Celebrities born in 1970
  • Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey is regarded as one of the most prominent singers and songwriters of the 21st century. During a career spanning across 20 years, she has established her name as a vocal virtuoso, who has taken music to greater heights. This songbird possesses a five-octave vocal range and she has the ability to hit notes even beyond the 7th octave, which can even shatter glass. Her use of melisma and the whistle range have continued to awe and inspire artists since the last two decades. Her body of work includes song writing, singing, and production, not to mention the introduction of new sounds with each album. Her music styles range from Motown soul to R&B to Hip Hop and Pop and she can easily glide from a soulful ballad to hip-hop songs with élan. Although, this star had a troubled childhood, suffered emotional breakdowns but, she stood the test of time and emerged successful. Worldwide sales of her dozen studio albums have managed to surpass the 200 million mark, making her one of the most successful recording artists of all time. The passion for music in this immensely talented star is so visible in each of her performances that audiences from across the world respond with unbridled enthusiasm to her singing. To learn more about this true diva, scroll further.

    Mariah Carey

  • Melania Trump

    Melania Trump is the First Lady of the United States of America. Her husband, <a title='Donald Trump' href='/famous/donald-trump.htm'>Donald Trump</a>, became the 45th President of the country in 2017. Melania married <a title='Donald Trump' href='/famous/donald-trump.htm'>Donald Trump</a> in 2005 to become his third wife. She is the first naturalized US citizen and the second foreign-born US First lady after Louisa Adams, wife of the sixth president, John Quincy Adams. Melania attained US citizenship in 2006. She was born in Slovenia to an Austrian father and a Slovenian mother. Prior to her wedding with <a title='Donald Trump' href='/famous/donald-trump.htm'>Donald Trump</a>, Melania was a professional model and actress in New York. She has worked with renowned photographers from Milan, Paris, and New York. Though Melania avoided the limelight during her husband's presidential campaign, she was targeted by the media several times on account of her modelling career, immigrant origin, plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention, and false claims of a degree from the University of Ljubljana. Melania strongly believes in women equality and stands for it.

    Melania Trump

  • Holly Frazier

    Dr. Holly Frazier is a reality Television personality, Instagram star, and mother of <a title='Nia Frazier' href='/famous/nia-frazier.htm'>Nia Frazier</a>. She became famous as a reality star when she appeared with her daughter, <a title='Nia Frazier' href='/famous/nia-frazier.htm'>Nia Frazier</a> on the hit reality series ˜Dance Moms'. She is an educationalist, with a doctorate in education and is passionate about giving youth the right perspective in life. Though Holly wanted Nia to complete her degree, she recognised the talent in her daughter and enlisted her in ˜Abby Lee's Dance School' to give her a chance to excel in the art she had an aptitude for. Holly had a good rapport with the other moms on the show and was quite popular among them. However, she did not totally agree with Abby Lee's method of functioning and felt that her daughter was not getting a fair deal. She took to social media to put her view across and gained a large following of fans. She has been one of the longest participants on ˜Dance Moms'. She is on the board of a number of educational institutions and is an active member of many charity organisations where she has done a lot of social work. She has authored a book and wishes to continue as an active educationalist and use her social platform to further her cause of guiding youth in their most important formative years.

    Holly Frazier

  • Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah, born as Dana Elaine Owens, is an African-American award winning rapper, singer, music producer, entrepreneur and actress. She is one of first female rap artists who caught music industry's attention. She was the first female rapper to be nominated for the academy awards. She made her mark in hip-hop genre by rapping about issues of black women. Her songs covered topics including domestic violence, harassment on the streets, and relationship problems. Her friendliness, honesty, empowering lyrics and dedication to both her art and her audience, have contributed to making her one of the most well-known and respected female rappers. She has come from a humble background and has built her empire from scratch entirely on her own talent. In spite of being a big star she has not lost her roots to the ground. Her strongly voiced personal beliefs in social responsibility, her feminist views and her stance on non-violence, have made her into a role model, particularly in redefining how women in the world of hip-hop are viewed.

    Queen Latifah

  • Matt Damon

    Matt Damon is a renowned actor of the American film industry who rose to success slowly and cemented his position in the international cinematic scenario. He had an affinity to acting and used to forgo classes in high school for his involvement in plays. He performed well as an actor and had many plays to his credit even when he was a student. His passion for acting made him drop out from the university and follow his dream of being an actor. He had to struggle initially when he could only manage to get small roles in some films. His major breakthrough was the movie ˜Good Will Hunting' which became a huge hit. This movie not only had Damon as the protagonist but the screenplay of the movie was also co-written by him and his childhood mate and actor <a title='Ben Affleck' href='/famous/ben-affleck.htm'>Ben Affleck</a>. This movie was highly acclaimed and his acting too received appreciation from the masses as well as the critics. He even won the ˜Oscar' along with Affleck for the screenplay of the same movie. The success of the movie ushered him into the film industry and proved that he is here to stay. Ever since he has worked in many high grossing movies, and also turned into a producer. The talented actor also contributes much to philanthropic causes.

    Matt Damon

  • Taraji P. Henson

    Taraji Penda Henson is an African-American actress and singer. A Howard University student, her professional career began as Mo'Nique in television show ˜Smart Guy'. After several television shows and a couple of movies she landed up with her breakthrough film, ˜Baby Boy' that earned her the ˜Bet Awards' and the ˜Black Movie Awards'. Her acting prowess continued with films like ˜Hustle and Flow', ˜Four Brothers' and ˜Talk to Me' that earned her nominations in several award programs. She was nominated for the ˜Oscars' as ˜Best Supporting Actress' for essaying the character of Queenie in ˜The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. She was also a part of movies like ˜Date Night', ˜The Karate Kid', ˜Think Like a Man' and its sequel ˜Think Like a Man Too'. Taraji Penda Henson got a nomination in the category of ˜Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie' at the ˜Primetime Emmy Award' for playing the lead in ˜Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story'. She has balanced her career in television along with her big screen stints. Some of her television series include ˜The Division', ˜Boston Legal' and ˜Person of Interest'.

