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  • Barbara Palvin

    This doe-eyed brunette started off early and soon attracted fame and attention from the who's who of the fashion industry as a young teenager. Through her style and photogenic-killer looks, Barbara Palvin grabbed eyeballs of major fashion houses. This Budapest-born babe is, indeed, one of the hottest models in the world, who has done catwalk shows for numerous fashion brands and has appeared on various international magazine covers. She was declared as the youngest and newest muse of L'Oreal Paris at the age of 19 years, thus joining the L'Oreal Paris family with celebrities Gwen Stefani and Claudia Schiffer. Through her fascinating personality and great sense of humor, she infused freshness and elegance, thereby being considered a promising supermodel with incredible potential to reach the sky. She became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2012, thanks to her sublime beauty and perfect body. In a short span of time, she made a name for herself in the fashion industry and is deemed to be one of the youngest supermodels in recent times. Apart from gaining attention for working as a fashion and lingerie model, this Hungarian stunner was also in the media news for having a rumored brief fling with distinguished pop star, <a title='Justin Bieber' href='/famous/justin-bieber.htm'>Justin Bieber</a>, and being the reason behind the latter's split with Selena Gomez.

    Barbara Palvin

  • Jozsef Boviz

    Dancer known for his animation skills, he has gained more than 320,000 followers on his jozsef0116 account by creating short dance videos to remixes of popular songs. He also makes similar videos for Funimate, where he's earned more than 130,000 fans. 

    Jozsef Boviz

  • Csenge Forstner

    Hungarian muser who has earned a crown with her videos that often incorporate unique settings and creative editing techniques. So far, her account has attracted more than 350,000 fans.

    Csenge Forstner

  • Erno Rubik

    The ˜Rubik's Cube' is most popular toy of all time and a staple to the popular culture of the 1980s. It was invented by and named after ErnÅ‘ Rubik, a young Hungarian professor. He taught architecture at the time and had always been amazed by the complexities of structure and math. In an attempt to challenge his students, Rubik engineered a solid cube that could be twisted many different ways and not fall apart. As a handmade item, this was a difficult enough feat “ but the real trick was the puzzle included in the toy. Each side was painted a solid color; twisting the cube randomly would rearrange the pieces, and the near impossible objective would be to work out how to put this cube back correctly again. It took Rubik himself over a month to figure out the solution to the problem he created. He had difficulty getting this toy patented and sold, however, facing many rejections from toy companies. However, once the toy took off and was able to get outside of communist Hungary, it defined a generation. It is estimated that one in seven people in the world have touched a Rubik's Cube. Rubik continues to work as an educationist and is a board member of the Rubik's company.

    Erno Rubik

  • Boggie

    Hungarian pop singer and songwriter who became a star with the release of the single "Nouveau Parfum" from her self-titled 2015 debut. She was chosen to represent Hungary in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Wars for Nothing."


  • Milan Szender

    Up and coming Funimate star who has earned more than 80,000 followers and been featured more than two dozen times on the popular lip syncing app. His username on the app is milanszender.

    Milan Szender

  • Enji Night

    Best known as a cosplayer, she is also a model who is popular on the site Deviant Art where she has more than 1.6 million page views.

    Enji Night

  • Katinka Hosszu

    Swimmer from Hungary who has dominated the competition at events like the FINA World Championships and LEN European Aquatics Championships. She was named Hungarian Sportswoman of The Year in 2009 and 2013.

    Katinka Hosszu

  • Zoltan Bathory

    Hungarian-born heavy metal guitarist and songwriter best known as the founder of Five Finger Death Punch. The successful band released its first album, The Way of the Fist, in 2007. He is also a philanthropist and co-founded the non-profit Home Deployment Project to assist homeless veterans. 

    Zoltan Bathory

  • Szabyest

    Pop singer/songwriter whose 2014 single "Cárvavár" went viral during its first week on his YouTube channel. This served as the catalyst of his music career earning him a recording contract with Gold Record that same year. 


  • Hmate57

    Dancer and web star best known for posting his Just Dance gameplay to his YouTube channel. His audience has grown to more than 130,000 subscribers since the channel's creation.


  • Bela Karolyi

    Gymnastics coach who guided many female athletes to Olympic gold medals, including <a title='Nadia Comaneci' href='/famous/nadia-comaneci.htm'>Nadia Comaneci</a> and <a title='Svetlana Boginskaya' href='/famous/svetlana-boginskaya.htm'>Svetlana Boginskaya</a>.

    Bela Karolyi