Celebrities born in 1974
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a renowned American actor and producer known for his good looks and exceptional acting skills. Marking his entry through television in 1991 with ˜Santa Barbara', he went on to become an international star. He ventured into the film world through a horror flick ˜Critters 3' and continued with many more like ˜This Boy's Life', ˜Titanic', ˜The Man in the Iron Mask' and others. His participation in dramas like ˜Romeo + Juliet', ˜The Basket ball Dairies' and ˜Catch Me If You Can' brought him tremendous acclaim. It was ˜Titanic' that served as a milestone in turning around his overall image as an actor. He received his first Golden Globe Award post ˜Titanic'. He has touched upon various genres of cinema ranging from romance, historical and period drama, thriller and even science fiction. He has received some of the most coveted honors such as the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Drama, Musical or Comedy for his performance in the films ˜The Aviator' and ˜The Wolf of Wall Street', and the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie ˜The Revenant'. Apart from being a producer and an actor, he is also a philanthropist. His concern for the society and the environment is clearly evident from the donations he makes towards wildlife and environment conservational groups.

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Jimmy Fallon

    A caption under his kindergarten photo in his school magazine read, ˜Most likely to take over for David Letterman'; and so it was! Jimmy Fallon is celebrated for his raw political satire and observational comedy, which is a unique quality he employs in his late night talk show. ˜Late Night with Jimmy Fallon', an award-winning talk show on NBC, is currently one of the highest-rated shows in the ˜Late Night' franchise and is even more popular among the ladies because of his dapper-good looks and his impeccable comic timing. Prior to his own talk show, he was a cast member on ˜Saturday Night Live' and has also appeared in a number of films. Some of the films he has worked in include ˜The Entrepreneur', ˜Taxi', ˜Arthur and the Invisibles' and ˜Whip It'. His career in stand-up comedy began in high school. Initially a hobby, the talent soon became his true calling, as he landed in his dream job when he was cast in ˜Saturday Night Live'. When he is not working, Fallon keeps himself occupied with writing. He co-authored ˜I Hate This Place: The Pessimist's Guide to Life' with his sister, Gloria and has also written a children's book, ˜Snowball Fight'. He has also released the music albums, ˜Blow Your Pants Off' and wrote the song, ˜Car Wash for Peace'.

    Jimmy Fallon

  • Misha Collins

    Anyone whose life revolves around the masterpiece of a TV show ˜Supernatural' would know who Misha Collins is! The TV actor, who is regarded by many as underrated, has been leaving the audience open-mouthed ever since he got into the show biz! First stepping into Hollywood in the year 1999 before working small jobs as a carpenter and a woodworker, little did this man know just how much his talent would be appreciated by the masses one day! And if you're the special kind that has been on a binge-watching spree, then Collins's portrayal of angel Casteil is what you'd hail as the ultimate game changer! As if you didn't already have a list with all the boxes ticked that prove Misha's amazingness, here's another reason why this man is worthy of all love”he is also a philanthropist! Misha surely deserves to be crowned for his incredible performances on-screen and for even making us laugh till our tummies ache!

    Misha Collins

  • Brooke Elliott

    Brooke Elliott is a noted American actress and singer who earned widespread fame and glory owing to her brilliant portrayal of the character of ˜Jane Bingum' in the television series ˜Drop Dead Diva'. She has made multiple appearances on all segments of the showbiz industry including the silver screen, small-screen, and theater. Brooke's professional career as an actress took off when she debuted on Broadway musical ˜Taboo' which was composed by the renowned singer Boy George and produced by Rosie O'Donnell. She had started as one of the members of the ensemble cast in the musical show but went on to bag the role of Sue”the protagonist. Later on, she was cast in the Broadway musical ˜The Pirate Queen' originally scripted by the Frenchmen duo of Schonberg and Boublil, where she enacted the character of Majella. She was also part of the initial cast of the first nationwide tours of ˜Wicked' and ˜Beauty and the Beast'. Her acting career got a shot in the arm in 2000 when she got her debut break in the silver-screen. She landed a role in the movie ˜What Women Want' produced by the well-known Hollywood actor, <a title='Mel Gibson' href='/famous/mel-gibson.htm'>Mel Gibson</a>. Brooke had to struggle a lot to make a mark in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry in the US. During the initial phase of her career, she worked for a while as a waitress as well as did numerous temporary stints to make ends meet. Brooke has been nominated several times for receiving awards and ended up winning the Gracie Award for ˜Female Rising Star in a Comedy Series' in 2010. She also won an award for ˜Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series' endorsed by Women's Image Network in 2012.

    Brooke Elliott

  • Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Wrestler who trained under <a title='Rey Misterio, Sr.' href='/famous/rey-misterio.htm'>Rey Misterio, Sr.</a>, and developed a high flying style and the finishing move, the 619 Kick, to honor San Diego.

