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  • Kendall Jenner

    A model who has appeared on the catwalk during the most prestigious fashion weeks in the world for well-known brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many more. When she made her debut on the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians at age 11, she first became famous for her appearances on the program.

    Kendall Jenner

  • Nihachu

    Niki is a German video gaming enthusiast who has amassed a large following on Twitch. She broadcasts Just Chatting sessions and streams games like Minecraft, The Sims 4, and Stardew Valley to her 2.6 million followers.


  • Santea

    Short-form video sensation best known for his TikTok account santea_. For his lip syncs, dances, challenges, and short scenes, he has received over 251 million total likes. He's also a member of the Dadwiggies, an online dancing group.


  • Ella Mai

    Ella Mai is a British singer and songwriter best known for her tune "Boo'd Up," which she released as part of her EP "Ready." She was born and raised in London before moving to New York with her family when she was 12 years old. In 2014, she auditioned for the music reality show 'The X Factor,' but was unable to get past the preliminary rounds. She then used social media to distribute her music. She uploaded her music to SoundCloud and shared short video snippets on Instagram. The tactic gradually paid off, and she was recognized by DJ Mustard, who offered her a contract with 10 Summers Records. With the label, she released her debut EP, Time, in early 2016. The EPs 'Change' and 'Ready' were then released. ' The single 'Boo'd Up,' from the third EP, became a massive smash, peaking at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She was even nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in 2018. This aided her in advancing her musical career. Ella announced in 2018 that she was working on her debut album, which she said would be published in October.

    Ella Mai

  • Joseline Hernandez

    Joseline Hernandez is a reality TV star and actress of Puerto Rican descent. No one can deny that she calls herself the "Puerto Rican Princess." Joseline Hernandez is a reality TV star who rose to fame after appearing on the program Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She's a singer, rapper, and aspiring actor who rose to stardom quickly because to her representation of herself as a gorgeous and sassy Latina on the hunt for love and success in the hip hop business. The doe-eyed beauty from Puerto Rico has accomplished a lot more than just appearing on a famous reality program. Her TV show's unexpected popularity catapulted her to immediate prominence and raised her net worth. She appreciates the attention of her admirers on social media, with almost a million followers on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She started her own YouTube channel in 2016 to show off her musical abilities outside of the program, and the number of subscribers has constantly increased.

    Joseline Hernandez

  • Flau'jae

    Flau'jae Johnson is an American rapper who rose to prominence after competing on the third season of the reality singing competition show "The Rap Game." She has published hundreds of songs to far, and her total number of stage appearances has surpassed 200. She's been singing since she was a toddler and aspires to be a successful rapper like her father, the late Jason Johnson nicknamed Camouflage. The young rapper is full of energy and finds inspiration in her mother, who assists her in channeling her vocal gift in a constructive and creative manner. Flau'jae is an incredible guy who has created the smash album Y'all Know Flau'jae. She is a young lady who believes in savoring every moment. She aspires to carry on her father's legacy via her dedication and hard work. Flau'jae also has a YouTube account where she posts her original music, covers, and music videos. She is also active on social media platforms such as Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • Jesse Fangs

    Jesse Fangs is a YouTuber and Twitch live streamer who specializes in FIFA. Jesse, who goes by the names Fangs and ItsFangs, started streaming and making YouTube videos while she was in her twenties. 'Call of Duty,' 'Minecraft,' and 'Grand Theft Auto' are among the titles she streams. She originally established her YouTube channel, Fangs, where she primarily posts FIFA and real-life videos. With videos like STRIP FIFA! THE FIRST EVER!' and 'READING PERVERTED COMMENTS WITH THE SIDEMEN!!', the channel grew in popularity over time. The channel's success prompted her to create two more YouTube channels: FOOBIE, which she created with her YouTube gamer and Twitch live streamer husband, GI Doobie, and where they post vlogs, challenges, and video games; and Fangs Says, where she posts her reactions to content from various media, including television, YouTube, and the internet. Meanwhile, she's amassed hundreds of thousands of Twitch followers under the handle fang i3anger. In the creation of videos and streaming, she frequently collaborates with social media stars such as AA9Skillz, Miniminter, ZwebackHD, and Nepenthez.

    Jesse Fangs

  • Anna Saccone-Joly

    She and her husband Jonathan Saccone-Joly are YouTube sensations. She maintains a personal, self-titled channel (previously known as TheStyleDiet) where she talks about beauty, diet, fashion, baking, and more for over 1 million followers. Together with her spouse, she runs the YouTube channel SACCONEJOLYs.

    Anna Saccone-Joly

  • JustaMinx

    Twitch celebrity known for her JustAMinx channel. She has amassed enormous fame for her own vocal covers, frequently performed in duet with streams of her chit-chatting.


  • Brennan Donnelly

    Brennan Donnelly is an American Instagram Star. Introduced to the world of social media in his younger sister's popular YouTube channel <a title='Flippin' Katie' href='/famous/flippin-katie.htm'>Flippin' Katie</a>', Brennan has emerged as an internet celebrity in his own right. The eldest of three siblings, Brennan is a well-adjusted youth residing in a loving and caring household. His family gained fame because of Brennan and his siblings, all of whom are distinguished athletes. Since he was nine years old, he has been playing water polo and has participated in the Junior Olympics, the ODP National Tournament and in an international competition in Canada. He is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Encouraged by his sister's online popularity and the fans he himself had garnered, he set up an Instagram account and posted his first photograph in August 2015.

    Brennan Donnelly

  • MaskedArab

    The maskedarab.twitch account of the TikTok personality and content creator brought him recognition. He plays practical jokes on random users of the video chat app Omegle in his films. More than 900,000 people follow him.


  • Moe Sargi

    Moe Sargi is a Lebanese YouTuber who has a self-titled channel where he uploads challenge and prank videos. He's also a gamer, with a side channel called 'Moe Plays,' where he uploads gameplays. He spends the most of his time in front of the camera, recording and entertaining his audience. He's always liked amusing others, and as a full-time YouTuber, he's made a living out of it. When it comes to the popularity of his channels, Sargi's primary channel has over 1 million members and 129 million views as of April 2018. His gaming channel has over 80 thousand subscribers and 690 thousand views. Sargi is well-known on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in addition to YouTube. His large social media following, as well as his followers' affection and support, are extremely important to him. He appreciates all of his fans because they inspire him to create more amusing and engaging videos. Sargi is a pleasant, friendly, and down-to-earth person on a personal level. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

    Moe Sargi