her studies there, she went on to work on Broadway. She had dramatic talent, but she didn't make it on Broadway. She soon realized her true purpose and made a career change, choosing for television parts. Her skill was quickly recognized, and she was given film jobs. Her first leading part was in the movie 'High Noon,' in which she co-starred with Gary Cooper. She eventually rose through the ranks of success and cemented her place in the film business. However, she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco while she was at the pinnacle of her career. She soon became Princess of Monaco, which came with a slew of new responsibilities and commitments, forcing her to abandon her acting career.

    Grace Kelly

  • Nadia Comaneci

    She grabbed international recognition and affection by giving the world one of its most memorable moments in the history of sports “ scoring the first-ever perfect ten on asymmetric bars, at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. To add to that, she went to score six more perfect 10s, thereby becoming the youngest all-around Olympic gold medalist, at just 14 years of age. Not only did Nadia Comăneci draw attention from all directions, but she also helped Romania find itself a place on the global map. This sporting icon stepped into spotlight by achieving an unachievable score, thus creating a legend and popularizing gymnastics as a sport across the world. Moreover, it changed the people's perspective of female athletes. Such was her impact at the Olympics that the uneven bars event has two moves named after her “ toe-on and release move, which are, till date, rated at a high difficulty level. Besides Olympics, she showed remarkable performance at the World Championships and European Championships as well, thus becoming a living legend and one of the best-known gymnasts the world could ever have. This ˜Queen of Olympics' tried her hand at modeling and promoting sports equipment after her defection to the US.

    Nadia Comaneci

  • Tonya Harding

    Tonya Harding is a retired American figure skater, who won the ˜US Championship' in 1991 and 1994. She gained prominence as a skater in 1989, when she won the ˜Skate America' competition. After a controversy in 1994, Tonya was forced to quit figure skating, and turned her attention towards boxing. Tonya became a professional boxer in 2003. Her popularity increased when she started appearing in films and TV shows, which made her an international celebrity. What made her a national celebrity though was the 1994 incident when Tonya's main competitor <a title='Nancy Kerrigan' href='/famous/nancy-kerrigan.htm'>Nancy Kerrigan</a> was mysteriously attacked just before the ˜National Championship.' Tonya used her notoriety and fame to her advantage so much so, that she rewrote the history of women's ice skating culture. Her life story and achievements became a part of many academic assessments and in 2017 a biopic titled ˜I, Tonya' was released.

    Tonya Harding

  • Trvp Tyler

    Instagram sensation best known as one half of the Trvp Twinz, along with his brother Tristan. He's most known for his amazing dancing videos, which he shares with his 130,000 Instagram followers and growing.

    Trvp Tyler

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