    Taraji P. Henson

  • Melissa McCarthy

    Melissa McCarthy is an acclaimed American actress, who became a household name as one of the titular characters in the hugely successful sitcom ˜Mike and Molly'. A comedian and a fashion designer, McCarthy shot to fame following her performance in ˜Bridesmaids', a romantic comedy that earned her Academy Award and BAFTA nominations. McCarthy cut her teeth in Hollywood in the 1990s when she began appearing in recurring roles in a slew of popular television sitcoms. One of her more notable roles was as Sookie in the TV series ˜Gilmore Girls'. After essaying minor roles in films, McCarthy subsequently graduated to important substantial characters in films such as ˜Nines', co-starring Ryan Reynolds. Known for the energy and zest she exudes in her on-screen roles, McCarthy went on to play a series of critically acclaimed roles in films such as ˜Identity Thief' and ˜Tammy'. She was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was listed by Forbes as one of the highest-paid actresses in American film. While she has reaped laurels by the dozens for her acting prowess, McCarthy is also a fashion designer with a line of her own.

    Melissa McCarthy

  • Mimi Faust

    Mimi Faust is an American businesswoman and reality TV personality. She is best known for her appearance in the reality show ˜Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.' Born in Virginia, US, she had a troubled and unconventional childhood. She had a scarred relationship with her mother, as she had not told Mimi that the man Mimi thought was her father was not her biological father. When she was 6 years old, her mother joined the ˜Church of Scientology,' a highly controversial faith. When little Mimi refused to work for the church, she was considered a freeloader and was exiled from the church. She was 13 years old then. Eventually, she came in touch with her biological father and stayed with him till his death. She started her career in the late 1990s, appearing in music videos of singers such as Jay Z and Kelly Price. In 2012, she joined the cast of the ˜VH1' reality show ˜Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' along with her former boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Stevie J. She soon became popular with the American TV audience. She also runs her own cleaning company named ˜Keep It Clean Inc.'

    Mimi Faust

  • Skeet Ulrich

    Gained notoriety in the 90s for his roles as Billy Loomis in the 1996 hit thriller Scream and Chris Hooker in The Craft. He also played recurring roles in TV's Jericho, Miracles, and Robot Chicken. In 2017, he began starring as FP Jones on The CW drama Riverdale.

    Skeet Ulrich

  • River Phoenix

    River Phoenix was an American actor, musician, and activist. Born in Oregon, River began his career at the age of ten, appearing in commercials. As a teenager, he played a main role in the science fiction film 'Explorers'. Directed by Joe Dante, the film was much loved by the audience and received a cult status. However it was a commercial failure. A few years later, he played a significant role in the drama film 'Running on Empty', which was directed by Sidney Lumet. Though the film failed to be a commercial success, his performance won him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He also had a huge passion for music. A talented guitar player, he, along with his sister Rain, formed a band named Aleka's Attic. They worked on a self-titled album which was never released due to River's untimely death. As an activist, River was involved with animal rights as well as environmental and political issues. He was an active spokesperson for the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The young man had a lot to offer to the world but his promising career was cut short by his untimely death at the age of 23. During the time of his death, River was working on the film 'Dark Blood'. The film was eventually released after a period of nearly twenty years.

    River Phoenix

  • Naomi Campbell

    Naomi Elaine Campbell is an English model, singer, actress, and activist. First recruited by a talent agency at the age of 15, she kicked off her career as a model and then went on to become one of the most recognizable and sough-after models in the 1990s. She was one of the six models of that time to be declared a ˜Supermodel' by the fashion industry. Known for her exotic looks and sharp features, Campbell has appeared on the covers of top American as well as European fashion publications. She has modelled for ˜Cosmopolitan,' ˜Elle' and ˜Vogue,' and was the first black woman to grace the covers of the French and British editions of ˜Vogue' and ˜Time Magazine.' A multi-faceted personality, Campbell is not just active in the modelling field but has also broadened her career to include acting, singing, and a variety of business ventures. She is involved in a lot of charity work as well and frequently contributes to various causes and events. Over the course of her eventful career, she has been through her share of controversies as well. She was once addicted to drugs and alcohol and entered rehab in 1999. She has also been involved in a number of assault cases and scandals.

    Naomi Campbell

  • Anne-Marie Duff

    Anne-Marie Duff is an accomplished award-winning English actress who has thrived in making her mark in showbiz performing in television, radio, films and theatres with great élan. She garnered mainstream attention portraying Fiona Gallagher in the British comedy-drama television series ˜Shameless' and Queen Elizabeth I in television miniseries ˜The Virgin Queen'. Anne-Marie has also evolved as an accomplished theatre actress with over two decades of on-stage performances that include working extensively with the Royal National Theatre. Some of her remarkable on-stage portrayals include playing titular role in Marianne Elliott's production of Saint Joan that fetched her Laurence Olivier Awards nomination for Best Actress; Lisa in ˜Collected Stories' that earned her a Laurence Olivier Awards nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role; and Lady Macbeth in ˜Macbeth' marking her Broadway debut. She has also built a successful career on big-screen working in notable films like ˜Garage; ˜The History of Mr Polly' that won her a BAFTA Cymru award as Best Actress; ˜Nowhere Boy' that fetched her several awards and nominations; ˜Sanctuary'; and ˜Suffragette'. She has also performed on many radio dramas, series and plays including in the drama ˜A Streetcar Named Desire'.

    Anne-Marie Duff