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

  • Lil Kim

    Pint-sized rap icon who has released many platinum albums and won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for her involvement in the hit song "Lady Marmalade."

    Lil Kim

  • Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter is a legendary baseball player who has played 19 seasons with the Major League Baseball. He has won the World Series five times and is a central figure in the history of this sport. Regarded as one of the most valuable players, Jeter is a greatly marketed athlete from around the world. In the past decade, he has been the leading scorer for his team - the New York Yankees. He is an accomplished professional and is an idol and a sensation among many nascent players. His career graph has been consistent throughout and he has contributed to the Yankees' successes through all odds. With a .351 batting average, he is placed among the best in the United States of America and has earned a number of distinguished accolades and honours in his sporting career. One of the major career highlights of this sportsperson was during the World Series against the Braves. Since then, he has been solely instrumental in leading the Yankees' to a number of World wins. Today, Derek Jeter is simply known as ˜The Captain' for his never-say-die attitude and his unbeatable records. He is also the 23rd member of the 3,000 hits club and the fourth youngest player to reach this landmark.

    Derek Jeter

  • Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Caroline Beckham, popularly known as ˜Posh Spice', is a former member of the largest English girl band, ˜Spice Girls'. Although her musical career with the ˜Spice Girls' gave a nudge to her successful image but it is her own hard work as an entrepreneur and a fashion designer that has made her 52nd richest woman in Britain, one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK and 19th richest person in the UK along with her famous soccer star husband, David Beckham. She was born and brought up in an upper middle class environment and her aspiration to have a musical career was fulfilled by her parents by encouraging her to study acting, music, dancing and modeling. Beckham is not just a pop artist, a business woman and a fashion designer but also a writer of two bestselling books. She is a successful owner of a denim line, fragrance line, sunglasses collection and posh and expensive line for classy dresses, which stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz were noticed donning.

    Victoria Beckham

  • Rob Dyrdek

    Rob Dyrdek is an American sports personality, actor, reality television star, entrepreneur and producer. He began his sports career as a professional skateboarder at the age of 15, and went on to win national and international acclaim in the field. After establishing his sports career, Rob Dyrdek ventured into the entertainment industry, trying his talent into acting and participating in reality television shows. The success of his ventures brought Rob into that instant recognition zone that every celebrity craves. He has set several world records in his sports and has also entertained the world alongside it. Rob is a success story that everyone wants to live themselves. His fandom in social media is testament to his celebrity status. He has a net worth of over 50 million USD. Behind the successful façade, remains a humanitarian, who has put good use of his millions to help others in need.

    Rob Dyrdek

  • Nelly

    Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist who recorded with the St. Lunatics and gained recognition with his 2000 album Country Grammar, which sold over 8 million copies.


  • Chip Gaines

    Chip Gaines is an American entrepreneur, reality TV star and social media celebrity, who is famous for being the face of the television series ˜Fixer Upper'. After completing his studies at the acclaimed ˜Baylor University', Chip Gaines ventured into entrepreneurship and became the founder of several businesses and was quite successful. He later married <a title='Joanna' href='/famous/joanna-gaines.htm'>Joanna</a> and the couple went on to establish the firm ˜Magnolia Homes'. Since then, there has been no looking back for Chip Gaines. He has been responsible for the renovation of many homes in Texas. One of the reasons probably why the couple is so successful is because they leave no stone unturned to see their clients satisfied. Apparently, they walk through their client through each stage of construction and create a sense of transparency throughout the revamping process. He and his wife were soon given the opportunity to become a part of an interesting television series called ˜Fixer Upper', which drew a lot of acclaim from all quarters.

    Chip Gaines

  • Robbie Williams

    Robert Peter Williams, popularly known as Robbie Williams, is a BRIT Award-winning singer, dancer, and songwriter who garnered widespread publicity as a member of the pop boy band, ˜Take That'. He is one of the best-selling music artists whose albums have made records with their worldwide sale of 70 million. As a solo artist, he has 17 BRIT Awards to his credit, a record that remains unbroken till date. He has been voted as the ˜Greatest Artist of the 1990s and he has also been inducted in the UK Music Hall of Fame. He is the only bestselling non-Latino artist in Latin America. As an individual, he constantly surfaces in the British media for his heavy party-style life, sexy appeal and for his romantic affairs with many women. Though, many a times, he has caught the attention of the media for wrong reasons, he has also won the hearts of many with his active participation in humanitarian efforts. He runs a charity organization, ˜Give It Sum' for the under-privileged people in his hometown of Stroke-on-Trent. He is a patron of Donna Louise Trust and is also an ambassador of UNICEF. He is a man with different tastes and harbors a great fascination toward UFOs and their mystical phenomena.

    Robbie Williams