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  • Gracie Haschak

    Gracie Haschak is a talented young American dancer who has carved a niche for herself in the social media through her talent. Introduced to the world of dance at a very young age, Haschak found it irresistible to separate herself from it and got more and more immersed into it eventually. She first found fame when she danced for <a title='MattyB' href='/famous/matthew-morris.htm'>MattyB</a>'s music video ˜Daddy Says No' and has since thence been a dancer for various music videos and cover songs. Interestingly, much like her, her sisters too found their interest in dancing and soon followed her. The Haschak sisters started their YouTube channel, namely, ˜Haschak Sisters', which has more than 2.8 million subscribers as of May 2017. On the channel, they share their music videos and cover songs. Though Gracie Haschak hasn't made it to television until date, her presence in social media is overpowering. She has earned millions of fans through her performances.

    Gracie Haschak

  • Jackie Chan

    Chan Kong-sang, famously known to us as Jackie Chan is the world renowned martial arts icon. He has been a successful actor, director, producer, action choreographer, stuntman, etc. He is well known in Asia as well as in the West for his perfect comic timing and his impeccable fighting style. Even after breaking and injuring almost every part of his body, Chan is known to have performed all of his stunts on his own. He has acted in more than 100 Hong Kong as well as Hollywood movies, out of which more than 10 were his own directorial ventures. He has acted in famous movies like ˜Rush Hour', ˜Rush Hour2', ˜Shanghai Knights', ˜Shanghai Noon', ˜The Tuxedo', ˜The Karate Kid', etc. and has been well proclaimed for each one of them. He started his career as a child artist in Hong Kong cinema and his talent and hard work soon made him a known figure in Hollywood. In 2012, at the Cannes Film Festival, he declared that he is taking semi-retirement from the action movies as he needs to take care of his body now.

    Jackie Chan

  • Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson is a singer and songwriter from England. She has been featured on several hit singles till date, including Clean Bandit's "Rockabye", "Friends", "Alarm" and "Ciao Adios". She first performed on the stage as a 12-year-old when she appeared in a West End production of ˜Whistle Down the Wind.' Aside from West End commitments, she spent her early years struggling to become a pop singer and also tried her luck in professional karate championships at least three times. Anne-Marie has said that it was karate that taught her focus and discipline, the two essential characteristics of a successful musician. She has been practicing karate since the age of nine. She won double gold and gold and silver in the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association World Championships in 2002 and 2007 respectively. She has also won the gold in the United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation National Championships. She pursued her music career alongside karate and her debut album ˜Speak Your Mind' was released in April 2018.


  • Rykel Bennett

    Rykel Bennett is a member of the Bennett family that owns the American 'YouTube' family channel ˜The Ohana Adventure.' The channel is run by the "YouTuber" couple <a title='Jase' href='/famous/jase-bennett.htm'>Jase</a> and <a title='Rachel Bennett' href='/famous/rachel-bennett.htm'>Rachel Bennett</a>. It is primarily a vlogging space where <a title='Jase' href='/famous/jase-bennett.htm'>Jase</a> and Rachel post about their life and their six children. Rykel has been part of the channel since its launch. She now posts solo vlogs and has an individual channel, too. Rykel has done quite a few 'Q&A' videos and has discussed teen-related issues in many of her videos. Rykel's channel has over 200 thousand subscribers. Rykel owns an individual 'Instagram' page, too.

    Rykel Bennett

  • Trayvon Vert

    Trayvon Vert is a Canadian social media influencer and Instagram star. He had become significantly popular on social media for his innovative and hilarious memes. A native of Alberta, Vert grew up as an avid fan of ˜Futurama', rap music, and classical music. In time, he developed a quirky sense of humour that bordered on offensive. His original account on Instagram, which he named after himself, began to gain popularity due to its shock value, dark humour, and controversial content. However, it was soon discovered that most, if not all, of his memes were not originally his. As the accusations of theft piled up, Instagram eventually suspended his account. They let Vert keep his personal Instagram handle which he primarily uses for posting selfies. However, he still uploads edgy memes on his Twitter account.

    Trayvon Vert

  • Monroe Capri Bryant

    TikTok star, model, and actress who is best recognized for sharing short modeling videos and dancing related content for her over 1.5 million fans. She is also an actress who has appeared on Teen Nick as well as several JC Penny commercials. 

    Monroe Capri Bryant

  • Allie Sherlock

    Allie Sherlock is an Irish singer, guitarist, and 'YouTube' star. She gained prominence as a cover artist after her cover version of Ed Sheeran's 'Supermarket Flowers' became viral on the internet. The video garnered millions of views in just a few months of its release and made Allie a celebrity. She was also invited to guest star on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' She turned down the offer the first time but later accepted it. Allie now regularly performs at popular centers of Dublin and her hometown, Cork. She has performed cover versions for a number of songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, Sia, Bruno Mars, George Ezra, and Shawn Mendes. Allie is currently working with singer, songwriter, and record producer Ryan Tedder.

    Allie Sherlock

  • Josh Acosta

    Curly-haired TikTok personality and content creator who is known for posting videos on his notjosh_costa account. His lip sync performances and dramatic glances helped him amass more than 550,000 followers.

    Josh Acosta

  • Lorenzo Ostuni

    Better known by his social media name Favij, he is an Italian YouTuber who creates a variety of videos on his channel FavijTV, including a popular series that is called "Momenti Epici Nei Videogames!" 

    Lorenzo Ostuni

  • April Athena

    April Athena is a popular American YouTube star who runs three YouTube channels and regularly posts videos on them. She first created the AprilAthena7 channel, followed by CookWithApril andAprilJustinTV. The channel AprilAthena7 was created in 2009. She uploads videos on beauty, lifestyle, and DIY here. The channel has garnered a significant number of subscribers. CookWithApril was started in 2011 and has more than 265 videos. AprilJustinTV, which she runs with her husband, was started in 2013. It has almost 1500 videos. It is basically a family vlog channel. This beauty, cooking, and lifestyle vlogger is a popular social media personality as well with 190k followers on Instagram, 76k on Twitter, and 168kfollowers on Facebook. She also runs an online store called Saturday Sunshine with her husband.

    April Athena

  • iiFNaTiK

    Rising YouTube personality named Michael who has gained over 280,000 subscribers through his Roblox and Minecraft videos as well as his music covers.


  • Kyra Smith

    Kyra Isako Smith is a Dutch TV actress who gained fame for portraying Anika Hunter in the 2017 live-action series ˜Hunter Street'. Having been interested in the show business from an early age, Smith always had the aspiration of becoming an actress. In 2016, she landed the role of Anika Hunter in the internationally popular Nickelodeon series ˜Hunter Street' and subsequently made the news public through social media. The series premiered in March 2017 and proved to be a massive hit. The show's critical and commercial success catapulted Smith into stardom. It has also helped her accumulate popularity on Instagram, where she presently has several thousands of followers. In 2018, she attended the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

    Kyra Smith

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